Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • Even Jack got sick because of the bad writing

    Yea yea believe it or not, it was not a stomach bug that made Jack feel so miserable. Once again the uninspired lost writing has taken it's toll. It seemed like Mr. Fox was alomst ashamed of being part of this show and was probably thinking 'I didn't sign up for this!' all the time during the shot. Poor guy, gotta hang in there for another 2 seasons. Well, it's the series finale for me and I really don't care what happens from now on.
    It's been a blast Lost, but it's time to say goodbye now. Bye and R. I. P.
  • Flawed Episode - they must think we're idiots

    I cannot add my voice to the chorus of bravos on this forum, unfortunately. I was hoping for more. Here are my major complaints: First, how and when did the mercenaries get on the island? Doesn't an electrical storm ensue when the time/space continum (or whatever) is breached? Wouldn't that be noticed on the island like it was the first time? Secondly, this was the worst hostage standoff in the history of bad TV hostage standoffs. Here's the mercenary standing with his entire upper body exposed above Ben's cowering daughter, Alex. Shoot him now! No for some reason they don't. Ok now he shoots the daughter. Shoot him now! Alex is dead in a clump at his feet, his entire body is exposed. He stands there for a while. Shoot him now! Nothing to lose now. No, let him walk off and sit around feeling bad. Thirdly, what's with those anonymous Others running out and getting picked off one by one? It's like Star Trek when they had a landing party there was always one guy who you never saw before and, you guessed it, he was killed on the planet. Fourthly, these guys are great shots and have proved it with killing Carl and Rousseau (wounded is my guess), then by picking off the aforementioned nameless Others one two three. Now Sawyer makes a run for it, using a 4-foot-tall picket fence for cover, stopping to regroup at the fence post, turning over a picnic table for cover (bullet-proof wood? Somebody should tell the Pentagon about this so they can save money on armor). I could not suspend my disbelief through that whole scene.

    So Ben can time travel, but it's apparently not an exact science. He has reason to doubt that he can hit the specific year he's looking for. But he's there on the right day and month and year. Now he's mistaken for paparazzi by Sayid who leaves his position as pall bearer to rough him up a bit ("Why can't you leave me alone?"). Then he sees it's Ben, they catch up for a while, kill Ishmael lickety split and all the while Nadia is going to the grave without the guy who searched for her 8 years and yada yada yada.

    Now Charles Widmore. Ben knows he never used to sleep with a bottle of booze on the nightstand. Seems like a pretty intimate detail to know about someone. Maybe they can make that one make sense in future episodes. But right now it appears that they shared a bedroom at some point in the past. My last complaint is a general one. I didn't feel like they covered much ground in this episode. A background flash forward to explain a previous flash forward where Sayid is working for Ben. Ok, that had to be done. But on the island nothing really moved. The crew on the beach is still on the beach. Locke's group is just now on their way to see Jacob. I feel like the episode milked it.
  • There is a mistake in this episode Sawyer says to Hugo, dont worry chicken little the sky is not falling. Chicken little film was released 30th of october 2005,Losts set in 2004 When ben is in the future booking in to the hotel the date is 24-10-20

    There is a mistake in this episode Sawyer says to Hugo, dont worry chicken little the sky is not falling.
    The chicken little film was released on 30th of october 2005, Lost occurs in 2004 and the bit where ben is in the future happens on booking in to the hotel the date is october 24th 2005 Hmm the film was more than 1 year from release then so i think that the scriptwriters got it wrong or they are now traveling to the future and watching films than coming back lol i maybe watch to much lost i am becoming a nerd
  • They could have done better.

