Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • How this episode played out, and the questions that were raised in my head afterwards made this 3 part finale yet again another favorite.

    So we got questions roaming around the forums as you may know about what happened to the island and what happened to those that were still on the island. Jack obviously has suffered from exactly what Locke told him would happen. Yet again that damn smoke monster I have yet to figure out what it is, but I do know that Keamy and his men got theirselves handed to when that thing unleashed upon them in that earlier episode. So where is Faraday and those on that small boat at now? Did they get ported with the island too? Also did Ben get ported not only with the island but also back to common land as we saw earlier when he awoke in the middle of the desert with a cut on his arm and in that jacket that he wore while turning the island, although we were not aware of why he was wearing such things out in the desert when that episode was aired. Anyways this episode was a real thrill to watch and how it played out was very well done in my point of view. And the Lost trademark for endings is that it leaves you with more questions than answers that we all debate about but they end up becoming something entirely different when the season starts back up again. So now for speculation, I'd say that the island has been moved ahead of time, some of the people left on it might have seen terrible fates like Locke discussed with Jack, Jack with the help of Ben will get all that left to agree somehow to go back and then all sorts of heck will happen from there. I really cant say what will become of Locke once he is returned there besides either he will come back to life somehow or join the ranks of Christian & Jacob.
  • First, the memorable Hatch shot, followed by 2 people playing chess, then we have to go back. Now, there's no place like home! The season four finale. 3 hours of absolute LOST!

    Ben, Locke, and Hurley go to The Orchid, but Keamy and his men beat them there. Jack and Kate go after the helicopter, and are later joined by Sawyer. Sayid comes back to the island with a rescue boat, and then goes after them too. Ben tries to escape Keamy's custody so that he and Locke can follow through with Jacob's request to move the island. Michael tries to neutralize the explosives on the boat, while the "Oceanic 6" move closer to rescue.

    The above 83 words are the extended, un-effective way of describing 'There's No Place Like Home'.

    Tantalizing. In my opinion, that's the best way.
  • A landmark in television history, and yet another brilliant twist

    We knew things were going to get bad the minute Keamy died; we just didn't know how soon. The helicopter makes it back to the freighter just as he breathes his last, and that canister of liquid nitrogen is just about to run out. Upon their order Desmond leaves the radio, but for some reason, Jin stays behind, maybe because he doesn't want to leave Michael alone.

    They plug the leak, and get Sun and Aaron on, and just as Jin starts running towards the exit, they pull out of the chopper. We then see the most heartbreaking moments on the show as Sun watches as Jin raises to the top of the freighter, and a split second later---- KABOOM!! Yunjin Kim gives the most wrenching performance of her career in this episode, from pure hysteria on the helicopter to a dull shock for much of the present, cold and calculating in the flashforward (I'll get to that in a minute)--- she's always been good, but this was Emmy caliber work.

    (A side note, before Michael dies, Christian appears and tells him: "You can go now," leaving us to believe that his work was done. Many couldn't figure out what work he had actually done. Now it seems pretty clear that his job was to stay their long enough to make sure everybody on that helicopter got out alive. All were critical to the island, though we won't see why until the last season. As for him hearing the whispers before died, there was a special irony in that, considering his fate.)

    Back on the island, Ben is giving Locke his marching orders, while telling him that it's his job alone to move the island. His job involves destroying part of the Orchid, but as was the case with a lot of the Dharma Initiative work, that was only a shell of what was really there. Ben's last few minutes on the island suddenly make the opening part of Ben's flashforward make more sense. He dons a parka, which rips as he climbs down the ladder into the icy reaches of the island. He falls, injuring his knee. Then he pushes as hard as he can on what seems to be a giant frozen wheel. The energy expended throws him out of a wormhole in Tunisia, where he expels cold air, vomits from the journey, and from then on it's all improvisation.

    What does this do? Why, it moves the island. It's still not clear whether he moved in space or just in time, but the overall effect was very close to what we saw when the hatch imploded--- a low buzzing fills the air, and the sky turns purple. And seems to cover a pretty big chunk of real estate--- Daniel and the zodiac raft are somehow pulled in with it, the smaller island goes too and it even seems to reach out to the freighter. The big question is, why didn't it touch people in the helicopter, especially if they were so important to the island? I don't think were ever going to get an answer, even now, and maybe it's far less important to the bigger questions. The consequences are immediate--- the helicopter crashes into the ocean, and somehow they manage to survive a water landing--- Frank is a great pilot, after all. Then, in the darkness, another ship, much smaller comes out to find the life raft floating in the ocean., leading to one of the most powerful moments in television history. For it is Penelope Widmore's boat, and as soon as Desmond hears her voice, he leaps out of the raft to get on board. Charles Widmore said that he was beneath Penny, so it makes sense that she runs down a level, and he climbs one in order for them to meet on level ground. This may have been as close to a happy ending as we may get for this epic love story, and even though I love Henry Ian Cusick, there was a big part of me who hoped and prayed that this was the end of his story. I knew it couldn't be--- Ben has, after all, sworn that he would kill her, and you know this is not a promise he would let go, but I wanted, right up to the end that we get one happy ending on a show that has taken so much from everybody.

    After this bit, Jack manages to convince everybody that they need to lie in order to protect their friends. It's still not clear why Jack thought this was necessary--- no one would ever believe them, and Charles Widmore, the only man who knew they were lying wouldn't act. But he does it, saying goodbye to Frank (not knowing that they have another meeting scheduled in the future, and a farewell to Des (ditto) and sails off the island in play out the story of the Oceanic 6.

    The truth comes in the flashforwards: Sayid comes to rescue Hurley out of Santa Rosa, where he kills a man watching the asylum, and liberates him, telling him "Bentham is dead. This scares the bejesus out of Hurley, and makes him leave his chess game with Eko (not seen, unfortunately). This would seem to indicated that only Hurley could see them, but he still isn't crazy.

