Season 4 Episode 12

There's No Place Like Home (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • Hell of a way to wrap up the party

    When we started this series back in 2004, a lot of people (me included) thought that Lost would no doubt end with some of the characters being rescued and reunited with their families. Imagine our surprise that this scene comes in the middle of the series.

    What is especially notable is the discord between what we know happened and the public story. According to lostipedia, the teaser and the subsequent opening flashback take place on day 108. (Given the significance of this number, I can't help but think this is another example of the writers messing with our heads.) The survivors have now spent 100 days on the island. None of them seem to be particularly happy that they've been rescued; if anything, the Oceanic 6 seem even more wound up then they were on the island. Same as on the island, everyone seems to look to Jack; no one talks about anything before he does.

    They are greeted by their families--- such as they are. Kate's mother didn't bother to show up (no wonder she Kate bore her such loathing). Sayid doesn't seem to have any relatives there either, and we'll later learn he did have a family. Sun goes straight to her mother, and pointedly ignores her father--- and he notices. Hurley's parents show up, but the rest of his family doesn't seem to be there.. All of this reminds us how many people on the island are alone in the world. Granted, most of them had so many parental issues, they might not have wanted to see them.

    The press conference seems to confirm that the story they are telling matches Widmore. Is Oceanic in cahoots with Widmore? Hell, could Widmore be a major stockholder, and that's one of the reason this plane went down in the first place? Then there are a whole new set of individual questions. A Korean reporter asks Sun if her husband could have survived the crash, and she said no--- after taking a pause that makes the rest of the survivors nervous. And why does the media believe that Kate is Aaron's mother. Even if the child is five weeks, how on earth does that explain who fit and fine Kate looks. (Of course, Claire automatically seemed to go back to her normal size after giving birth to Aaron, but for all we know the island did that? And why is it that Kate isn't immediately locked up the second she gets off the plane? Miles made it perfectly clear that everybody in the real work knew that Kate was fugitive, and Marshal Mars didn't work alone. So why was she allowed to walk around free, not only after this press conference, but for at least another year before anyone slapped cuffs on here?

    We also get a look at some scenes immediately after this that Nadia will be waited for him when he gets through with the conference (there's a moment to bring tears to the eyes, especially because we know what's coming) Hurley will seem to return to his normal life, Kate seems to do well with Aaron, Sun will develop the backbone to stand up to her father, and Jack will finally be able to say goodbye to his father. Which would be fine, except we also know from Season 4, Sayid will lose his beloved, and become Ben's triggerman, Hurley will lose his sanity, Kate will find stability with Jack, but Jack will blow it as he self-destructs, and Sun will start the process that turns into a cold, brutal woman.

    We get hints of it in this episode. Sun confronts her father, and tells him that he has lost control of his company--- to her. The attitude she takes is so filled with anger (even when delivered through subtitles) that we see a woman we really haven't seen either on or off the island.

    Hurley celebrates a birthday (island themed, showing that his parents never really got how hard those three months were) His father tries to engage him by showing that he believed in his son by finally fixing the Camaro we saw in 'Tricia Tanaka is Dead', and giving it to him. Then he sees the numbers on the odometer, and suddenly he freaks out. (Considering that he managed to convince himself there was no curse involving an experience with another car, there's a double irony here.)

    But the biggest shock comes at Jack's funeral, where he finally learns that his father was in Australia to see his sister --- Claire. This is obviously a huge shock, but an even bigger shock comes from who delivers the message--- Claire's mother. As we saw in 'Par Avion', Mrs. Littleton was in what was at the time an irreversible coma (Christian told us as much) and the condition was constant right up until Claire got on Oceanic 815. How did she comes out of it, not only alive, but with no apparent ill effects? Who did this? Does it have something to do with why Claire has disappeared? I'm beginning to lose hope that this question will ever be answered-- we're so close to the end of the series--- but it seems a pretty big gap.

    Meanwhile, in the present, Jack hears from the radio that Keamy's heading toward the secondary protocol, which would appear to be another Dharma station: The Orchid. Juliet clearly knows nothing about it, but Daniel does, and it alarms him enough to tell Charlotte that they had to start getting people off the island. How is it that Daniel who until a few days knew next to nothing, now seems to know everything about the island? We're still not sure of all the answers, but it's beginning to seem like he's got a bigger connection then anybody else.

    Jack (in typical Jack fashion) ignores the fact he just had major surgery and starts charging into the island with Kate. (You can just see how bitter Juliet is that's he made his choice) Even as blood starts oozing from his scar, he doesn't turn back. In the meantime, they encounter Sawyer and Miles, who are carrying Aaron. (There's a reunion neither was looking forward too) Jack continues to do his own thing, and an increasingly heroic Sawyer goes charging off after him. Even when they encounter Frank, they don't seem too happy (though it's nice to see he cares about Hurley).

    Meanwhile, Ben seems to have regained some of his purpose, now that he needs to 'move the island'. Hurley is clearly beginning to wish he'd never joined up on this crazy chase to begin with, and Locke, who seemed in control of his destiny in the last episode, now seems as scattered and he did before, especially since Ben won't tell him what's going to happen. (This is particularly true when Locke asks Ben if he was ever truthful, and he doesn't say anything.) Now Ben is confident enough to walk right into Keamy's arms. He seems confident thinks are under control, but then, that could just be another facade.

    When the first part of 'There's No Place Like Home' comes to an end it should set up a cliffhanger. But because we already know (or think we do) who's going to live and who's going to die, we're tuning in because we want to know how it's going to happen. Locke is about to enter a chamber that will let him move the island (he still has no idea how) Ben's just walked into the lion's den, and poor Hurley probably wants to run for his life. Sawyer and Jack are in pursuit of them Kate and Sayid have just been abducted by Richard and the Others. (Hi Richard! Where the hell have you been all season?) Daniel is ferrying people from the island to the freighter. Sun and Jin have just reunited with Michael (awkward!) and Desmond has just wandered into the belly of the freighter, where we've found a wall of C-4, with no possible means of escape. Do these guys know how to do a finale or what?
    My Score:10
  • A great first part of the season4 finale

    Amazing episode,one of the best of the season. It was so beautiful and so emotional. I loved the scene where the oceanic6 encounter their loved ones and i also enjoyed the scene where Sun confronts her father. In addition, one of the strongest moments was when Claire's mother tells Jack about her sister. Moreover, i was happy about Sayid,finding Nandia after all this time.
    The episode consisted of a lot of suspense,drama and revelations. I want to know what will happen on the freighter,who placed the C4 explosives and how Sun will manage to be one of the oceanic6. Furthermore, i am interested to learn what will happen at the orchid station and why did Rickard and his group capture Kate and Sayid. In addition, i am glad to see Sawyer and Jack teaming up to find Hurley.
    This episode was a superb set-up for the next 2 parts of the finale. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • And thats a good average!