    I started watching this show really late. I am living in Italy and had to watch the first 3 seasons on DVD and now I am waiting anxiously as the new episodes become available on i-tunes. I have to honestly say that this was not one of my favorite episodes and to think we had to wait like a month for it to come out, I was a little disappointed. LOST is still the best show to come out in a very long time. Charlie and Hurley are my favorite characters. Who knows maybe Charlie will be back. We are everybody! DriveShaft rocks!
  • (spoilers) Getting overrated on the basis of being new

    Decent episode overall, getting overrated on the basis of it being new as most episodes do on tv.com. new= 10

    The Ben centric episode is a little vague, we understand his motives but there is alot of stuff going on that needs to be explained, there's a particularly good moment during the siege when he rises above his two-dimensional villain role which is interesting and much needed.

    It's interesting that everyone but the main charecters die during the siege, other survivors seem to be the equivalent of the guy in the red uniform from star trek. Another bothersome part of the episode, near the begining Kate is bathing with her top half hanging off looking at Jack, honestly, this just felt forced much like the scene between her and Sawyer on the bed in previous episodes.

    Another particularly bothersome thing, Sawyer has become aware that Lockes father, is the guy who he has been hunting down, he finds out that Locke was once a cripple, he has just seen a flying mountain of smoke kill a group of Mercs, he then turns round and calls Locke crazy, this seems very out of context to what has been happening.

    Overall, it's a good episode, but not without flaws, the flash-forward is alittle flat in comparison to the Island action but it's certainly by no means a bad episode.
  • Not as good as I was hoping, but still good.

    This episode starts with a dead body washing up on the island. It is discovered that the body is the doctor off of the boat. The people who have Alex take her to the fence and make her turn it off. She begs them not to hurt anyone. Locke gets a call on his house phone and it simply says "Code 14J". This is a Ben focused episode. As the town is under fire Miles returns and tells Locke, Sawyer and Ben that he was released and was told to give Ben a walkie talkie, because they want to talk. We see Ben and Sayid in the near future off of the island and Sayid's wife has been killed. Ben learns that they have kidnapped his daughter, Alex. As they hold a gun to her head, he tells them that she is simply a pawn to him and that he stole her. They then put a bullet through her head. Ben stands there in disbelief. At nigh Ben unleashes the black smoke and it destroys the men with guns who have come for him. He tells the others to go on without him and that will he catch up and that he has to say goodbye to his daughter. The Charlotte & Daniel send a message back to the boat about the doctor. He lies to them and tells them that everything is fine and that the helicopters are coming back. But the teacher says that it actually said the doctor is fine.
    When jack asks out right are you ever going to take us off this island, he tells him no. Jack then becomes rather ill. Hurley sawyer, Claire and the baby want to go back to the beach but as they leave Locke pulls a gun on them. They want to Hugo to stay with them, after a bit he agrees to stay.
    We then see Ben in London, he goes to se Charles. He says he is not there to kill him; he is there to blame him for the murder of his daughter. Ben tells Charles that he is going to kill his daughter.
  • Linus, Benjamin Linus, International Assassin. Fear the nightstick!

    Ben for this season has been a major focus and this solidifies any doubt that everything in this show now seems to revolve around him (pretty good for a character that was only originally to be in it for a few episodes). This season in particular seems to place the survivors in the middle rather than opposition and no more than in this episode. For the evolution of the show that isn't a bad thing but the change in position means our original group has become a little less interesting. Also the return of old Smokey (no longer the bandit) may have been visually great but now we know Ben controls it, a lot of questions regarding Mr Eko's death and the previous feeling of it being almost sentient are lost in the woodwork, which is disappointing.

    The show this week concentrates on Island, Locke's group who are holed up in Ben's Cabin, protecting themselves from the attacking group of Freighties. They have Alex (Ben's Daughter) as hostage which gives Ben a choice, suffice to say he underestimates his opponent (which will not be good for Charles Widmore in the future). Unlike in the flashforward where he literally has the upperhand on everyone who threatens him as he travels across The Sahara, Tunisia and Iraq recruiting a grieving Sayid as he goes (which gives a perfect reason for Sayid working for him). The final scene in London is most definitely the crux of the episode though as we learn so much (although some we can't quite make sense of yet).