    Kate has a dream in which she thinks that Aaron is in danger, only to see Claire standing over his bed, saying: "Don't you dare let him have him." We're still not sure who 'him' is but since Aaron was not brought back to the island, it does seem like it's going to be left mute. Still it's hard to believe Kate would willingly go anywhere

    The most compelling flashforward involves Sun. She is in London where she has a meeting with Charles Widmore. She tells him flat out that she's been lying to the rest of the world, that they have mutual interests, and most mysteriously--- "we're not the only ones who left the island." That would seem to imply that she knew that Ben was off the island, but why would she want to make a deal with Widmore anyway. Either she considers him the other man responsible for the death of her husband, or Ben is, but neither approach would seem to facilitate making a deal with the devil. Then again, Sun has the least reason to lie.

    And then poor Jack returns to the funeral home to see Bentham, and there he encounters the devil himself--- Ben. He tells Ben that things have been going wrong on the island, and that he had to come back. Ben then tell him that the island won't let him come alone --- they all have to go. What is important to understand is that's probably true, but Ben doesn't care about that. What he cares about is him coming back to the island, and if he has to maneuver everyone of the Oceanic 6 to get there--- he'll do it. And considering what he has already done to the man in the coffin--- John Locke, we know how ruthless he is willing to be. But even he doesn't understand the repercussions of what he's going to do.

    As Season 4 ended, it seemed clear that the surviving passengers of Oceanic 815--- those still on the island and those back home--- are all part of a much larger game. At the time we thought that the players in this game were Ben and Charles Widmore --- the last scene of 'The Shape of Things to Come' certainly seemed to imply that, and later episodes in the series would follow that idea. What we didn't realize is that Ben and Widmore would appear to be pieces as well--- bishops and castles instead of pawns, perhaps The island has plans for all of them, and it seems that not even death can stand between them and what the island wants. At this time, it was hard to imagine what the series could do next, considering the flashbacks and flashforwards had been exhausted. As usual, I had been underestimating Cuse and Lindelof.
    This episode puts the end on what has been one of the most explosive seasons of the show so far, but as we can tell, the island itself hadn't even begun to reveal all of it's secrets. We've gone pretty far from home, but next season the island itself will put itself front and center. As we close in on the end, it's getting close to being epic.
    My score:10
  • Nobody does a season finale like Lost. Nobody.

    If you can get over the fact that Lost may never be able to top the game-changing "Through the Looking Glass" of last season, there is still enough amazing moments here to keep their perfect finale streak alive.

    Jack learns the Claire is his sister.
    Sayid and Keamy have the best fight the show has done yet! Locke takes over the Others. The conspiracy of Kate's "son" Aaron begins. Michael makes up for his guilt. Sayid is reunited with lost love Nadia. Ben avenges his daughter, but at the price of killing people on the boat, including Jin- where Yujin Kim gives her best performance to date. And of course, the big ones: Desmond is Reunited with Penny, and Ben moves the island, and Locke is revealed to be dead in the coffin. Now they have to go back! Incredible incredible stuff! So many questions were answered, yet so many more have been asked (as usual)! Can't wait for the new season!
  • Some long awaited answers as the story moves forward.

    This second hour came out of last minute negotiation between the producers and ABC to get one of the three episodes "in the bank" from the writers' strike to tell the story properly, as well as giving viewers the two hour finale that is expected. It was obviously the right call. With all the stuff that happens in these two hours, it would've been impossible to cram all that stuff into one. It's pretty amazing that the fast production didn't hurt the episode much outside of some of the special effects (the freighter explosion).

    Keamy succumbs to the fatal wounds Ben gave him, setting up the explosion. It's unfortunate that Keamy is gone from the present narrative since he helped make that threat Ben and Locke were warning Jack about very real, but he served his purpose. It might've been cool to have his arm cut off, activating the trigger, but that'd be hard to pull off on a regular basis if he survived. The dead man's trigger, along with the correct assumption that the freighter was going to explode, marked his curtain call. One question brought up by his death was why didn't Locke attempt to put on the dead man's trigger? It's possible that once it went off, it was off and even a second away from a pulse would trigger it.

    As it turns out, Sun's fault of deceiving others didn't result in her being separated from Jin, but the overall panic on the freighter as people tried to get off before the bomb went off did. It's obviously a better choice, as my theorized method would be hard to pull off without making Sun really unsympathetic, plus the chaos works better dramatically (the direction in this scene was reminiscent of "24", which I miss so much).

    Despite being on the freighter when the bomb went off, I am 100% convinced Jin is still alive. It would be hard for them to pull off such a twist without it cheating the life or death stakes they want to portray on the island, but as mentioned in previous reviews, Sun believing Jin's dead is probably the only way it could work, and Yunjin Kim really sells the devastation of losing Jin. Her screams are chilling.

    As for where he is, a good theory would be Faraday's boat picks up Jin among the wreckage. However, upon further thought, he may be on the island. Remember back in season two when he somehow wound up back on the island several hours ahead of Michael and Sawyer? Well he may have done so the same way the doctor's body washed up a day and a half before he died. He could have easily returned to the island a day before the move in an uninhabited area.

    For all the promotion surrounding Michael's return, it didn't yield much this season. They emphasized he would be a lead character, but was only featured in a few episodes. Many prominent characters didn't even know he was back. He ultimately failed in his redemptive mission: Keamy's men got to the island and killed half a dozen people, not to mention the bomb that killed everyone on the freighter (except Jin. I'm not giving up.) It lacks the heroism Charlie's actions turning off the Looking Glass' signal had. Perhaps Christian's "You can go now", a rather dismissive phrase, was meant to be taken as the island punishing Michael for his failure. That may be why it wasn't Walt who showed up to let his dad off the hook.

