Season 4 Episode 13

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Season 4 ends in a big way-Massive, tremendous, ultra spoilers to follow.

    Season 4 of Lost has been something else. The show is markedly different than anything else on the air, with this season showing exactly how and why it achieves such a distinction. Season 4 started off by setting a very high bar and with episodes like "The Constant" the producers, writers and creators consistently met that bar. Last night's finale also met the very high standards set by season 4-it surely did not disappoint. It answered a few questions and raised many more-most importantly it sets up the events of season 5. Huge spoilers to come.

    There are far too many details to list here but some of the high points are as follows: He who moves the island cannot go back, hence Ben did it. Locke has been placed in control of The Others. Jin was apparently killed when the boat blew up after Keamy was killed by Ben-Michael is possibly dead as well. The O6 were rescued by Penny Widmore after their chopper crashed. Lapidus and Desmond survived as well, but are keeping quiet. There still are survivors on the island including: Sawyer, Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Daniel, Charlotte, and The Others. Sun is either teaming up with Widmore or trying to take him down from the inside out. In the most touching point in the episode Desmond and Penny tearfully and joyfully reunite.

    Most interestingly the man in the coffin was named. As some of you no doubt saw on Lostpedia, the man who died was named Jeremy Bentham, a name they mentioned much last night. At the end (MASSIVE SPOILER) Jack breaks back into the funeral home to view the body in the coffin. He is met there by Ben-looking as evil as ever-who tells him that all of them who left must go back to the island, bad things have happened. As the camera pans out Jeremy Bentham is revealed to be…JOHN LOCKE!

    A great way to end the season, this episode had everything-good plot, solid directing, excellent writing, perfect pacing and acting, amazing cinematography, and a great blend of action, drama, and suspense. The episode bounced about through the season showing some of the events leading up to episodes as well as the after-effects. The flashforwards were utilized wonderfully and contributed much to the episode.

    This finale was as high quality as it gets and will leave you wanting much more. Bring on Season 5! The cast and crew deserve much praise for an awesome season. The writers and creators really brought it this time, and despite the strike, it was a stellar first class season. If Michael Emerson is not nominated for any awards, we should protest the ceremonies; he was utterly phenomenal this season. This episode and season proved that Lost is one of the best shows ever and will not be easily forgotten.
  • Only Part 2 RevieW!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» Part 2 of the Season finale, with all the players in position, things had the obligatorily to be interesting and exciting. What I Like/Disliked -» It is hard to say what I didn´t like. This episode was more than another setup, we had good actions scenes, finally Kemy died, and We had another Dharma Initiative video explanation. Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley are in the Helicopter, Sawyer jumped to save them, this was nice.


    Presentation -» (7/10). This seemed the replay of season 3 finale, however this time we had a information, which is – 3 years are passed, so it seems that in the Island the same happened, which is interesting thing to see in season 5.

    Complication Phase -» (8/10). Jack and Locke had another conversation, which explains why Jack had to lie. There was good action there

    Ending -» (8/10). The great thing here is that Kemy is dead and now things will be more complicated.
    Flash Forward´s -» (5/10). Weak this time, another setup for this Bentham, which only can be one of the main Cast characters.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10). Great management, but I could notice scenes that was there only to buy more time to put something to the episode finale.

    Dialogues -» (8/10). As usual the dialogues is something that Lost don´t lose in quality. Jack and Locke even repetitive was nice. The conversation regarding Bentham was lost typical, to hide something that will be shocking. Was nice to see that Sun recognize that Michael is there to help them

    Action /Adventure -» (10/10). Every sequence of action in Lost is something good to see.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). I think here the writers had some difficulty, since making something good and exaggerate it on the screen so that all people can feel something is very difficult, mainly because this is not the last episode. Only Sawyer jump can be touching, other than that, you may feel very happy for the fact that Kemy is dead or is going to die very soon.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Didn´t notice any scene that was successful In doing that.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (9/10). Another Hatch and is exactly what you can expect, another mystery, another revelation. Who is Bentham is the Big mystery here. What happened to cause only six to escape is something only the next episode can answer.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Another video about another Station was something nice.

    Expected more, you have a good scene with action, nice reunions, one or two conversation, a big mystery to be solved and all the necessary setup of complications to be solved in the last episode. I gave this rate, since this episode is only part 2, and the payoff is in the part 3.
  • A blast from the past--- one in the present, and a shock in the future