    For the mid-season return I felt this was an amazing start, there are problems as some things are either a bit cheesy, irrelevant or a set-up for the next/future episode. In particular Jack (although it's not revealed yet, he passes it off as a stomach bug) has obviously got a burst appendix or something similar. We haven't had a Jack episode this season so it's probably about time. Likewise the whole third plot strand on the beach hardly produced nothing more of interest whatsoever except the fact that the doc might have not been killed on the boat yet. It's dumb filler as well because it was obvious Bernard would know Morse code from the first time it was mentioned, and Jack getting angry at Daniel Faraday and the reveal that they weren't going to save them at all I thought had already been covered.

    Just to wrap up I'd like to mention things that I may or may not have spotted of interest. Firstly on the door into the secret room that Ben enters, there seemed to be Egyptian writing. Secondly, the rules are obviously important meaning that there is some understanding between Widmore and Ben for what reason - are they each other's constant?. Thirdly the death of survivors from Locke's camp felt to me like the old Arcade game Timecop, especially the last guy as he runs out the House and just stands for a split second before being shot - that was funny. And fourth and lastly, why are the only survivors in Locke's group the main lot - what about everyone else, were they shot and blown up or is everyone else just at the beach?
  • This episode is a great way to start off from the brief break; however, the first 15 minutes were just, as the classification says, silly.

    The following review includes spoilers for the first five minutes of Lost, where the laws of action movies are blown completely out of proportion. The show starts off in another ruse to the fans as the Losties at Locke's camp are playing a painfully long game called Risk. They stop playing after a mysterious phone rings with the words "Code 14J" repeated over and over. The camp is being attacked. Throughout the first 15 minutes there is a huge problem with the "physics" of action movies. It seems like Lost is a purely psychological/emotional epic. This show does not do well when faced with action sequences. I've seen my fair share of action sequences in various action movies and what I saw in this episode was just pathetic. I got a great laugh when Sawyer was telling everyone he encounters to get inside only to get shot two seconds later. Three subsequent "extras" were killed in Sawyer's attempt to save Claire for some reason I can't fathom. After these three deaths, Sawyer runs to Claire's house in order to save her with the only thing between him and the bullets is a picket fence. After running about 50 yards, Sawyer reaches Claire's house. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!


    I don't want to spoil the rest of it, but I just wanted to point out the stupidity of how they start this show. It's time for Ben's flash forward when he mysteriously wakes up in Tunisia. This time we actually get a date as to when exactly this flash forward takes place (around October 27, 2005). The flash forward continues when we get to see how exactly Sayid and Ben meet up. The on-island development is interesting as Locke's camp has to deal with the repercussions of Alex's capture. We also get to see another character we have not seen since last season which is tremendously well-done. The people at the beach (remember them?) deal with a body that mysteriously wash ashore and, for some reason, the phones are out. Daniel pulls a solution out of his technological experience to ask the dire question "What the **** is going on?"
  • Wow wow wow! This made the hiatus well worth it!

    What a great combination of action, character drama, and story telling. Even during its character parts, this episode never came to a stop.
    I've been glad they kept Ben on the show and this episode really drives it home. And of course no one but Emerson could him as perfectly. Now we really get to see Ben fleshed out more. For all the lying, manipulating, and scheming he's done, we got to his 'human' side. It would appear he really did love Alex. Even when he tells Keamy that she means nothing to him, you can tell by his he's worried.
    And Smokey returns, with a major vengeance. We've never seen it before in this capacity. Can Ben control it? Summon it? Does it 'sense' emotional states from certain people? That scene raised VERY interesting questions.
    And for God's sake, what are these rules?!? I NEED to know! I sense all the game references in the show are going to mean something a bit more literal in the overall story.
  • It's all about the Benjamin. A riveting performance with shocking events. A superb episode. But one little thing that could have improved.

