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Season 4 Episode 13

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

As the face-off between the survivors and the freighter people continues, the Oceanic Six find themselves closer to rescue.

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  • Season 4 ends in a big way-Massive, tremendous, ultra spoilers to follow.

    Season 4 of Lost has been something else. The show is markedly different than anything else on the air, with this season showing exactly how and why it achieves such a distinction. Season 4 started off by setting a very high bar and with episodes like "The Constant" the producers, writers and creators consistently met that bar. Last night's finale also met the very high standards set by season 4-it surely did not disappoint. It answered a few questions and raised many more-most importantly it sets up the events of season 5. Huge spoilers to come.

    There are far too many details to list here but some of the high points are as follows: He who moves the island cannot go back, hence Ben did it. Locke has been placed in control of The Others. Jin was apparently killed when the boat blew up after Keamy was killed by Ben-Michael is possibly dead as well. The O6 were rescued by Penny Widmore after their chopper crashed. Lapidus and Desmond survived as well, but are keeping quiet. There still are survivors on the island including: Sawyer, Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Daniel, Charlotte, and The Others. Sun is either teaming up with Widmore or trying to take him down from the inside out. In the most touching point in the episode Desmond and Penny tearfully and joyfully reunite.

    Most interestingly the man in the coffin was named. As some of you no doubt saw on Lostpedia, the man who died was named Jeremy Bentham, a name they mentioned much last night. At the end (MASSIVE SPOILER) Jack breaks back into the funeral home to view the body in the coffin. He is met there by Ben-looking as evil as ever-who tells him that all of them who left must go back to the island, bad things have happened. As the camera pans out Jeremy Bentham is revealed to be…JOHN LOCKE!

    A great way to end the season, this episode had everything-good plot, solid directing, excellent writing, perfect pacing and acting, amazing cinematography, and a great blend of action, drama, and suspense. The episode bounced about through the season showing some of the events leading up to episodes as well as the after-effects. The flashforwards were utilized wonderfully and contributed much to the episode.

    This finale was as high quality as it gets and will leave you wanting much more. Bring on Season 5! The cast and crew deserve much praise for an awesome season. The writers and creators really brought it this time, and despite the strike, it was a stellar first class season. If Michael Emerson is not nominated for any awards, we should protest the ceremonies; he was utterly phenomenal this season. This episode and season proved that Lost is one of the best shows ever and will not be easily forgotten.moreless
  • Only Part 2 RevieW!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Part 2 of the Season finale, with all the players in position, things had the obligatorily to be interesting and exciting. What I Like/Disliked -» It is hard to say what I didn´t like. This episode was more than another setup, we had good actions scenes, finally Kemy died, and We had another Dharma Initiative video explanation. Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley are in the Helicopter, Sawyer jumped to save them, this was nice.


    Presentation -» (7/10). This seemed the replay of season 3 finale, however this time we had a information, which is – 3 years are passed, so it seems that in the Island the same happened, which is interesting thing to see in season 5.

    Complication Phase -» (8/10). Jack and Locke had another conversation, which explains why Jack had to lie. There was good action there

    Ending -» (8/10). The great thing here is that Kemy is dead and now things will be more complicated.

    Flash Forward´s -» (5/10). Weak this time, another setup for this Bentham, which only can be one of the main Cast characters.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10). Great management, but I could notice scenes that was there only to buy more time to put something to the episode finale.

    Dialogues -» (8/10). As usual the dialogues is something that Lost don´t lose in quality. Jack and Locke even repetitive was nice. The conversation regarding Bentham was lost typical, to hide something that will be shocking. Was nice to see that Sun recognize that Michael is there to help them

    Action /Adventure -» (10/10). Every sequence of action in Lost is something good to see.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). I think here the writers had some difficulty, since making something good and exaggerate it on the screen so that all people can feel something is very difficult, mainly because this is not the last episode. Only Sawyer jump can be touching, other than that, you may feel very happy for the fact that Kemy is dead or is going to die very soon.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Didn´t notice any scene that was successful In doing that.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (9/10). Another Hatch and is exactly what you can expect, another mystery, another revelation. Who is Bentham is the Big mystery here. What happened to cause only six to escape is something only the next episode can answer.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Another video about another Station was something nice.