    Talk about separation anxiety. Every season of Lost ends with some kind of separation between the survivors. In these season, the separations started at the beginning of the season, and seemed to magnify with each passing episode. This was no less true with the 'new' people, those on the freighter. Considering what we've seen happening on the freighter while Sayid and Desmond were present, one can understand why they'd want to leave. But now that there on the island, each seems to still have their own mysteries.
    Daniel, who seemed completely at bay before, now seems absolutely determined to get out. Frank, who's been in the unenviable position of having to shuttle the mercenaries to and fro the island (and considering the last trip, it must have taken some major motivation there) Miles has spent most of this season in Locke's camp, and seems to want to break away from the people who brought him here. However, when he is offered the opportunity to leave, he is firm about not taking it. Is it possible his ability to see the dead is telling him that something worse is waiting for him if he goes on that boat.. Charlotte has been the least interesting of the bunch, until this episode, when Miles almost casually mentions that she's been looking for this island her whole life. She's a little young to be an Other or part of the Dharma Initiative, but still could she have been born on this island? We're going to find out, and the results will be even more tragic.
    Other reunions are even less pleasant. Jack runs into Locke at the Orchid station, and it's pretty obvious he wishes his gun had been loaded when he tried to kill him at the first episode Locke again tells him that he's not supposed to leave and that this is his destiny, and Jack continues to laugh him off. But considering what we saw in the opening, we now know that he's going to be completely converting to that way of thinking. Locke also tells him that if they get off, they're going to have to lie in order to protect the island, and while we're still not clear of his motives, that's exactly what the Oceanic 6 did, under Jack's supervision. One can't help but think that this must make Jack hate Locke even more, considering how upset he was when they learned the freighter wasn't there to rescue them.
    Ben, in the meantime, has walked right into Keamy's arms, and seems relatively calm given his situation. He doesn't even seem to flinch when he brings up Alex's death. Then Kate leads the Others out of the jungle, and they somehow manage to take down four of the mercenaries that came with him. (Keamy helped a little, but still...) Keamy himself is harder to kill than anybody since we lost sight of Mikhail last season. He survived the smoke monsters, he dodges the grenade he throws, he gets stabbed by Sayid and shot by Richard four times, and that still doesn't keep him down. Since the island probably doesn't want to keep him safe, is it possible it knows what he's carrying with him, and is trying to keep the people on that freighter for as long as possible? Wouldn't rule it out.
    On the freighter, Desmond, Michael and Jin are trying to defuse the C-4, but it's looking an awful lot like that's not going to happen, considering how many wires they hooked it up to. Michael comes up with the idea of using liquid nitrogen to keep the battery cold enough to stop the electricity from setting the bomb off, and it's beginning to look like that tank is all that's keeping them alive.
    After Sayid and Kate save Ben, Richard tells them that made a deal--- Ben's life in exchange for safe passage off the island. Ben agrees to it so quickly, we wonder what his motivations are, considering how much of an effort he made last season to keep them on the island. Does he have some intuition that, just as in Michael's case,, the island won't completely let them go? Does he intend to keep monitoring them from afar? Is he so focused on moving the island that he doesn't care about their safety? One can never be sure what's Ben's motivations ever are, but I'm still of the opinion that he knew that the island will keep them safe until he's ready to deal with them. (Then again, that really puts his last actions of this episode into question.)
    Four of the Oceanic 6 plus Sawyer end up on Frank's helicopter back towards the freighter. Once again, there's a crisis. The gunfight that just happened sprang a leak in the fuel tank, and now they're losing altitude. They seemed doomed to be trapped on the island--- until Sawyer, of all people, comes to the rescue. He whispers something in Kate's ears--- later translated as 'I have a daughter in Albuquerque. You need to find her."--- kissed her passionately, and leaps off the helicopter. The old Sawyer would've just pushed Hurley off and left him to drown. But Sawyer actually seems to care about people now, and seems to have inspired the heroic part in him. Ironically, it will be the very actions of the people that he tries so desperate to save that lead him back to the brink of evil, and possibly far worse. But that's way in the future.
    In the meantime Locke and Ben finally take the elevator down into the real Orchid, where they find what looks like another lab. It's not clearly exactly what that lab is supposed to do, but we get yet another Dharma Initiative video, this one headed by "Dr. Edgar Halliwax" Who the heck is this guy? This is the third name he's used in one of the Dharma films, and we're not even sure who this guy is. However, we're going to get some answers about him, at least The station seems to suggest that it is used for some form of time travel, but how this relates to Ben throwing just about everything metallic he can into the vault is something I'm not sure I follow even now., especially since later episodes will suggest that most of it is only for show. Still, it is fun to see Ben lording it over Locke one more time about how little he knows.
    Then Keamy shows up, bloody and battered, but still ticking. He tells Ben that he's taken out a life insurance policy--- the trigger that we saw Omar tie to him in 'Cabin Fever' is an electronic transmitter. If his heart stops beating, he sends a signal to the freighter, and boom. Locke instantly comes out and tries to negotiate with him. But Ben has now given up on even the premise that he doesn't let innocent people die. He takes out a knife and stabs Keamy five times. Locke is panicky, saying he just killed everyone on the boat. All Ben says is: "So?" His need to protect the island is completely superseded by his desire for vengeance. Unfortunately,. that's going to come back to bite him, and the consequences will be even more dire.
    Oh, and those flashforwards? One takes place immediately after the last one that we saw in 'Through the Looking Glass', only this time Kate gets out of her car, slaps Jack, and then brings up the obituary that he showed her--- one for someone named Jeremy Bentham. We still don't know who he is, but he apparently gets around. Because in Hurley's flashforward, he is visited by Walt. Yes, Walt exactly three years older, and who was also visited by Jeremy Bentham. Hurley then tells Walt why they lied, and that it was to protect them. When Walt asked about Michael, it's pretty clear that Hurley knows what happened to Walt's father, and that his fate is sealed. I'm still not sure why they went through all this nonsense about Bentham (especially since we'll know very soon who he actually was) but he does have a role to play and we're still not sure what it is yet.
    This is an epic story with all kinds of mysteries being unveiled, but all of it is still just prelude to the final part of the finale, which really will be a game changer. There may be no place like home, but it's beginning to seem that, like Dorothy in the story, the Oceanic 6 are being drawn back to there own personal Oz. Can't wait for more.
    My score: 9.5
  • LOST has completely outdone itself. A review of the finale parts 2 & 3.

    It's kind of hard to believe that it was an entire year ago that Jack first visited Hoffs Drawler funeral home, and the idea of a flash-forward was the craziest thing anyone had every heard of. Well, Lost has outdone itself. The island has moved. And it didn't just float to the other side of the ocean. No, as far as we know the island has been sucked into the depths of hell (as the flames in the island's crazy ice-device would suggest).

    Speaking of which, we got to see more of the Orchid video in this episode. The video that was released last year at ComiCon now makes more sense, but there are still many questions remaining about it.

    Obviously the island ends up somewhere. Locke, aka Jeremy Bentham, gets off of it, and apparently tells of very bad things that happened. Well, bad things usually happen to the leader of the Others, don't they? Except that Ben seems to have gotten away scratch free, again. Locke, however, ends up dead (and he's the one in the coffin!!!!) If he was going around telling the truth about the island, I wouldn't be surprised if Ben was the one to kill him. I don't think it was Widmore, because he wants to find out everything as humanly possible about the island.

    As was expected, the season finale also brought some deaths: Michael and Jin. I think we were all expecting Michael to die soon; even he knew that. And we did know that Jin didn't get off the island, but I was really hoping that he was still alive. Poor Sun!! Her screaming and crying was so heartbreaking.

    On a happier and unexpected note, however, Penny and Desmond were reunited!! They're definitely the most likable couple of the entire series. At the beginning of the episode, I was a bit worried that Desmond would be killed. But thankfully he wasn't.

    We also saw (or didn't see) some ghosts – Christian, his daughter Claire, and Eko. And for a second, I thought Keamy was Mikhail's long lost twin or something. It's at least mildly reassuring that he was human.

    The Skate fans must be dancing up a storm right now. That was one hot kiss! I didn't want Sawyer to jump, but it was awfully nice and selfless of him to. I felt bad for Hurley when Frank said that he wished they could drop some pounds.

