Season 2 Episode 16

The Whole Truth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • The Whole Truth

    Sun and Jin's relationship is cleverly complicated, and the writers do a good job of relating flashbacks with present plot and connecting to the episode's overall theme.
  • Awesome.

    Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie search for Henry's balloon. Sun discovers that she is pregnant. In flashbacks, Sun finds out that Jin is infertile. Wow - what an awesome episode from Lost. I love the Sun and Jin scenes in this episode, mostly the ones where he ruins he garden and then he helps her fix it again - so cute. I love the way John comes to Ana Lucia, and then Anan Lucia is talking to Henry Gale - awesome scene. I also love the Hurley and Sun scene so funny. I love the scene where Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go looking for Henry's balloon - the Charlie and Ana Lucia scene is awesome - I love Charlie I do. I love the ending where Jack brings Henry out for something to eat and I love the way Henry is stirring things up between John and Jack - an awesome way to end an episode too.
  • Not quite what the title suggests, but there are more answers coming

    Up until now, Sun has been one of the more sympathetic characters on the island. It's clear that after years of oppression, first from her family, then from her husband, she seems to have become one of the more trustworthy people on the island. And even though we understand Jin's problems a bit more than we did before, he still has flashes of being angry and hurtful. (How else are we to judge his reaction in the opening sequence when he tears Sun's garden to pieces?) But after we see the flashbacks in 'The Whole Truth', and learn a bit more about the story behind it, the axis of sympathy is going to start tilting away from Sun.

    In the flashback, we learn that Sun and Jin were trying to have a baby before the crash. (In retrospect, this explains a lot of Jin's actions, particularly when Claire gave birth less than a month ago) For Jin, the child was more than an expression of love, it was a possibility to get out from under Mr. Paik's fist. Sun, understandably, felt differently because even now she was considering her break. She was meeting in secret with Jae Lee, the same wealthy man her parents tried to match her with a couple of years before, to... learn English. But given the grandeur of the setting, and the clandestine nature of the lessons, was there more going on than just English lessons. I didn't want to think so, but I did think both of those flashbacks ended just a moment before something serious happened.

    Then we learn that Jin and Sun went to a fertility doctor, and he told them that Sun could never get pregnant. However, before the episode ends, we will learn that Jin was the one who was sterile, and that the doctor lied because of fear of Jin's reaction if he learned the truth. (And he didn't think that Mr. Paik would be a little upset to learn about this or that he lied? Korean society seems more backwards then we've seen). Given Jin's reaction perhaps he was right as to what might happen. Something that all but slips under the radar in this exchange: in the doctor's office, Jin angrily asks Sun if she knew about this and lied. Her response is: "Why? So I could trap the son of her fisherman?" Up until now, we've assumed that Sun has believed Jin's lie that his parents have been dead. So, either she was lying then, or she found out some other way, because we later learned her husband never told her. Quite a web Sun is weaving.

    Why does all this matter now? Because Sun is pregnant, and in a society as small as this, the news won't be secret for long? In order to find out, she has to tell Sawyer to get the test, Kate to help her take it, and Jack to ask about its accuracy. Jin ends up hearing about it from Sawyer, but because his English is still rudimentary, he doesn't process it. This leads to a very moving scene where Sun comes upon Jin replanting flowers in her garden (he tore it up out of his concern for Sun's safety), and he implores to her how much he needs her, and that he hates being like this. Sun, who has conflicting emotions about her pregnancy, finally tells her husband-- and then tells her what the real diagnosis was. It's a pretty touching moment, but the writers don't let us forget it. Sun swears she has never been unfaithful, and Jin believes her, but as he embraces her, the camera lingers on Sun's face for just a moment too long. The seed of doubt is in our hearts, and we'll soon learn, we've got good reason for it.

    Meanwhile, there's still a prisoner in the hatch, and Locke turns to an unlikely source for guidance--- Ana Lucia. Locke says he wants to get answers, but we can tell it's a way to get her on his side. Ana, however, was a cop, and sees through the shell game. Nevertheless, she talks to Henry and then plays a game of her own. Rather than tell either Jack or Locke that she's gotten a map of where Henry's balloon is, she goes to Sayid, and asks him to help her. Given what has happened between them, I'd think that she would have gone to Eko or Sawyer, but she goes the man who she later admits "has the most reason to hate her of anyone on the island." Sayid's response is interesting: he says that she was defending her people against one of them, and that there are other people to blame. It's clear that Sayid has now refocused all of his hostility towards Henry, and this can not mean good things for Henry, if he's lying.

    Speaking of Henry, the more we seem to learn about him, the less that we trust him. Yesterday, he was trying to get in Locke's head, which doesn't take much work, and now he tries to work on Jack, as if he knows that this is going to be a harder fight.. But something has changed in Jack, and they let him out of the armory for breakfast. In just a few sentences, it becomes clear that Henry has to know more about the hatch that he's letting on, and that there's a very good possibility that he may have led Ana and Sayid into a trap. We'll later find out he had no plan of doing so, and given that why go through this subterfuge. It only hurts his chances of getting out, so why is he trying so hard to guarantee that he just goes back into the armory? He's playing some game of his own here.