    Michael Emerson plays Ben with a horrifyingly evil way, and that truly comes out in this episode. He put his "own daughter's" life on the line for something not understood to us, and fights his way through a deadly world in Iraq. The death of Alex and Rosseau dropped some jaws and the formidable future of Penny raises a different kind of question, one that isn't part of a mysterious past or story, but leaves us suspense.

    One thing that was a bit distracting was Sawyer's dialogue. With blatant somewhat-forced statements like "who the hell is Jacob?" and "I'm going back to the beach" it seems that he has existed in this season so far just to react to everything Locke says. However, the way he stood up against Locke was right in his character. I really like Sawyer's character, especially after he killed Anthony Cooper, and I just wish they would utilize him more fully.
  • This show is so amazing. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!!!

    I am so glad this show is finally back. This episode is Ben centric.....the crazy guy. Acutally I felt really bad for him last night. I don't think he really wanted his daughter to die but then with Ben who knows. I cannot believe that Ben actually has control of that smoke monster....ok no wait, yes I can. I really enjoy the twists and turns this show takes every week. I am very interested to see if Ben really can get to Penelope. I am counting down to the finale!!!!! Thank God it's only a few more weeks. All I can say is that I hope it is worth the wait!
  • Good and exiting opening, great forward flashes and good ending. More questions and development awaits afther the things we see in this episode ;) I'm so glad it's back and can't wait for more !

    Finaly a new Lost !!!
    Now that is some good news afther the good ending of the last episode.

    We start of with a nice 'mellow' scene with Jack but i have a feeling this will get worse in the comming episodes.
    The show has a lot of Ben and whell, that's a good thing because he is just a weard man. His forward-flashes are good and i think i almost did a happy-jell when i saw Sayid. Yes, you guest it, he is one of my favorite ones in the show and that story answers some questions to.
    Ofcource this is Lost so there's a lot of new stuff i can't wait to find out !

    The show was realy exiting to watch. Very good and thrilling opening and Ben in the endscene with that lighing is just awesome ! Btw, "the other guy" has a realy great voice, hope to hear more of him.

  • Listen Carefully, you can hear the minds of Lost-nerds across the scurrying to adapt thier many intricate thoeries!

    Wow does this episode tell us a lot of things we wanted and didnt know we wanted to know. The show has been gearing up all this season and it now feels as if were in cruise control.

    Well how good was it to find that new information out about smokey, and Ben, and those on the boat, as well as a few others I dont want to mention in fear of spoling it?

    This episodes flash forwards, were like a lot of this season, very good. Having and knowing for certain Ben is a fully fledge main charecter now feels great.

    Penny 4 Alexander? ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • What a cracking episode! Questions are answered and new ones are posed. Ben kicks total ass and the Island Time Issue gets even more complicated.

    First of all: Finally new Lost!

    I have to say this felt like one of the best episodes ever made. If not for its cool, almost understated display of Ben's whereabouts in the flashforwards (We finally get to know why Sayid becomes his hitman! And man, I was afraid the explanation was going to be totally unsatisfying but it really wasn't), then it is because of how it gave you a gigantic peek at the Ben-Widmore/Time travel/Smoke monster situations. And even though our understanding of what is really going on on the Island gets bigger every episode we still don't know a thing at all. Pure Lost-style and I love it.

    In some ways this fourth season is the one that defines Lost as one of the most intelligent, mysterious and well-plotted shows ever made. "The Shape of Things to Come" was one of many fabulous hits over the last few weeks, top-notch as always. It also reassured me that the time (travel) mystery will be one very vital plotline from now onwards, even more so than before. I loved to see Ben use a couple of his many passports for once. The only thing that concerned me was the way Rousseau's death (and Karl's, for that matter) was barely mentioned in this episode. Will we ever get to know more about her and her crew 16 years ago? I'd really like to see a flashback here or something.

    All in all, perfect example of Lost genius. Can't wait for Thursday's episode!
  • Don't make Ben mad, you wouldn't like him when he is mad.