    I must admit that when Jack and Kate's flash-forward from last season was continued, I thought, couldn't they have just showed us this a year ago?! Of course, then we would have been even more confused. In any case, it now seems like Jack has some way of going back to the island – Ben. That rascal. He's always got something up his sleeve. However, it remains unknown whether Ben can go back to the island. He said he won't be able to, but you just never know.

    As usual, the season finale brought just as many questions as answers:
    -Was Charlotte really born on the island? How and when did she get off of it?
    -Where IS the island now?
    -What are Ben's "ideas" to return to the island?
    -What bad things happened when it moved?
    -How does Locke get off the island, and who kills him?
    -Why does Ben end up in Tunisia?

    And most importantly: -What is the smoke monster?! :)

    All in all, season four was very strong, new, exciting, and just plain crazy. But it's Lost, what do you expect? With that, there are only TWO more seasons of Lost left!! Only ONE more season finale, because the one after that will be the SERIES finale! I can't wait! :D
  • Bright lights, death, coffin revelations, OH MY!

    I doubt I can outdo TheOCFan's review, but after we see who is in the coffin (friendly spoiler warning) I lost my breath. Looking at Locke, and all the things they said about Betham, made sense, but last time we saw him in this episode he was being welcomed home by Richard and the Others. What brings him off the island...and dead? Jin and Michael are officially dead...poor grown up Walt, never can tell his dad he's sorry...or can he? Walt appeared as a ghost, but who says Michael can't appear to Walt now. And I guess when Sun was crying a few episodes back over Jin's grave...it was real. Claire saying never bring Aaron back, but she was with Christian in Jacob's cabin, so why does she not want Aaron back? She must really be dead. Yes, a few happy tears were shed over Desmond and Penny finally getting back together. But The island moving was insane...I guess that goes along with my theory that the last time the island moved, the Black Rock slave ship was right where the island ended up. Keamy and Sayid fighting was mega-cool. Charlotte...when she first dropped down and peered out of the water...she had a long of belonging...happiness, and now she might have been born on the island. But how, since every woman dies in childbirth? And there's only 2 more seasons left. That's not only two...thats going to be the most amazing two seasons of television and hopefully let this show go down in history. Now, can anyone help me find an island? It's about this big and about so much wide...nice...resembles Hawaii...anyone seen it? Maybe we should put LOST signs on light post around our cities saying we lost and island. Might be a better viral marketing campaign than octagonglobolrecruiting.com...it was paid for by ABC, of course it's the new viral marketing campaign for LOST. (Not working as of 25 minutes after end of finale) Be sure to check out Doc Jensen's review at EW.com...he's got the best and most informative recaps.
  • We see them get off the island.

    This was a really good episode of Lost and it revealed a lot of secrets about how the Oceanic 6 made their way off the Island. As per always Jack and Kate were being equally annoying and irrational and causing way more problems then they were solving. I loved how selfless Sawyer was when he jumped off the helicopter so that the rest of them could reach the boat. I also loved the interaction between Miles and Charlotte where he told her not to leave after all the trouble that she went through to get back. I'd really like to see where they go with this story and I think it would be great if she was Whidmore's other daughter.
    Locke and Ben were good together in this episode and at the end when Ben goes to see Jack over Locke's dead (?) body it's nice to see his progression. Jin and Sun were heartbreaking in this episode as he stayed on the boat and she flew off. I also love the Sun in the future as she buys off her father in the company and then goes to confront Whidmore.
    Hurley and Sayid are also great in the future and I love how he is playing Chess with Mr. Echo and talks to Walt but when Sayid convinces him to leave you can't believe that Ben doesn't have it in mind for them to return to the Island.
  • Ben can never come back to the island because he moved it. Jack wants to go back because someone told him to about a month ago. He can only go back if he takes everyone with it.

    This was the most heartbreaking finales I have ever seen especially because of it's ending. I want to cry so hard right now.The best episode ever. :'(
    But thank god they wont be able to shut down lost easily. There will at least 2 more seasons. John Locke is my favourite. That is why the ending was a total disappointment to me and to other lost lovers. i think I am gonna watch it again just for the information I might have missed. Fans please watch this as soon as possible because trust me you do not want to miss a piece of treasure like that. Have FUN!!!
  • The producers said this season finale wouldn't have a "Whoa!" ending. Ya. F*** that. (SPOILERS)

    If anyone can pull the wool over our eyes better than the producers of Lost, I haven't met them. They could be doing it right now, by having us believe that this crazy, awesome show is actually going somewhere. Because after the end of this episode, I will give someone my life's savings to formulate any plausible theory as to how John effin' Locke ended up in a coffin in Los Angeles when he's supposed to be on the island leading the Others. If anyone didn't wonder what was gonna happen for the next hour and forty minutes when Keamy and his team apparently bit the bullet within the first twenty, they knew more than I did. But that proves this show can just take your legs out from under you and leave you pissed off and in awe about what happens next.

    I'm not giving this episode a perfect 10 because I think it may have muffed a few of its most significant moments, but for what it did it was a 9.9. -Sawyer jumping from the copter should've been more heartwrenching, but maybe it happened too quickly and without enough music (or maybe it was just because we knew he wouldn't get off the island) for it to really get to me. -Michael gets his sacrificial moment, but its more WTF than "wow I actually feel bad for the guy who murdered two people." Christian Shepard appears, which is awesome, but his "you can go now" initially registers as Michael can leave the room of C4; before he blows up of course. Again, this could've been more drawn out, and Christian could've seemed more empathetic, and maybe we could've gotten more than a "who are you?" from Michael.

    -Jin can't be dead, because we saw absolutely nothing of the death of one of the show's most beloved characters besides the freighter's explosion. Loved everything in the future though, with Walt's reappearance and Penny and Desmond meeting again and the big reveal of Jeremy Benderman and his alter ego John Locke. My only beef with the producers now regards Charlie's death, and how it was supposed to fulfill a prophecy with Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter. Claire's apparently a ghost/apparition now, so that didn't happen.

    Altogether a great, mindbending episode that advanced the pieces further along to the show's hopefully amazing ending. I can't wait for the penultimate season's premiere in 8 long months, and hope the first thing we see is Jin bobbing in the water
  • I've spent the last few seasons defending this show, to my friends, family, and myself, but after this, I can do that no more. Lost has officially jumped the shark in one of the most ridiculous twists I've ever seen.

    At the end of "Cabin Fever", when I heard the words "Move the island" I got a little scared. Surely that couldn't actually be true. Nah, I thought. Just another mindgame or maybe a code word for something.

