Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • Amazing..! LOST RULES...!!

    Ben is forced to make a struggling decision after Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore. In flashforwards, Ben recruits Sayid as his assassin and confronts Charles Widmore. Oh my god, this episode was the best episode of "LOST" so far, if I could give it out of a 100 I would give it a 100. It was truely amazing! I loved every second of it. I love Ben's episodes, he must be pleased about this episode himself. Everything about this episode was awesome! I can't wait for the next episode, "Lost" is the best show ever! I don't care what other peaple think, "LOST" rules!!
  • We don't know what the rules are, but they've just been changed

    About the only disappointing thing about this episode is that it's a flashforward involving Ben, not a flashback. But then again, since we saw in 'The Economist' that Ben was off the island, it does make a certain amount of the sense to figure out how and why.. Another disappointment; much like 'The Man Behind the Curtain' this episode raises almost as many questions as it answers. That doesn't change the fact that this is one of the best episodes that this series has ever produced. No question.

    In the teaser, in addition to the comic moment of seeing Locke, Hurley and Sawyer playing Risk, we saw Ben sitting at his piano in a rare moment of peace before everyone comes in to tell him about the phone ringing. This is significant (aside from the fact that Ben has stashed a weapon under the piano bench) because it is the last time we will see him looking relaxed for a very, very long time. And he has reason to be worried, because there's a small, heavily armed group of mercenaries coming for him, with the intention of taking him hostage and killing everyone in their path to get him.

    Because Ben is the focus of this episode, it's worth taking time to recognize the other characters who stand out. First, there's Sawyer, who now proves he really has come a long way. When he decides to save Claire, he goes on it with a force we haven't seen before, sweeping through a waves of bullets in order to rescue here, not even letting the fact that the house get blown up stop him. Then he decides to throw Ben to the vultures, even though the other options aren't that great either., and then when the hurlyburly's done, he decides he isn't sticking around and prepares to lead the survivors of this group (we see three background characters get kill; probably more die offscreen) back to the beach. And when Locke tells Sawyer Hurley's staying with him and Ben, the way he goes after Locke warning them not to harm a hair on his head, we see this isn't the same man who was hoarding medicine on day 1.

    Then there's poor Sayid. As Ben learns in the flashforward, Sayid finally managed to find his beloved Nadia and marry her, but less than a year after his rescue, he will lose her in what seems to be an automobile accident. Ben will tell Sayid that her murder was arranged by Charles Widmore, but as we know very well, Ben can't be trusted. We won't see the accident itself for another season, but it's hard to tell whether it was arranged to kill him or her. However, it really doesn't matter much as far as Sayid's concerned. He's spent years trying to find Nadia, and it's pretty clear that she represented his salvation. But now that he's lost her, he has nothing left. It's pretty clear that Ben is manipulating him from the moment they meet, but Sayid clearly feels he has no other reason to live save for revenge. This thirst for vengeance may ultimately destroy him.

    But it's Ben who's at the center of this episode, and he gets some tremendous moments. It starts with his waking up in Tunisia wearing a parka, and looking like he came out of nowhere. We won't learn how he got there til the end of the season.. But the way that he manages to adjust so quickly to his situation, leads me to believe he's done this before. But giving his actions, it's clear he's playing by a different set of rules.

    And we see why. The leader of the mercenaries, Keamy, tries to find a way to get Ben out of his barricaded house. He decides to use Alex as the hostage. Ben keeps his face hidden, but then he begins to respond by telling Kearny that she means nothing to him. It's clearly a calculated bluff, and Keamy makes him pay for it. Ben is clearly shattered by what has happened, and can not bring himself to move. The moment he leaves the building, he kneels by his daughter (with what I have come to call 'Ben's theme' playing on the soundtrack; kudos to Giacchino for perfectly matching it) he closes his daughters eyes, and weeps. His world has imploded, and the phrase "He changed the rules" means that Ben is going to start playing differently. (Not like he was using Marquis of Queensbury rules before, but still...)

    Which is follows his next action: when he apparently summons the monster. Based on what we now know about it, it's pretty clear that Ben summoned it, but that it also allowed itself to be used. But it runs headlong into this battle, and the bullets that are fired clearly bounce right off it. Furthermore, though it kills a lot of people, there are still a couple who manage to survive. Did the monster deliberately leave them alive? Still not sure yet.
    But of course the scene that had everybody talking was the encounter at the end when Ben walks right into the penthouse of Charles Widmore. Up until now, Ben said that he didn't know why Widmore was seeking the island. Now we have a much clearer idea.