    'The Whole Truth' is, overall, a superb episode. Sun's pregnancy is now going to become a critical part of Jin and Sun's actions for the next three seasons, and will be one of the keys to making their relationship stronger than it was. After just three episodes, Michael Emerson has begun to reveal what a superb actor he is, and we get some good performances and the exchange between Sayid and Ana after they set up camp is a truly fine scene. This is a big leap forward from the last one, and we even see Rose and Bernard for the first time in a while Show seems to be gelling again.
    My score:9.4
  • Only Bad Timing!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    This episode consecutive superb and important episodes, was time to slow thing, to save the best material to the end. This Time Sun is the Main Character and the writers decided to make a logical thing, pregnancy.

    However, what may be good news for Jin is not, since the writers confused the audience, because Sun could have been unfaithful to her husband and the situation gets worse, when we know the Jin problem.

    So it is a miracle of the Island, or Sun is pregnant of Another Man, the Same man that we sae in this flashback.

    Unfortunately, the answer will be only available in season 3, sicne Jin and Sun only have one centric episode per Season.

    It was not difficult to create doubt to the audience or to create this problem for Jin.

    Henry Gale situation is more interesting, but is far for the conclusion, at least, the next episode will be crucial to discover the truth. The final Scene only show that the actor that play Henry Gale role is just Good at what he does.

    My Point of View:

    Sun Flashbacks are less interesting than Jin flashbacks, but not too much. The timing to place this episode after the last episode wasn´t a good idea, but the story is not bad, but could be better if we had a conclusion.

    Henry Gale Plot is interesting to see, and the truth will come out soon. Great Final Scene.

    Overall, a good episode, but can be considered a filler, but is only a setup, that would create a great pay off.
  • Ambush

    No se imaginan la alegría que me dió ver a Sun pisar el palito. Me temo que no es tan inocente como parecía, no? Y Jin es un nabo importantísimo si puede llegar a creer que el bebé fue inmaculadamente concebido. Volvió el pelado! La verdad, Sun, que mal gusto tenés (se me escapó otro comentario super gay).
    Y si el prisionero mintió? Y si no hay globo/carita feliz? Por lo que se pudo ver me parece que Sayid y Ana Lucía se comieron una importante. Y la que le espera al pobre prisoner, más si los excursionistas vuelven vivos. Ambush?
  • The Brakes slam back on for this episode. Is Sun as innocent as it seems?

    The last couple of episodes all had terrific momentum, a new character to add to the escalating character drama, some revelations and some good action/adventure particularly in the latter, "Maternity Leave", which is the best episode of the season to date, followed closely by "Man of Science, Man of Faith".
    Now it is obvious that things have to slow down and this episode is not surprisingly the time, particularly as this is a Sun and Jin episode. All their episodes thus far have been more character development based. In fact you can name a character and you can tell what type of backstory episode they will have. Locke's are usually very emotional and also subject to island revelations, as was "Orientation".
    Sayid's episodes can be subject to revelations and twists in the story, for example the series' defining "Solitary" from Season 1 and recently the Henry Gale introduction, "One of Them" this season. Also Sayid's flashbacks are quite gung-ho with potential for violence and action/adventure.
    On the flip side we know that characters like Sun and Jin, Kate and Charlie are more akin to character-focused episodes.
    Jack's fall somewhat inbetween. "White Rabbit" had a bit of mystery, with the visions of his father on the island. "All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues" was a whirlwind of strong character development, action/adventure, mystery and revelation, easily becoming one of the best of the series to date. "Do No Harm" was much more a character development focused episode, with alot of intensity. "Man of Science, Man of Faith" was full of mystery and revelation, actually in a similar vein to "White Rabbit". His last episode "The Hunting Party" was an action / adventure, much in the same vein as "All the Best Cowboys...". If Jack follows a three-episode per season arc again this year can we expect another character driven episode like "Do no Harm"?
    Aside from Jack's the tone and content of backstory episodes for every other character can be guessed. Inthat way there is no disappointment for the audience. If Locke were not to have a powerfully emotionally charged episode with plenty of ystery and revelation, as expected, there would be great consternation amongest fans. As it happens most character's episodes follow a consistent tone.
    With Jin and Sun this is also true. We know we don't expect to see any revelations or big explosions, guns firing and raised voices. So we sit back and enjoy the storyline without griping. Any additions like theabove only add to the enjoyment and make the episode more than we thought it could be. While this is not the case this time around it does bring up some interesting possibilities. One of which is the innocence of Sun. She'd obviously been meeting up with Jae Lee behind Jin's back but was she receiving more than just English Lessons. Although we haven't seen them sleeping together the assumption would be that they have. If this is the case then, can we theorise that Sun's baby is not conceived by Jin but by Jae Lee. Sun tells Jin that she hasn't been with another man but we know this to be a lie already. And with the knowledge that Jin is incapable of conceiving a baby the assumptions would be hard not to deny.
    However, we know that the island seems to have remarkable healing powers. If it could make Locke walk again surely it could heal Jin's loins. Lest usnot forget that Hurley did put a thumbs up to Jin when we rose from his tent with Sun snuggling behind him. What seemed like a moment of comic relief could actually be a major plot device!
    If the island's power is somehow responsible for Sun's pregnancy then this turns the whole dynamic of a Sun and Jin episode on its head. For the first time the mystery of the island is integrated into their plotline. While you can still expect a mainly character driven episode from these guys, now we can expect some interesting developments with Sun's pregnancy and how it relates to the island's power or of the Other's invested interest in children for reasons that remain unknown.
    As a character driven episodeit works okay but these episode with such a narrow focus don't do a great deal for me. I don'thave that much to say about this episode other than it was reasonable but nothing spectacular. But then I didn't expect anything more or less.
  • We have Jin and Sun, first fighting and then making up, Sawyer doing a decent thing for once, Ana and Sayid putting there difference to one side for the greater good and learning some whole truths too.