    The first part of the finale, two weeks ago, mostly stayed away from this seemingly ridiculous concept and it succeeded. I was relieved.

    I was also relieved with the first hour or so of the finale. It was brilliant, actually. Fast paced and entertaining. Terrific acting. That is, until...

    The phrase "jump the shark" became the phrase "move the island" for eternity. In the future, when a ridiculous plot twist unfolds, people will now say "Insert Show Name Here" has "moved the island", referring of course to this episode.

    I cannot defend this show anymore. I realized tonight that so many fans of Lost are so obsessed with it, like I used to be, that the writers could do ANYTHING and there would be people who would give a standing ovation. I cannot applaud this. It is just ridiculous and incredulous. Ben breaks open a tunnel, into the core of the island, turns a frozen wheel and presto! -- the island moves in a dramatic flash of light.

    Also moving in a dramatic flash -- the viewers.
  • Lost is an impeccable series that has each and every episode be explosive, to the point where it leaves you yearning for more mystery and thrill. Suspense is it's middle name. Nuff' said. Best show in the history of the world, and that's a fact.

    Wow. Just WOW! Exhilarating plot! Edge-of-the-seat suspense. THRILL! Holy! Talk about a thousand questions left to be answered! BEST season finale YET! I am still reeling from the explosive finale. No proper sleep for me till January of 2005, when Season 5 premieres. Wow. Awesome. Speechless. It's amazing how a show, who is 4 years old, can still maintain fierce storylines that captivate the heart and soul of fans. Lost is a classic example of a show whom never fails. It always offers awards to new and long time fans. Best show in the history of the world, fact. God bless the cast of Lost!
  • Lost goes off the air with the power of a nuclear bomb!

    I gotta admit to you, the whole island moving sequence was more fitting into Alias than Lost with the frozen enviorment, ancient writings, and island teleportation.

    But in Lost, it's not about the actual happening, but rather the consequences of it. Now that we have all the knowledge about the escape, it's easy to understand the actions of the O6.

    Now this episode does a mighty fine job with explaining the rescue, and it was pretty jam packed too. Sometimes emotional(Jin, Sawyer), sometimes action packed(the freighter blowing up, island disappearing, helicopter going down), and sometimes really bizarre. Christian showing up for Michael in the last moment? Wow.

    That being said, another blah thing(for me) was the death of Michael. I understand he accomplished his mission, but it just kinda sucks that he died right when he came back and redeemed himself. Of course.. redemption is a recurring theme of the show, but I really hated seeing Michael go.

    Now, the big twist, cliffhanger, or whatever you want to call it... simply wasn't there, but guess what, not a problem!! I thought the episode's conclusion arc was perfect this way. The conversation between Ben and Jack at the end pretty much sets up season 5. O6 returning on the island, because something's horrible going on there.

    The big reveal... I called it in the S3 finale. After the Jack-Locke dialouge at the beginning of the episode I got confirmation. So I wasn't entirely shocked. However, let me say to you that it was still amazing. The way it was revealed - woah.

    Another whoa moment was Penny and Desmond finally getting together. I shed some tears, I have to admit. And seeing Henrik(guy from arctic station in season 2 finale) again was a nice touch.

    Another whoa moment was Sun's and Widmore's meeting. Would be interesting to see Sun as a villain... but of course this might just be a trick.

    Overall, this is just my first impressions-thing, not an in depth review. My opinion on the episode as "just" an episode: amazing. As a finale: satisfying. It definitely was the weakest one out of the 4, but still incredible, definitely the best finale of the year.
  • You THOUGHT you knew how the thing was going to go down... You Were wrong!!! (ok, maybe not) The sad part?? Now we got to wait to see what happens next! They will be SPOILERS!!!

    This is an season finale like they should be... Here's looking at you Smallville!

    Let's do my typical quick recap!!!

    The survivors try to get to the boat... Surprised G.I. Jerk got it rigged with C-4 all the way!! Desmond, Jin and Michael try to deactive it, but you know better than that!

    Ever since we meet "the others" they wee despicted as savages and pretty much mean bad-asses, I was dissapointed when I learn that they were actually cientifics in disguise, this time we see that the can kick military ass!, Sayid?..not so much, although he did hold his ground ...for a couple of minutes...I still thinks he's cool. Ben gets rescued and in turn Kate and company are let go...

    Lockes goes to a "new" where he's supposed to move the Island, He tries to convince Jack to Stay in the Island, but then again, we know better than that... Cool dialog, though.

    Daniel continues to take survivors to the Carrier, but we get the hint that Charlotte has already been in the Island before.. huh? Season 5 Subplot!!!

    Back in the station Ben kills the last soldier who was try to capture, locke yells at him because Ben knew that the soldier's death would trigger the C-4 in the Ship, Ben's response...So?? Cool bastard!!!

    So Jack, Kate,Hugo,Desmond,Sawyer,Sayid and Lupis fly off to the carrier, but when they discover that the chopper is leaking fuel due a hole mad by a bullet during Ben's rescue, Sawyer takes a plunge...literally, not before asking Kate for a favor and one last frechie in the process... So the remainig fuel last long enough for the rest to reach the ship.

    And now some FlashFoward!!!

    Back in the future, Sayid goes fetch Hugo from the nut house, we see him playing chess by himself, but before leaving the premises, he says "Check Mate, Mr.Eko".

    Kate sees Claire and yells at her that she must not take Aaron back to the island.

    Now back to the present...or something...

    Locke gets out of the station and is told to meet "the Others" in order to be their leader, finally a smile in my fav old man... The C-4's time bomb it's runnnig, the chopper lands and after a real QUICK catching up, repairs and refuel the group takes flight again, Michael tells Jin to go to Sun, who is in the chopper with Aaron, but they have to go and Jin can't make it, cue Celine Dion... oh, sorry wrong scenario..!

    Before the whole thing goes off, we see Michael having a vision and being told he can go now, redemption stuff I guess, cool.

    Sawyer gets to the island and there he learn the doom of the ship, unknowing that Kate was not there anymore...

    Ben goes deep into a Ice Fortress (not THAT Ice Fortress) and after turning some wheels, we see a bright flash, just like the one's when Desmond saved the world seasons ago, but this time....The Island it's no more....

    The chopper crashes anyway but is rescued by Penny who had tracked the phone call made by Desmond, seems like at least for now Desmond gets a happy ending (take that, you Desmond Haters!!!!) And after some deliberation, the group agress to get lie about the whole plane crash and stuff to protect the ones in the island...wherever they are... and get to another island in order to be "found" again, minus Desmond and Lupis who will go deep underground...