    Expected more, you have a good scene with action, nice reunions, one or two conversation, a big mystery to be solved and all the necessary setup of complications to be solved in the last episode. I gave this rate, since this episode is only part 2, and the payoff is in the part 3.moreless
  • A blast from the past--- one in the present, and a shock in the future

    Talk about separation anxiety. Every season of Lost ends with some kind of separation between the survivors. In these season, the separations started at the beginning of the season, and seemed to magnify with each passing episode. This was no less true with the 'new' people, those on the freighter. Considering what we've seen happening on the freighter while Sayid and Desmond were present, one can understand why they'd want to leave. But now that there on the island, each seems to still have their own mysteries.

    Daniel, who seemed completely at bay before, now seems absolutely determined to get out. Frank, who's been in the unenviable position of having to shuttle the mercenaries to and fro the island (and considering the last trip, it must have taken some major motivation there) Miles has spent most of this season in Locke's camp, and seems to want to break away from the people who brought him here. However, when he is offered the opportunity to leave, he is firm about not taking it. Is it possible his ability to see the dead is telling him that something worse is waiting for him if he goes on that boat.. Charlotte has been the least interesting of the bunch, until this episode, when Miles almost casually mentions that she's been looking for this island her whole life. She's a little young to be an Other or part of the Dharma Initiative, but still could she have been born on this island? We're going to find out, and the results will be even more tragic.

    Other reunions are even less pleasant. Jack runs into Locke at the Orchid station, and it's pretty obvious he wishes his gun had been loaded when he tried to kill him at the first episode Locke again tells him that he's not supposed to leave and that this is his destiny, and Jack continues to laugh him off. But considering what we saw in the opening, we now know that he's going to be completely converting to that way of thinking. Locke also tells him that if they get off, they're going to have to lie in order to protect the island, and while we're still not clear of his motives, that's exactly what the Oceanic 6 did, under Jack's supervision. One can't help but think that this must make Jack hate Locke even more, considering how upset he was when they learned the freighter wasn't there to rescue them.

    Ben, in the meantime, has walked right into Keamy's arms, and seems relatively calm given his situation. He doesn't even seem to flinch when he brings up Alex's death. Then Kate leads the Others out of the jungle, and they somehow manage to take down four of the mercenaries that came with him. (Keamy helped a little, but still...) Keamy himself is harder to kill than anybody since we lost sight of Mikhail last season. He survived the smoke monsters, he dodges the grenade he throws, he gets stabbed by Sayid and shot by Richard four times, and that still doesn't keep him down. Since the island probably doesn't want to keep him safe, is it possible it knows what he's carrying with him, and is trying to keep the people on that freighter for as long as possible? Wouldn't rule it out.

    On the freighter, Desmond, Michael and Jin are trying to defuse the C-4, but it's looking an awful lot like that's not going to happen, considering how many wires they hooked it up to. Michael comes up with the idea of using liquid nitrogen to keep the battery cold enough to stop the electricity from setting the bomb off, and it's beginning to look like that tank is all that's keeping them alive.

    After Sayid and Kate save Ben, Richard tells them that made a deal--- Ben's life in exchange for safe passage off the island. Ben agrees to it so quickly, we wonder what his motivations are, considering how much of an effort he made last season to keep them on the island. Does he have some intuition that, just as in Michael's case,, the island won't completely let them go? Does he intend to keep monitoring them from afar? Is he so focused on moving the island that he doesn't care about their safety? One can never be sure what's Ben's motivations ever are, but I'm still of the opinion that he knew that the island will keep them safe until he's ready to deal with them. (Then again, that really puts his last actions of this episode into question.)