    Ben asks Charles when he started keeping scotch by the bed (Charles still drinks MacCutcheon after all these years), and he tells him, since the nightmares started. Still not sure what that means. Widmore asks Ben if he's here to kill him. Ben replies: "We both know I can't do that." The clearest implication (at least by future events) is that the island has greater plans for both men, and just as in the case of Michael, won't let either of them die. Ben then says Widmore murdered his daughter, Widmore replies that he didn't kill that poor girl, as if to suggest that Alex meant nothing to Ben, which we now know for certain is not true. Ben then tells Charles he didn't kill Alex, but as we will find out, he believes this too. Widmore then tells Ben I know who you are boy. What you are. I know everything you have you took from me." We'll eventually find out that their history goes back over thirty years, so it makes sense Widmore does call him boy. He also thinks that he took the island from him. That, however, assumes that the island was his, and it's becoming less clear whether it ever did belong to him. Perhaps he spent so much time on it that he feels he owns it. Ben then says the words that made ice run down everyone's spine: he's going to kill Penny, so that Widmore will know how he feels. Widmore doesn't blink, but he then adds, "You'll never find her." Is it possible that the broach between father and daughter has become so deep that Widmore has now lost track of her, and therefore believes that if he can't find her, this boy can't either? I'm inclined to believe this, as evidence will show that to be true. Then there's one final exchange: Charles says that the island "is mine, it was once and it will be again." Ben tells him it isn't. Charles says that the hunt is on "for both of us", and that is definitely true. It's going to take both men awhile, but each of them will find their way there, and will step over the bodies of anyone in order to do it.

    It's still not clear which of these two men is the villain and which is the victim. The language alone would seem to imply that Ben is the one who has been wronged. But the lighting of the scene is arrange in such a way that Ben appears in black, and Widmore in white, and we know that light and dark have been key themes through this series. However, just because you have two sides in a war, doesn't mean that either of them is right. The survivors of 815 know this better than anybody.

    And even now, they're learning it the hard way. On the beach, a body was up, and it appears to be the ship's doctor, who when we last saw him was fine. Daniel manages to work up the radio so that it can transmit in Morse code. They send a message, and then Bernard reveals that Daniel and Charlotte are liars, and that by extension, there are no plans for rescue. This must be especially galling for Jack to learn that Locke was right after all. And speaking of Jack, no one's gotten sick on this island after over three months, so what does it mean that he's suddenly getting stomach pains. Is the island sending a message that he is not relevant, or is it trying to find a way to keep him here? I think we all know what the answer is.

    'The Shape of Things to Come' features awesome intrigue, memorable confrontations, death-defying action, and Michael Emerson's continued ability to demonstrate why he is one of the finest actors working today. In short, it's everything we've come to expect from Lost, and then some. We seem to be in the middle of a major chess game here, and it seems that everybody has a part to play in it. Question is, who are the players, and how will they get there?
    My score:10
  • A phenomenal piece of storytelling that stands out as one of LOST's best. Ever.

    Lost has never been known as an action series, but the scenes here could rival anything seen on 24. The Shape of Things to Come is from top to bottom brilliant, with Michael Emerson giving his best performance to date. This episode unveiled alot, including the meaning of Ben's hidden room, his relationship with the monster, a small taste of the amount of resources he has, the fact that he can handle himself physically, the different languages he speaks, his involvement with Sayid, his ability to time travel, and finally his war with Charles Whidmore.

    Sadly, it also showed us the first time Ben's mind games don't work- and it costs him his daughter.

    Other nice moments include the use of Bernard and the Morse Code situation back at the beach, and just about everything with Sawyer playing "hero of the day."
  • Locke's Camp Trys To Survive An Inpending Attack From The Freighter Folk.

    An Unexpected Tear Jerking Jaw Dropping Episode.

    That's what comes to mind when I think about this episode. I remember seeing a video of the scene where the three people where shot in front of Sawyer and I thought it was funny. (Still do actually.) But when Keamy pulled the trigger of the gun that was against Alex's head, I was speachless. I had no Idea that they were that desperate to get their hands on Ben. The first thing I said on the commercial after Alex was shot was "She's not dead." I believed that untill Ben said goodbuy to her body.