    And now for the Cliffhanger!!!

    Flashfoward; Jack's it's at the mistery Funeral, and Ben's there we learn that Jack's visitor told him that aince they left the ones in the island suffered some horrible fate and because of Jack's fault, the visitor turns out to be no other that Locke...Who now it's in the casket...

    Now that's a season Finale!!!!
  • The best episode ever, in my opinion! So many questions answered, yet new questions were raised! Great!

    This was probably the best episode of Lost! The season started a little bit slow. They gave us a 8month hiatus and just when I was thinking it was not worth the wait, voila! Lost got even better! I loved the fast-paced, informative quality of the season finale of 4th season! It answered soooo many questions (the coffin from last season finale, time travel, what happened to the island, how the O6 got off the island) yet it gave some more questions! I just cannnot wait for the next season after watching this one! The 2-hour even was just great, it made it as if I was watching a Lost movie! And my favorite thing about the episode, well two of them, was how Sawyer jumped off the chopper after asking Kate to do something for him (which was probably what Kate was sneaking behind Jack in the "Something Nice Back Home" episode) and the whole Penny-Desmond reunion! They were simply amazing! And Ben just became my favorite character after Sawyer, he was simply wicked and hilarious the whole finale! And Jack.... well, I can live without him! And, in the first section of the finale, O6 was dispersed on the island and I was wondering how they were going to get back together and become the O6 and the amazing writers of Lost brought them together in an amazing way! And poor Sun, by the way. Anyway, this episode just was marvelous and I just cannot wait for season 5! Lost is the best thing ever!
  • I'm sorry but there is no/has never been any other show as good as LOST and for anyone who didn't realise this, the season finale is the single greatest example as to why this show is in a league of its own.

    The episode wound up answers to questions that were asked in Series 1,2,3 and 4, stories that have been spread over three to four years and yet you're willing to wait that long because they're just that good, and even in it's eighty-somethingth episode, it can deliver one of the BEST episodes of the entire show. It's juggling time/space travel, multi/poly/innumerbale character development, past-present-future storytelling, mystery~discovery~revaltion and a consistent feeling of 'never-been-done-before-ment' and yet it's easy to forget that this wasn't the series finale - there's still two 32 more episodes to go. Sawyer jumping off the helicopter, Ben turning the wheel into golden light, Sun screaming while the freighter bursts into flames - probably three of the best moments of LOST, if not TV altogther.
  • Pretty amazing stuff.

    Well, the finale aired with a bang last night, in typical LOST fashion - a few answers solved, some big surprises along the way and a killer ending. It also has one of my favorite scenes ever in the show's history - when Sayid and Keamy fought, it was choreographed wonderfully and the entire shot was adrenaline fueled. If you have yet to see the episode, I do not want to ruin anything for you, so I would advise that you stop reading here, as the spoilers will be a-comin'. 1. Locke was indeed the man in the coffin whom we first saw from last Season's Finale 'Through The Looking Glass.'

    2. Hurley playing chess with an invisible Mr. Eko was wonderful.3. Ben (the flawless Michael Emerson) did such a tremendous job of keeping things together and giving the best performance of his character as of yet. The way he shot Keamy was brilliant, and I loved his nonchalant attitude about the whole thing.

    4. Jack is still a moron. Locke told Jack that he needed to stay on the island and that, if he were to leave, that 'it would eat away at Jack from the inside out' for the remaining days of his life. As always, Locke was correct and Jack couldn't be more wrong.5. Good seeing Walt. Too bad he is 7 foot tall now and is about to turn 75 in real life. 6. The whole 'moving the island' scene was really out of this world. Seriously. 7. So Charlotte, according to the Asian Ghost-buster, had been to the island before this time around? Interesting. So, all in all, the show's 3 hour finale was pretty darn good. The first hour didn't do much for me, but the 2nd and 3rd hours were done very well. Any of you who would like to share your thoughts, please do. I realize that most LOST fans absolutely refuse to rate an episode any lower than a 9.5 (which is ridiculous) because you can never really tell what episodes excel from others. So I challenge the reviewers of this episode to actually rate it appropriately. I was entertained by the finale, and a lot of speculation now surrounds what will happen come next February when the show resumes - time travel has obviously come into play (there is no mistaken that), Locke and all of the people who left the island 'must return together' according to Ben, even though Locke is dead (a possible resurrection for him?), and, of course, what is Aaron's role in this whole story. I'll be tuning in.
  • The best episode to date!

    This show is so amazing!! I can't get enough. I HATE that I have to wait until the Fall to watch it again though. The Space channel is showing the whole show from Season 1 again, I think I'll tune in. Sun's emotions were ver convincing when she saw Jim blow up. I cried like a baby! ..and the COFFIN...i KNEW it was John Locke! i suppose the next season will concentrate on explaining what happens in those 3 years on the island, How John dies, and how Ben is going to manage to convince Kate and the others to go back (he's already got Jack!) ooooooh i cant wait!
  • Desmond and Penny unite and that makes this show worthy of a lifetime - hands down - best series ever on tv - Emmy.

    I sat on the edge of my couch through last night's episode, which delivered the most unbelievable new two hours on television. Not only was the first part (aired two weeks ago) fabulous - the conclusion was equally as good and if not better. I started screaming and crying when I saw Penny on that boat. This scene alone tells you that the writer's care about relationships and know how to tell a great story. First of all I applaud TPTB because they really ramped up this season and brought us up to date in terms of time and reality. We now know 6 people got off and it hasn't been easy and now we are in present time and we'll see how the adventure continues.

    I think of Lost as the never ending action adventure movie that keeps you guessing every minute. I am excited that now we might find out more about the island - how it came to be and why these characters need to go back to the island.

    This finale left me enthralled, amazed and suprised and a sense of completition, but excited for a whole new beginning. This show has gotten bigger than I think the creators ever thought it would and is cleary the best hour on television.

    If you haven't started watching now - rent, buy, borrow, beg and steal the first three season's to catch up. It is worth every waking moment.
  • Yet again Lost has taken it to a new level.