    (My review covers both parts of the finale)

    This was a pure joy to watch, let me make that clear, but thier just ain't no way it diserves a top score.

    I have to say there were moments I was shouting to myself caught up in the excitment, and revelations that made my mouth water, but regardless I wasn't as satisfied as I thought I'd be.

    It bores me that we see the lives of charecters put in danger when we already know they will survive, it wasted time as far as im concerned, no matter how well it was executed. I have this gripe with many shows, the fact the flash-forward confirm that beyond a shadow of a doubt makes its more annoying for me.

    I was disapointed further by a lack of 'lore.' As satisying as the ride may have been, it wasn't as if we learned much new, we were just confused further, thats fine but its not exactly thirst quenching. Its does beg the question of how much thier streching the story out.

    Everything did go very well, it was a joy to watch and I love the show. But I can't be a blind fan this finale could have been more satisfying and in places it was pointless. The problem was they gave away things they shouldn't have, it spoil a lot of well designed tension. These final two seasons have a lot to pull off. With the ever increasing amount of things we want to be fully explained. If you think about it since the very first episode, thhier still isn;t really anything significant we have yet to have been fully explained. If the current trends continues, I cant see how they have the time to explain everything. If its done all in the final few episodes, I will as if I have wated a lot of time! Still let me stress I really enjoyed it. It just wasn't that close to perfect.
  • LOST Season 4 "There's No Place Like Home (1) " very great episode we learned about about life after the island and it led really good into the season finale. (Spoilers)

    I like Frank Lapidus I think he is one of the good guys still not sure about Miles and Charlotte though. The episode before he dropped the phone so they could find the chopper and he helped them again in this episode.

    I'm not so sure about the moving the island, it seems like maybe it will be a bit odd even for this show, but they do a great job of explaining things that might cause some people to question the show. I think they have at least.

    They showed the Oceanic 6 when they came home, and how they were lying to protect the people still on the island, which will be explained more in the season finale as well. I figured they wouldn't show the homecoming moment until the last season I was pretty surprised.They seemed to wrap alot of things up lately, and I hope they leave some suspense for the last 2 seasons, I'm sure they will, and I'm sure there is plenty more things that will happen and that will be explained. I figured when they showed Jack & Kate that it was before the first flash foward when they were in the airport and it seems like it was they were together and split for some reason maybe? I think they touched on it in the season finale but I think there is more too it. They mentioned how Claire & Jack's Dad was still on the island and we don't know were they are yet. They mentoned earlier how they had the same Dad but didn't know it, I think Jack found out after he got off of the island. It was funny Claire's Mom was talking about how ironic it was her daughter was on the flight yet she didn't know that Aaron is her grandson. Ben & Locke are going to the Orchid and are trying to devise a plan to get in and to leave the island , they will run into a few people from the group later on who will make the trek with them and I will talk about that in the blog about the 1st part of the season finale.
  • A fine build-up to what I hope to be a very mind-blowing finale.

    It seems as if the Losties will soon be leaving the island and I'm very curious to find out how exactly they do it, plus the big question, "Why were there only six people who got off the island?" It doesn't make sense for me because as of now, these six people aren't even together in the same place, so finding out how they actually end up to be the ones who are able to escape is very interesting.

    Ben just amazes me every week with what he has to offer to the show. You just never really know what he's thinking or what he wants to do next. As of now this review is basically just saying how excited I am for the finale and how this episode was just a mere build-up to what will be an amazing finale!
  • This episode was great!

    The Oceanic Six have flashfowards to when they finally get off of the island. After answering questions, they go back to their lives. Sayid meets Nadia again. Hurley has a surprise birthday party, but runs off after his dad gives him a gift and the numbers are on it. Kate has taken in Aaron. Sun now has partial ownership of her dad's company. At his father's funeral, Jack finds out that Claire is his sister. Ben, Locke and Hurley trek through the jungle to get to The Orchid. They know that Keamy and his men are there. Jack and Kate follow the signal. They meet up with Sawyer, Miles and Aaron. Jack and Sawyer go ahead, while Miles and Kate go back to the beach. Sayid gets to the beach. Daniel takes Jin, Sun, Aaron and others to the freighter. Sayid and Kate go after Jack and Sawyer after Sayid tells Kate that the men plan to kill everyone on the island. Jack and Sawyer reach Frank. They then go after Locke, Hurley and Ben after learning Keamy's plan. Ben gives himself up to Keamy as part of a plan. Michael, Desmond and Jin find C4 on the freighter. Kate and Sayid get caught by the Others. This was a great episode! In the end, everyone was like going after each other. The flashfowards were interesting. I'm so glad that Jack knows that Claire was his sister. I'm also glad that Sayid met Nadia finally! I want to see what happens next! I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10!
  • A cool, natural, and realistic way to bring the castaways back into the world.

    The most interesting thing about this episode, which is really more of a kick start to the "true" finale (the 2 hour No Place Like Home pt 2), is seeing the fabled Oceanic Six on how they got home, and the initial treatment of their arrival from the rest of the world. The season has been hinting at us that they've been lying, and here we get to see it in full effect with the press conference with the media. Jack still seems to be in charge of things but lying obviously doesn't sit well with the rest of the group. I think it's interesting the things they chose to say though- from everything from the location of where they were rescued to the other "perished" survivors that they chose to mention (Libby, Charlie, and Boone). Hmmm.
  • Part 1!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» The first part of the season finale and the writers are using the initial material which is – how the Oceanic escaped and what happened. This is a setup, mainly the events in the Island, the FF are showing us what happened since they were rescued.