    I think the moral of this episode is:

  • There is a mistake in this episode Sawyer says to Hugo, dont worry chicken little the sky is not falling. Chicken little film was released 30th of october 2005,Losts set in 2004 When ben is in the future booking in to the hotel the date is 24-10-20

    There is a mistake in this episode Sawyer says to Hugo, dont worry chicken little the sky is not falling.
    The chicken little film was released on 30th of october 2005, Lost occurs in 2004 and the bit where ben is in the future happens on booking in to the hotel the date is october 24th 2005 Hmm the film was more than 1 year from release then so i think that the scriptwriters got it wrong or they are now traveling to the future and watching films than coming back lol i maybe watch to much lost i am becoming a nerd
  • Even Jack got sick because of the bad writing

    Yea yea believe it or not, it was not a stomach bug that made Jack feel so miserable. Once again the uninspired lost writing has taken it's toll. It seemed like Mr. Fox was alomst ashamed of being part of this show and was probably thinking 'I didn't sign up for this!' all the time during the shot. Poor guy, gotta hang in there for another 2 seasons. Well, it's the series finale for me and I really don't care what happens from now on.
    It's been a blast Lost, but it's time to say goodbye now. Bye and R. I. P.
  • Many consider Benjamin Linus the best character on Lost, and in this revealing episode he really comes into his own. While the episode starts out on the beach, it quickly becomes a story about Ben in all aspects and it does not dissapoint.

    Without giving away too much in the episode, this is one of the pinnacle points of the season. The confrontation between the Widmore's people and Ben was something that had to be seen to believe, and Michael Emerson once again shows why he is clearly Emmy worthy of best supporting actor. Instead of being a pure evil being he shows deep emotions, and you begin to see his own battle against Charles Widmore. This was the most action-packed episode of Lost, but yet it kept itself true to form with a deep plot, that the action helped support. The boat was missing from the episode, but while Sayid, Desmond, and Michael are extremely interesting, this episode was too jam-packed to fit it in, and you won't be missing them at all. In many ways, this episode is very much like a season premier, because the remainder of the season is going to be dedicated to the fallout from this battle, and the journey to finally meet Jacob.
  • It's all about the Benjamin. A riveting performance with shocking events. A superb episode. But one little thing that could have improved.

    Michael Emerson plays Ben with a horrifyingly evil way, and that truly comes out in this episode. He put his "own daughter's" life on the line for something not understood to us, and fights his way through a deadly world in Iraq. The death of Alex and Rosseau dropped some jaws and the formidable future of Penny raises a different kind of question, one that isn't part of a mysterious past or story, but leaves us suspense.

    One thing that was a bit distracting was Sawyer's dialogue. With blatant somewhat-forced statements like "who the hell is Jacob?" and "I'm going back to the beach" it seems that he has existed in this season so far just to react to everything Locke says. However, the way he stood up against Locke was right in his character. I really like Sawyer's character, especially after he killed Anthony Cooper, and I just wish they would utilize him more fully.
  • Wow wow wow! This made the hiatus well worth it!

    What a great combination of action, character drama, and story telling. Even during its character parts, this episode never came to a stop.
    I've been glad they kept Ben on the show and this episode really drives it home. And of course no one but Emerson could him as perfectly. Now we really get to see Ben fleshed out more. For all the lying, manipulating, and scheming he's done, we got to his 'human' side. It would appear he really did love Alex. Even when he tells Keamy that she means nothing to him, you can tell by his he's worried.
    And Smokey returns, with a major vengeance. We've never seen it before in this capacity. Can Ben control it? Summon it? Does it 'sense' emotional states from certain people? That scene raised VERY interesting questions.
    And for God's sake, what are these rules?!? I NEED to know! I sense all the game references in the show are going to mean something a bit more literal in the overall story.
  • Extreme WTF-fest brought to your home by the crew and cast of "LOST".

    Let's see...Ben, Locke and Hurley go on a mission to find Mr. Jacob. Ben teleported in the desert. Dr Ray's dead but is not. Alex is killed with a headshot. Jack appears to be sick. The smoke monster is controlled(or can be controlled) by Ben. The smoke monster kills the WHOLE F'N ARMY. We find out how Sayid ended up with Ben. Charles and Ben face off. BEN tells Charles HE'S GOING to KILL Penelope, DESMOND'S ONLY reason to LIVE!


    I'm ill, and I've an exam starting VERY soon, but this episode just made me go INSANE. I would put it under The Constant, but not by much. This episode actually provided more development and OMG scenes, but The Constant was just more epic.

