Season 4 Episode 13

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • LOST has completely outdone itself. A review of the finale parts 2 & 3.

    It's kind of hard to believe that it was an entire year ago that Jack first visited Hoffs Drawler funeral home, and the idea of a flash-forward was the craziest thing anyone had every heard of. Well, Lost has outdone itself. The island has moved. And it didn't just float to the other side of the ocean. No, as far as we know the island has been sucked into the depths of hell (as the flames in the island's crazy ice-device would suggest).

    Speaking of which, we got to see more of the Orchid video in this episode. The video that was released last year at ComiCon now makes more sense, but there are still many questions remaining about it.

    Obviously the island ends up somewhere. Locke, aka Jeremy Bentham, gets off of it, and apparently tells of very bad things that happened. Well, bad things usually happen to the leader of the Others, don't they? Except that Ben seems to have gotten away scratch free, again. Locke, however, ends up dead (and he's the one in the coffin!!!!) If he was going around telling the truth about the island, I wouldn't be surprised if Ben was the one to kill him. I don't think it was Widmore, because he wants to find out everything as humanly possible about the island.

    As was expected, the season finale also brought some deaths: Michael and Jin. I think we were all expecting Michael to die soon; even he knew that. And we did know that Jin didn't get off the island, but I was really hoping that he was still alive. Poor Sun!! Her screaming and crying was so heartbreaking.

    On a happier and unexpected note, however, Penny and Desmond were reunited!! They're definitely the most likable couple of the entire series. At the beginning of the episode, I was a bit worried that Desmond would be killed. But thankfully he wasn't.

    We also saw (or didn't see) some ghosts – Christian, his daughter Claire, and Eko. And for a second, I thought Keamy was Mikhail's long lost twin or something. It's at least mildly reassuring that he was human.

    The Skate fans must be dancing up a storm right now. That was one hot kiss! I didn't want Sawyer to jump, but it was awfully nice and selfless of him to. I felt bad for Hurley when Frank said that he wished they could drop some pounds.

    I must admit that when Jack and Kate's flash-forward from last season was continued, I thought, couldn't they have just showed us this a year ago?! Of course, then we would have been even more confused. In any case, it now seems like Jack has some way of going back to the island – Ben. That rascal. He's always got something up his sleeve. However, it remains unknown whether Ben can go back to the island. He said he won't be able to, but you just never know.

    As usual, the season finale brought just as many questions as answers:
    -Was Charlotte really born on the island? How and when did she get off of it?
    -Where IS the island now?
    -What are Ben's "ideas" to return to the island?
    -What bad things happened when it moved?
    -How does Locke get off the island, and who kills him?
    -Why does Ben end up in Tunisia?

    And most importantly: -What is the smoke monster?! :)

    All in all, season four was very strong, new, exciting, and just plain crazy. But it's Lost, what do you expect? With that, there are only TWO more seasons of Lost left!! Only ONE more season finale, because the one after that will be the SERIES finale! I can't wait! :D
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