    What I Like/Disliked -» All the FF scenes were very good. Jack discover who is sister was or is, Sun take actions against her father (beautiful scenes), Hugo saw the number again, Nadia found Sayid (great emotional scene)


    Presentation -» (10/10). Perfection introduction for a Season Finale. It could be a different case if this was a regular episode. Also the FF show how Jack discover who is sister was or is, Sun take actions against her father (beautiful scenes), Hugo saw the number again, Nadia found Sayid (great emotional scene). Setup of the Complication Phase -» (10/10). The island event seems very interesting, even if there is a trek, the fact is: things are starting to be more complicated. Sun and Jin are on the Freighter, Locke Ben and Hugo arrived to the Station, Jack and Sawyer found Lapidus, Kate and Sayid are with the Others, Juliet is in the Beach waiting for Dan with Charlotte and Miles.

    Ending of the Episode -» (8/10). Just remembering us every players positions and now Ben is in a difficult position.

    Flash Forward´s -» (10/10). Simply perfect, is all about presenting us what happened when they arrived on land. All the necessary information was in this episode.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). Since is a necessary setup, nothing or any type of scene seemed to be there to buy more time, or it is hard to notice.

    Dialogues -» (10/10). The FF dialogues was more important and that is what had more impact. The dialogues in the Island is the usual Lost Quality.

    Action /Adventure -» (5/10). Just some treks.

    Drama/Emotions -» (8/10). Sun wanting revenge, Sayid and Nadia reunion, Jack finding that Claire was/is his sister.

    Suspense/Tension -» This is not about surprises, since this is a setup.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» This wasn´t about creating mystery, doubts or anything else, because it is a setup.

    Surprise/Twists -» None. The same reason above.

    For a Setup episode, it is a surprise for me, that the quality was more higher than I could anticipated. The FF is what seems complete, since the next two episodes will show us the set of complications for Jack and maybe why he want to go back. The Island events moved every Character into their position for the next two episodes, but doesn´t make sense yet, since only 2 of the 6 oceanic's are on the Freighter that will explode, two got caught by the Richard, Jack are looking for Locke, who is with Hurley. Nice setup.
  • An Oceanic Six-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. It was so exciting! I absolutely loved all of the flash forwards of Oceanic Six. I thought that they were extremely intriguing and very well done. I'm glad that Daniel and Charlotte were featured in the whole plot of the Oceanic Six getting off the island since they're two of my favorite characters on the show now. Another storyline that I really liked was Ben, Hurley and Locke heading to the Orchid. I was really interested in finding out what was going to happen with that whole storyline the first time that I saw this episode. As for Sawyer, I just loved him in general in this episode since he's always been one of my most favorite characters on the show. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I'm really looking to watching the last two parts of the season finale of the fourth season of Lost again.
  • The Oceanic 6 are revealed !

    We open with the oceanic 6 on a private (Coast Guard) plane, going back home to their loved ones. None of them seem happy. There is also a press conference there waiting for them. As the plane lands and they all get off we see them being greeted by their families and loved ones. But as Kate gets off with Aaron and Sayid, they are both alone with no one to greet them. Jack and Kate head off in to the jungle to try and find the helicopter and bump into Miles, Sawyer and baby Aaron. At the press conference they answer questions and it seems like they have come up with a perfect cover story for the island (such as plane in water etc). Sayid makes it back to the island and inform them that the people on the chopper wants to kill them all. Sayid wants to go into the woods after Jack and Kate, so Miles agrees to go back to the ship with some of the people. And so the first six (including Aaron and Sun) are taken off of the island. When Sun and Jin arrive on the big boat they are shocked to see Michael there. Jack and Sawyer find the helicopter and Frank, but learn that Hugo is with Ben and is in danger and so go back to save him. At his father's funeral Jack learns he had a sister, and that she was on his plane. When he learns her name, he looks deeply shocked. He then turns around and looks at Aaron. He finally learns that Claire was his sister. Back on the boat Desmond calls Michael inside to help him and it is then discovered that the boat is wired to explode with C4.
  • And then there were 6.

    The most amazing season finale this year begins its 3 hours run with the press conference for the 6 survivors of Oceanic flight 815: Dr. Jack Shephard, single mom Kate Austin & her baby, recently widow Sun Kwon, irqi soldier Sayid Jarrah and former lottery winner Hugo Reyes, a most international yet shocked group of people ever gathered together. As everyone lies about their story, Claire's mother finally comes clean to one Jack Shephard about his sister, since she wouldn't be alive today should Claire pulled the plug while she was on a coma the only way to honor her memory is by telling her big brother how at least they shared the same flight that carried their dead father back home, Jack however is unable to tell her in turn about her grand-son; the sight of Aaron leaving with Kate the final betrayal he ever committed against his half sister last seen on Jacob's cabin.

    Better luck has Sayid who has finally reunited with Nadia (no matter how short that reunion would be), Sun who has taken over her father's company (the man half responsible of her husband's death) and Hugo who enjoys himself only long enough before the numbers make a reappearance. But then we return to the day that started it all, the day Michael discovers dynamite in the freighter that carries the survivors to safety and Ben sacrifices himself for John Locke, the day an omen made by Daniel Faraday points out towards a final confrontation that will occur inside the mysterious Orchid station.
  • all is revealed of how the oceanic six survived the island. why they lied to the world. and where are all the others.

    i've watched this episode a thousand times. just to listen to the incredible music by michael Giacchino. both the scene where the castaways get off the plane to meet their family. and at the end where each cast away walks off into their own cliff hanger destiny. was fantastic. i can't wait for the i tunes release of this season. but yes, the show is good too. lots of great character development. and sun becomes a bad ass. who takes over her father's mafia business. finally! no longer is she a useless character! also ben and locke have some great moments. locke talking about faith. and ben being his evil self. did i mention that this episode picks up right where season 3 finale ended? yeah right after jack says the catch-phrase "we have to go back, kate."...she stops her car. gets out and chews him out. which i enjoyed. since jack was acting like a duchebag for the last few episodes. have you learned nothing from charlie jack. pills are not the answer.
  • I think it might have jumped the shark

    Whether or not Lost jumped the shark with the season finale remains to be seen, but they writers will have a heck of a time explaining all of the things that happened in a semi believable way. Up until now the mystery of the workings of the island have remained incredible but still remotely believable simply because we were never aware of whether they were alive or dead or just stranded on a magical island. I'm afraid that now some of the mystery is gone, well maybe not gone, but just...silly. The "moving of the island" bit primed the show for shark jumping. I hope it won't happen, but I smell blood in the water. That aside, the episode as a whole was good. For a two hour episode, I never felt that it was too long or too involved. Many of the questions about why only certain people escaped was certainly answered in no uncertain terms. We also now definitely know who was in the casket - yeah, remember that? But, in true Lost fashion, for every answered question, there are now three more in it's place. Like why Locke changed his name to Jeremy Benthem. Or why they need to protect the people still on the island. Or why Christian Shepherd is the only person we have ever physically seen in Jacob's cabin. Is he Jacob? I can't wait to see what will happen in the final two seasons; I just hope they are wise about it.
  • Amazinggg

    The survivors desperately attempt to escape from the Island and Ben makes a plan to confront the mercenaries from the Kahana. Flashforwards show the Oceanic Six's first actions after returning home. Another awesome episode. Ben is awesome! I loved the way he was using a mirror to talk to the others... Ben is one of my favourite characters on "LOST" now. How good was it when they got off the island, yeah we all knew but come on..! Can't wait to see more of LOST, not long now only two more weeks. Lost is awesomeeee! I love it and I'm sure you all do!
  • So head and shoulders above other shows its a little sad.