    It starts off with a flashback to Jin and Sun about to enjoy each others company, Jin mentions that they have been trying for a baby for over a year and suggesting seeing a fertility doctor. Sun takes the step of saying that it would not be wise to have children as he is never home and would it be wise bring a baby up in a house where he comes home with blood on his sleeves. Jin says that if her father becomes a grandfather then maybe perhaps he would give Jin a safer job.

    They are at Sun's little garden but Jin wants her to come back to the beach, she says no, but as he doesn't want the others to come and get her like before, he rips up all the garden so that means that she can't and doesn't have to come back/

    Locke asks Ana if she'll come and talk / interview the prisoner, after explaining who he is etc. Locke seems to be falling for his mind games as he says that he doesn't need permission from Jack and he's doing it for the sack of everyone.

    In a flashback we learn from Sun that she had an arrangement with the guy from the dating match makers, to teach her english as an arrangement. Then in another flashback we see them both at a fertility clinic, where the expert said it is impossible for them to have a baby, as her philopean tubes are beyond repair.

    Ana interviews the prisoner, who in turn gives directions to where his balloon is, so she tells this to Sayid and Charlie, who then all three decide to go to the point on his drawn map to see if he's telling the truth. Then at the camp she apologises to Sayid for what she did, he tells her that she's not to blame but it's down to them, if he is one of them, then something will have to be done. They get to the point on the map, there is no obvious sign of it, but they divide up the area so that they can each search a grid as thoroughly as they wish.

    Jin thinks he hears that something is wrong with Sun, but can not ask either Sawyer or Bernhard as he doesn't speak english. Instead he goes back to fix the garden and apologises for the mistake when Sun arrives. She tells him that she is pregnant, but also that the fertility dr had lied, it was not her that was infertile but him, he said it so that Jin would not burn down his practice.

    The prisoner is let out for breakfast cereal, he starts asking alot of questions regarding the place, the cereal and then mentiones the map, which causes raised eyebrows, then he mentions about trust issues, saying that if he was one of them, then perhaps the map was to a secluded space ripe for an ambush, thats if he was one of them, then his friends could capture them and trade them for him, but that it is a good thing he's not one of them.
  • A nice soft episode in quite some time, but I agree with everyone else, it wasn't my favorite storyline

    This episode was based on Sun/Jin's relationship which I knew would mean that this would be a soft episode, still good, but probably better that these type of episodes only come every once in a while.
    The Sun flashback was very interesting.. Oh, and revealing. We finally begin to understand why Sun's relationship with Jin was so complicated and why he is the way he is with her -- over protective.
    It was awesome to see the two reunite again in their nice relationship, with Sun being pregnant because of some miracle. Jin cannot have children, but on the island, the male sperm count is twice the size and number. A wonderful backstory that combined nicely into the on island events.

    The rest of this episode was focussed on the most important task, finding out is Henry Gale is one of them. I'm beginning to think there is more to him than meet's the eye. I don't know yet, but something's up.
    Ana-Lucia, her story and truthfull honest apology to Sayid was sad. I like her now. In fact, very much. Since her backstory on Colission, she has become more kind, lovable and willing to be a great person, even a favorite if she continues to act like this. Charlie was an idoit this entire episode. His dislike towards Ana-Lucia was not for him to judge or to discriminate her. He doesn't even know half the story between her innocence of Shannon's death. More information on Henry will be determined if Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie locate his balloon on the next episode: Lockdown.
    The final scenes were really strange. John and Jack aren't as silly as Henry may seem them as. They were listening to every word that he was saying. Something's not right here. Well, we'll find out soon enough.

    Overall, not as exciting as other episodes but I sort of enjoyed the Sun/Jin story. The best scenes were anything to do with Henry Gale.
  • A Sun-centric episode.

    All things considered, I thought that this was a really, really great episode. I have to admit that before seeing this episode, I wasn't a very big fan of Jin and Sun, and I wasn't nearly as interested in them and their back story compared to all of the other characters, but after having seen this episode, I absolutely love them. They really are very fascinating characters. I also loved Sawyer's involvement with Sun's story line and their interaction with each other in this episode since Sawyer has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. The whole situation with Henry Gale in this episode was very interesting. All in all, I thought that this was very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost by everyone involved, and like I said earlier, Jin and Sun are definitely on my list of favorite characters on Lost now.
  • Henry: (to Jack and Locke) Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you?

