Season 4 Episode 12

There's No Place Like Home (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: From the beach, Daniel tries to call on the sat phone and they overhear Keamy talking about going to the Orchid. Jack and Kate take the phone and follow the signal, despite Juliet telling Jack he needs to rest after his surgery.

Jack and Kate come upon Sawyer and Miles. Sawyer has Aaron and Kate wants to know where Claire is. Sawyer explains that she walked off into the jungle and they spent a day searching for her. He had hoped she'd gone back to the beach, but Jack says she hadn't.

Jack tells Kate to take the baby back to the beach and he continues on to try and find the helicopter. Sawyer goes with him.

Sayid arrives on the beach in the raft and says they need to leave immediately before the chopper gets back to the freighter. Juliet says that Jack and Kate went after the chopper and Sayid wants to go after them.

Daniel says he will begin ferrying people to the freighter. Kate arrives on the beach and gives Aaron to Sun so that she can go with Sayid and track Jack and Sawyer. Richard Alpert finds Kate and Sayid and they go with him and his people.

Sun, Jin, Aaron, and some other survivors make it to the freighter. Michael explains to Sun and Jin how he got home and how he came back for them.

Desmond sees that the freighter is wired with C4 explosives.

Jack and Sawyer find Frank handcuffed to the helicopter and Frank explains that he dropped the phone on them so that they would find him and he could fly them out of there. He says that Keamy went to a greenhouse and they need to leave the island.

Sawyer tells Jack that Hurley is with Ben, so they leave the chopper to go get Hurley.

Ben, Hurley, and Locke travel to the Orchid. Ben signals someone with a mirror and then says it's alright to continue on. When they reach the Orchid, they realize that Keamy and his men are already there. Ben gives Locke instructions on how to get into the Orchid and then goes and gives himself up to Keamy.

FLASH FORWARD: On a cargo plane, the Oceanic Six are told they will be flying into a private military base and their families are already there. They don't need to talk to the press if they don't want to.

Jack says that they will and the Oceanic representative asks if that's alright with all of them. None of them answer and Jack says they already agreed.

None of them look happy to be going home. After the representative returns to the cockpit, Jack says that they know their story and they just need to stick to it.

After the plane lands, Hurley and Sun hug their parents. Jack hugs his mother. Hurley introduces Sayid to his parents. Kate looks around, but no one is there for her.

At the press conference, they listen to the Oceanic representative give information about where they think the plane went down and about the eight survivors making it to an uninhabited island.

The Oceanic Six seem uncomfortable answering questions as they lie about what happened to them. After the press conference, Sayid is reunited with Nadia.

A few months later, Carmen and David throw Hurley a surprise birthday party. Kate and Aaron show up and Kate says that Jack is running late. Sayid and Nadia are also there. David takes Hurley outside to give him the Camaro that he'd finished working on, but after Hurley sees the numbers on the odometer, he runs away screaming.

Sun visits her father to tell him that he must respect her, because with the Oceanic settlement she bought a controlling interest in his company. She tells him that after she has her baby they will talk about what to do with the company. "Our company."

At Christian's funeral, Claire's mother tells Jack that he had a sister and she was on the plane with them. Her name was Claire. Claire's mother tells Kate that she has a beautiful son.