    This show has restored my faith in what a TV show can be in terms of storytelling and production value. Not since the X-Files have I been so captivated by a drama series. The way LOST keeps its fan base is by its sheer genius writing and pacing. The attention to detail is meticulous and the characters all shine in their parts. For a who that is 10x better on DVD than on TV, it has remarkably good pacing and intricacy. LOST literally has everything a lover of cinema could want: Drama, comedy, romance, tragedy and plot twists to spare. Far and away the best show on television today.
  • Amazing

    This episdoe of Lost was another amazing episode, season four has been the best season of Lost and it should get alot of praise for it. "There's no place like home part one" was a very good setup episode to the final episode of the season. Flashfowards were average I have to say the only good one was Jack's all the others were average but they will probably get much better in the next episode.

    On the island Hurley, Ben and Locke were great again, I found the bit were hurley started eating the crackers really funny. The final scene with Ben was amazing.

    Jack and Sawyer going to the orchird was good aswell I think we will see a massive confrontation between Keamey and his men and Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Hurley.

    The frieghter scenes were also great, wonder whats going to happen next.
  • I think we have seen enough of 'plot development'.

    I think we have seen enough of 'plot development'.
    Layer upon layer of intrigue and red herrings with no end in sight of any answers. In fact there have been no answers except for the polar bears escaping from the zoo!!!
    Endless speculation fills terrabytes of internet storage to no end except the sadistic delight of the writers.
    Is it a dream, pergatory, a parallel universe, a time-shift due to a failed experiment? And what of the miracle medical cures and equally unlikely medical emergencies and pregnancy issues! I dont expect any answers when the show ends. There will be an almighty anti-climax and a gasp of despair.

    We saw this all before with The Prisoner and that was nearly 40 years ago! Patrick McGoohan still refuses to answer questions about what it all meant.
  • A story we all wanted to see- actually 2 stories.

    How (but not really how- just the aftermath) the oceanic six got off. They get off and are greeted by family and loved ones (apart from Kate) and are whisked off to a press confrence. there more questions are raised about "the other two that got off the island" during the flash forward scene's we also see the numbers return on his car speedometer. And finally, Jack finds out that Claire was his half sister (for the first time) After Claires mom reveals this to Jack she walks off and comments to Kate "what a beautiful baby" A further personal comment anout Claires mom is gosh doesn't she look like claire. I mean if Claire had the opportunity to age this is what she would look like!!! I wonder if this means anything? On the island Hurley, Ben and Locke get to the Orchid station which is occupied by Keamey and his goons. Ben decides to give himself up. Whilst Kate and Sayid get caught by Richard and the others as Sawyer and Jack go to rescue Hurley from Ben and Locke.
  • The number one finale on T.V history has begun.

    So the finale of Lost season four has begun. We get more flasforwards of the survivors and their lives after they got rescued. Four things stood out in the flashforwards. First, Sun standing up for herself and telling her father that he should respect her. Second, Claire's mother who woke up from the coma telling Jack that Claire was his sister. Third, Sayid finds Nadia. Fourth, Hurley gets haunted by the numbers again. Now Sayid is working on getting people to the freighter. Sayid then goes after Jack and Kate who went to the orchid so they can try and get off the island, so, Dan takes the people back to the freighter. Then Desmond finds out that the freighter is loaded with explosives which was such an Oh my god moment I have to say. Kate and Sayid are captured by Ben's people and Ben turns himself in to the people from the freighter after giving Locke instructions about what to do. This episode moved really fast. I thought since the finale is three parts things would move slow but I was wrong. There were emotional moments, sad moments and "you go girl " moments. I'm talking about Sun standing up to her father. I was also so happy that Claire's mother woke up from the coma. It was a great episode and I can't wait for the rest. Why wasn't Claire in this episode ? That really angered me. Favorite character from this episode : Sun !!! She was just terrific.
  • Starting the finale trilogy right.

    Of course, this episode has to be seen as the beginning of a three part finale; introducing the conflict and placing characters where they need to be for the complication and resolution phases. Like the island story, the flash forwards serve as the starting point for the flash forward arcs we've seen all season and by the end of the three hours will likely move past Jack's meltdown in "Through the Looking Glass", presumably the last event chronologically so far. This part basically begins to fill in many of those blanks of how the Six go down their respective dark paths as they prepare to leave the island in the present. After all that great build up comes the pay off we've been waiting for.

    The moment when the hangar door opens and the Six (well, three of them) are reunited with their families is rather powerful. As the show is about those on an isolated island, rescue has been something we've been expecting and promised from the first episode. With all the stuff that's happened on the island, it can be easy to forget that the survivors have friends and family in the real world who believe (or believed in the case of the Six) that they were dead. For them, their nightmare is over, their children are home.

    Nadia not being there could be as simple as she isn't a blood relation to Sayid. It's worth mentioning that of the Six, Sayid's parents are almost entirely unknown. Sayid's parents weren't there likely because Sayid went against his country to save Nadia's life. Sayid's father, in the little we know of him, was a war hero in the Republican Guard.

    Regardless, Sayid meeting Hurley's parents is a great beat, emphasizing the strange assemblage of people on the island who never would've met otherwise. Hurley's mother and Sayid couldn't have had more different lives.

    Kate's mother, although she forgives Kate by not taking the stand against her, apparently hasn't forgiven her when she gets off the plane. But why wouldn't Sam Austen, the man Kate believed was her father, be there? He cared about Kate to give her a head start before calling the cops when she visited him after she killed Wayne. He likely could've pulled the strings. Perhaps it would've been distracting to have Austen and Sayid, who met in the flashbacks from "One of Them", together in a scene without acknowledging their past encounter. Whatever the reason, Kate's return reinforces the idea Sawyer's brought up that they have nothing back on the main land.