    The biggest problem is that there was no closure regarding his relationship with Walt, which is ironic considering how father-child relationships are major pieces for most of the characters. There is always the chance he may appear to Walt and that story may be resolved that way, but Walt's story is more connected to his ambiguous ability.

    Ben's fork in the microwave blows apart the chamber, revealing something far older, similar to the special room in his secret closet in the Barracks, particularly with the hieroglyphics with a huge wheel covered in ice. However, the wheel itself, as well as the unusual cold, reminds me more of something Northern European. Dharma may have been aware of this wheel and had the polar bear Charlotte found be the test subject, and they sealed it up to keep the room from being easily accessed.

    Some things on the island I'm willing to accept as they are without some explanation. Why is the Frozen Donkey Wheel room unusually colder than everywhere else on the island? How does turning a wheel cause the island to move or send its turner to Northern Africa? I'm not going to try to figure out, although it adds credence to the theory that the island is manufactured.

    Ben's moving of the island precedes his flash forward. From his clothes, the sudden temperature change and the cut on his arm (why include it otherwise). So technically, Ben's flash forward would be first since only a few days passed for him. It is interesting to note how quickly Ben's resignation changes once he finds himself in Tunisia.

    Ben believes he's being punished for failing the island last season. It's apparent during his emotionally charged push of the wheel. Before, he mentions that whoever moves the island can't return, the ultimate punishment for him. This is another ambiguous quote. Is it an agreed rule among island faithful? If not, one theory suggests Ben was charged by whatever was mentioned in The Orchid video and that will keep him from reentering that barrier. Whatever it is, there has to be a loophole since I can't see the island saga ending without Ben on it.

    Considering what little we know, Locke's tenure as The Others' new leader is likely going to be disaster, but it will be interesting to see what he does. Will he be inclined to "merge the tribes" to borrow a phrase from "Survivor"? That would certainly be uneasy with turncoat Juliet. It'd serve as a fitting contrast to see Locke attempting Jack's "live together, die alone" philosophy.

    For The Others, will some of them step in the spot light? It seems like it'd be better to invest more time with Alpert and developing his character, although a few Others will likely rise in prominence since otherwise it's a red shirt brigade. Alternatively, maybe Alpert and Locke will be the last Others standing following the bad things that'll happen on the island.

    With the cast going in several directions, there are few key members left on the beach camp. Sawyer and Juliet are the only major leaders left, which should be an interesting power vacuum (and possible romance) to see develop, assuming we'll still see the on island events as we have. With the beach slimmed down, this would've been a better time to introduce a Nikki and/or Paolo into the mix, not that they'll likely try that again.

    What happened to Faraday and the raft of red shirts left on the water? Every other person or group is accounted for (with the exception of Jin, who I refuse to believe died). They have set up Faraday's character too much to have him die ingloriously in the middle of nowhere. Because of his status, he may be the only person to inform Widmore of what happened on the island if Frank stays low profile.

    Despite moving the island moving, Jack refuses to give Locke any credit (OK, he literally didn't move the island, but he wouldn't know that). This is where Jack's behavior waves a little too far in mid-X-Files Scully territory, but Jack's skepticism has given way to cynicism, which may be the beginnings of his stupor.

    It's also worth noting that the moment the island disappears, the people on the island think the Oceanic Six and the others on the freighter are dead and the Oceanic Six have no idea what happened to those left behind. So their reaction to the Six's return will likely be a lot different than we might've expected if we assumed the Six left the rest in a more selfish way. Then of course, Locke finds out they survived as he visits them, but when does that happen?

    Desmond's reunion with Penny is as heartfelt and satisfying as anyone could've wished for. As mentioned before, their love story resonates more than all the Jater/Skater/Jurley stuff put together. Despite knowing she would be in the episode, the moment one of the Portuguese men (who apparently was in the artic station when Desmond turned the key) called for Ms. Widmore, many fans and I started freaking out. I haven't gotten this way since Jim & Pam on "The Office" (or their British counterparts).

    The only concern with this is that many were expecting to wait another two years for this scene. Now that they are reunited, is this forecasting doom, especially with Penny in Ben's cross hairs? Desmond's promise that he'll never leave her may be tested if he needs to return to the island. Or maybe Widmore stuck her on the island since Ben supposedly can't return there.

    As for the two other people with the Six when Penny rescued them, Desmond will obviously stick with Penny, who has the money to keep them under the radar for the rest of their lives, but will they extend that courtesy to Frank? He's the only surviving freight crew not on the island or unaccounted for, and Widmore would likely want to see him to know what happened to his men.

    The flash forwards didn't take as much screen time as expected, but the short and sweet segments set up their stories for next season well. Sayid extracting Hurley from Santa Rosa for "somewhere safe" is a big loose end from the episode, setting up their story for the presumed pick up point for the Six, after the death of "Jeremy Bentham". Apparently, that is enough to indicate that things have gone bad that drastic measures are now necessary. Why does Sayid need to take Hurley immediately though? It's likely because of his ability to talk to Jacob. Since Locke is the man in the coffin, Ben would want to get the only other person who can do that on his side to figure out the next phase of their plan.

    Hurley is deep in his mental illness, playing chess with Mr. Eko, as that may be the only way he can handle the guilt. His remark about speaking to dead people could've easily set up a "Sixth Sense" twist, revealing one of the people we saw him talking to in the hospital was the man in the coffin, but that wouldn't have had much weight since all four major characters he's talked to in the institution (not including Charlie) interacted with someone else. It could also be the island sending the dead like Charlie.