    This episode was not that bad, the ending was great Henry is a legend. Sun pregnant I didn't expect that. This flashbacks were not great to be honest and that would pull the episode away from the prevous couple, which were amazing by the way. I just cant get enough of Lost and I think this episode is probably one of the worst I have seen. Doesnt meen that its bad it was just slow at times and it felt like a filler episode, which it is. The whole truth picks up towards the end and the trek with Ana Lucia, Charlie and Sayid was good because we dont see those characters together on the same screen much. All in all a decent episode.
  • The Sun/Jin parts were blah, but everything else was good.

    After 3 superb episodes this one fails to deliver. Sun Jin episodes tend to be alot slower than the rest, but this one was even worse.

    I thought the whole pregnancy thing was way too soap opera. In fact, the whole Jin being over protective thing was. No. The entinre Sun/Jin on island story was. Had it's moments, but it was extremely disappointing considering there's so much going on(supposedly). The Henry Gale scenes were absolutely amazing on the other hand. Ana, Sayid and Charlie going off to find his balloon is great, and I've to say it's really funny how Locke and Jack is getting all the bust lately, but they deserve it.

    As far as the flashback goes, it was, ok. It was a nice reveal that Jin can't have babies(another proof of island's healing powers... or not) and I liked the drama with Sun and her "english teacher" Jae Lee(did she sleep with him or not? Is it even Jin's baby then?) But overall it was somewhat unrelated to the island story. What truly made the episode's score jump is the ending with Gale manipulating Jack and Locke at the same time. That man is brilliant.
  • I loved it!

    Sun has flashbacks of Jin wanting to have a baby, her learning to speak English, and her learning that she is unable to have a baby and then learning that the doctor lied and that Jin is the one who is unable.

    Sun thinks she may be pregnant. Locke wants Ana to talk to Gale. She gets him to draw a map to the balloon where he crashed. She, Sayid and Charlie go looking for it. Sun finds out that she is pregnant and questions when she should tell Jin. She decides to tell him right away and she also tells him that he was the one unable to have children. She assures him that she hasn't been with another man and he says it's a miracle. Gale makes a surprising conclusion to what would happen if he was lying about the balloon being there. Jack and Locke continue to argue.

    This episode was great! I really like Jin and Sun! I'm happy for Sun! Gale is really creepy at the end. I think he is one of "the Others" for sure now. This episode gets a 10!
  • Sun is having a baby

    I was thrilled when I found out Sun was pregnant. She seem to have too much of the motherly instinct to not have any kids. There is still that question mark though because Jin is supposedly not able to have any kids...what's up with that? And what was with Eko cutting off his beard while in the hatch with Henry. The cliff hanger was sooo good at the end when Henry was sitting at the Table with Jack and Locke; he revealed that if he was one of the other he would have led Ana Lucia and them to a trap. Making us believe that he is in fact one of the others. The best cliff hanger.
  • Who would have thought...

    Ana Lucia questions Henry Gale and travels with Sayid and Charlie to search for Henry's balloon. Sun discovers that she is pregnant and remembers the strain of her relationship with Jin after a visiting a fertility doctor. Who would have thought Sun was going to be Pregnant this time last year well I never and I was very happy that Jin and Sun are having a baby.The episode only gets a 9.1 because of this however because the rest of the episode nothing really happened at all, I was expecting Ana, Sayid and Charlie to find the Balloon or the others to capture them but nothing.
  • "I'm pregnant."

    The audience is in for quite a shock when they find out that Sun is pregnant. I think it's a risky move that the producers make, and we won't see any payoff to it for a while. This episode, however, is very good, if a little low on forward plot momentum.

    The main story, as I said, focuses on Sun realizing she's pregnant. This could definitely be dangerous, as one of the characters just gave birth last season, so to have another become pregnant could seem like a rehashed plot device (although how many shows have a pregnant woman as a rehashed plot, I don't know). The story does work here though, because of the mystery that crops up-is Jin the baby's daddy? I think it's important to note that Jin goes through a bit of a character transformation in this episode. In the teaser he's extremely repulsive (it was entirely in Korean too, although it's hard to notice), and he's pretty vile in the flashbacks too. The anger in the flashbacks is one thing, but the island meanness comes a little out of nowhere, seeing as how he's become such a nice guy and a fan favorite. It's important to have Jin be a little bit of a jerk, though, so the audience can sympathize with Sun's plight in the flashbacks. Sun also has a number of good scenes in this episode. One involves Rose and Bernard, and any scene with Rose is great. Isn't she just like everyone's ideal grandma? Sun's moment with Sawyer is also very well played, yet it still irritates me a little bit because of how casual the two are. Aside from having the medical supplies, he sure isn't acting like a sheriff. Instead, he's complaining about a lack of sex in the books he reads. Sun's scene with Hurley is also completely hilarious. The way both are trying to hide something, and both characters' feigned lightness is great. I especially like Hurley's, "Hey, look what I found in the middle of the jungle!" when referring to the candy bar.

    The final scenes between Jin and Sun are terrific. They're written wonderfully, and both actors do an awesome job with them. Yunjin Kim is very cautious, and a little wary to tell Jin the whole truth. When the scene is over though, she does seem genuinely happy to have a kid. Daniel Dae Kim is also very good. He's remorseful at the beginning of the scene, and that's very touching. His happiness also comes across very clearly to the audience, and it's infectious. The change that happens at the end, when he trusts Sun enough to let her stay out in her garden alone is quite a nice gesture.