    Kate, unlike her adult counterparts, has yet to have that rock bottom moment leaving the island. Granted she goes through a hardship in her trial, but that's pretty easy compared to the other four. The furthest flash forward she's in, she doesn't want to get involved in Jack's self destructive "we have to go back" rage and seems content with her life. The biggest reason why she is doing so is because of Aaron, not to mention leaving California would violate her probation. If anything is going to motivate Kate, it's going to involve someone targeting Aaron, likely because of the psychic's warning about someone other than Claire raising him. Maybe it'll happen when she returns from that moment with Jack things start to unravel.

    With the darkness surrounding the adults, what is Aaron feeling? Yeah, he is only two, but that could lead to him drawing prophetic images like Locke did in the previous episode. Maybe he'll be directed to knowing who his real mother is.

    The press conference has some interesting moments, primarily with how Karen Decker (Michelle Forbes of "BSG", "24" and "Star Trek" fame, hopefully we'll see more of her) aids the Six in dodging questions that address the holes in their story, like them looking too well for being stuck on an island for over three months (a nitpick among some critics of the show despite evidence explaining it) or that Kate couldn't have been six months pregnant with Aaron when the plane crashed. Some criticized the reporters for approaching the Six with skepticism, despite the viewer knowing it was justified. However, they had to let the audience know that the faults in their cover story weren't completely ignored by the public. Not to mention this story would be ripe for tabloids, which thrive on scandal. Or perhaps they were working for a media outlet owned by Widmore.

    (Editor's note: the paragraphs that are supposed to be here refers to scenes that weren't included in the original broadcast, but may be a part of the encore on May 29th. They are at the end of the review for spoiler reasons.)

    In "The Shape of Things to Come", I was critical of the show not showing us Nadia's death in the narrative. However, there was a clear reason behind that. Knowing that going into the reunion between Sayid and Nadia only intensifies the tragedy of its inevitable end. With the emphasis on non-linear storytelling this season, knowing what will happen has taken a backseat to filling in the blanks for what happened between the island time to the flash forwards, but it's used very well in this episode.

    Hurley, no sooner off the plane, begins to fall back into his belief that he is bad luck. Claiming that the lottery money is cursed at the press conference was just the beginning. It's worsened by the return of the numbers on the odometer of the car he'll eventually crash in a chase from the cops. Not knowing how the Six get off, it still makes sense he'd be the first to splinter under the guilt.

    Sun, opposed to the other Six, is taking a more aggressive and less nihilistic tactic in dealing with getting off the island by taking control of her father's company. The big question is just how big a settlement could Oceanic give the Six that would allow Sun to take over her father's company without Oceanic going out of business? Not to mention shouldn't Oceanic shell out money to the relatives of those who died or "died" in the crash? This is the only problem with the episode, but it could be easily explained. The five other banks mentioned could be the five adult members of the Six (perhaps saving Aaron's as a college fund), not to mention Hurley's lottery money. Whatever it is, this scene's punch more than made up for any logical problems, this paragraph aside.

    During her confrontation, she claims that two people are responsible for Jin's "death", Paik being one of them. There are four choices for the other person: the person who literally kills Jin, Widmore, Jack or herself. Sun may have taken control of Paik to get close to Widmore, whose association with Paik has been mentioned in non-canonical supplements. Jack may make a choice on island that leaves Jin behind. As for herself, Sun has often lied or hurt others for her benefit. So getting off the island at Jin's expense or to go further, taking the blackmail money forced Jin to work as one of Paik's enforcers would be in character.

    Fans have been speculating how Jack and/or Claire would discover their secret relation. Jack implied in "Something Nice Back Home" that he knew, and many believed that knowledge was partially responsible for his depression in season three's flash forwards. It turns out Claire's mother, who was considered a vegetable with no chance of waking up, got better and traveled to LA for Christian's "funeral". The moment is filled with irony: she mentions that they didn't know who they were on the plane, then compliments Aaron, without knowing it's her grandson. This is the turning point for Jack, much like Nadia's death is for Sayid and Charlie's appearance is for Hurley.

    Claire's mother visiting Jack opens the door for other relatives and friends of non-Six members to visit. It was theorized that Kate's favor to Sawyer involved helping Cassidy with Clementine. Not to mention that Walt is around, albeit on the other side of the country, keeping a low profile. Also would Penny have any contact with them, possibly as the person who brings them back?

    On the island, Sawyer and Sayid show up to warn the respective sides of Team Jack, Juliet on the beach and Jack over extending himself trying to find the helicopter, of the mercenaries true objectives. It's odd that Sawyer would mention Keamy and his men blew up "half of New Otherton" but failed to mention six people, including Rousseau, Alex and Karl, were killed. Perhaps another casualty of an overstuffed episode or they couldn't find a way to have Jack feel genuine sympathy for the three characters we never knew.

    While I initially assumed the satellite phone was meant to keep them away from the mercenaries, that turned out to be completely false. Frank is obviously one of the good people, so between this and the Zodiac, they have to work on getting the castaways off the island and onto the freighter.

    However, that turns out not to be the safest place either. Theories that Keamy's device is connected to an explosive come closer to being confirmed with the C-4 in one of the rooms of the freighter, presumably the source of that transmission that's keeping it from moving. Ironically, staying on the beach may be the survivors' best bet. Some believe this is how Jin dies (if he's really dead), but it may explain why Sun believes Jin is dead. If Sun leaves the freighter and doesn't know if Jin got off, seeing it explode would lead to some logically grim conclusions. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good for at least the red shirts that came with Sun and Jin (one of whom, like in the raid on New Otherton, was wearing a red shirt).

    Michael is the likeliest choice for who is in the coffin, so he'll likely survive whatever will happen on the freighter. The emphasis on "the island" not allowing him to die because he has "work to do" seems to point towards to his demise when he's finished that work and found redemption, but so far he hasn't done much to earn that. It's hard to be sympathetic when he gets defensive over the awkward reunion between him and the Kwons. His relationship with Jin, which was once friendly, has reverted to the antagonism they had in the early episodes, albeit stronger. Assuming he is the one in the coffin, they're going to have to turn his character around fast.