    Kate's dream sequence puzzled some people as they believed what she saw were mixed visions brought by the island. The phone call she gets, when reversed, warns her to return to the island "before it's too late", but then Claire appears telling her not to bring "him" back. However, it seems more like Kate's desires are subconsciously manifested in the island visions. Kate has the least interest in returning to the island because of Aaron and the terms of her probation (for a capital crime she clearly did). For the former, having Claire appear and reinforce her opinion justifies her feelings about the island, but now that resolve is cracking.

    Sun's flash forward has a lot of promise. She obviously took reigns at her father's company to get close to Widmore, but is she aligning with him? She mentions they have "common interests", which is likely the island and getting to it. He is the best connection to the island she has, since there's no indication Locke or Ben visited her. The answers to why she reached out to him may be some of the strongest evidence supporting Jin being alive. Why else would she want to get to the island?

    Then we have Jack, going through more grunge-era music in his stupor, presumably right after his "we have to go back" moment with Kate. Ben now may have him under his thumb as well, another ironic twist of fate. Although how will Ben clean Jack up so he can get everyone back?

    Ben emphasizes that everyone must return with Jack to the island, but does everyone mean only the Oceanic Six? What about Walt, who has been off for more than a month when the Six leave; Ji Yeon, conceived on island, but not born there; Desmond, who wasn't on the plane, but spent three years there; and Frank, who was only on the island in passing, but was there nonetheless. If it includes Desmond, it may be a ruse to get Penny out of hiding so he can exact revenge on Widmore. Considering how scattered they are, getting them together again will likely be a big part of next season.

    Ben's ideas for getting those who left to return will likely involve his classic tactic of finding what a person values, then exploiting it. Jack and Hurley will likely be game. Sayid may be as well, assuming he is still working for Ben. The way through Kate has to be through Aaron. Assuming he's still alive, Jin may be motivating Sun's "common interests" with Widmore and Ben can likely exploit that too.

    The biggest reveal of the episode was the season ending cliffhanger of Locke being the man in the coffin. Many have suspected it to be him all along. It makes sense considering their contentious relationship regarding the island being special that Jack would regret doubting him since it had tragic consequences. That said, I don't think Locke is necessarily dead the way other people except Christian are. Locke is such a central character to the show's story to now. It'd be a hard sell to have Ben and Jack playing Weekend at Bernie's with him.

    There are a lot of questions surrounding Locke's journey back to the main land as Jeremy Bentham. There is no known practical method of getting off the island besides turning the frozen donkey wheel. So some have theorized that Locke will move the island again, expelling himself. Not being able to return, some have theorized, spurred his suicide. However, there is more than enough doubt as to if he really did kill himself.

    As for his secret identity, the survivors insisting on calling him Bentham continues their objective to lie about their stay to protect those left behind. Sayid suspected that Locke was murdered and made to look like a suicide, so maybe his paranoia stems from him believing the secret is out and those out to get the left behind are at risk. Locke knows of Widmore, but obviously doesn't have the history Widmore had with Ben.

    The narrative structure for next season should be as interesting, if not more, than this one. There are three years to mine for the Oceanic Six as well as the people left behind. Will island action pick up where we left off with jumps in the time line, or will they do a "Three Years Later" jump and have those left behind do flashbacks to explain what bad things happened on the island? It seems likelier that the subplots involving the Six, Ben and maybe Walt will pick up around the time this episode ends. The gap wasn't really supposed to be answered this season, rather it was the set up for next season's story. Three major questions will likely be key story points next season: how do the people who left the island reunite and return, what happened to those who stayed behind and what were the circumstances that lead to Locke's "death".

    While this finale didn't have the mind bending twist that changed the trajectory of the series like last season, there was enough emotional satisfaction with how events happened to make up for it. Not to mention they couldn't keep topping themselves with crazy twists or next season they'd reveal Christian fathered everyone on the island, including himself. The writing overall was very strong, setting up some interesting paths they can go down next season, but it was the performances in this episode that really resonate. There are so many moving, exciting and intriguing moments in this closing chapter of the best season yet that easily makes up for there not being a major game changer like last year. Some criticized this episode for lacking in major surprises, but it was clear this season, as well as the series itself, is all about the journey.
  • Yeah it was amazing.

    Part 1 was very good and it setup the last couple of hours perfectly.

    Part 2 and 3 was absolutly amzing everything you could ever want in a episode of Lost. All the flashfowards were great, I enjoying seeing Walt again, hopefully we will see him more in the next couple of seasons. Hurley seeimg Mr Eko was pretty stupid but I liked it "Check mate, Mr Eko". Final scene was very good, I kind of expected it to be Locke but still good. Scary scene with Claire wonder who was on the phone? Michaels's death was pretty cool, wel the whole episode was amazing Sayid Vs Keamey was great and Ben as usual was great, I would give him the best supporting actor Emmy award this year. everything about this episode was great, best episode of Lost.

    I hope season five is as good as foour but its going to be pretty tough to beat it.
  • Who is Jacob? - major speculative spoiler

    In the episode where John Locke gets shot by Ben, and where earlier he hears Jacob asking him for help, if you freeze the picture where the face of Jacob is partially and furtively shown, I was very surprised with the resemblance.
    At the end of this finale I now think it is true.
    So who is Jacob?
    I wonder if the makers of Lost have an alternative script, but the treatment of the John Locke character reminded me of Gilbert Gosseyn in The world of Null-A by AE Van Vogt, where in his books, he explores general semantics and its possible applications in organizing human life. The hero Gosseyn, like John Locke is looking for answers about his world, finds out also like John Locke that in fact he is the architect of his world.
    In other words:
    John Locke = Jeremy Bantham = Jacob, and yes the flashing face in the shadows of the person sitting on the chair inside the haunted house is none but that of John Locke / Jeremy Bantham...

