Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the Orchid, Locke tells Ben he just killed everyone on the freighter and in brutal coldness, Ben tells Locke it's not his problem. Keamy spits out that wherever Ben goes, Widmore will find him. Ben replies not if I find him first. Then Keamy dies. The green light on the dead man's trigger goes out.

And on the freighter, Jin notices the receiver light switch to red. He points it out to Michael and Desmond. Michael tells them to leave, that they have about five minutes to get everyone off the ship. Desmond takes off running and reaches the deck just as the helicopter is landing. He shouts at them to stop, that there's a bomb on board. Jack isn't sure he heard Desmond correctly. Did he say bomb? Lapidus says it doesn't matter, they have no fuel and sets the chopper down.

Sun is on the deck holding Aaron as pure chaos reigns around her. Desmond warns them they have to get off this boat right now as Jack, Lapidus and Sayid quickly try to repair the bullet holes. Sayid grabs a nozzle and starts fueling the tank. Sun heads below deck when Kate grabs her and tells her to get on the chopper with the baby. Sun tells her Jin is below and she won't leave without Jin. Kate offers to go get him, and Sun gets on the chopper.

Down below, the liquid nitrogen starts to fizz out. Michael warns Jin that he has to leave. He's a father now and he owes it to his wife. Jin thanks Michael and takes off running.

Kate starts below, but Jack stops her. She says she's not leaving Jin, but Jack says he's not leaving her. They run back to the chopper and get on. Lapidus starts the chopper. Sun is alarmed where's Jin? The chopper lifts off right as Jin runs out on the deck. Sun sees him, and yells for them to go back. Jin waves his arms trying to get their attention.

In the armory, Michael sprays the last of the liquid nitrogen on the battery. Then he hears the whispers. He spins around and sees Christian Shephard behind him. Christian tells Michael he can go now.

In the helicopter, Sun is crying and screaming for them to go back. But it's too late, the freighter explodes! A fireball erupts into the sky and buffets the chopper. Everyone is shocked. With tears streaming down her face, Sun cries out in anguish. She is convinced Jin is down there, but Jack tells her he's gone. Then Jack tells Lapidus to head for the island.

In London Sun waits for someone outside a restaurant. A group of businessmen leave, and Sun sees the one she's waiting for. It's Charles Widmore. She introduces herself, and Widmore recognizes the name. He knows her father. Sun asks if he's really going to pretend he doesn't know who she is. He does know, just like he knows that they are lying about where they were and what happened to them there. She hands him her card and tells him they have common interests. When he's ready to discuss it, he should call her. He knows they're not the only ones to leave.

In the Orchid station, Ben flips a switch on the control panel and starts the vault mechanism. He tells Locke to duck, because with all the metal inside, the vault explodes. Ben changes into a parka, telling Locke he's going somewhere cold, but Locke can't come with him. Ben explains that Jacob told Locke what to do but not how. That's because he wanted Ben to suffer the consequences: whoever moves the island can never come back. Ben tells Locke to go join Richard and the Others waiting two miles east of the Orchid. They'll be ready and willing to follow Locke's every word. Ben apologizes for making Locke's life miserable and heads into the hole blown out in the back of the vault.

At the beach camp, Juliet sits and watches the waves, drinking from a bottle of DHARMA Rum. Sawyer swims to shore and ambles up casually to her. Juliet points out in the distance where the remnants of the freighter can be seen on the horizon. That was the boat. It hits Sawyer hard he has no idea if the chopper landed before or after the explosion and if Kate is okay or not.

In the jungle at the stream, Locke finds Richard Alpert and the Others waiting. Alpert says to Locke welcome home, and Locke smiles.

In the Orchid, Ben makes his way through a narrow tunnel towards an ancient ladder where the tunnel descends straight down. Ben climbs down the ladder. The lower he goes, the colder it gets. It gets so cold that the tunnel has iced over. Ben smashes through the ice and climbs down into an ancient chamber. One rung of rotten wood gives away, and Ben falls to the floor, ripping the parka and his arm. Ben gets up and looks around the iced-over chamber. Ancient symbols are etched into the walls. Along the far wall is a wooden wheel mounted horizontally. The wall around the wheel has been closed off so that only a fifth of the wheel sticks out. It has pegs every few feet with a hole in it, and all the pegs are caked with ice.

Ben walks over to it and touches it, knowing what it represents. He says out loud he hopes Jacob is happy now. Ben takes a crowbar and begins chipping away at the ice. Once he's freed enough of the wheel, he slips the crowbar into a peg slot, and forces the wheel to turn. Ben struggles with it, moving it more with each try. Soon something on the other side of the wall starts to hum, like it's idling to life. Ben continues to push, the wheel moves more, and the hum builds. A bright, white light spills through the wheel, and the whole room begins to vibrate and shake. The hum becomes piercing and the light grows brighter and brighter until Ben is enveloped in a blast of searing white light.