    With all the hints and theories, The Orchid finally comes into play this episode as the place where Ben can move the island. This element has been teased for almost a year now, with its Orientation outtakes released at last year's ComicCon considered part of the canon along the Missing Pieces that aired leading up to the premiere. So far they only tease with information the video presented (the greenhouse station is a façade for something darker), but that'll clearly be dealt with in parts two and three. Whatever it is, Daniel knows about it and it genuinely scares him.

    Ben asserts that he always has a plan and considering his track record, he's telling the truth. Of course it's interesting that that plan involves him voluntarily walking up to the mercenaries and turning himself in. Now the likely scenario outside of using his skills as a master manipulator is having the surviving Others intervene.

    In the review for Ben's episode, it was theorized that Ben likely teleported off the island during a chaotic moment in the finale. It's worth noting that not only does Ben not have the baton he'll use to kill and disarm the Bedouins who find him, but his clothing doesn't match either, at least not with that dark shirt. As the present island time comes closer to the flash forwards, fans are clearly going to notice these details.

    The return of The Others is a welcome development. They had to write out Nestor Carbonell to accommodate his work on "Cane", but with that canceled, he's back. The Others were the logical choice for who Ben was communicating with on that mirror and now he needs them to help defend the island, head to the Orchid or prepare for moving. Possibly the reason he wasn't one of The Others killed in the season three finale is that they knew this moment was coming and needed someone the audience recognized.

    It's also interesting that The Others don't have a menacing presence in this episode. Had this been any previous season, this would've had us worried about Sayid and Kate's fates. Now The Others are almost heroic. The castaways need help against the mercenaries, and The Others can provide that. It'll be interesting since the muscle of The Others were killed in the beach raid. Regardless of their history, they now have a mutual enemy they have to work together to defeat and that's a great dynamic.

    Moving the Oceanic Six across the island and elsewhere is too deliberate to be an accident. This season's clearly going to end with those six leaving, but getting to that point is left wide open for speculation. It's a safe assumption to believe the four still on island will convene at The Orchid, Jack coming to help Hurley and Sayid and Kate with The Others per Ben's orders. That leaves Sun and Aaron on the freighter. With powerful explosives ready to destroy the freighter, it could easily set her up to get away off the freighter to save herself even if that means leaving Jin.

    Then there's the question of the people with the Six on island and what happens to them. Sawyer, despite fulfilling his Han Solo role as the tough guy who grows a heart, is far too central to the show to be killed off at this point in the game (perhaps he'll get the frozen carbonite equivalent for "Lost"). Same is true for Locke. Richard will likely survive as he has a back story that will illuminate some details about the island hinted at in past episodes. As for Desmond, Michael and Jin, it may be expected they'll be on the freighter when it explodes, but I doubt it. The reasons for sparing Michael and Jin have been mentioned earlier. Many fans (myself included) will be very upset if Desmond's story doesn't end with him living happily ever after with Penny, not to mention he is one of the central figures to the Widmore saga. Perhaps Penny will arrive at the freighter to rescue those in danger of the C-4. Their heartfelt conversation in "The Constant" would easily light a fire under her to find the boat Desmond is on and considering it's owned by her father, she has enough resources to make that possible.

    This episode is another big step for the season. Between the emotional moments in the flash forwards to the musical chairs the castaways are playing, the season is heading on a collision course with something big. The big question, though, is can it top or come close to topping last season's game changing finale?

    POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: This is a review of an episode's deleted scenes that may be present in the May 29th encore.

    According to The Transmission, a fan podcast, scenes removed from the conference offer some big pieces of information. That they were cut is only a testimony to the sheer amount of information prevalent in the episode. When Sun translates the Korean reporter's question, they reminded the viewer that the Paiks, like everyone alive in Sun's life besides the woman who arranged her exodus, had no clue their daughter spoke English. Other interesting tidbits include that Oceanic paid for Kate's legal fees and were likely the reason why cops weren't waiting to pick her up when she got off the plane.

    But the biggest piece left on the cutting room floor addressed the question "If eight got off the plane, two died and one was born, how is it 'Oceanic Six'?" Jack then reveals three other people who got off the island in their cover story: Charlie, Boone and Libby, who Jack claims had a head wound and couldn't remember who she was. Since "Eggtown", fans have been speculating who these people were and what their importance was. Using dead castaways is likely to protect the Six should another 815 survivor pop up elsewhere. I'm in the camp that who the other people are isn't that important to the Oceanic Six mystery, but maybe there is an Easter egg connecting the three and how they really died.
  • Great to see "the numbers" make a come back, remember them?

    Oh yes, the numbers are back and about time.

    This series has pretty much lost it for me though, and the sooner it gets tied up the better.

    The flash-forwards are even more annoying that the flash-backs IMHO. Stick to what's going on on the island please.

    So now Jack knows about Aeron, which is great, but there are so many secrets and wot-not that I honestly couldn't remember if I knew that already or not?

    Moving the island is silly idea, almost as silly as destruction of the hatch number entering facility (diversion waste of a season nonsense) but hopefully the orchid will give us some excitement and move us a bit closer to a reasonable ending.

    It's great that I'm actually routing for Ben these days though, good writing to make him a more rounded and interesting character.

    The flash forwards stuff should be left to a spin of series IMO but maybe that's just me?
  • One answer solved. But more questions raised!!

    Finally, Jack knows about Claire. It his half sister, and Aron is his nephew. This is what i was waiting for, one answer solved. Will he tell Kate? I am glad at least he knows. But whit this more questions are raised!!! Will it never stop? What is the orchid, what happened on the island? Is it moved, so they must all say that everyone is dead. Wil the ship explode? I think yes? That is were Yin will die. How does Ben not belong to the Oceanic 6? He was there in the future. So the island is still there with Locke, Sawyer and the rest? This season is the best since the first.
  • Flash-forward to be exact. An episode with both good and bad things.

    Afther the thrilling episode ( and ending ) of the last last week i had to mutch hope builded up for this one.
    Espesialy becasue it is an double episode.

    The overal show is oke, but there is a lot of stuk in there witch is more destracting and may beem not that important.

    -- spoiler allert --

    We start of with the ending. The small crew comming home and seeing the family for the 1st time.
    Although nice, its a weard start suposaply to set us up on the wrong foot. That i can admire but it just didn't feel like the epic moment i was hoping it to be.

