Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • Welcome to the War, John!

    This episode without a doubt has jumped into my top five, right behind Through the Looking Glass and The Constant Overall, the episode had everything in it that we could have wanted. The episode was amazing in every way, shape, and form. Every scene in the flash was amazing and the island scenes were just as good. Begin with the flash, which we didnt find out was a forward until Ben asked the woman what year it was. We now have an approximate timeline of events for the show. It seems as if he was in the middle of something as his flash made it seem like he was kind of surprised to be in the desert somewhat. He had an injury on his arm and was wearing a big puffy jacket. Im sure we will see at some point what aspect of the island allows him to teleport like that. He then kills the two guys and steals there horses - that scene was amazing. Follow that up with a complete story of Ben / Sayid and you have a really good flash right there. But the writers took it a step further and even showed the scene with Ben and Charles, whcih was in my opinion the best scene fo the episode. They didnt do anything to try and WTF us, it was just an amazing scene from beginning to end. I normaly dont bring up the lighting of scenes, but the half light / half dark face of the both of them was really good. It also sets up a really good plot for Sayid to go after Penelope, cant wait to see how sayid responds to that piece of information.

    The island scenes with Jack and company took the intensity down a little bit from the other side of the island, which was a good thing. Benard calls out Daniel for lying, which I thought was interesting. Jack is getting sick seemingly out of nowhere, that seems a bit random but should be interesting to see where it goes in the next episode. Lockes camp had the most intense parts of this episode from beginning to end. There was no scene that didnt go way over my expectations. Sawyer in the middle of a gun battle / killing three randoms? Love it. House explostion? Love it. Ben / Keamy / Alex scene - amazing. What an amazing scene by Ben. Once again he goes off on someone and tells them their life story. I love those scenes. The killing of Alex was actually quite surprising, I didnt see it coming and I did actually feel a little sad. It all works really well for what they are setting up in the future. Overall, third best episode of the entire show for me without a doubt! Incredable!
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