    CRAZY AWESOME is just an understatement to this episode. The episodes of this season has posed as mini movies; that is how good the episodes are! This season has been nothing BUT pure non-stop excitement, and these previous episodes have proved to be the most powerful, emotional, and AMAZING yet. And because of them, Lost is now my second favorite Television series. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, you have no idea! Ben Linus must have a million tricks up his sleeve on the island, and his decision to leave the island doesn't have to be his last trick on the island! Can't wait for the next season!
  • Wow!!!

    This is a duplicate review to the 2nd part of this episode.

    In flashfowards, Jack needs to go back to the island. Walt visits Hurley Sayid takes Hurley out of the institution. Sun meets with Charles. Jack goes to the body of Jeremy, who turns out to be Locke. Ben visits him there and says that if he wants to go back, he has to take everyone back, including Locke.

    Keamy takes Ben to the helicopter, where the Others kill Keamy's men. The Others seemingly kill Keamy after he almost kills Sayid. Ben shows Locke where the Orchid station is. Jack and Sawyer take Hurley back. On the freighter, Michael has a way to stall the C4: by freezing it. Desmond and Jin help out. Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond and Frank get into the helicopter to go to the freighter, but fuel is leaking. Keamy finds Ben and Locke. He has to switch to the C4 and if he dies, it will explode. Ben kills him anyways. He then proceeds to move the island. Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter so that they can make it to the freighter. Miles, Juliet, and Charlotte don't want to leave the island. Sawyer gets to Juliet on the island. Locke is the new leader of the Others while Ben moves the island. The boat is about to explode. Michael and Jin are left on it. It explodes and Sun is screaming for Jin. The island disappears while Frank and them try to get to it. They crash in the water, but Penny's boat finds them. The Oceanic 6 go to a nearby island.

    This episode was crazy! Everything was so intense! I hope Jin doesn't die. I sort of want Michael to live too. I am so confused though. Where's the island? What happened to Claire? What the heck?!? Okay, well I cannot wait for season 5!! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • This was MIND BLOWING

    When it comes to Lost, you have to have high expectations. After all, in four seasons, the show has managed to cultivate, maintain, and excite a rabid fan base of millions. Not only is the writing witty and intriguing, but the over arching plot is constantly teetering on that fine line between complete unbelievable sci-fi, and the what-if reality of drama.

    Because of this, the direction that the season finale "There's no Place Like Home" had some big shoes to fill; I for one was worried, but in the end, I was absolutely NOT disappointed. The episode delivered in both emotional and action payoffs. It also answered just enough mystery to satisfy the cravings and started a few new enigmas to keep us hungry.

    If for some crazy reason (Linda, I am talking to you), you haven't caught up on this season's episodes on your TiVo, don't read ahead, there will be spoilers.

    What if Christopher Walken worked out? You would have Keamy. He is one tough baddie. As expected, the device strapped to his arm was a trigger for the C4 bomb on deck of the freighter. To bad for Michael and company. When Keamy is finally killed by Ben, it blows the whole thing up in a fiery ball of death. When Christian tells Michael "You can go now," he is no doubt referring to the fact that "the work he had to do" is finished. This whole sub-plot brings back a theme of Lost that has been missing for a while - the theme of choices and consequences. Mr. Eko (who was playing chess with Hurley - loved that part), constantly was hammering this theme home. Locke tries to blame Ben for the freighter blowing up - but it was Keemey who killed Ben's Daughter - but it was Locke who lost faith in the "button" and refused to push it alerting the freighter as to the islands whereabouts. The circle could spin back a few more loops, and in the end we find is that destiny and fate, as dictated by the island, are inescapable.

    Sawyer reborn. Sawyer baptizes himself in the ocean by sacrificing himself for the Oceanic 6. This wasn't just a plot point. There was some deep symbolism in his submersion into the ocean and then his return to the beach, half naked, as if he had been reborn. His request to Kate, was no doubt about his daughter. Clementine was the last piece of Sawyer that he had to fix. It was obvious (if not a bit disappointing) that Sawyer's trajectory was changing throughout the episodes. His transformation is now complete. Expect to see Sawyer as a real leader and hero next season. Sawyer will be the leader Jack was never able to be.

    I hear scary people. There were whispers everywhere this season, and in the Lost season finale, the whispers were a bit confusing. We heard them when Christian appeared with Michael, we heard them when "The Others" attacked Keamy, we heard them on the phone, and when Claire visited Aaron. The whispers that seemed the most out of place was the voice on the phone with Kate. An astute audience member recorded the phone conversation, reversed it, and found out that it says "The Island Needs You. You have to go back, before it's too late." That conversation is directly opposed to the conversation has with Claire about Aaron. So, was the phone call Ben? Locke? Or is Claire not from the island but aligned with Widmore or Abbadon?

    Home sweet home. The one that moves the island cannot come back. Those were Ben's cryptic words before he turns the frozen donkey wheel of time traveling bunnies (I made that term up believe it or not). Ben, obviously, was not the first to turn the wheel. I am assuming Widmore did as well. At some point in history, Widmore was on the island and had to turn the wheel, and was banished. That is why he is desperately trying to get back. I would assume that Wiidmore did it for greed and not for protection. That is why he is being punished.

    Ben and Charlotte sitting in a tree K-I-S-S… Charlotte is Annie. Annie, for her own protection, was removed from the island at some point. This broke Ben's heart, and Charlotte didn't fare well either. Since that day, Charlotte has been fighting to get back to the island. Miles must know this because he has seen or heard Annie's parents on the island.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is obvious now that Ben's popping up in Tunisia was a result of moving the island. He pops up 10 months later. Is it safe to assume that the island also was shifted by 10 months? Was it also shifted to another point on the globe? For Ben, the shift was instantaneous. Did the island experience an instantaneous shift as well, or are they going to live out those 10 months. My guess is that the next season of Lost will focus on those 10 months on the island. It is obvious, because of the markings and runes the frozen donkey wheel of time traveling bunnies, that this time travel business and smoke monster issue are much older than Dharma and maybe even the hostiles. I am hoping that this storyline, the ancient history of the island, will get some screen time. I would love to see the origin of these things, possibly through Richard Alpert's eyes, next season.