    Then we go back to the real stuff, meaning the island and we see people actualy leaving it. But way more exiting is the trip to and arival at the Orchid.
    Now this is personal (as the whole review ;) ) but fisicul things conserning the island, especialy the experimental buildings and stuf, realy is exiting to me.
    That part certanly didn't let me down and it the hipoint of the whole episode.

    In the meantime the flash-forwards are coming to 2 endings. Hugo runing off in the distance afther he reseaves his bithdaygift. A car his dad repeared and gave him. When he enterd it the numbers apeard and he panict.
    Nice touch for revealing how he got to the meantal institut but not very intersting.

    2ndly the (not so intersting) story of what happend to the crew when they came home and an oke speach by Jack for his dad who passed away.
    Afther the cerimony a woman aproces him telling him his dad dead in australia because he was trying to visit his daughter ( wich is new to us but explains the heavy drinking he did ) The daughter was on the pain with jack and the rest and the woman aprocing him is sad to bring him the news that they where only a couple seats away but didn't know they where family.
    The daughters names was ... claire!
    Jack turns around to see Kate holding little baby Aaron.. a very powerfull shot !

    It ends when hugo,ben and lock arive at the Orchid, ben tells lock how to sneek in and how to get from the greenhouse to the "actual station" beneath it.
    To destract the killer-military boys he enters the greenhouse, hands raised and tells the leader who he is and that they where looking for him.
    He pulls a gun, puts it on his face ( love the way ben looks at the gun for that moment ) and doesn't shoot him (ofcours) but hits him over the head with it and ben falls to the ground.

    Not the most exiting ending but it will have to do ;)
    Hopefully we get a little les fashes ( to anywhere ) next week and more Orchid/island/ship stuff.
    We will have to wait to see what they thought of next.
  • Pretty good episode

    I thought this was a really good episode. The tracker thingy for the plane falls down on the beach and Jack of course has to be Jack and follows the plane. Juliet didnt want him to follow it cause it could be dangerous and he having surgeory. But Jack still continues to go. Meanwhile, Sayid comes back to the island on a little boat and Kate tells him that Jack went to follow the plane. Which makes Kate and Sayid follow Jack. But they soon get captures by an old friend...Richard. Locke, Ben, and Hurley find the station that they needed to go to(The Orchid.) They soon find trouble by the dude who killed alex(idk his name) but Ben makes a plan but in order for the plan to work, he must sacrifice himself to the army dudes. I thought this episode was pretty good. The flashbacks were pretty good too. When Jack found out that Claire was his sister, he was really sad. 9/10
  • We see a few revealing moments and some cliffhangers but in all, this was just a stepping stone to the two part Finale.

    To say this was a great episode would be reaching a little, nothing really happened to affect the major plotlines and stories, although it was a great way to lead in to an explosive and great season finale. What did we really learn from this episode? Firstly we saw the moment Jack finds out that Claire is his half sister. To me this was the beginning of his fall in to alcohol and drugs etc.. That we saw in last years finale. Ben, Locke and Hurley are attempting to get in to a position to move the island. Bens 'plan' to get captured seems to be what he had in mind all along almost as if he knew what was coming. It creeps me out that very little shocks him and he always has plans for every variation the islanders come up with. The Others have captured a new group of people, somewhat reminiscent of a few years ago when they let micheal go, although I am certain what they are leading to will be the big revelation and cliffhanger at the end of the season. People are now being ferried off the island. The strange thing being that it wasnt the Oceanic 6. There were filler characters and Jin, Desmond is on the boat as is micheal, we also now know that the cargo ship is not what takes them to safety. The picture in which they get to shore seems as though it is the dinghy they are using to ferry people off the island. Something bad is going to happen on the boat, forcing people back to the island and I think killing off a few well loved characters.

    We find out Sun has learnt from her time on the Island. She has now gathered strength in herself and stood up to her father, maybe out of respect and the memory of Jin. Or maybe there is a different reason, her sentence.. "Im going to have my baby then we are going to talk about the new direction of our company" seems like she has something in mind and im thinking it has something to do with the island, and the ones left behind.

    All in all I did enjoy the episode, purely for the set up. It leaves a few great cliff hangers for all the hardcore fans to chew on over the two week break which is exactly why we watch the show.
  • ok episode...

    Well, I guess this was a good set up for the finale...it was an ok episode, at best. Nothing really happened. Jack and Kate went after the chopper, meet Sawyer along the way and Kate goes back with the baby, only to go back to Jack with Sayid....then they meet some of the island folk while Locke gets ready to move the island and Ben goes out to meet the army folk. Nothing happened...just a lot of cliff hangers. Oh, I forgot all of the explosives. The flash-fowards weren't even interesting; it got boring. I did like the part where Claire's mother told Jack that she was his sister, but, other than that, it wasn't good. Overall, just an ok episode setting up things to come.
  • Overall, the starter for the season four finale is an above average effort. It asks and answers few questions and features a few jarring inconsistencies, but ultimately rises above them with masterful direction and dramatic pay-offs.

    The three part Lost season four finale opens to a flash-forward onboard a military airplane escorting the "Oceanic Six" back home after their long stay on the island. Where one would expect the survivors to show enthusiasm and excitement toward the prospect of returning home, no such display is provided to us by the Oceanic Six. On the contrary, the Oceanic Six are solemn hinting to a tragic set of events that led up to their rescue. This point could not be driven home more subtly and powerfully than when Jack tells his fellow survivors to claim they are in shock, and Sun very quietly and matter of factly states, "We are in shock, Jack."

    Doubtless those lines will ultimately set the tone for the remainder of the season finale. The remainder of the teaser flashback is dedicated to the emotional reunion of the Oceanic 6 with their families, driven by Michael Giacchino's intelligent musical scoring and bittersweet subtexts of the sixes' acting. The teaser ends with the revelation that the helicopter piloted by Frank was heading to a DHARMA station known as "The Orchid," which noticeably perturbs our decent scientist, Daniel Faraday. The teaser lacks the punch of the season 3 finale, where we discovered that the Others had moved up their plans to invade the camp; however, it still manages to pique curiosity through its lack of urgency and greater emphasis on subtext.