    Four of the Oceanic 6 plus Sawyer end up on Frank's helicopter back towards the freighter. Once again, there's a crisis. The gunfight that just happened sprang a leak in the fuel tank, and now they're losing altitude. They seemed doomed to be trapped on the island--- until Sawyer, of all people, comes to the rescue. He whispers something in Kate's ears--- later translated as 'I have a daughter in Albuquerque. You need to find her."--- kissed her passionately, and leaps off the helicopter. The old Sawyer would've just pushed Hurley off and left him to drown. But Sawyer actually seems to care about people now, and seems to have inspired the heroic part in him. Ironically, it will be the very actions of the people that he tries so desperate to save that lead him back to the brink of evil, and possibly far worse. But that's way in the future.

    In the meantime Locke and Ben finally take the elevator down into the real Orchid, where they find what looks like another lab. It's not clearly exactly what that lab is supposed to do, but we get yet another Dharma Initiative video, this one headed by "Dr. Edgar Halliwax" Who the heck is this guy? This is the third name he's used in one of the Dharma films, and we're not even sure who this guy is. However, we're going to get some answers about him, at least The station seems to suggest that it is used for some form of time travel, but how this relates to Ben throwing just about everything metallic he can into the vault is something I'm not sure I follow even now., especially since later episodes will suggest that most of it is only for show. Still, it is fun to see Ben lording it over Locke one more time about how little he knows.

    Then Keamy shows up, bloody and battered, but still ticking. He tells Ben that he's taken out a life insurance policy--- the trigger that we saw Omar tie to him in 'Cabin Fever' is an electronic transmitter. If his heart stops beating, he sends a signal to the freighter, and boom. Locke instantly comes out and tries to negotiate with him. But Ben has now given up on even the premise that he doesn't let innocent people die. He takes out a knife and stabs Keamy five times. Locke is panicky, saying he just killed everyone on the boat. All Ben says is: "So?" His need to protect the island is completely superseded by his desire for vengeance. Unfortunately,. that's going to come back to bite him, and the consequences will be even more dire.

    Oh, and those flashforwards? One takes place immediately after the last one that we saw in 'Through the Looking Glass', only this time Kate gets out of her car, slaps Jack, and then brings up the obituary that he showed her--- one for someone named Jeremy Bentham. We still don't know who he is, but he apparently gets around. Because in Hurley's flashforward, he is visited by Walt. Yes, Walt exactly three years older, and who was also visited by Jeremy Bentham. Hurley then tells Walt why they lied, and that it was to protect them. When Walt asked about Michael, it's pretty clear that Hurley knows what happened to Walt's father, and that his fate is sealed. I'm still not sure why they went through all this nonsense about Bentham (especially since we'll know very soon who he actually was) but he does have a role to play and we're still not sure what it is yet.

    This is an epic story with all kinds of mysteries being unveiled, but all of it is still just prelude to the final part of the finale, which really will be a game changer. There may be no place like home, but it's beginning to seem that, like Dorothy in the story, the Oceanic 6 are being drawn back to there own personal Oz. Can't wait for more.

    My score: 9.5moreless
  • LOST has completely outdone itself. A review of the finale parts 2 & 3.

    It's kind of hard to believe that it was an entire year ago that Jack first visited Hoffs Drawler funeral home, and the idea of a flash-forward was the craziest thing anyone had every heard of. Well, Lost has outdone itself. The island has moved. And it didn't just float to the other side of the ocean. No, as far as we know the island has been sucked into the depths of hell (as the flames in the island's crazy ice-device would suggest).

    Speaking of which, we got to see more of the Orchid video in this episode. The video that was released last year at ComiCon now makes more sense, but there are still many questions remaining about it.

    Obviously the island ends up somewhere. Locke, aka Jeremy Bentham, gets off of it, and apparently tells of very bad things that happened. Well, bad things usually happen to the leader of the Others, don't they? Except that Ben seems to have gotten away scratch free, again. Locke, however, ends up dead (and he's the one in the coffin!!!!) If he was going around telling the truth about the island, I wouldn't be surprised if Ben was the one to kill him. I don't think it was Widmore, because he wants to find out everything as humanly possible about the island.

    As was expected, the season finale also brought some deaths: Michael and Jin. I think we were all expecting Michael to die soon; even he knew that. And we did know that Jin didn't get off the island, but I was really hoping that he was still alive. Poor Sun!! Her screaming and crying was so heartbreaking.