    This was the second best episode of Lost ever. It has only been topped by last season's finale which may have been the most entertaining two hours in the history of television. So many answers but some new huge questions. The big one that will have people talking is the 'LOST in Translation' moment between Kate and Sawyer. What did he say? Next season should be interesting. Will we have island and non-island centric episodes or will they jump back and forth during the same episode. The creators and writers of this show have succeeded in something which is very rare in this day and age. They have create something which is totally original. Bring on next season!!! In the meantime, I'll be watching it all from the beginning.
  • "You have to lie, Jack. You have to lie about this place. That's the only way to protect it

    Hands-down the best thing I have ever watched on television. From comedies to dramas to the smallest documentary on the discovery channel, this tops it all. the writing was spectacular, the acting was key, and the premise of starting the next season was both shocking and utterly brilliant.I had the great fortune of having my shift at my work taken by friend to witness this television phenomena. The story starts off right from the very last episode and follows the journey of Jack and friends in their final efforts to get off the island. I wish not to spoil anything for potential viewers reading this review so I will say only this. A thrill ride not to be missed by any who are fans or even those who are not. I bid thee happy watching
  • Another great episode for the Lost writers.

    What an improvement season 4 has been over season 2-3. I just about loved every episode this season. THere were a few that may have been a little weak, but there were no disappointments at all. It really does come close to matching the first season. We also learn that three years has passed since Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Aaron were rescued, so it is now late 2007 or early 2008. By the end of the episode we learn that our six heroes are going to have to go back because something bad happened on the island. Of course not all six really want to go back, so I guess this will be part of the plot for the next two seasons. Now on with the plot.

    The season finale explains how the six were saved and what happened to everybody else and the island. It brought all those answers together in an exciting episode which had character's personalities change. Sawyer goes from being a smartass from season 1-3 to being a hero, and Ben goes back and forth between being good and bad. Ben is still an enigma, and that is as it should be until Lost finally ends in the next two years. We also find out the fate of the ship offshore and what happened to the military troops who came on the island to kill everybody. THe episode does not flinch on any of the details that we needed to know, and leaves us with a decent ending which is only weakened by who we discover is in the coffin at the end. I was hoping to be surprised, but I suspected this would be the person, and that is too bad. Still, I eagerly await next season.
  • WOW!!!! This is what this show is all about.

    Well, Well, well...
    This short season of Lost didnt hold back the punches to the gut thats for sure. a 2 hour event that just flew bye man I can not believe some of the things that was revealed, I mean waiting to see whos coffin that was and in earlier episode where Kate questioned when Jack asked her about going to the viewing of the body made me think of who it could be. I love this show and with everything that was somewhat explained and the questions that are left unanswered made my jaw hit the floor and sitting on the edge of my seat. Now waiting for the new season.
  • Finally, off the island...

    This was very action packed episode - all the little diversion to get Ben back by Kate.. this was really a moment when it can go one way or another.. and it did looked we got read of that bad guy... and the feeling the all most have had when they managed to get to the plain and take of the island. I can only imagine how it could have felt...

    It is little weird to write about half of the episode.. as they were shown just after another.. and they really make the full - second and third part. Maybe if I have seen all 3 in row, I would take all of them make a full, but at the moment.. it is hard to make 2 and 3 into parts.. as this episode mainly works for setting up the scenery for the superb events of part 3.
  • Yes! Amazing season finale, best one yet...

    Wow, I loved it, I absolutely loved it. Lets start up with the best fight scene ever, Sayid and Keamy: that was an action packed fight with everything and looked soooo, realistic best fight scene in lost with out a doubt. Ok so the beginning scene with Oceanic six landing and meeting up with all their families was just incredible, I have never been that close to crying during a television show since season 1's finale when the raft people think their about to get rescued. I loved the new score, I think its called The Oceanic 6 but its just an amazing piece of music great job with that. the John and Jack scene was great, they had a final confrontation before Jack left the island. now every flashback was great, every single one. Even though the frozen donkey wheel was pretty weird I still loved michaels acting. Locke did an outstanding job on this episode and the Oceanic 6 getting rescued rocked. Overall I will give this episode a 9.9 on its fabulous work.
  • The Best Season In Lost History Comes To An End.

    There were a couple of things in this episode that I didn't like, but at the same time there were a whole lot of things that I did like. I needed to view the finale without any commercials before I could give the show the ratings that it deserved. After watching it Thursday Night I had this episode at about a 9.5, but after a rewatch I have in fact bumped it up to a ten. Let's start with the things I liked...

    They didn't do it with the flashes. All of them were to the point and needed for the storyline. At first I didn't like that the only thing going on in the flashes was this mysterious "Jeremy Bentham" character, but to be honest that was the only thing all of us really cared about. Part 1 showed us the coming home parties and reunions for our survivors, whereas this episode really highlighted this character in the casket. I thought all of the flashes were very well done and if we had had that little extra 2 minute conversation with Jack and Kate last season we wouldn't have had to much to talk about. Other then who Bentham was. Loved seeing Sayid and Hurleys little scene together and Sun has one of the more intriguing life after islands I think. She didn't really get anything in her episode because of the jedi mind trick they attempted to play on us, but her character among all of the oceanic survivors is the one that has got me thinking right now as to what her overall gameplan is. Loved the final scene with Ben showing up right at the end. Once Sayid started talking about Bentham I knew it wasn't Ben, but it put those random thoughts to bed quick. Locke being in the casket - Not a big fan of that right now, but I wasn't a big fan of the flash-forwards at the end of last season either. This is a long term "They have to tell it right for me to be happy" and I hope that they do that. Flash-Forward part of the finale --> A+

    A whole lot happening on the island as well. The first beginning portion was some intense stuff. Sayid versus Keamy (Martin doesn't fit him well) was a great fight scene, best in the history of the show. Loved the Jack / Locke reunion scene as well. They hadn't been together all season long and it was interesting to watch Locke beg Jack to stay, kind of ironic considering he ends up dead because Jack did in fact leave. The Orchid was fun, they didn't do much with it but I didn't really expect them too. I wonder if it will play any part in the future now that Ben has ruined the machine it looks like. I didn't mind Keamy coming back to life, it did at least make sense with the body armor. The entire rescue scene was done amazingly. Jacks minute long speech convincing them that they had to lie was great and very well done. Penny and Desmond = I love this show. They need a happy ever ending, even though Ben's little plan might cause me some unhappy times down the road. But for right now, as much as I love Desmond and his character, him and Penny can sail around forever for all I care.