    One of the main threads of the present storyline involves Jack's heroic albeit cliched quest to rescue Desmond and Sayid who he suddenly claims to have sent to the freighter. At the same time he is also desperate to fulfill his promise to his fellow Losties by getting them rescued. Jack fervently and foolishly believes that the chopper is the only way that he can fulfill that promise. Given all the evidence that Jack has been presented regarding the obvious deceitfulness of their supposed rescuers, one cannot help wonder what Jack is thinking. Despite his innate desire to fix problems, it is rather unbelievable that a doctor, who is no doubt trained in maintaining a level head in desperate situations, would suddenly choose to march alone into the jungle against a band of ruthless mercenaries with an open and fresh wound from an appendectomy. These inconsistencies leave the G.I. Jack thread of this episode as the weakest link of the story.

    Meanwhile, while Jack and Sawyer traverse the jungle to find the helicopter (all the while exchanging some witty dialogue), Sayid arrives on the island with his boat. Finding out that Jack and Sawyer are out in the jungle looking to rescue him and Desmond, Sayid sets off on his own (and incidentally, more believable) quest to rescue his friends. Again, there is Déjà vu' vu in the air, but since it is happening to our own characters it is more enticing and the cliche-factor can be forgiven. At the same time, Faraday volunteers to ferry the survivors to the freighter in order to speed up the process. This raises many questions, such as what happens to the survivors who do get ferried to the freighter? They obviously do not make it back home, as shown in the teaser. It wouldn't be surprising to see all this relate to the mass of C-4 explosives on the freighter that seemed to have gone unnoticed by the crew up until this episode.

    The next flashforward brings us the best of the flashforwards in the episode. Sun visits her father at his company headquarters, and he is seen talking to his corporate henchmen regarding a recent take-over of his company through five different banks. She confronts him about the violent acts that he forced Jin to commit and reveals the it was her who bought out her father's company, using money from a settlement with Oceanic Airlines. Although it is rather inconceivable that any settlement from Oceanic would be enough to purchase a controlling interest in a company portrayed as being a sizeable corporate entity, the inconsistency is forgivable, because the scene is rife with dramatic pay-off. Here is a woman who has been at the whim of men for the majority of her life. To see her strike back and the expression on her father's face is priceless.

    On the other hand, the placement, miraculous coma recovery plot device, and acting in the "Claire is your sister" revelation scene, make that pivotal point of the flashforward come across as extremely forced.

    Fortunately, another scene that was great dramatic pay-off was on the freighter when Jin, Sun, and Michael are finally reunited. The tension present in their faces is truly wonderful, given the past history and connections of this trio. When Jin reveals he understands English now, one can't help wonder if that means he'll forgive Michael...or perhaps not?

    Allaying fears that Ben was neutered (since last week's Cabin Fever), Michael Emerson brings Ben back to the same manipulative slyness that we have come to know and love. The Hurley-Locke-Ben thread of this episode is easily the most compelling, as the trio make their way to The Orchid station, which we learn can be used to move the island. Unfortunately Keamy and his band of bad guys have beaten them there and are awaiting Ben. And once again, Ben shocks us with his complexity. If there is one thing that we know to be true about him, it is his dedication to the island. He willingly offers himself up to the band of bad guys so that John and Hurley can complete the mission. As he explains to John what must be done, subsequently topping it off with "How many times do I have to tell you John? I always have a plain," the viewer can't help but get sense of fatherly figure out of Ben, despite his evil qualities. You can't help but feel sorry for him even though your every instinct tells you he is a dangerous and manipulative liar. It is this type of character development that makes Lost one of the most unique shows on television.

    In other news, the Others finally return, capturing Sayid and Kate. Where this story goes should be interesting. The final montage, a first in a very long time, is both touching and exciting and whets our appetitites for the remainder of the season finale. Overall, the starter for the season four finale is an above average effort, brought down mainly by several weaker concurrent plotlines plagued by irrationality. In addition, it neither asks many new questions nor answers any, making it more of set-up episode than a full-throttle opening to a season finale three-parter. As a set-up episode it is a good effort, but it can only truly be judged when the pay-offs arrive.
  • When i watched Through The Looking Glass Last year i thought i saw the best , but There's No Place Like Home showed me that i was wrong , Omg , what was that ?

    when i watched Through The Looking Glass Last year i thought i saw the best , but There's No Place Like Home showed me that i was wrong , omgg , what was that ?.

    another amazing finale from lost and we still at part 1 of it and i think it will ROCK it this year , The entire Season was amazing but this episode just made it perfect, not even one boring moment , 42 min of perfection , i have high hopes of the 2-hours finale .

    The Whole Flash Forward of the oceanic 6 was AMAZING . Sun's storyline is perfect ( i hope it isn't the last time she sees jin in , when the door closed i felt like that ), jake knows about claire and look out hurley :D , can't wait for the finale , and i have faith in LOST that i will be over the moon .

    keep on guy's:D
  • Great episode!!!! preparing us for the thrilling season finale!!

    OMG! So emotional, I've enjoyed so much watching this episode!!. The climax it's slowly preparing us for a new thrilling season finale. I think Lost is one of the greatest shows ever written so many action, characters, flashbacks, flash-forward's, and story lines.
    Leaving us with so many questions and sometimes with few answers but making us totally addicted to the series. Just thinking in the next 6 months that we will have to wait until season 5 hopefully 17 episodes hopping they will pass quickly.
    All Losties and Others in different places but slowly moving to a common end, congrats to the writers they are surely doing a great job.
    I've being a huge fan since season 1 episode 1 and I will be until the end
  • This episode is more than excellent. It gets 10+ from me.

    So emotional. I didn't cry; but I admit I was near to cry. The comeback of the Oceanic 6 was so emotional. I was moved especially by the scene where Kate looks around and realizes that nobody is waiting for her. She embraces Aaron and kisses him on the head. She feels that they will be there for each other in their future.

    So thrilling. What will happen in the Orchid. Will John Locke be able to move and rescue the island. I certainly remember end of season 2 in the hatch, where he didn't push the button.

    So heartbreaking. When Jack finds out, that Claire was his step sister, he is not allowed to show his emotions.

    So exciting. Keamy has prepared C4 explosives on Kahana ready to blow up the whole ship. The Oceanic 6 are separated from each other. Sun and Aaron are on the ship. Jack is heading to Orchid station, Hurley is already there. Kate and Sawyer are captured by the Others. It seems there will be a lot of movement in the remaining two hours of season 4 finale.

    So curious about what happened before they have left the island. Sun says that they are in shock. Looking at their faces, something terrible must have happened. But I remember Jack saying he wants to return to the island. So the island must be somewhere out there.

    OMG How am I going to wait for season 5.
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