    On a happier and unexpected note, however, Penny and Desmond were reunited!! They're definitely the most likable couple of the entire series. At the beginning of the episode, I was a bit worried that Desmond would be killed. But thankfully he wasn't.

    We also saw (or didn't see) some ghosts – Christian, his daughter Claire, and Eko. And for a second, I thought Keamy was Mikhail's long lost twin or something. It's at least mildly reassuring that he was human.

    The Skate fans must be dancing up a storm right now. That was one hot kiss! I didn't want Sawyer to jump, but it was awfully nice and selfless of him to. I felt bad for Hurley when Frank said that he wished they could drop some pounds.

    I must admit that when Jack and Kate's flash-forward from last season was continued, I thought, couldn't they have just showed us this a year ago?! Of course, then we would have been even more confused. In any case, it now seems like Jack has some way of going back to the island – Ben. That rascal. He's always got something up his sleeve. However, it remains unknown whether Ben can go back to the island. He said he won't be able to, but you just never know.

    As usual, the season finale brought just as many questions as answers:

    -Was Charlotte really born on the island? How and when did she get off of it?

    -Where IS the island now?

    -What are Ben's "ideas" to return to the island?

    -What bad things happened when it moved?

    -How does Locke get off the island, and who kills him?

    -Why does Ben end up in Tunisia?

    And most importantly: -What is the smoke monster?! :)

    All in all, season four was very strong, new, exciting, and just plain crazy. But it's Lost, what do you expect? With that, there are only TWO more seasons of Lost left!! Only ONE more season finale, because the one after that will be the SERIES finale! I can't wait! :Dmoreless
  • Bright lights, death, coffin revelations, OH MY!

    I doubt I can outdo TheOCFan's review, but after we see who is in the coffin (friendly spoiler warning) I lost my breath. Looking at Locke, and all the things they said about Betham, made sense, but last time we saw him in this episode he was being welcomed home by Richard and the Others. What brings him off the island...and dead? Jin and Michael are officially dead...poor grown up Walt, never can tell his dad he's sorry...or can he? Walt appeared as a ghost, but who says Michael can't appear to Walt now. And I guess when Sun was crying a few episodes back over Jin's grave...it was real. Claire saying never bring Aaron back, but she was with Christian in Jacob's cabin, so why does she not want Aaron back? She must really be dead. Yes, a few happy tears were shed over Desmond and Penny finally getting back together. But The island moving was insane...I guess that goes along with my theory that the last time the island moved, the Black Rock slave ship was right where the island ended up. Keamy and Sayid fighting was mega-cool. Charlotte...when she first dropped down and peered out of the water...she had a long of belonging...happiness, and now she might have been born on the island. But how, since every woman dies in childbirth? And there's only 2 more seasons left. That's not only two...thats going to be the most amazing two seasons of television and hopefully let this show go down in history. Now, can anyone help me find an island? It's about this big and about so much wide...nice...resembles Hawaii...anyone seen it? Maybe we should put LOST signs on light post around our cities saying we lost and island. Might be a better viral marketing campaign than octagonglobolrecruiting.com...it was paid for by ABC, of course it's the new viral marketing campaign for LOST. (Not working as of 25 minutes after end of finale) Be sure to check out Doc Jensen's review at EW.com...he's got the best and most informative recaps.moreless
Starletta DuPois

Starletta DuPois

Mrs. Dawson

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Jeff Fahey

Jeff Fahey

Frank Lapidus

Recurring Role

L. Scott Caldwell

L. Scott Caldwell

Rose Henderson

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Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell

Richard Alpert

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Ben: Whoever moves the island can never return. So I'd like you to get on the elevator John and go back up. Richard and my people will be waiting 2 miles east of the Orchid, ready, willing and able to share what they know...and then they will follow your every word. ... Goodbye John. I'm sorry I made your life so miserable.
      (Locke and Ben shake hands)
      Locke: What do I tell em to do?
      Ben: You'll find your way John. You always do.

