Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • That was.......MASSIVE!

    Talk about a return....after the 5 weeks hiatus and a mixed feeling "Meet Kevin Johnson". Lost returns with a huuuuuuge bang!! Seriously, The Shape of Things to Come IS one of the best episode of lost ever.
    I`ve never, ever seen so much action in a Lost episode, so much revelation in a lost episode and I`ve never felt the characters so unsafe in an episode.
    The boat men ARE bad are here to KILL, that`s for sure. The amount of shocks with all these killings, even Alex died shockingly..they teased a Claire death and I was screaming for Sawyer to get in the freaking house before he gets killed! Add to that Locke, Hugo and Ben are now going to see Jacob while Sawyer and Claire are going back to the beach.
    Also, one of Lost big mysteries revealed. I was shocked when the smoke monster came out, WOW! So looks like it is a security system. HOLY SH*T!! The island plot just took a huge and violent boost!
    And we have a equally shocking flashforward. A Ben flashforward!(just knew it would be epic right then)
    It`s revealed how Ben got out of the island and how Sayid ends up working for him. Revenge unites them. How shocking was it in the desert when Ben killed that guy! And to end it all.....another bang as cliffhanger! Ben is going after Penny!! God damn it! I`m blown away!

    Wish:I hope Sawyer gets back to the beach and beats the crp outa JAck for bring the boat people.:D
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