Season 4 Episode 13

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Season 4 ends in a big way-Massive, tremendous, ultra spoilers to follow.

    Season 4 of Lost has been something else. The show is markedly different than anything else on the air, with this season showing exactly how and why it achieves such a distinction. Season 4 started off by setting a very high bar and with episodes like "The Constant" the producers, writers and creators consistently met that bar. Last night's finale also met the very high standards set by season 4-it surely did not disappoint. It answered a few questions and raised many more-most importantly it sets up the events of season 5. Huge spoilers to come.

    There are far too many details to list here but some of the high points are as follows: He who moves the island cannot go back, hence Ben did it. Locke has been placed in control of The Others. Jin was apparently killed when the boat blew up after Keamy was killed by Ben-Michael is possibly dead as well. The O6 were rescued by Penny Widmore after their chopper crashed. Lapidus and Desmond survived as well, but are keeping quiet. There still are survivors on the island including: Sawyer, Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Daniel, Charlotte, and The Others. Sun is either teaming up with Widmore or trying to take him down from the inside out. In the most touching point in the episode Desmond and Penny tearfully and joyfully reunite.

    Most interestingly the man in the coffin was named. As some of you no doubt saw on Lostpedia, the man who died was named Jeremy Bentham, a name they mentioned much last night. At the end (MASSIVE SPOILER) Jack breaks back into the funeral home to view the body in the coffin. He is met there by Ben-looking as evil as ever-who tells him that all of them who left must go back to the island, bad things have happened. As the camera pans out Jeremy Bentham is revealed to be…JOHN LOCKE!

    A great way to end the season, this episode had everything-good plot, solid directing, excellent writing, perfect pacing and acting, amazing cinematography, and a great blend of action, drama, and suspense. The episode bounced about through the season showing some of the events leading up to episodes as well as the after-effects. The flashforwards were utilized wonderfully and contributed much to the episode.

    This finale was as high quality as it gets and will leave you wanting much more. Bring on Season 5! The cast and crew deserve much praise for an awesome season. The writers and creators really brought it this time, and despite the strike, it was a stellar first class season. If Michael Emerson is not nominated for any awards, we should protest the ceremonies; he was utterly phenomenal this season. This episode and season proved that Lost is one of the best shows ever and will not be easily forgotten.