    The Final Body Count. Michael and Keamy die - probably. There will be other coconut carriers on the freighter that die. What about Jin? I am assuming the Jin lives. This will be a major plot development later as Sun, in desperation, aligns herself with Wiidmore and becomes part of the "bad guys." I am also assuming that Daniel lives. I am not sure which timeline or physical location he will be in. The question hinges on how much of the island moved? If it was the physical island, there is a problem. If it was the island, its surrounding waters, and the island's belongings (the people) then it will be ok.

    The island has moved before. It is safe to assume that the Blackrock ship was popped onto the island because the island appeared under it. Did the same thing happen with Mr. Eko's brother and the smuggler's plane? How many people are left off the island because they had to "move it?"

    Desmond and Penny. There will have to be some future story dealing with Desmond. Obviously, he will have to hide from Widmore. Heck, he had to hide from Widmore before he escaped the island. I am wondering how Penny and Desmond deal with this very awkward relationship when Penny's father is both fantastically rich, amazingly powerful, and cosmically wise. This will need some good explaining.

    Jeremy Bentham. So, Locke was in the coffin. He also changed his name to Jeremy Bentham for obvious reasons. John Locke was a man who died in a plane crash, and was wheel chair bound. Jeremy Bentham was just a kooky bald guy speaking in riddles trying to locate the Oceanic 6. Bentham is also the name of a philosopher who founded Utilitarianism. There has got to be a link there. Locke is trying to get everyone back to the island because of "very bad things" happening. If the past four seasons of Lost don't qualify in Locke's mind as "very bad," then we have some tragedies waiting for us next season.

    That is it for the Lost season finale. Next season I expect to see some very bad things on the island, the completion of Sawyer's redemption, Sun's transformation into badness, Ben's kick buttness, and much more about the ancient workings of the island.
  • Season 4 finale shocker.

    So I finally got to see that 3 hours finale of Lost season 4. First off, the season was brilliant and lived up to the hype as far as I am concerned. There is so much to tell in it. The island was indeed move, it felt odd at first but then I re-watched it and loved it. Yeah yeah, lost is getting even more Sci-fi but who cares when it still delivers such shocker.The ending was WOW! I know a lot theorized on it but I was shocked to see Locke is that casket. We learn why the Oceanic 6 were lying and why JAck wanted to go back. Season 5 is still far away but everything looks promising, very promising.
  • An Oceanic Six-centric episode.

    All things considered, this episode was absolutely amazing! It couldn't have been more perfect if it tried to be. This was definitely one of the best episodes ever of Lost right along with the first two parts of the season four finale. This episode was so action packed and full of excitement, and I absolutely loved that about this episode. I've very sad about the fact that Jin appears to have been killed. I can't believe that Ben moved the island! I was so shocked that he did that the first time I saw this episode. The ending left me with so many questions, and left me wanting so much more, but in a good way. I can't for season five to start so I can find out what happens next. I'm wondering now that Jack is off the island if Juliet is going to assume the role of leader to the remaining castaways on the island. The creators of the show have said that the show will once again be done in a different format like season four did when they started showing flash forwards, and I'm dying to know what exactly they mean by that. The ending of the episode with Locke's dead body in the coffin off the island was absolutely mind blowing and awesome. In closing, I thought that this was an extremely well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved. Season four couldn't have ended any better than it did, and I'm very anxious for season five of Lost to start so I can find out what happens next.
  • Who is in the coffin? How did the Oceanic 6 get off the island? These questions have puzzled us since the season 3 finale, and finally, they're answered.

    We start off where the last episode left off. Ben has killed Keamy, therefore activating the bombs on The Freighter. Luckily, the liquid nitrogen on the freighter is delaying the explosion. Bad news is they havent got alot of time left to get off the boat. Jin wants to help Michael with the bomb, but as Michael says, Jin is a father and has responsibilities. Jin runs off and just as he is, the chopper is ready to take off. Lapidus, Desmond, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aron are all on it. Sun is screaming for Jin but Lapidus won't go back for him. Michael runs out of liquid nitrogen, and he hears whispers. He turns around and sees Christian Shepard, who says "you can go now". BOOM! The Frieghter explodes, much to the displeasure of Sun, who cant quite believe her eyes.

    In a flashforward, Sun is waiting for someone. She sees him and walks up to him. Its Charles Widmore, who pretends not to know about Sun, and the fact that they are lying about the island. She gives him her card and asks him to call her. She then leaves.

    Back on the island, Ben has finished putting the metal in the vault. He flips a switch and it explodes. He gets changed into a parka and tells Locke not to come with him. Jacob wants Ben to suffer the consequences, as the person who moves the island can never come back. He also gives the role as the leader of the others to Locke, before departing into a tunnel in the back of the exploded vault.

    He descends down the tunnel into a cold room full of snow and a wooden wheel is mounted horizontally onto the side of cave. Ben whispers "well Jacob, I hope you're happy".He uses a crowbar to remove some ice from the wheel, making it easier to turn. He does with all his might and the wheel turns slowly but surely. When he has pushed it as far as it will go, he and the island are shrouded with a bright light. WHOOSH! The island has disappeared before the eyes of the people on the chopper.They toss the lifeboat out and get on it.

    In a flashforward, Kate is alone in her house in bed. She hears whispers and a door creak in Aron's room. She takes a gun only to find its Claire, who tells her to never bring Aron back to the island. She wakes up and finds it was a dream.