    Anyways. This episode was 10/10. But. I'm not going to be surprised if people will say "this is too sci fi now, SRSLY". We had many sci fi themed episodes, but this... The scene where smokey kills the army.. that was... Wow. Science fiction to the maximum.

    While this episode didn't have too much character development, this time around it wasn't missing as badly as from the rest of the season because the actual events, answers made up for it.

    Bring on next friggin week!
  • The stage is set for the rest of season 4, as well as the seasons to come.

    This episode is becoming one of my favorites of season 4. The episode is basically Ben's finest hour, and Michael Emmerson deserves an emmy after this episode. The FF is pretty cool, and when Ben talks to Mr. Widmore it got to be the best flashforward we've had so far. The island scenes are just as great and also pretty shocking. Many people died in this episode, and Smokey made a grand apperence. This is a episode that seems more like a rollor coster ride, since you are thrown through so many loops. Still I have to knock off a few points for the Doc Ray subplot. It seemed to be more of a filler than anything else. Overall, this episode gives us the best FF to date and has some pretty cool action scenes. If only Jack didn't have to be in eery episode...
  • Welcome to the War, John!

    This episode without a doubt has jumped into my top five, right behind Through the Looking Glass and The Constant Overall, the episode had everything in it that we could have wanted. The episode was amazing in every way, shape, and form. Every scene in the flash was amazing and the island scenes were just as good. Begin with the flash, which we didnt find out was a forward until Ben asked the woman what year it was. We now have an approximate timeline of events for the show. It seems as if he was in the middle of something as his flash made it seem like he was kind of surprised to be in the desert somewhat. He had an injury on his arm and was wearing a big puffy jacket. Im sure we will see at some point what aspect of the island allows him to teleport like that. He then kills the two guys and steals there horses - that scene was amazing. Follow that up with a complete story of Ben / Sayid and you have a really good flash right there. But the writers took it a step further and even showed the scene with Ben and Charles, whcih was in my opinion the best scene fo the episode. They didnt do anything to try and WTF us, it was just an amazing scene from beginning to end. I normaly dont bring up the lighting of scenes, but the half light / half dark face of the both of them was really good. It also sets up a really good plot for Sayid to go after Penelope, cant wait to see how sayid responds to that piece of information.

    The island scenes with Jack and company took the intensity down a little bit from the other side of the island, which was a good thing. Benard calls out Daniel for lying, which I thought was interesting. Jack is getting sick seemingly out of nowhere, that seems a bit random but should be interesting to see where it goes in the next episode. Lockes camp had the most intense parts of this episode from beginning to end. There was no scene that didnt go way over my expectations. Sawyer in the middle of a gun battle / killing three randoms? Love it. House explostion? Love it. Ben / Keamy / Alex scene - amazing. What an amazing scene by Ben. Once again he goes off on someone and tells them their life story. I love those scenes. The killing of Alex was actually quite surprising, I didnt see it coming and I did actually feel a little sad. It all works really well for what they are setting up in the future. Overall, third best episode of the entire show for me without a doubt! Incredable!
  • This is a perfect Lost episode. We got the most intense revelations in the whole series, there was a lot of action, and a lot of characters shifted their loyalty.

    For a moment there, I thought they would never make a better episode than the one where Desmond conscience time travels, but they did with this one! this is a perfect Lost episode. We got the most intense revelations in the whole series, there was a lot of action, and a lot of characters shifted their loyalty. What else can a lost fan ask? Did I mentioned the black smoke monster kicked ass?

    This is a fine example of what good plots for a tv series should be like. Every detail was perfect, even from the start with Ben's piano song.
  • Still Lost with Lost and I like it. A big puzzle to put together. Good luck everyone! LaCa90027

    There are so many "grey" areas to fill in...what a Great Show LOST is. I like the fact that these few episodes on season four have been mysterious and there is still so much more to know. I look forward to seeing the next few shows until the end. The 10pm time slot is a big change but avid fans will adjust. I wish you all a fun and exciting time this Season 4. I am still LOST with LOST and I like it. What a big puzzle to put together. Good luck everyone in solving it! Thank you to the Producers, Directors, the Actors and especially the WRITERS for making amends and for keeping the show going. LaCa90027
  • If the actor who plays Ben, is ignored at the Emmy's after this performance... something is seriously wrong.