    Onto the things I didn't like. Micheal and Jin dying. Jin I could see, because it has turned Sun into a very interesting character and she wasn't (to me) beforehand. Micheal's comeback is pointless. Walt is now fatherless and motherless, which kind of sucks. He is having a bad year. With a dwindling cast of island characters (Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte, Locke, Richard, and hopefully Daniel) Jin and Micheal needed to find a way back to the island and it didn't happen. I'm very upset about his quick exit, I was really hoping that he would stay for another season or so. Like I said, Jin being dead does not phase me at all. Michael is a huge mistake. Desmond, Jin, and Michael scenes on the freighter were also kind of "okay" scenes, nothing there stood out as amazing. Frozen Donkey Wheel = A Frozen Wheel. Wow Damon and Carlton. Just wow. I'll let this slide, but I think they could have come up with a more epic way to move the island. Overall, I think this finale is the third best. Couple of things I didn't like, but am willing to forgive the writers for. Everything about this show is going to be heavily scrutinized with the new flash-forward format. Mistakes stick out like sore thumbs now then they ever did, but for the most part this was a very well done finale and it does a great job finishing off my favorite season of the show to date.
  • Love it.

    Woah; so the Season 4 finale of LOST was unbelievably great. I think I loved about everything about it. So much action, drama, everything. I'm not gonna lie; I was so afraid Sawyer was going to die when he jumped out of the helicopter. But he's alive! Yay! :] However; Jin and Michael (along with others on the freighter) did die. But Jin is the only one I'm sad about. So Ben moved[?] the island. That was a pretty cool scene. Desmond and Penny reunited! That was so sweet. It turned out to be Locke (Jeremy Bentham) in the coffin. I have to say that I absolutely loved all the acting in the finale; but especially Ben's. Michael Emerson is one talented guy. Well there's so much more I could say; but I'll just stop here. Basically:: Finale = Amazing. :]
  • Best Finale Ever. (Note I have reviewed Part 2 and 3 the same.)

    Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, Desmond and Frank Lapidus escape the Island, while Ben and Locke succeed in moving the Island. In flashforwards, the Oceanic Six and Walt react to visits from a man named Jeremy Bentham, who they seem to have some connection with. Oh my god, what can I say about this awesome episode? I mean come on. How good was this season finale, it is my favourite finale on Lost. All the exciting and nerve-wrecking things what happened in this episode. I hope Michael is still alive, I think he might be like Claire now. I felt sorry for Sun, I was nearly crying when Jin was shouting her to come back. How good was it when Ben moved the island. He is one of my favourite characters in this awesome season. I can't believe John is dead too, but I think when they all go back he will be alive again! Hopefully anyway. I can't wait for the next season now, eight months we have to wait I don't think I can wait that long. All in all Lost is the best show and season four final has been the best episode/finale I have ever seen in my life! Bring on season five!
  • After 3 years of waiting for an episode with the quality of Lost, Season 1, it was worth the wait!

    As much as I have loved every season and every episode of Lost, ever since the first season, I have always been at the least a tiny bit disapointed with every episode, as I have been wanting the perfect quality of season 1. In season 1, nearly every episode saw my heart jump out of place and every emotion in my body come out. I never thought that the season 1 quality would return but they did it, this episode, I would like to name, the best episode of Lost. I can't even begin to describe how I felt about this episode, it was exceptional.
  • Epic!!!

    This is a duplicate review to the 3rd part of this episode.

    In flashfowards, Jack needs to go back to the island. Walt visits Hurley Sayid takes Hurley out of the institution. Sun meets with Charles. Jack goes to the body of Jeremy, who turns out to be Locke. Ben visits him there and says that if he wants to go back, he has to take everyone back, including Locke.

    Keamy takes Ben to the helicopter, where the Others kill Keamy's men. The Others seemingly kill Keamy after he almost kills Sayid. Ben shows Locke where the Orchid station is. Jack and Sawyer take Hurley back. On the freighter, Michael has a way to stall the C4: by freezing it. Desmond and Jin help out. Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond and Frank get into the helicopter to go to the freighter, but fuel is leaking. Keamy finds Ben and Locke. He has to switch to the C4 and if he dies, it will explode. Ben kills him anyways. He then proceeds to move the island. Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter so that they can make it to the freighter. Miles, Juliet, and Charlotte don't want to leave the island. Sawyer gets to Juliet on the island. Locke is the new leader of the Others while Ben moves the island. The boat is about to explode. Michael and Jin are left on it. It explodes and Sun is screaming for Jin. The island disappears while Frank and them try to get to it. They crash in the water, but Penny's boat finds them. The Oceanic 6 go to a nearby island.

    This episode was crazy! Everything was so intense! I hope Jin doesn't die. I sort of want Michael to live too. I am so confused though. Where's the island? What happened to Claire? What the heck?!? Okay, well I cannot wait for season 5!! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Revealations as to the Dharma Initiative's involvment with the island and the penultimate rescue of the Ocean six are abound in the highlly anticipated finale

    Finally a reason as to why I watcxh this series.After nearly two seasons of plot holes aand absurdity we treated to quite possibly the greatest episode of Lost.For quite a long time the series has been plodding and the only that I and many other Lost fans have been watching this program is due to the fact that so much time has been invested by its fans.Revealtions of the true nature of the island are finally given along with some good character development and a well written plot make this a satisfying episode.Can only hope season five is not as bad(or short) than the what hass been up to now been a plodding season.
  • The present and the future come ever closer as the series begins the next phase.

    Going into this finale, expectations couldn't be higher. Last season's finale was a landmark for "Lost", with its mind bending twist that introduced flash forwards into the narrative. It gave the series a new layer which has reinvigorated the writing to new heights and a season with few off moments. Fans debated for months where the story would go. Ultimately this season became all about how the Oceanic Six left the island and how it affected them. So as the finale trilogy ends, we get the long awaited departure. With the flash forwards in this episode, the story is shifting to why they need to go back and how the Oceanic Six's exit affected those left behind.

    In the flash forwards, several of the Oceanic Six (and Walt) are visited by Jeremy Bentham, the man in the coffin. Obviously, he had to be someone we were familiar with since we wouldn't react well if it was only a plot device motivating Jack's break down. Throughout the final two parts none of the Six, Walt or Ben refer to him by his real name, which is odd considering who he is. Perhaps there is more to this than just them wanting to keep it secret until the end of the episode.