    The flashbacks present a different Sun than the one we're used to. Instead of Sun being the good balance to Jin's bad guy, Sun does some pretty bad things. While we don't know if she did cheat on Jin, taking English lessons from her old flame is still pretty bad. All the scenes with Jae are riddled with indecision and guilt on Sun's part, yet there's also clearly a part of her that's enjoying the meetings. The lying doctor is another thing that obviously scares the living daylights out of her. When told she can't have children, she says that she's relieved, but she looks completely horrified when the doctor later tells her she can. The look of terror on her face during that whole scene is quite telling. However, we'll just have to wait until Season 3 to get a definitive answer.

    The subplot, once again, focuses on Henry. Ana-Lucia speaks to him, after Locke talks about "his" hatch. Ana has Henry draw a map to his balloon, and she, Sayid, and Charlie go out to find it. There are a number of excellent moments from this storyline, including Ana's line, "Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack." That's the best possible way to describe what's happened between the two characters this season. There's also the Charlie moment on the way. His obnoxiousness is almost unbearable here, as he lords Ana's mistake over her. The "looking at my bum" line is funny, but his arrogance for the rest of the scene is quite annoying. He says that Ana-Lucia killed some one the last time she held a gun, but he did the same. Holding the gun out to her and then giving it to Sayid is also a nice, annoying Charlie moment. The thing that irritates me about that scene is that no one questions where Charlie's gun came from. If Sayid doesn't have a gun, how does Charlie have one?

    The last notable scene is Ana's apology to Sayid. It's very heartfelt, and everyone who's despised Ana-Lucia can't help but feel some compassion for her. She seems to say things not just to Sayid but to the viewer-"People don't like me." That was certainly true when the episode first aired, and is still pretty true now. I don't agree with it-I think she's a good character, and it's nice to have a generally angry character in the mix, instead of everyone being quite happy. The last scene in this episode is possibly one of the best ever. Michael Emerson's performance is absolutely amazing, and the creepiness that exudes from him is palpable. His monologue is brilliantly written, and it adds so much more mystery to the character, especially considering that the field the three hunters are in is quite secluded. The thing that makes this scene even better is how it ends-"You guys got any milk?"

    This episode is pretty well done. It's got great performances, good emotional content, and a killer ending. There's really nothing wrong with it, aside from the fact that it doesn't really advance the ongoing storyline as much as it could-obviously Sun being pregnant isn't something that can be forgotten, but that storyline isn't really going to go anywhere until next season.
  • great episode

    Sun gets the feeling that she might be pregnant. She wonders if it's right to tell Jinn or not. Locke get Ana Lucia to interrogate Henry Gale. This episode features Henry Gale, he is a really mysterious person, we're not sure if we can trust him or not. It's a really good episode, it's well written, the characters were fleshed out. We get to see really good dramatic acting mixed with a very compelling plot. I really enjoyed this episode, it's well directed. The story really makes this show interesting. Just as we thought we're getting the answers, new questions come our way. It's really good.
  • Sun's pregnant!

    Wow if anyone asks why I am reviewing an episode from season 2 while season 3 is playing, it's because I am watching the DVD set and haven't seen season 3 at all yet. So anyway this episode is mainly centered around Sun. The flashbacks show that she cannot have children and Jin does not like that. But in the end Jin is the one who cannot have children. So it's a miracle that Sun is pregnant. Otherwise Anna Lucia makes the guy in the hatch write a map. The ending is scary, because he explains what happens if they are trapped. Also, I liked this episode because Sun gets her turn and the couple is happy. A superb episode.
  • Review

    Jin and Suns flashback story came at a really abd time during the season. With Henry Gale still being held as a captive, alot of the focus is on the mystery tat surrounds him and what brought him to this island. Ana Lucia is sent in to try and get information out of him, but like Sayid fails to do so. However, Henry does finnaly draw a map to his ballon and Sayid, Ana, and Charlie start to try and find this ballon. Meanwhile, back at the hatch Henry continues to pick at the duo that is Jack and Locke. Henry tries to push some buttons and seems to get through to Locke in a way. This episode has the potential to be really good if it was a Locke flashback but having Sun and Jin be the flashback made this episode more of a filler episode for me.
  • This episode wasn't as bad as many say; it was just frustrating after a long hiatus and an extremely revealing episode.

    This episode wasn't as bad as many say; it was just frustrating after a long hiatus and an extremely revealing episode. This episode once again shows tidbits of Sun's and Jin's past. We learn how Sun learned English, and also, that, Jin is incapable of having children.

    However, on the island, Sun doesn't feel quite well, so she asks for a pregnancy test from Sawyer - who appearently has one - and tests positive...

    So it's either a miracle like Locke's ability to walk, or... Did Sun cheat on Jin?

    The episode shows great mixature of season 1 and season 2 Jin. He starts as S1 Jin: He doesn't accept Sun being alone in her garden, so, Jin destryos her garden, thus, she won't be there anymore. But at the end of the episode, Jin helps Sun to fix the garden, and also he's extremely happy for the yet unborn baby.