    This episode had me completely enthralled. From the John Doe who washed up on the beach to the execution style shootings of like 6 of The Others, this episode was phenomenal. On the beach we find out that the freighter isn't really there to take them off the island, thanks in part to a lying Daniel who was caught red handed, making up what said in a Morse Code message. At Locke's camp we saw some awesome dynamics between Hurley, Sawyer, Aaron and Claire (who I thought was a goner). But the best and most surprising turn of events was the death of Alex. Ben's reaction to her heartless killing was mesmerizing... and he didn't say a word. After trying unsuccessfully to convince her captors that she didn't matter to him, she is shot, which apparently sets off a chain of events that lasts even after Ben leaves the island. Michael Emerson was amazing, the rest of the cast was awesome as usual, and I think this may have been the best episode of the season. Well done.
  • Picks you up and doesn't let you go.

    The episode starts and so does the action. And the suspence keeps you going through the whole episode. We got more than enough juicy bits throughout the episode. We also got to see a whole new side of Ben after Alex was murdered.(I couldn't tell, was Keamy killed by Smokey or not?)

    And then of course, there is the scene where Smokey comes and kills the intruders. That scene was absolutely AWESOME! I guess all the Redshirts that went with Locke are dead now. (BTW, I am still not convinced that Danielle is dead. It'll take more than Alex's word to convince me of that. I think she'll be back wanting revenge for the people who killed her daughter) And then of course, Ben's flashforward. HE'S GOING AFTER PENNY! The hunt has begun! Lost is back, and better than ever!

    This is what good television is all about! Edge-of-your seat, suspenceful drama, answers to questions, a healthy dose of character development, mindblowing storytelling, and terrific acting. If "The Shape of Things to Come" is any indication of what we have to look forward to from Lost, I think "The Shape of Things to Come" fortells that Lost is going to get better than it's ever been.
  • Lost is back in a big way. Massive Spoilers

    High hopes for this episode, and it exceeded every single one of them. I don't know what the people who create this show are on, but it's working. Impending Spoilers!

    Ben wakes up in the Sahara desert-in a parka-Halliwax's parka. He is confronted by nomads in the desert who are most interested in him-they hold him up at gunpoint but he manages to get the drop on them with his ever-so-handy ASB Baton. He travels to Tunisia and is a preferred guest at the hotel under the name "Moriarty" (Sherlock Holmes reference anyone?). He checks the date-it is 2005, and sees Sayid on the news mourning Nadia-his wife. He travels to Tikrit and views the funeral snapping shots of a bald man in the crowd. Sayid confronts him and Ben tells him he knows who murdered Nadia. Ben follows this man and is held up by him only to be rescued by Sayid who exacts his vengeance. Sayid wants to get revenge on all involved, but Ben tries to talk him out of it, but Sayid does not relent. Judging by the evil smirk on Ben's face, that is what he wanted. Ben manages to talk his way into a posh London apartment where he meets up with-Charles Widmore! Ben explains that he cannot kill him, but he will make him pay for "changing the rules"-as Ben blames Charles Widmore for Alex's death, he wants payback in the form of Penny's death!

    On the island, Jack has a stomach bug and Kate is looking mighty hot. Daniel is trying to fix the satellite phone with spare parts from the wreckage. Bernard rushes to find Jack as a body has washed ashore. It is the doctor from the freighter and his throat has been slit. Daniel eventually succeeds and sends a morse code message to the freighter about when the survivors will be picked up. Daniel receives a message back saying they will come by tomorrow-Bernard insists that he is lying-Bernard knows morse code as well-they were telling Daniel about the Doctor. Jack is visibly upset and grabs Daniel whom then reveals-the freighter crew did not intend to rescue them.

    At Locke's Camp-Sawyer, Hurley, and Locke play risk when a captured Alex sends a trouble signal through the sonic fence. Locke informs Ben of the trouble code and Ben goes into a panic as he tries to fortify the area. Sawyer goes to get Claire, but the attack happens and 3 "nobodies" are shot and killed-plus Claire's house gets redecorated courtesy of a RPG. Sawyer manages not to get killed and rescues Claire who isn't hurt badly. While Locke, Ben, and Hurley seal up their house, Sawyer brings Claire back after Hurley breaks a window to let them in. Miles shows up with a Walkie for Ben to communicate with the mercenaries. They want Ben to surrender or else they will kill Alex. Ben tries to use his mind games-BUT FAILS! The lead mercenary kills Alex. Ben gets angry, mutters something about "he changed the rules" and rushes into his secret room to a strange looking stone panel. When he emerges he tells everyone to run for the tree line-the earth shakes and SMOKEY appears like a freight train and kills the mercenaries. Ben says goodbye to Alex in a touching moment and they set off to find Jacob-since Hurley now knows where the cabin is.