    With the Oceanic Six lying about their return home, it makes sense to bring back Walt, the original rescued survivor lying about what happened on the island. Among many things, the flash forward device has been the way Malcolm David Kelly could return to the show. Aging a few years while the series only covers a few months is not drastic for the adult actors, but Kelly was hitting puberty just as Walt was taken by The Others. The cameo in "Through the Looking Glass" and the self deprecating jokes referring to it were proof that it was getting impossible to hide his growth without being ridiculous. With events in 2008, he can be his real age or it'll be easier for him to play younger.

    One nit pick with Walt is how is he living, figuratively speaking, three years after returning home? He can't go by his real name because Walt "died" in Oceanic 815's crash and it wouldn't be hard to connect the dots for someone to realize the Six's cover story is nonsense (has his grandmother figured it out). Not to mention he has to go to school. It would be easy for Widmore to find him, and if Widmore knows a tenth about Walt that Ben does, he'll be interested in him. Perhaps The Others fudged some paperwork to give Walt a new identity and allow him to stay off the radar.

    Unfortunately the story has kept Locke and Jack apart for most of the past two seasons, but that dynamic is revisited in a big way. Once again, Locke tries to convince Jack to have faith in the island only to have Jack refuse. Locke and Jack could easily turn into Mulder and Scully during the middle years of "The X-Files", where Scully remained skeptical despite seeing proof many times. This could be eased if Locke was more forthcoming about the miracles he's experienced or that he was going to move the island, but considering Locke's character, he doesn't want Jack to know, but believe in the island. However, it is an interesting contrast with off island Jack, as he punishes himself when he realizes Locke was right. It's also worth noting that Locke was the one to suggest the idea that Jack lie about their experiences to protect the island.

    The Others' reintroduction in the first part indicated a more heroic presence than we've seen before, and this episode lives up to that promise when they ambush Keamy's men, killing all but him. Much like they did for Michael, Sayid and Kate are rewarded freedom for freeing Ben, and the gears are set for the unification of the Oceanic Six. It would've been nice to see more from the mercenaries and their threat, but the story really demanded Ben get to The Orchid and Sayid and Kate to the helicopter.

    As a side note, the fight between Sayid and Keamy was epic, major commendations to the fight coordinator. With both men's military training, each side was going to fare well in hand to hand combat, although Keamy would obviously win because Keamy comes off as more hard core than Sayid (at least in the present).

    As the helicopter needs its superfluous weight jettisoned (RIP Jack's long time back pack), it turns into the classic situation where someone needs to jump out to get the helicopter to the freighter. It becomes awkward when the camera immediately cuts to a guilty Hurley. However, it sets up Sawyer's selfless act. Sawyer's come far and in a much different path than I expected with the dark route he went late in season three. Originally he was only out for himself, but now he chooses to stay behind so those on the helicopter can be rescued and maybe also to spare Hurley's feelings. Now his turnaround may be a way to pave for his exit, but considering his popularity and his importance on the show, there's no way he'd be gone at this point.

    Before Sawyer leaves, he whispers something in Kate's ear, presumably the favor she's doing for him in Jack's last flash forward. Those with audio enhancement technology or just good ears picked up that he wanted Kate to take care of his daughter, presumably Clementine, confirming the theory of what Kate was doing for Sawyer in "Something Nice Back Home".

    On the boat, things are grim as the bomb has every possible fail safe to keep the trio in the armory from disarming it. Mythbuster Adam Savage brought up a good point for this plot device, which has been used in many shows and movies, in his blog: no one would set up a bomb with so many fail safes that it couldn't be disarmed safely. I'm willing to suspend disbelief on this one, as well as Keamy's device still working deep underground, since it effectively increases the tension, especially since their only plan is the temporary solution of spraying the battery with liquid nitrogen. What is harder to believe is that they didn't try to get people off the freighter while someone tried disarming it. Are there no other rafts/boats?

    The one time in the first part where one of them goes on the deck though inadvertently brings up an old story that should've been resolved. The way Sun told Michael she was pregnant leaned a little too close to "who is Ji Yeon's real father" territory. The scene must've been meant to show Michael's redemption, but considering their flirtation early in the series, it gives the scene subtext that shouldn't be there.

    Since the strike cut the season out of two hours, the freighter four had to take a back seat to the more crucial island story related to the Oceanic Six, so it was nice to give them a scene to show the writers didn't forget them. There are some major questions about the four that just couldn't be answered (like why were they sent when Widmore only wanted Ben). This scene sets the foundation for Miles and Charlotte in the long term (Daniel still has the "Desmond Hume will be my constant" element from earlier).

    Miles' talent at talking to the dead has been helpful financially for him and slightly on the island, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The island is a veritable smorgasbord for his gift and he can actually use it for good (or to fill some plot holes). No wonder he'd want to stay.

    It also sets up Charlotte's reason. Through Miles' not so subtle questioning of her motivations and her conversation with Daniel, it'd be a safe assumption to believe that Charlotte was born on the island. While it explains her career choice, it opens up a lot of questions, like who were her parents and why did she leave? Some are guessing she's Ben's childhood sweetheart Annie, despite the fact that they are almost two decades apart in age (she could be his biological daughter). Perhaps she's connected to the ruins and the three toed statue, closer to Alpert than Dharma.

    The Orchid, much like The Looking Glass and The Swan before, becomes a key part of the finale storyline. We finally see the finished orientation video the previously released bloopers belong to and it continues the theme of time travel present throughout the season. Dharma experimented with time travel and its relation to electromagnetism, which may begin to explain what happened to Desmond. Then there's the rewinding tape, which may be to keep something the station can do secret until later.

    But on the subject of orientation films, why is it that some are film strips (The Swan), but others are tape (The Pearl, The Orchid)? That seems really inconsistent, unless there was a big gap between when the stations were made.

    Ben fills the "time traveling bunnies" chamber with as much metal as possible while the video advises otherwise. Ben is, essentially, doing the extreme version of a fork in the microwave. Initially it seemed like messing up the chamber was going to be what it'd take to move the island, but Ben's remark that the station and Dharma's purpose were "silly experiments" points to the bigger island picture Dharma barely touched.

    There are some comic moments where Ben and Locke's dynamic mirrors a parent and child. From Ben pointing out the secret entrance as if it were obvious, Locke's constant questions annoying Ben and Ben suggesting Locke watch a movie to leave him alone. Then that's turned around when Ben acts like a child, stabbing Keamy, which doomed most of those on the freighter and only justifying it with a dismissive "So?" If anything, these moments point out the obvious flaws in their leadership styles: Locke is naïve and Ben can get childishly reckless when emotions are involved.
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