    But then, the question is, is it really Jin's? The episode ended with a boom; after Henry drew a map to his balloon, Sayid, Charlie and Ana decided to go and find it without the help of anyone else - so when Henry mentions this to Jack and Locke, they freak out, and not only because they weren't told, but because Henry was acting creepier than ever....

    Overrally, the episode was half filler, half set-up, but still enjoyable, although after such a long break one excepts something more exciting!
  • Henry you are creepy

    Although I didn't really enjoy the whole Sun and Jin thing, and I think they're overated anyway, but I did like the Henry situation, very interesting. Okay, Sun and Jin have a boring episode everyone's like its okay, they're cool anyway, but when Charlie has a bad episode (Fire + Water) everyone's ready to kill him.

    Sun and Jin are alright, but the episodes about them and their flashback's suck. If it hadn't been for Charlie, Sayid and Ana Lucia (who I personally don't think is as bad as everyone says) the episode would be at the bottom of the list. Now Henry, he's cool, and its neat how one guys can save a crapy episode, personlay I don't care that Sun's pregnant.

    Sayid: When we do find out he is one of them, something will have to be done.

  • Now this may not be the show\'s pilot, but it\'s the first episode I\'ve watched and it already has me totally hooked.

    I\'ve never watched Lost before because I didn\'t feel I could spare yet another t.v. addiction, one that would surely take over my life judging on the people around me. However, I finally decided to watch this after hearing an actress I like will be joining the cast next season. Clearly, without the aide of situation, context, character etc I\'m not able to say a lot about this episode except for my immediate feelings.

    I really enjoyed all the characters. They seem well-written and acted, and very believable, a nice mixture of personalities. I particularly liked Henry, I could recognise that sort of character just perfectly.

    I also really liked the parts of the episode focused on Sun and her husband, in the form of flash-backs and current scenes. They both seem to me to be likeable and interesting characters. I also noted the symbolism with the growing plants, representing the nuturing of life, and her husband's destroyal of them...
  • It is not as entertainig as some of the others episodes, but it reveals some things i wouldn´t have imagined.

    It is a very special episode, because it is revealed that Sun is pregnant but, besides this fact, no such thing is developed.

    After having some unusual symptoms, Sun decides to ask Sawyer for a pregnancy test and she discovers what she was already aware of: She is pregnant. But this can´t be possible...

    A couple of Flashbacks show us why she can´t be pregnant at all. It seems that, when she was trying to conceive a baby without any success, she and Jin decide to go to a specialist: They go to the doctors´ and, with previous examinations, he assures them that Sun is not able to have babies. But the doctor was not being complete sincere...
    ...Because the one who could not have kids was Jin and not Sun. This is revealed to Sun by the doctor; he assures that he was not capable of telling this to Jin because he would get extremely angry about that.

    So, if Jin is not able to have kids... who´s the father of the baby???
    "It is a miracle!"
  • Sun discovers that she's pregnant. Sayid, Anna-Lucia and Charlie walk into a trap set up by The Others through their infiltrator, Henry.

    I think the characters are really developing some trust issues, and Henry is only too happy to point it out, causing some discord especially between Jack and John. It would be interesting to see how their relationships developw over some more time.
    Meanwhile, I felt that Anna-Lucia has a keen eye on reading people, like Jack and John's distrust towards each other. However, she was not able to sense the trap that she was walking into, but who would have known anyway? It was a smart move of the enemy, to plant someone into their camp and see how they are surviving. Then, once a trade in prisoners has been made, the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors would yet again find themselves at a loss because they are further from finding out how to defeat their enemy.
    However, they do know that the enemy is smart, cunning, ruthless and know the island more than they do. So, how do they proceed on with the 'war'?
  • Not as revelatory as Maternity Leave, Whole Truth is a good character episode with some nice moments.

    Following what should be the last major hiatus this season, it's expected to be a little slower and not big on major revelations. Despite that, it is a good episode, focused on one of the more endearing aspects of the characters: the love between Jin and Sun. They have been in a good place recently, renewing their bonds as man and wife after Jin returned from the raft. But Sun's mind is on less pleasant memories, the stresses she faced when she and Jin were trying to conceive a baby and deciding to leave Jin, and the realization that she is pregnant.

    Some considered Jin was out of character when he pulled up the plants in Sun's garden, saying it harked back to his more chauvinistic ways in season one. While many characters are going back to certain darker characteristics, I saw it more as him being protective because he loves Sun deeply and he is worried about her getting attacked by "The Others" again (although we know it was Charlie). Married couples fight, which is why they included the Bernard and Rose scenes this week. Ultimately, they reconcile; Bernard tries to find a pearl for Rose, and Jin replants the garden. He knows that he has to give her independence, and in return she keeps him connected to the rest of the survivors. Sun's announcement also helps end the fighting.

    Sun's pregnancy brings forth many complications. Considering how short a period goes by a season (the second season has only covered a little over two weeks), Sun would be pregnant until the eighth or ninth season! That would be mean to Yunjin would have to wear a pregnancy suit (one that would gradually grow) for many years and to have fans bug her about when she'll give birth. The writers could remedy this by quickening the timeline so more time will pass in the episodes. Alternatively, they could keep the period the same, but have Sun come to term in record breaking time. If the baby won't be born, they could have the test turn out to be a false positive even with Jack saying it was unlikely. Sun could miscarry, or she may be next in line to be killed off. Hopefully she isn't killed because she brings a lot to the show.