    This episode was awesome-it had everything from acting, to directing and stellar writing. Give Michael Emerson his awards now-his performance all season has been amazing-tonight was a showcase. He was vengeful, tricky, and emotional-I actually felt bad for him when Alex died. Powerful acting, great dialogue, and a wonderful use of action. They didn't substitute the action sequences for plot and they weren't gratuitous-they were used perfectly. Easily one of the best episodes ever-this is on par with "The Constant".
  • There was a little thing that a lot of people missed here in this episode.

    I think there was a little detail that a lot of people didn't get in this episode. And it was how Ben behaved and reacted in front of Sayid when he told Sayid about the man who killed Nadia (Sayid's wife). After that conversation was over, Ben turned over and smiled. The smile and the way Ben talked to Sayid explained a lot of things. It was really obvious for me that it was Ben who killed Nadia in order to make Sayid angry and pissed off at Charles Widmore and make him join Ben in his war. So, it's typical Ben. He does everything in order to archive his goals.

    Another important thing in this episode was revealed. In the conversation between Widmore and Ben, Widmore says that everything that Ben has got, belongs to Widmore and Ben has taken it from Widmore. This implies that the whole "Darma Int" and the "Island" belonged to Widmore in the first place.
  • That was.......MASSIVE!

    Talk about a return....after the 5 weeks hiatus and a mixed feeling "Meet Kevin Johnson". Lost returns with a huuuuuuge bang!! Seriously, The Shape of Things to Come IS one of the best episode of lost ever.
    I`ve never, ever seen so much action in a Lost episode, so much revelation in a lost episode and I`ve never felt the characters so unsafe in an episode.
    The boat men ARE bad are here to KILL, that`s for sure. The amount of shocks with all these killings, even Alex died shockingly..they teased a Claire death and I was screaming for Sawyer to get in the freaking house before he gets killed! Add to that Locke, Hugo and Ben are now going to see Jacob while Sawyer and Claire are going back to the beach.
    Also, one of Lost big mysteries revealed. I was shocked when the smoke monster came out, WOW! So looks like it is a security system. HOLY SH*T!! The island plot just took a huge and violent boost!
    And we have a equally shocking flashforward. A Ben flashforward!(just knew it would be epic right then)
    It`s revealed how Ben got out of the island and how Sayid ends up working for him. Revenge unites them. How shocking was it in the desert when Ben killed that guy! And to end it all.....another bang as cliffhanger! Ben is going after Penny!! God damn it! I`m blown away!

    Wish:I hope Sawyer gets back to the beach and beats the crp outa JAck for bring the boat people.:D
  • Very impressive

    This was amazing episode. The last one was really mood ruiner but this one - it was huge, massive, so much mystery, action and.. I do not know. I have never felt much good feelings about Ben but this episode really opened him as a person who does have feelings, who is human.

    This episode answers for us why Sayid works for Ben and even thought I am not sure if Ben was not the person who killed Nadia in the first place because he is like little child - trying to get everything he wants with any means necessary

    The fight on the island, that smoke monster.. executing Alex (what was cruel.. killing her and Rousseaux was very cruel) all the lies what surround them. It was such a massive and very good episode.

    I liked it.. a lot..
  • The Shape of Things to Come was absolutely amazing!

    If people read this review and haven't seen the episode, there may be possible spoilers.

    I cannot believe they killed Alex. I actually cried when that happened. Charles Widmore is an untrusted a**hole. I really dont like him. The doctor from the ship being the washed up body didn't suprise me as much as I thought it would. I was expecting someone like that to come. Ben's flash-forward sure was messed up, but it was decent. When Sawyer found Claire after the explosion of the other building, I thought she was dead. I was about to cry there. Overall, I thought this episode was very well written, and I loved it.
  • The mercenaries from the boat attack lockes camp while viewers learn how benjamin and sayid become allies in a flashforward. (Warning - Some Spoilers.)