    Just when this show seems to be getting stale it surprises me. I knew this would be a Ben-centric episode and i didn't know what to expect but MAN!!! Ben knows many languages, is a world traveler and maybe even a spy.
    He and Charles had some sort of a rules system involving their feud over the island. Now for some reason Charles changed the rules and allowed for Ben's daughter to be killed, making for Ben to want to kill Penny, Charles' daughter. Makes you wonder if this will bring Desmond in at the last minute to save her. The one thing to be certain about this show is that just when you think you have it mapped out and completely figured, they throw you a curveball.
  • The mercenaries from the boat attack lockes camp while viewers learn how benjamin and sayid become allies in a flashforward. (Warning - Some Spoilers.)

    After watching all the previews and sneak peeks for this episode, i was worried that i may have spoiled it for myself before i'd even sat down to watch it. However, even though i'd seen two trailers, four sneak peeks and a vodcast, none of that could have prepared me for the a** kicking 42 mins that took place before my very eyes.
    The action in this episode was pretty much non-stop. Nearly every scene had at least some mild act of violence and grabbed my attention immediately. There were NO boring moments in this episode. There were two things i found slightly off about it though - 1) Locke and the others left the barracks with none of the other 815'ers in tow. Were they ALL killed when the mercenaries showed up? I only saw three of them get shot, are we supposed to assume that all the other members of lockes camp were killed, or are we supposed to think that they all took cover and hid out when the guys from the boat started shooting at them? Seems kinda cold of locke to just leave them if they are still alive. I'm a little annoyed that they wouldn't tie up a loose end like that,but never mind.
    The second problem i had with this episode was the last scene - the standoff between Ben and Charles Widmore (hope i didn't spoil that for anybody who hasn't seen the episode yet) it was a really good scene, but it just seemed a little lame watching ben and charles trying to act tough in front of eachother. It had some great dialogue and some really good acting, but i just didn't find it as effective as it could have been.
    Most of thats just me nitpicking though. I would seriously struggle to find fault with the rest of the episode. We learn something new about the smoke monster, but as always we end up with more questions that answers. I've come to expect that from lost though as i'm sure everyone else has and it doesn't even bother me anymore. On top of the revelation that Ben and possibly the other... Others can summon the smoke monster, another mystery i was left with was what did widmore mean when he told ben that it was "his" island and that everything ben had he had taken from widmore. Wierd, but very interesting. I'm starting to like Bens character a fair bit, but thats mostly because of how bad*ss he was in this episode and because of the sympathy i feel for him after losing his daughter. How did he end up in the desert? Did the island teleport him there? Again, more questions. Sawyer was brilliant in this episode! He's really come a long way since the first season. The first thing he does when he hears their camp is being attacked is to head for claire so he can protect her. Then he handles himself pretty well in a shoot out against a bunch of guys with snipers and assault rifles when all he has is a 9mm and his wits. To top that off he says the best line of the episode in a great scene where he really steps up and takes charge of the situation. I think his devotion to hurley was really cool as was lockes response to sawyers death threat. The beach scenes were good too. Apparently what happened to the doctor hasn't happened outside of the island yet. That time differential thing is getting pretty confusing.
    Lastly, i think Ben's flashforwards are the best flashforwards we've seen yet. More questions, but at least we know why sayid and ben are in league and who it is they're trying to take down. I feel so bad for sayid. The guy just can't catch a break in his lovelife. I'm hoping he gets a happy ending.
    So to sum up, brilliant Episode with a few reveals, but more questions thrown into the mix. Even so, one fantastic scene after another with great performances and a load of action make the hiatus more than worth the wait.
  • A lot of violence and dead bodies in this one, how many original "survivors" are left? Ben Linus is the focus here, with flashforwards and the current time (early 2005) struggle with the boat people.