    Back on the boat, they rafties are arguing. Jack says they need to lie to protect the island as Locke says. Then they see lights. Its a boat, and they signal for rescue. They climb on the boat and a man shouts for Mrs Whidmore. Desmond realises that it is Penny's boat and he runs to her and they embrace in a romantic kiss.

    One week later, they throw the boat back into the water. It's the only way to keep them safe as Sayid explains, and the Oceanic 6 get on the lifebpat, leaving Desmond and Lapidus on the boat. They then row to an island called Mumbata, where they are finally rejoined back to civilization.

    In a flashforward, Jack breaks into the funeral parlour. He goes to see the body of Jeremy Benthem, who has been "visiting" him. Ben comes up behind him and tells him that the Oceanic 6 need to go back to the island, that the island wants them back. Jack says OK and Ben says "all of you" and points to the coffin, which the camera pans over and finally reveals the contents of it. It is the body of John Locke. LOST! cut to the credits.

    This is a great episode, joint best so far building up to a spectacular season 5.
  • WOW, ABSOLUTELY mind-blowing!!! Worth The 3 Yr Wait. =)

    What a freakin finale this was!! WOW, ABSOLUTELY mind-blowing.
    It was the best LOST Season Finale ever with so much action and adventure.

    My Top 3 favorites were: - Ben Moving the Island - Desmond & Penny - Aww!!
    - Locke in Coffin - Whoaaa!! Whattt??? =))

    The scene where they get off the island finally and they hug good-bye to Desmond was emotionally heart breaking. It was so sad. 108 days on the Island and finally going back home -- I would have cried. :((

    And this 3 years later thing...I think they did this because of Walt? I mean the actor who plays Walt has gotten SO BIG. If they didn't say 3 years passed by it would have been weird to see him that grown up. =)

    I just cant wait for Season 5 to premiere. Im gonna die that night of excitement. =))
  • And the dead body belongs to...........

    We open with Sayid executing a man in a car. We then see him going into a building where he finds Hugo. Hugo leaves with Sayid. The helicopter lands just as they have five minutes until the bomb will go off. So they patch up the helicopter and re-fuel it. Sun manages t get on the helicopter but Jin is not there in not and so the helicopter takes off and we see Jin, Sun is hysterical. The boat then explodes. On the helicopter are just sun Kate, Aaron jack, Hugo, Desmond and Frank. We see Juliet who is still on the island drinking Rum, when she sees Sawyer swimming back to the island. Ben goes under the building into the cold to move the island. Then we have a bright light and a weird noise and then the island simply vanishes. The helicopter then runs out of fuel. As they go down they put on their life jackets and Sayid throws out an inflatable boat. Then they hit the water. Desmond is not breathing as they all get into the boat raft and Jack has to perform CPR on him. He soon comes back round. At night on the boat raft Frank notices that out in the distance is a boat. Jack tells them they are going to have to lie about everything since they crashed onto the island. Kate says they can't pull it off and Jack simply says to let him do the talking. Someone on the boat sees Desmond and they call for Penny, he climbs up the boat to see her and she runs down to met him. They look and each other and then simply kiss. He tells her he loves her and will never leave her again. Jack meets penny as do the rest of the people off of the boat and he tells her it's nice to meet her but they have to talk. We then skip to one week later.
    Jack sets up a little boat for the island people to go, as he put it, home. We at least to anther island so that they can get their stories straight. They make it to the other island and are greeted by the local people. We then skip to the future and see Jack going to a funeral parlour. It's not open so he simply brakes in. The body is of Jeremy. He opens the casket and starts to cry. He is then startled, by Ben, who has appeared. But who is in the casket,......................it turn out to be...............Locke.
    We learnt that Jack spoke to him about a month before his death, and Kate did too. Ben tells him that all of them have to go back. Including the dead body.
  • The best episode ever! The questions are answered, with more new questions. Awesome!

    Amazing double episode, and I have to say that it is the best of the whole season of Lost. I am not so sure about what happened to the island, I mean, who it could be possible.... they moved the entire island to another place to make this unfounded!, it is amazing!

    The best part of this, of course, as always is the end of the episode, that make us wonder what is gonna happen next season. Are the six of oceanic came back to the island?, could they find it at all?, what is doing Jack´s father alives,what bag things happens to the rest of the people in the island, and the big question to me, why is Lock dead? I can´t wait to see next season.
  • Let's just say I love this episode. :]

    Woah; so the Season 4 finale of LOST was unbelievably great. I think I loved about everything about it. So much action, drama, everything. I'm not gonna lie; I was so afraid Sawyer was going to die when he jumped out of the helicopter. But he's alive! Yay! :] However; Jin and Michael (along with others on the freighter) did die. But Jin is the only one I'm sad about. So Ben moved[?] the island. That was a pretty cool scene. Desmond and Penny reunited! That was so sweet. It turned out to be Locke (Jeremy Bentham) in the coffin. I have to say that I absolutely loved all the acting in the finale; but especially Ben's. Michael Emerson is one talented guy. Well there's so much more I could say; but I'll just stop here. Basically:: Finale = Amazing. :]
  • The Oceanic 6 make it off the island, in a very last minute effort to get everyone of the island. Some maybe lost forever, and some stuck on the island, which Ben has successfully moved.

    Wow...this may go down as the very best episode of LOST ever. The action, the drama, the gut-wrentching heartache of watching familiar characters lose their lives was too much to bear it was great. There were four stories here really. The first was og Locke and Ben and their last minute heroics to save the island. The time travel element returned and I have to admit that I am still confused, the island seems to be only a few minutes behind the rest of the world. Anyways here we have Locke with all these questions and Ben who is happy to point out how ridiculus his questions are. As he kept on puttign metal objects in the time machine, Locke was just puzzled on everything Ben was doing, which led to Ben killing Keamy despite the fact that it would detonate the explosives on the freighter and kill all onboard. Ben goes to move the island by entering the time chamber and the down a tube in which the tropical setting of the island was replaced by a cold snow covered climate. Why, I have to ask, where exactly did he go? It explains how he just landed in the desert ten months a head of time, but how?