    Jin's infertility begs the question of how Sun got pregnant to start. It was implied in "What Kate Did" that they had sex after reuniting, and enough time has passed for her to find out she's pregnant. One thing about Lost worth noting is that not a lot of hooking up is happening on the island. The first time we saw anything was with Shannon and Sayid, and that was a few episodes into this season. Earlier in the series, there were hints that Sun had some feelings for Michael. I don't believe he's the father considering all of his motivations have been towards his son, up to his going AWOL. Also, they haven't made as big a deal about the tension between them for a while.

    The other most likely father would be Jae Lee. As we saw in "…and Found", Sun was attracted to Lee, but his relationship with an unknown American woman delivered Sun into Jin's life. Now we see that that relationship failed, and he is in Sun's life at a pivotal moment in her marriage. The inability to conceive can ruin a marriage, and it could lead Sun to stray. We don't know when the flashbacks (which were quick, but showcased Yunjin Kim's beauty) occurred, but it can be assumed that they occur shortly before the fateful flight, since learning English was part of her plan to leave Jin. Although I believe that Jin is the only man she's slept with, there are still aspects of this story that are unknown, or up for speculation. If she starts showing early, it may be a sign that Lee is the father.

    I am firmly in the camp that thinks that Jin is the father. We have seen that this island has special capabilities, like healing Locke's legs. Couldn't it also affect Jin's ability to produce children? We haven't seen much of the healing abilities the island appears to possess since the first part of the first season, and now would be a good place to reintroduce that element of the island. Plus, it is really sweet to see Jin so happy that he's going to be a father.

    One thing of note, while Kate is helping Sun with the pregnancy test (which is nice to add to her), she remarks that it is unusual that someone would bring one on a plane. Besides that, the name on the test is Widmore, the company whose name is supposed to be on the side of the Battersea Power Station in "Fire + Water", one that Damon and Carlton told us to remember for later. Perhaps this is some rival company to Hanso?

    I am conflicted over Hurley's brief scene with the candy bar. I found it funny, but one of the things I've liked about Hurley's characterization is that his character hasn't been defined heavily as being fat and obsessively eating. One could hope that they are ultimately going somewhere with Hurley's hidden stash.

    We see Locke and Jack continue to divide over how they should handle the Henry conundrum. While Jack wants to keep it quiet, Locke goes ahead and brings Ana-Lucia into the circle. They don't have much choice, they need to figure out what to do with Henry soon. Not asking Jack adds to the friction, but Ana-Lucia's inclusion proved successful, as Henry relented and drew them a map. It also brings her in close contact with Sayid, one of the few other people aware of Henry, which adds to the drama.

    Since the end of "One of Them", Sayid has some plan for how to deal with the Others, and recruited Charlie to the task. We can assume whatever they're building has something to do with this plan, but what exactly is "the purpose" Sayid is speaking of? Is this a war machine meant to aid in their fight? Or are they just going after Henry Gale to make him an example? Sayid wants Henry to pay, and it doesn't matter if Henry is an Other or not, he's made his mind that he's bad and that's that. There is irony in his attitude, as Sayid would've faced a lot of racial profiling in the post 9/11 world.

    Sayid and Ana-Lucia's relationship has reached a turning point. Although it has only been a week and a half since Shannon's death, Sayid appears ready to forgive Ana-Lucia. This works in the overall story as Henry's arrival convinces him that The Others were truly responsible for Shannon's death and that Ana-Lucia's involvement was at worst an accident. Part of me is hoping that they get together, but that would be too melodramatic.

    Henry Gale, where do we start? Henry's bit at the end shows again that the writers are aware of many of the criticisms Lost faces, most notably the lack of curiosity amongst the castaways about what's going on (although to be fair, who could give them any answers?) Henry is in an interesting position as far as people on the island are concerned. He is the most objective, since he hasn't been involved with what has happened to the castaways, Desmond or Rousseau. Because of this he can ask what the audience has wanted the castaways to ask and because of his poor treatment, has no remorse at scaring them.

    The part everyone remembers is that stellar final monologue, where he sucks the air out of the room. This episode could've easily ended with a parallel between Henry's speech and the three recon castaways getting caught in the plan he illustrated to Locke and Jack. The ending chosen is far more mysterious, which is fitting for a cliffhanger. Even if he is telling the truth, the way he manipulates Jack and Locke is stellar stuff.

    Though some may complain that this episode is "filler" because it didn't push the mythology as far as last week, this is still a very good episode. Jin & Sun are a great couple to see together, and even if we didn't learn as much as we did going in, it still had some nice touching moments, as Lost heads into its final episodes for the year.
  • Henry continues to sow chaos with style! Why doesn't Jin ask Sun to teach him English?

    The power struggle between Jack and Locke has degenerated into pettiness – Locke calls in Ana, telling Jack afterwards; Jack lets Henry out for breakfast without consulting Locke, even giving him a superior look. The worrying thing is they don’t realise it. Henry is clearly manipulating them both, adding to the tension between them, deliberately amping it up. It’s gotten so bad they’ve lost the trust of others, who are now making decisions without them. This will continue – the group is now too spread out with a complete lack of command structure and the so-called leaders are fighting amongst themselves. Also, there are different knowledge levels – some know about the hatch, some know about Henry and the rest know nothing at all. Trust has become a real issue, as Henry says, no-one trusts anyone anymore, secrets abound, lies are being told – so much for Jack’s ‘stand together or die alone’.

