Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: A body washes up on shore and Daniel tells Jack that the man was the doctor on the freighter. Daniel gets the sat phone to work well enough to send Morse code to the freighter and says that the code that came back said that the helicopter is coming tomorrow, but Bernard says he's lying. The code said that the doctor was fine.
Jack asks if they were ever planning on getting Jack's group off the island and Daniel says no.

At Locke's camp, he, Sawyer, Hurley, and Aaron play a board game. The phone rings and Locke reluctantly picks it up. A message says, "14J."

Sawyer and Locke tell Ben about the message and Ben says it's an early warning sign, that one of his people tripped the panic button. They are going to hunker down in Ben's house.

Sawyer goes to get Claire, but Ben won't let Locke go because Locke needs to survive. Sawyer is shot at as he tries to find Claire. Before he can get to her house, the house blows up. Sawyer finds Claire and carries her to Ben's house.

Miles comes in with a walkie talkie and says they want to talk to Ben and that they have a hostage. Ben doesn't care until he finds out the hostage is Alex. Keamy says that if Ben doesn't come out, Keamy will kill Alex.

Ben bluffs that he doesn't care about Alex and Keamy shoots her. Ben is devastated. He goes into his secret room. When he comes out he tells them to be ready to run. The room shakes and the smoke monster goes after Keamy's group.

Ben tells Locke to go to the creek and he'll meet him after he says goodbye to his daughter. As the smoke monster attacks some of Keamy's men, Ben says goodbye to Alex and then meets up with Locke's group. He says they are going to Jacob's cabin.

Sawyer says that he's not going and everyone but Locke and Ben are going with Sawyer to the beach. Locke won't let Hurley go and Locke and Sawyer draw guns on each other. Hurley says he'll go with Locke to find the cabin.

FAST FORWARD: Ben finds himself lying on the desert floor in the Sahara. He overtakes two locals, kills them, and rides one of their horses into the town. At a hotel, he sees Sayid on a television saying, "I just want to bury my wife in peace."
Ben goes to Iraq and watches Nadia's funeral procession. He takes pictures of another man watching, and pictures of Sayid. When Sayid notices him, Sayid tackles Ben, and just before he punches him realizes that it's Ben.

Ben says he's there looking for the man, Ishmael Bakir, who murdered Nadia.

Sayid kills Ishmael and then asks Ben who is next.

Ben goes to see Charles Widmore in the middle of the night to tell him that he is going to murder Charles' daughter because Charles murdered Ben's daughter. Charles says he'll never find her and Ben says Charles will never find the island.