    After watching all the previews and sneak peeks for this episode, i was worried that i may have spoiled it for myself before i'd even sat down to watch it. However, even though i'd seen two trailers, four sneak peeks and a vodcast, none of that could have prepared me for the a** kicking 42 mins that took place before my very eyes.
    The action in this episode was pretty much non-stop. Nearly every scene had at least some mild act of violence and grabbed my attention immediately. There were NO boring moments in this episode. There were two things i found slightly off about it though - 1) Locke and the others left the barracks with none of the other 815'ers in tow. Were they ALL killed when the mercenaries showed up? I only saw three of them get shot, are we supposed to assume that all the other members of lockes camp were killed, or are we supposed to think that they all took cover and hid out when the guys from the boat started shooting at them? Seems kinda cold of locke to just leave them if they are still alive. I'm a little annoyed that they wouldn't tie up a loose end like that,but never mind.
    The second problem i had with this episode was the last scene - the standoff between Ben and Charles Widmore (hope i didn't spoil that for anybody who hasn't seen the episode yet) it was a really good scene, but it just seemed a little lame watching ben and charles trying to act tough in front of eachother. It had some great dialogue and some really good acting, but i just didn't find it as effective as it could have been.
    Most of thats just me nitpicking though. I would seriously struggle to find fault with the rest of the episode. We learn something new about the smoke monster, but as always we end up with more questions that answers. I've come to expect that from lost though as i'm sure everyone else has and it doesn't even bother me anymore. On top of the revelation that Ben and possibly the other... Others can summon the smoke monster, another mystery i was left with was what did widmore mean when he told ben that it was "his" island and that everything ben had he had taken from widmore. Wierd, but very interesting. I'm starting to like Bens character a fair bit, but thats mostly because of how bad*ss he was in this episode and because of the sympathy i feel for him after losing his daughter. How did he end up in the desert? Did the island teleport him there? Again, more questions. Sawyer was brilliant in this episode! He's really come a long way since the first season. The first thing he does when he hears their camp is being attacked is to head for claire so he can protect her. Then he handles himself pretty well in a shoot out against a bunch of guys with snipers and assault rifles when all he has is a 9mm and his wits. To top that off he says the best line of the episode in a great scene where he really steps up and takes charge of the situation. I think his devotion to hurley was really cool as was lockes response to sawyers death threat. The beach scenes were good too. Apparently what happened to the doctor hasn't happened outside of the island yet. That time differential thing is getting pretty confusing.
    Lastly, i think Ben's flashforwards are the best flashforwards we've seen yet. More questions, but at least we know why sayid and ben are in league and who it is they're trying to take down. I feel so bad for sayid. The guy just can't catch a break in his lovelife. I'm hoping he gets a happy ending.
    So to sum up, brilliant Episode with a few reveals, but more questions thrown into the mix. Even so, one fantastic scene after another with great performances and a load of action make the hiatus more than worth the wait.
  • Well, it appears the writers and producers really did think about the show while on break... it came back with a BANG!

    Well, as a devoted LOST fan since the beginning of the series, it is easy to say that this was a fantastic episode, but I think its important to realize that in this episode there was so much revealed and shown that you can see the show going in the new direction that has been promised.

    I get a kick out of how we started the show with no idea about what was going on, and now we know so much, but there is still tons to be discovered. The same is true for this episode.

    "Meet Kevin Johnson" was mediocre at best, and simply showed us some important things (things that we all suspected, anyway), and it left me very unexcited for the return without some major thing to have resolved. Between the boat people's intentions, smoke monster and Ben, there was a ton to be told.

    My whole "LOST Party" was stunned when the smoke monster came into full view, we think Ben turned it up in a MAJOR way: super high power. Also, the fact that Ben went to Tunisia with some new Dharma symbol is interesting. The thought is either time travel did happen, or the trip just took a few days and that is why he was confused, its hard to say.

    Also, my final observation about the importance of this episode was how there was a very personal nature to the "war" between Ben and Charles Widmore, more than just a rivalry, but I think there is something major and something deep going on there :
    Charles: "Are you here to kill me, Benjamin?"
    Ben: "We both know I can't do that."

    WHOA!! They have promised us changes to the whole view of the series, and I can't wait to see where this thing takes us!!
  • absolutely incredible from start to finish. this one will be talked about for a while.

    For the first time, we get a clear sense of Ben's emotion. It's obvious, as it's been for most of us, that Ben isn't the "villain", and he does in fact have a heart. Sawyer shows us his heroic side in a daring rescue amidst gunfire, Hurley steps up, Miles joins team Locke, and the conflict between Locke and Ben becomes even more enthralling. The only con about this episode was the slightly boring island sequence between jack and kate---but that's expected. in any case, i think this is one of the best episodes in a long time, and is right up there with season 1.
  • Locke's Camp gets attacked by the people from the boat and Jack along with the "beach people" find a dead body.

