Season 4 Episode 12

There's No Place Like Home (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • LOST Season 4 "There's No Place Like Home (1) " very great episode we learned about about life after the island and it led really good into the season finale. (Spoilers)

    I like Frank Lapidus I think he is one of the good guys still not sure about Miles and Charlotte though. The episode before he dropped the phone so they could find the chopper and he helped them again in this episode.

    I'm not so sure about the moving the island, it seems like maybe it will be a bit odd even for this show, but they do a great job of explaining things that might cause some people to question the show. I think they have at least.

    They showed the Oceanic 6 when they came home, and how they were lying to protect the people still on the island, which will be explained more in the season finale as well. I figured they wouldn't show the homecoming moment until the last season I was pretty surprised.They seemed to wrap alot of things up lately, and I hope they leave some suspense for the last 2 seasons, I'm sure they will, and I'm sure there is plenty more things that will happen and that will be explained. I figured when they showed Jack & Kate that it was before the first flash foward when they were in the airport and it seems like it was they were together and split for some reason maybe? I think they touched on it in the season finale but I think there is more too it. They mentioned how Claire & Jack's Dad was still on the island and we don't know were they are yet. They mentoned earlier how they had the same Dad but didn't know it, I think Jack found out after he got off of the island. It was funny Claire's Mom was talking about how ironic it was her daughter was on the flight yet she didn't know that Aaron is her grandson. Ben & Locke are going to the Orchid and are trying to devise a plan to get in and to leave the island , they will run into a few people from the group later on who will make the trek with them and I will talk about that in the blog about the 1st part of the season finale.
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