    • Jack: What are you doing?
      Ben: Didn't you tell him?
      Locke: I tried.
      Ben: Sayid and Kate are waiting for you at the helicopter. I understand that your people from the beach are being brought to the freighter even as we speak.
      Jack: What?

    • Locke: It's not an island. It's a place where miracles happen. And--and--if you--if you don't believe that, Jack, if you can't believe that, just wait till you see what I'm about to do.
      Jack: There's no such thing as miracles.
      Locke: Well... we'll just have to see which one of us is right.

    • Jack: What did you wanna talk to me about, John?
      Locke: I want you to reconsider leaving the island, Jack. I would like you to stay.
      Jack: You'd like me to stay.
      Locke: Yeah, that's right.
      Jack: You threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman. You led half of our people across the island and got most of them killed.
      Locke: Well, Jack, you put a gun to my head and you pulled the trigger. I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones.
      Jack: Well, I' tell you what. You stay here in your little greenhouse, but the rest of us are going home.
      Locke: But you're not supposed to go home.
      Jack: And what am I supposed to do? Oh, I think I remember. What was it that you said on the way out to the hatch--that crashing here was our destiny?
      Locke: You know, Jack. You know that you're here for a reason. You know it. And if you leave this place, that knowledge is gonna eat you alive from the inside out... until you decide to come back.

    • Sawyer: What the hell they talkin' about in there, anyway?
      Hurley: I don't know. Leader stuff?

    • Michael's Mother: Are you Hurley?
      Hurley: Yeah.
      Michael's Mother: Are you dangerous?
      Hurley: I'm sorry. Do I know you?
      Michael's Mother: No, you don't know me... but you know my grandson.

    • Ben: Thank you for coming, Richard.
      Richard: My pleasure.

    • (Kate runs out of jungle)
      Keamy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're good right there.

    • Keamy: Hey! How'd he get the toolbox?
      Lapidus: Damn.
      Keamy: Who gave you the toolbox, Frank?
      Lapidus: Well--
      Keamy: Hey!

    • Keamy: So tell me something, Ben. What is it that makes you so important, hmm? I'm curious. I'm curious as to why Mr. Widmore would pay me so much money just to come out here and capture you and bring you back alive.
      Ben: Charles Widmore tell you to kill my daughter?

    • Jack: What are you doing in here?
      Locke: There's a--a DHARMA station below us, and, um, I'm looking for a way to get in.
      Jack: Get in and do what?
      Locke: Hugo, James, would you mind if I spoke to Jack alone?
      Jack: Don't bother. We just came back for Hurley. Let's go.
      Locke: Jack, you need to hear what I have to say--
      Jack: What I need to do is to walk back to the chopper, get on it, and get the rest of our people off this island.
      Hurley: Uh, dude, probably not the best idea right now. Those Rambo guys are taking Ben to that helicopter. He surrendered himself to 'em about an hour ago.
      Jack: Now why the hell would he do that?

    • Desmond: There's enough C4 here to blow up a bloody aircraft carrier. When I was in the army... I did six months' explosive ordnance disposal, which, as the saying goes, is just enough time to learn how to blow yourself up.
      Michael: Is it on a timer? And why hasn't it gone off yet?
      Desmond: This is a--a radio receiver. It's... it's like a walkie-talkie. You send it a signal, and, uh... it--it triggers a bomb remotely.
      Jin: So can we... turn off?
      Desmond: This is a... this is a trip wire. Move it, and... boom. This is dummy wiring. If you cut the wrong one... boom. This is multiple firing systems. You disable one, and the next one... boom. Uh, this... battery's the power source. If you disconnect it...
      Jin: Boom.

    • Sawyer: You all right?
      Hurley: Dude, you came back. How'd you know where I was?
      Jack: It's good to see you, Hurley.
      Hurley: Yeah. Yeah, man. You, too.
      Jack: So where the hell is he?

    • Sawyer: You might wanna slow down a little, 'cause you look like you're about to keel over, Doc.
      Jack: I'm fine.
      Sawyer: Of course you're fine. You're always fine.