    I'm not a Ben Linus fan, this episode shows some more facets of the character, his "00" spy abilities and continuing ability to BS. Some kind of Dharma teleportation technology is featured, a man in a parka ends up in Tunisia a little unsure of where and when he is. The overall story arc seems to be leading to a Linus/Widmore centred battle for the island, apart from Sayed how will our Losties be involved? Back to the violence, sudden and shocking gunshots decimate the innocents. Jaw-dropping. Sawyer gets off his a** finally, the black cloud returns with a fury. On the beach Faraday is caught in a lie and hopes for a rescue take a turn for the worse. Very good episode, each commercial break was a tense interruption.
  • one of if not the most action packed episode of lost ever

    this episode was truly amazing. despite the fact that it seemed very different from previous episodes it still had that quality that everyone loves about lost. as soon as it begun i knew this was goin to be good. i still get my head round what happend to alex this episode truly was amazing. michael emerson portrayed the first time we see ben show real emotion so well and josh holloway played a heroic sawyer amazingly. this is a must see episode one of the best in my personal opinion so good that i almost overlooked the revelation that ben controls or summons smokie. lost just keeps getting better i cant wait to see more!
  • Even though we learn as many answers as there are new questions that come up, it's still such a rewarding episode to watch.


    -Sayid reunites and marries Nadia, who is later assassinated.

    - Ben manipulates Sayid into working for him by telling him that he knows the people that assassinated his wife.

    - Ben and Charles Whitmore are more familiar with each other than expected. They also have certain 'rules' regarding one another, which is why Ben didn't expect Keamy to kill Alex.

    - Penny is hidden somewhere and Ben makes it his mission to find and kill her as revenge for Alex's murder. - That the Oceanic 6 will have been rescued before October 24 2005.

    - The people on the freighter never intended to rescue the people on the island, and really do have orders to kill everyone there.

    - Locke, Ben and Hurley (looking for Jacob) have separated as a group from Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron (headed to the beach).


    - How Ben is seemingly able to teleport/time travel off of the island to see Sayid in Iraq in 2005 (it also isn't clear as to whether he traveled to the past or future)

    - How Ben is able to communicate and control the smoke monster through the hidden stone passageway

    - What Whitmore means by saying to Ben "Everything you have you took from me"; including the island.
  • Jack and the others on the beach discover a dead body which turns out to be the doctor from the freighter. Ben, Locke and Saywer discover that the freighter people are finally here to get Ben.

    This episode was outstanding. Since the season is going to be cut short of episodes due to the writers strike earlier this year you can tell that these last remainig episodes are going to be jam-packed with excitement. This episode was no exception.

    We got a few more insights on how the island might work with the Dr. from the freighter showing up dead on the beach but the people on the freighter believing he is just fine. Are the people on the freighter just making that up or is he really still alive on the freigher?

    Locke and Bens scenes were great in this one. Ben just always knows what to do and what to say. He always seems in control of things. His flash forward where he recruited Sayid is great and also shows an insight on his relationship with Charles Whitmore. The have rules?? Is Whitmore Dharma? An epsiode that had me on the edge of me seat almost the whole time and is making me so impatient for next weeks episode.

    On a sidenote, the user "bugmenotplz" who gave this episode an 8 out of 10 because he supposedly found a mistake in the chicken little reference seems to foget or not know that the chicken little story is a fable that has been around since the 5th century. And thats all Saywer is refering to. He never mentions any movie.
  • Holy Crap!

    Well, well, well! Smokey's back and he's kicking ass. Apparently the island's security device is controlled by Ben and as usual Ben fulfills his duty of being the person you love to hate.

    While Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore in the mediocre B-story which by Lost standard is pretty good, Locke's camp is attacked by Ben's adversaries. We have explosions, smoke monster's suspense, Part II of 'The Econoimist' (episode 3) and a wicked conclusion. When I heard Episode 9 was going to be good, I didnt think this good. By far the best episode of the series beating 'The Constant' by a smidge...
  • "Shape of Things To Come" This is another good epsiode spoilers

    1st off how about the dead doctor on the beach that is from the boat crazy stuff huh, they didn't go too much into it but I'm guessing there will be more to it. I almost freaked out when I thought Claire was blown up, come on she is too hot to die or at least die yet. Speaking of which I liked how Kated tramped it up a bit in the beginning, I again wish it was like NYPD Blue so she could show us her goodies. Oh well back to the show sorry . I read next weeks episode guide and that stomach pain might that Jack had might be a part of the episode since they were talking about Jack's health.