    Henry continues to intrigue – deliberately manipulating Jack and Locke, drawing the map for Ana but not for Sayid (he clearly is trained to withstand intimidation and is releasing information when it is most advantageous) and knows just what to say and how to say it for maximum effect. The last scene between him, Jack and Locke is superb as Henry talks ‘hypothetically’ about if he was an Other, he’d be luring Ana, Sayid and Charlie into a trap. This raises the question – did Henry intend to get captured? If not, this is a bluff, he’d have no way of warning his people anyone would be coming so this is just mind-games. If he did intend to get captured (I’m sure Danielle shooting him wasn’t part of the plan!) then his people would be ready (if they wanted to lay a trap) and he would be in place to sabotage from the inside and gather intel. If it is the latter – mission accomplished, he should be so proud. He’s sowing chaos and does it with style. I love Henry! He’s so cool.

    Drawing the map was a great move by Henry – undermines Jack and Locke, empowers Ana and Sayid, creates more secrets and deception and amuses him while he waits to do whatever his real mission is.

    I noticed that Sun’s pregnancy test was made by Widmore Labs! An important name in future so how did it get on the plane?! Charles and Penelope Widmore are the reason Desmond’s on the island. Interesting.

    Jin puzzles me – he’s making an effort to speak English, complains that he can’t communicate… then doesn’t ask his English-speaking wife to teach him?!

    Charlie does make me laugh – the look on Ana’s face when Charlie announces he knows about Henry, then later when he pretends to give her the gun then gives it to Sayid! I love Sayid – his character’s been sidelined recently, the writers must stop that! He’s a great character and he’s the obvious choice as a leader for the camp, he’s got the experience, training and a level head, unlike a certain doctor who is losing it.

    I’m no fan of flashbacks in Lost, they’re done badly - way too long and contain unnecessary information but the Sun ones were not bad. I did feel it was a bit out of character when Sun is arguing with Jin and Jin is acting like the more open, sensitive Jin we know now – any time we’ve seen Jin and Sun in flashbacks right before getting on the plane, Sun has been completely submissive and Jin a complete jerk. That was why it was impressive the first time Sun stood up to Jin, this sabotages that.
  • I have to admit that the last 8 episodes haven't been terrific and Lost is finally starting to get 'back on track' again after watching 'The Whole Truth.

    I don't know why this episode of Lost, 'The Whole Truth' didn't get great ratings beacuse I found it to be one of the best episodes this season. I have to admit that the last 8 episodes haven't been terrific and Lost is finally starting to get 'back on track' again after watching 'The Whole Truth.

    We find out that Sun is pregnant and Henry Gale draws a map for Ana Lucia and she only tells Charlie and Sayid. This trio then follow the map and find that there is nothing were they were told to go but Ana Lucia is still wanting to search around. Meanwhile Jack and Locke only find out about this and Henry tells them that if he were an other he would probly lead them to a trap. Then he says it is lucky I am not an other, which I found to be so dam hilarious at the time!

    I can't wait until next episode and I still don't understand why it got such bad ratings, not that bad just not as good as usual!
  • one of the finest episodes in season 2

    This is probably one of the few episodes that don't raise questions as much as others; like the rest of the Sun-Jin-esque episodes. other than her being pregnant.
    Some funny moments too, like Sawyer's glasses; cmonn.. some would probably agree how clever and witty the writing is. And i REALLY like that bit when "Henry" talks in the end about what he would do if he's one of the others (by far the best performance by a new cast this season)
    He seems to be breaking jack and locke from the inside and be succesful; if he is one of 'them'
    They managed to put a lot of stuff in here; even with Sun's flashbacks.
    also Jack and Locke's conflict grew hotter

    Great stuff
  • locke definetly checked out jack at the very beginning of this episode

    i think locke is gay. he definetly looked down under jack's waist when he got out of the shower. looks like there's something about locke that we don't know about. kate is still very annoying and needs to die soon. i'm surprised she didn't go with ana, sayid and charlie. also looks like henry was messing with them the whole time and the three are going to get caught in a trap. interesting. these episodes with michelle rodriguez have been very good lately.
  • Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower?

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower?

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower? :-)

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower? :-)

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower? :-)

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower? :-)

    This was kind of lame...but just a funny fact: Did Locke check out Jack when he comes out of the Shower? :-)
  • Uh oh, Jin's potent...watch out ladies :)

    This is a very interesting island these "survivors" crashed on. So far it has polar bears on it, its made a physically challenged man get up and run around, its cured cancer for a very nice woman, its made a another man regain his sperm count, it brought another man his brother (burnt to a crisp and surrounded by heroin in any case) and a crack head go straight...for a couple of episodes at least. I mean wow, the only thing that needs to be done is for the rest of the world to find out the existance of this place so Disney can buy it up for a dime on the dollar so then everyone else can have this type of experience!!!
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