    Talk about a return from the cast and crew of Lost!!! That was hands down easily one of the best if not the best episodes of Lost to date. The episode made Ben such a dynamic character. You have the caring father, the manipulative side that we have seen for quite along time, and then also the cold calculating side of him such as we saw in this episode when he had a face off with Widmore. Talking about dynamic characters as well we saw Sawyer take on some kind of a father figure role in placing Aaron first before himself, then some type of hero figure when going after Claire. That was really good of him :)

    In this episode I was really happy to see how Sayid and Ben came together after that one flash forward we had earlier in the season from Sayid. The writers also created another mystery for us as Ben just out of nowhere appears in the desert with a slash/gash in his arm from something. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. One of the biggest shocks in this episode for me was Ben calling the Smoke Monster, or at least him getting in contact with Jacob and having Jacob bring the Smoke Monster to help Ben. However it happened that who part was just wow! I am very much looking forward to next weeks episode and seeing what else goes down on that island!!!
  • Just another reason this is the best show on network television.

    This episode is the benchmark for which all other episodes should be judged. this is in part thanks to the excellent pacing and directing by Jack Bender. Ben's story gets more and more fascinating each time the touch on it and the fact that he can be so hated in one scene and pitiful the next is something to be said. Michael Emerson has really established himself as a standalone great on this series and I only hope he can find more work after lost. This ep featured lots of violence, which has been prevalent this season and its implemented well except fro the three randoms that get killed meaninglessly. There is more than one shocking episode this episode and anyone thinking they know what will happen will be extremely surprised. A side story involving Jack getting sick is originated here and will be elaborated next episode. It will be interested to see how it develops. Overall, a really fine piece of TV with great acting, convincing acting and an ending that will chill you to the bone and create more conflict within the lost universe. 10/10.
  • This show is so amazing. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!!!

    I am so glad this show is finally back. This episode is Ben centric.....the crazy guy. Acutally I felt really bad for him last night. I don't think he really wanted his daughter to die but then with Ben who knows. I cannot believe that Ben actually has control of that smoke monster....ok no wait, yes I can. I really enjoy the twists and turns this show takes every week. I am very interested to see if Ben really can get to Penelope. I am counting down to the finale!!!!! Thank God it's only a few more weeks. All I can say is that I hope it is worth the wait!
  • Answers? Not so fast guys...until they develop like that i'm not tired to watch it again n again! Ben's the best character ever! The story keeps being interesting and we saw alot of things tonight. Simply brilliant.

    Answers? Not so fast guys...until they develop like that i'm not tired to watch it again n again!
    Ben's the best character ever! The story keeps being interesting and we saw alot of things tonight.
    Simply brilliant.
    And there is so much still to come...it seems Ben can kinda control Cerberus, or call it.
    And the island is in another time....geez...really a lot of stuff going around.
    This is for the ones which said this show is boring or they have no ideas!
    Thank god there is still someone who watch it and still believe it will be one of the best show ever on tv.
    Worth the wait this season 4.
  • A lot of violence and dead bodies in this one, how many original "survivors" are left? Ben Linus is the focus here, with flashforwards and the current time (early 2005) struggle with the boat people.

    I'm not a Ben Linus fan, this episode shows some more facets of the character, his "00" spy abilities and continuing ability to BS. Some kind of Dharma teleportation technology is featured, a man in a parka ends up in Tunisia a little unsure of where and when he is. The overall story arc seems to be leading to a Linus/Widmore centred battle for the island, apart from Sayed how will our Losties be involved? Back to the violence, sudden and shocking gunshots decimate the innocents. Jaw-dropping. Sawyer gets off his a** finally, the black cloud returns with a fury. On the beach Faraday is caught in a lie and hopes for a rescue take a turn for the worse. Very good episode, each commercial break was a tense interruption.
  • Listen Carefully, you can hear the minds of Lost-nerds across the scurrying to adapt thier many intricate thoeries!

    Wow does this episode tell us a lot of things we wanted and didnt know we wanted to know. The show has been gearing up all this season and it now feels as if were in cruise control.

    Well how good was it to find that new information out about smokey, and Ben, and those on the boat, as well as a few others I dont want to mention in fear of spoling it?

    This episodes flash forwards, were like a lot of this season, very good. Having and knowing for certain Ben is a fully fledge main charecter now feels great.

    Penny 4 Alexander? ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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