    • Ben: What was the arrangement?
      Richard: They help us free you, and we let them off the island.
      Ben: Fair enough. The helicopter is yours. You and Sayid have a safe journey back.
      Kate: So we can go? Off the island? That's it?
      Ben: That's it.

    • Sawyer: (to Jack) So what's the plan, Sundance?

    • Sawyer: Hey, Kenny Rogers. What you trying to do there, pick a lock?

    • Sayid: Excuse me Sir, sorry to bother you. Do you have the time please?
      Man in Car: Yeah. It's eight Fift-
      (Sayid shoots the man)

    • (Sawyer prods the dead mercenary on the ground with his rifle.)
      Sawyer: Did he say something to tick you off, freckles?
      Kate: I didn't kill that one.
      Sawyer: Which one DID you kill?

    • Walt: You know when you came back I was waiting for someone to come see me. But, nobody did.
      Hurley: Sorry.
      Walt: Do you know who did come see me? Jeremy Bentham. I don't understand why you're all lying.
      Hurley: We're lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back.
      Walt: Like my dad.
      (Long pause)
      Hurley: Like your dad, yeah.

    • Kate: We have to go back? We HAVE to go BACK!? Who do you think you are!? You call me over and over again for two days straight, stoned on your pills, and you show up here with an obituary for Jeremy Bentham. When he came to me and I heard what he had to say, I knew he was crazy. But you, you believed him.
      Jack: (Whispers) Yes.
      Kate: Him, of all people.
      Jack: Yes, Kate, I did, because he said that it was the only way to keep you safe, you and Aaron.
      (Kate slaps Jack.)
      Kate: Don't you say his name! I still have to explain to him why you're not there to read to him, so don't you say his name!
      Jack: (Whispers) I'm sorry.
      Kate: I spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day that we left. How dare you ask me to go back!

    • Locke: Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you.

    • (Ben approaches Locke who is still wandering around the greenhouse.)
      Ben: Couldn't find the Anthuriums, could you?
      Locke: I don't know what they look like.
      (Ben walks to a potted Anthurium on a shelf, shakes it for Locke's benefit, leans down and undoes the latch that releases the hidden elevator door.)

    • Locke: Ben, what did you do? You just killed everybody on that boat.
      Ben: So?

    • Hurley: Checkmate, Mr Eko.

    • Locke: I'm coming with you.
      Ben: No you're not.
      Locke: Jacob told me what to do.
      Ben: He told you what to do, not how to do it. He wants me to suffer the consequences.
      Locke: What consequences?
      Ben: Whoever moves the island, can never return.

    • Locke: Just wait till you see what I'm about to DO!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) passed from being credited as a "Special Guest Star", to recieving the "Guest Starring" credit.

    • This episode and Part 3 were nominated for a 2008 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 30, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: June 4, 2008 on TVNorge
      Sweden: June 4, 2008 on TV4
      Australia: June 5, 2008 on Network 7
      The Netherlands: June 8, 2008 on Net 5
      Latin America: June 30, 2008 on AXN
      Spain: July 24, 2008 on FOX
      Italy: September 1, 2008 on RAI 2
      Czech Republic: October 5, 2008 on AXN
      Hungary: October 5, 2008 on AXN
      Belgium: October 13, 2008 on VT4

    • Although credited, Emilie DeRavin (Claire) didn't appear.

    • This is a flash-forward episode.

    • An Oceanic Six-centric episode.


    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Rose calls Miles 'Shorty'. Shorty was Indiana Jones'oriental sidekick in the movie.

    • Jeremy Bentham: The pseudonym used in this episode refers to the British philosopher and economist (1748-1832) who advocated the concept of utilitarianism, which basically states that the moral worth of an action depends on the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. His work was very influential among the utopian socialists, who sought to build the perfect community.

      Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher heavily influenced by the work of the real John Locke (also a philosopher). He came up with the concept of the 'panopticon,' a circular prison where the inmates could be observed by a central observatory without them ever being able to tell if they're being watched or not. This would create a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience" that Bentham claimed would create "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example."
      A simplified diagram of Bentham's concept looks very much like the symbol of the DHARMA Initiative.