Season 4 Episode 12

There's No Place Like Home (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • And thats a good average!

    (My review covers both parts of the finale)

    This was a pure joy to watch, let me make that clear, but thier just ain't no way it diserves a top score.

    I have to say there were moments I was shouting to myself caught up in the excitment, and revelations that made my mouth water, but regardless I wasn't as satisfied as I thought I'd be.

    It bores me that we see the lives of charecters put in danger when we already know they will survive, it wasted time as far as im concerned, no matter how well it was executed. I have this gripe with many shows, the fact the flash-forward confirm that beyond a shadow of a doubt makes its more annoying for me.

    I was disapointed further by a lack of 'lore.' As satisying as the ride may have been, it wasn't as if we learned much new, we were just confused further, thats fine but its not exactly thirst quenching. Its does beg the question of how much thier streching the story out.

    Everything did go very well, it was a joy to watch and I love the show. But I can't be a blind fan this finale could have been more satisfying and in places it was pointless. The problem was they gave away things they shouldn't have, it spoil a lot of well designed tension. These final two seasons have a lot to pull off. With the ever increasing amount of things we want to be fully explained. If you think about it since the very first episode, thhier still isn;t really anything significant we have yet to have been fully explained. If the current trends continues, I cant see how they have the time to explain everything. If its done all in the final few episodes, I will as if I have wated a lot of time! Still let me stress I really enjoyed it. It just wasn't that close to perfect.