    I thought Sawyer would die since in the previews they showed them shooint automatics at him, but as Mike and I discussed apprently they can hit a swing set poll but not Sawyer. I guess that's the whole thing of not dying on the island, and sick people getting better it might be part of the island. I did laugh at all the extras who had their one scene and then got shot when Sawyer was going to get Claire and his comment about Frenchie and the kid referring to Danielle & Alex. I assume obviously that phone is a connected line since I don't think the phone looked like it was able to dial out. What was up with that crazy room why didn't they all hide in there? I guess Ben didn't want them in their obviously, but it looked like a panic room type of room. I looked again Mike they stopped shooting when he got Claire and that's why nobody was shooting when they went in the window, but how Miles just walked up to the door and rang the doorbell without seeing anyone is a suspicious to me. We also saw the black smoke, and the possibility that Ben can summon it or just turn it on somehow which is strange. I re-watched it with a friend and some of those mercinaries were still alive after the black smoke so maybe they are still on the island which means there could still be problems with them. When Ben was in the Desert he had a jacket with a name on it did anyone see what the name was, it may be of interest later I'm thinking. Then when he took the picture of Sayid and Sayid found Ben I think we are going to find out why Sayid was working with Ben in the flash foward from when we found out that Sayid was one of the ''Oceanic 6". I assume we will find out who killed Naudia and why. We will also hopefully find out about Ishamail whatever his name is and if he was the killer the one Ben said was in her funeral procession.

    The ending was crazy with Charles Widmore and Ben's conection once again, you wonder who is playing who. Is Ben playing Sayid, or are they making it just look that way. Will Desmond be off the island since he wasn't on the plane he cna be off and not be one of the "Oceanic six" and maybe he will try to help save Penny from being killed by Ben. I also wonder is Widmore connected with The Dharma Initiative? He said it was "his island"
  • Awesome

    i think this is the best episode so far...ihave watched it twice allready...i think it has answered some of syids future questions out which is nice and i beleive that this will happen with kate and jack aswell, because i beleive the writers tried to perceive the regular charecters such as jack, kate and so on as bad people! but they are not.
    I will keep watching to the end as it is an awesome and very risky show to do in terms of the continous jumpy storyline. Still a fan and i think that ben know is the best charecter but a bit crazy aswell lol...
  • OH MY GOD!!!

    this was aired here in the UK last night. while watching this episode i was totaly gobsmacked, i could not believe all what was happening. ben speaking arabic and turkish in the sahara desert saying 'turkce billyormusunuz' translate ' do you know turkish'. well travelled ben i think. as always the writers have totaly made this season for me with this episode. at one point i thought claire had had her chips well and truly done. and ben letting his daughter go to a better place. and everything in between and beyond. now we know ben controls the black smoke for sure amongst other things.
    and when he confronted charles widmore....certainly seems they are related, ben being charles son? sounds like they had some sort of bet?
    overall it's gonna take some pulling off by the writers to beat this episode.
    fantastic, great, woohoo, shut my mouth and slap my thigh... hippydippydoo!!!!!!
  • I loved it!

    Ben has flashfowards to when he meets Sayid in Iraq after someone from Widmore kills Nadia. Ben goes to see Charles and threatens to kill Penny, since he killed Alex. Widmore says that he'll find the island.

