Season 4 Episode 9

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • The mercenaries from the boat attack lockes camp while viewers learn how benjamin and sayid become allies in a flashforward. (Warning - Some Spoilers.)

    After watching all the previews and sneak peeks for this episode, i was worried that i may have spoiled it for myself before i'd even sat down to watch it. However, even though i'd seen two trailers, four sneak peeks and a vodcast, none of that could have prepared me for the a** kicking 42 mins that took place before my very eyes.
    The action in this episode was pretty much non-stop. Nearly every scene had at least some mild act of violence and grabbed my attention immediately. There were NO boring moments in this episode. There were two things i found slightly off about it though - 1) Locke and the others left the barracks with none of the other 815'ers in tow. Were they ALL killed when the mercenaries showed up? I only saw three of them get shot, are we supposed to assume that all the other members of lockes camp were killed, or are we supposed to think that they all took cover and hid out when the guys from the boat started shooting at them? Seems kinda cold of locke to just leave them if they are still alive. I'm a little annoyed that they wouldn't tie up a loose end like that,but never mind.
    The second problem i had with this episode was the last scene - the standoff between Ben and Charles Widmore (hope i didn't spoil that for anybody who hasn't seen the episode yet) it was a really good scene, but it just seemed a little lame watching ben and charles trying to act tough in front of eachother. It had some great dialogue and some really good acting, but i just didn't find it as effective as it could have been.
    Most of thats just me nitpicking though. I would seriously struggle to find fault with the rest of the episode. We learn something new about the smoke monster, but as always we end up with more questions that answers. I've come to expect that from lost though as i'm sure everyone else has and it doesn't even bother me anymore. On top of the revelation that Ben and possibly the other... Others can summon the smoke monster, another mystery i was left with was what did widmore mean when he told ben that it was "his" island and that everything ben had he had taken from widmore. Wierd, but very interesting. I'm starting to like Bens character a fair bit, but thats mostly because of how bad*ss he was in this episode and because of the sympathy i feel for him after losing his daughter. How did he end up in the desert? Did the island teleport him there? Again, more questions. Sawyer was brilliant in this episode! He's really come a long way since the first season. The first thing he does when he hears their camp is being attacked is to head for claire so he can protect her. Then he handles himself pretty well in a shoot out against a bunch of guys with snipers and assault rifles when all he has is a 9mm and his wits. To top that off he says the best line of the episode in a great scene where he really steps up and takes charge of the situation. I think his devotion to hurley was really cool as was lockes response to sawyers death threat. The beach scenes were good too. Apparently what happened to the doctor hasn't happened outside of the island yet. That time differential thing is getting pretty confusing.
    Lastly, i think Ben's flashforwards are the best flashforwards we've seen yet. More questions, but at least we know why sayid and ben are in league and who it is they're trying to take down. I feel so bad for sayid. The guy just can't catch a break in his lovelife. I'm hoping he gets a happy ending.
    So to sum up, brilliant Episode with a few reveals, but more questions thrown into the mix. Even so, one fantastic scene after another with great performances and a load of action make the hiatus more than worth the wait.
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