In the jungle, Locke and Alpert turn towards the loud, pulsating hum. The white light washes across their faces. At the beach camp, Juliet and Sawyer look inland as the light completely overcomes them. On the ocean, Faraday is halfway back to the beach with his group when they are consumed in the brightness.

In the chopper, everyone sees the white light expand across the island. It happens fast, emerging from the center of the island and spreading out very fast. It buffets and rocks the chopper, vibrating and shaking it and suddenly it stops. The air goes calm. They blink and then see something that is incomprehensible to them -- the island has disappeared.

It's gone. Everyone is shocked and amazed, but Lapidus doesn't have time for it. The fuel tank is empty and there's no place to land. In every direction it's only water. He tells them to get their life jackets on. Sayid opens the life raft and pulls the cord, throwing it out as it inflates. The chopper begins to fall out of the sky, Lapidus tells them to hold on, and it crashes into the ocean. Underwater, Jack orients himself and swims up to the surface. He sees Kate and Aaron climbing into the raft. Sayid is helping Sun up, but Lapidus is dragging over a completely inert Desmond. Jack swims over and helps push Desmond onto the raft. Jack climbs in and quickly starts CPR. As everyone begins to think Desmond has died... water suddenly spits out from his mouth! He coughs and gags. He's alive. They're all alive. But alone on the vast ocean, they are far from okay.

Kate is at home sleeping. The phone rings, and Kate quickly answers it. No one is there... but she hears the whispers coming over the phone. Then she hears someone downstairs open the door. Kate goes to her closet and grabs a gun hidden in a shoe-box. She moves down the hallway into Aaron's room. Sitting beside him on the bed is Claire, who turns to Kate and warns her not to bring Aaron back. Kate bolts awake in bed. It was just a nightmare. She goes to Aaron's room and finds him alone sleeping. Kate starts to cry and says out loud she's sorry.

Kate is now the raft at night watching Aaron sleep. Hurley says he can't believe Locke actually moved the island. Jack scoffs, says no, he didn't. Hurley says well one minute it was there, the next it was gone. If Jack has a better explanation, Hurley would like to hear it. Then Lapidus stands up and starts shouting. There's a boat out there. They see the lights in the distance and start shouting. The boat turns in their direction. They are actually going to be rescued. But then Jack realizes something. He tells them they're going to have to lie about it all. Lapidus doesn't understand. Jack reminds him that the men on the freighter came to kill everyone on the island, that someone planted fake wreckage at the bottom of the ocean so everyone would think they were dead. What would happen to them if they say it wasn't their plane? What would happen to the people left on the island? Kate says they won't believe them, but Jack says let him do the talking.

As the boat pulls up beside the raft, they can hear a man shouting in Portuguese. He says the name Ms. Widmore, and time stops for Desmond. Penny looks over the railing, and Desmond finally sees her. For the first time in over three years, their eyes meet. Desmond climbs a rope ladder up to the deck, and they run into each other's arms. They hold each other weeping with joy. Desmond can't believe she found him. She tells him she has a tracking station. Desmond tells Penny he loves her and will never leave her again. Penny's crew help the rest of the survivors out of the raft. Desmond introduces Penny to everyone, and Jack tells her they need to talk.

Days later, Hurley asks again what it's called, and Sayid says Membata. Hurley asks why they're doing this, and Sayid tells him it's the only way to keep them safe. They drop the life raft back into the ocean, and everyone says their good-byes. Lapidus says they should make landfall in about eight hours. The Oceanic Six climb down into the raft, and Jack says let's go home. They set off. Cut to a beach where a young boy is fishing. Suddenly, he sees the raft, and he calls out and waves. Jack rows to shore, and they're helped out by the villagers. They're finally back in civilization, and soon they'll be home.

In the street outside the Hoff/Drawlar Funeral Parlor, Jack pulls up and parks. This is the bearded, pill-popping, drinking Jack who has just left the airport and the argument with Kate. He smashes the knob off the front door and sneaks inside. Jack goes into back area and finds Jeremy Bentham's coffin there. He lifts the lid and looks at Bentham inside. Then from behind, a figure steps in and says hello. Jack startles. It's Ben. He asks if Bentham told Jack he was off the island, and Jack says he did. They talked about a month ago. Ben asks what he said. Jack says after they left, bad things happened, and that Bentham said it was Jack's fault for leaving. He told Jack that he has to go back. Ben tells Jack that he can't go back to the island alone. All of them have to go. Jack says he doesn't even know where Sayid is, Hurley's insane, Sun blames him for Jin's death, and Kate won't talk to him anymore. Ben says maybe he can help with that but it has to be all of them. Jack starts to leave but Ben stops him. Ben reminds Jack that he said all of them. Jack is going to have to bring him, too. Jack is surprised, wondering what Ben means. Ben indicates that Jack must bring Locke who is lying face up in the coffin.