    People from Widmore capture Alex. They use her to try and get to Ben. They invade the barracks. Ben thinks he has it under control, but they kill Alex. He, Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Hurley, Aaron, and Miles escape with the help of the smoke monster. Jack seems to be very ill. Bernard finds a dead body washed up. It's the doctor from the freighter. Faraday contacts the freighter with morse code. He lies about the reply, but Bernard tells the real message.

    This episode was so great! I can't believe Alex died. She was a great character and that was so sad. I loved this episode so much though and I give it a 10!
  • An epic link between the season's middle, to the finale.

    A very clever link between the middle of the season, to the epic finale. After taking a long break, the writers have cooked up an episode, to really speed up the season's plot, and take control of the events leading up to the finale. A Ben-centric episode taking place in the future is all I need to know before loving this episode, not to mention the smoke monster invading the barracks, and tearing apart the freighter team. Long live Ben, and i hope to see more episodes like this in the future of Lost. Congrats, to the Lost writing staff.
  • This was another excellent episode by LOST. We got to know some really good things, both on the island and off the island.

    This was another excellent episode by LOST. We got to know some really good things, both on the island and off the island.

    Off the island

    - Sayid finally finds Nadya and he marries her. But she is then killed.
    - Sayid meets with Ben at the funeral and Ben tells him that it was a man of Charles Widmore that killed her.
    - Sayid kills the man that killed Nadya and then offers Ben to work for him.
    - Ben and Charles has a showdown, and Ben tells Charles he knows he can't kill him, but he will kill his daughter. And Charles will regret changing the rules.

    On the Island

    - Jack finds a body in the sea and when Daniel tells them he is the doctor. He calls the freighter through morse code but lies about the reply but Bernard knows morse code and he tells them that the freighter told them that the Doctor is alive.
    - A group led by Keamy kidnaps Alex and take her to try and lure Ben. When Ben tries to call the troop's bluff, they kill Alex.
    - After the death of his daughter, Ben says that Charles changed the rules.
    - Somehow Ben manages to control the monster and the monster kills the mercenaries.
  • The show we all love has returned, and in it, was awesomeness

    It's been a while, but LOST has returned after the writers strike and tonight, Benjamin Linus is the center of focus. In the best episode of this season, Benjamin Linus has his daughter killed to save everyone on the island, while Faraday begins to tell the truth about why his people have come to the island. Flashforwards of Ben tell us what is to be expected in the long run as people start seeking revenge on others like Ben with Charles Widmore. The best scene, definitely the smoke-monster returning, the fact that Ben knew what it was the whole time was a real shock. I wonder what will happen next time on the show, it seems Jack is sick and possibly on the verge of death. Overall, awesome episode. In it, was action, suspense, entertainment, more suspense and yeah, that pretty much covers it. An excellent return of the series.
  • Ben faces some tough times, and some questions are answered.

    Finally, the return of the black smoke!!! I was glad to see it back, considering it was first seen the premiere and hasn't been around for a while, but its return just added more questions to my list. If Ben can make it appear whenever he wants to, then why did it kill Eko? But it may just be me who thinks of this, because I am still upset that he died. I really liked this episode because someone FINALLY came through with their threat. Sure, I liked Alex, but it was unexpected for her to die, and I liked that even more. Especially since the death-scare with Claire ended so nicely, something had to go wrong in that situation somehow.

    I loved that Bernard knew Morse Code, and how beautifully he called the lie. That was fun. I also loved how protective Sawyer was of Claire and the baby, and especially of Hurley.
  • Locke's Camp Trys To Survive An Inpending Attack From The Freighter Folk.

    An Unexpected Tear Jerking Jaw Dropping Episode.

    That's what comes to mind when I think about this episode. I remember seeing a video of the scene where the three people where shot in front of Sawyer and I thought it was funny. (Still do actually.) But when Keamy pulled the trigger of the gun that was against Alex's head, I was speachless. I had no Idea that they were that desperate to get their hands on Ben. The first thing I said on the commercial after Alex was shot was "She's not dead." I believed that untill Ben said goodbuy to her body.

    I think the moral of this episode is:

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