Season 4 Episode 13

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Bright lights, death, coffin revelations, OH MY!

    I doubt I can outdo TheOCFan's review, but after we see who is in the coffin (friendly spoiler warning) I lost my breath. Looking at Locke, and all the things they said about Betham, made sense, but last time we saw him in this episode he was being welcomed home by Richard and the Others. What brings him off the island...and dead? Jin and Michael are officially dead...poor grown up Walt, never can tell his dad he's sorry...or can he? Walt appeared as a ghost, but who says Michael can't appear to Walt now. And I guess when Sun was crying a few episodes back over Jin's grave...it was real. Claire saying never bring Aaron back, but she was with Christian in Jacob's cabin, so why does she not want Aaron back? She must really be dead. Yes, a few happy tears were shed over Desmond and Penny finally getting back together. But The island moving was insane...I guess that goes along with my theory that the last time the island moved, the Black Rock slave ship was right where the island ended up. Keamy and Sayid fighting was mega-cool. Charlotte...when she first dropped down and peered out of the water...she had a long of belonging...happiness, and now she might have been born on the island. But how, since every woman dies in childbirth? And there's only 2 more seasons left. That's not only two...thats going to be the most amazing two seasons of television and hopefully let this show go down in history. Now, can anyone help me find an island? It's about this big and about so much wide...nice...resembles Hawaii...anyone seen it? Maybe we should put LOST signs on light post around our cities saying we lost and island. Might be a better viral marketing campaign than octagonglobolrecruiting.com...it was paid for by ABC, of course it's the new viral marketing campaign for LOST. (Not working as of 25 minutes after end of finale) Be sure to check out Doc Jensen's review at EW.com...he's got the best and most informative recaps.