    The important things from this arc, is that Locke is now the head of the Others, and Ben can never return to the island.

    Jack and the Oceanic Six escape, and the whole thing with the hellicopter running out of gas, and then the tank being shot at, it was very suspenseful. Then Sawyer, jumped off in order to keep the chopper in the air, why Hurley did not jump is not clear, but I feel like it redeemed Sawyer a bit, he tends to make these heroics in the finales. He whispered something into Kate's ear, kisses her and jumps to swim to shore, to find Juliet with a bottle of Dharma rum, as they have no chance now of making it off the island. Whether he chose to stay as Jack said to Kate is not clear, he chose to sacrifice himself, but did so believing he would be rescued later. When they found Penny's boat I was so happy, the reunion of Desmond and Penny was great, per Charlie's inquest she got a boat and headed for the island. Then the Six left, knowing they could never see Desmond and Penny, and Frank again. They then headed for Indonesia where they were eventually discovered and received to become the Oceanic Six.

    The third story was that of Michael's who redeemed himself for betraying his friends to leave the island with Walt. He was sacrificed by Christian who said his debt had been filled. Who else thinks that Christian is like the host body for Jacob? Michael has been confirmed to definately be dead, not sure if that goes for Jin as well.

    Now onto the craziest story of the episode, the tale of Jeremy Bentham. Jeremy went to visit Jack, Kate and Aaron, Hurley, and Walt, not sure if he visited Desmond, Sun, and Sayid, to inform them that they had to return to the island. This incident is what furthers Jack's downard spiral and the is the reason for his split from Kate and Aaron. Jeremy informed Walt that the Oceanic Six were all lying and that his father was left behind. Jeremy dies and when Jack learns of this he tries to kill himself, these are the events of the Season 3 finale. We pick up when Kate gets into her Volvo to return to Aaron, who misses Jack, she turns around to express her anger with Jack over the information Jeremy provided. Jack returns to the funeral home housing Jeremy's body and is surprised with a visit by Ben. Ben explains that all of them must return to the island, that Jack cannot do it alone, he must get all of the Six, and possibly Walt and Desmond to return to the island, as well as Jeremy Bentham, who is revealed to be John Locke.

    In the meantime, Kate has a dream where Claire breaks into her house to visit Aaron and inform her that Aaron must not return to the island. Here are a few problems we will run into.

    Kate is legally restricted to the state of California, the punishment for murdering her father, and will be hesistant to bring Aaron back as Claire has instructed her not to.

    Sun has used her newly appointed power as Managing Director of her father's powerful Korean industrial company to contact Charles Widmore and strike a deal stating that they have common interests, mainly returning to the island.

    Hurley has checked himself into a mental institution because he is being visited by those survivors who died on the island. Although Sayid breaks him out, but it is unclear if Hurley will be willing to return.

    Walt is furious with the Oceanic Six for lying to everyone regarding the events of their crash and how they survived and escaped. And Desmond, who seemed to bid farewell to Jack and the others, planning to never see them again, had made it clear to Sayid on the freighter that he spent three years on the island and plans to never return again.

    A lot to consider, and I cannot wait for Season 5, I think this finale capped of the season nicely, maybe not as powerful as last year's, it was so excitingly nerve-wracking.
  • Awesome, Love this show! (Note I have reviewed part 2 and 3 the same.)

    Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, Desmond and Frank Lapidus escape the Island, while Ben and Locke succeed in moving the Island. In flashforwards, the Oceanic Six and Walt react to visits from a man named Jeremy Bentham, who they seem to have some connection with. Oh my god, what can I say about this awesome episode? I mean come on. How good was this season finale, it is my favourite finale on Lost. All the exciting and nerve-wrecking things what happened in this episode. I hope Michael is still alive, I think he might be like Claire now. I felt sorry for Sun, I was nearly crying when Jin was shouting her to come back. How good was it when Ben moved the island. He is one of my favourite characters in this awesome season. I can't believe John is dead too, but I think when they all go back he will be alive again! Hopefully anyway. I can't wait for the next season now, eight months we have to wait I don't think I can wait that long. All in all Lost is the best show and season four final has been the best episode/finale I have ever seen in my life! Bring on season five!
  • exciting, awesome, best show ever!

    I loved this episode!! So exciting!!
    And I had some predictions half the way through it that were right!!
    I knew Penny's boat would appear!! I didn't think it would rescue the oceanic 6 + frank and desmond, but still, it showed up!!
    When Jack entered the funeral home for the second time I imediatly Locke crossed my mind! In the beginning of the episode I don't remember who sai that Jeremy had told them to lie, so indeed Locke!

    Jin is dead! I hate when they kill characters!! I'm sad now (not a lot because Jin was barely showing up)
    Sawyer....what a man! He is the son-in-law my mother always asked! lol - He swan many and many kilometers in open sea wearing jeans and when arrived the island even mocked Juliet! He is awesome!
    Ben is my favorite character! He always have a plan! i wonder what he's trying to do in the 'future' ... Ohh and I was sure he wouldn't care about the people on the boat!
    It seems that Michael is finally dead, although Walt said he's alive! I mean, Christian (Jack's dad, right?) said: "You can go now Michael"

    I can't belive they moved the island! I was hoping some cientific explanations, but everything is turning into magic! Well, we still have time but I guess it's all about faith and miracles (not a good answer for me)

    Will they go back? How the hell Locke died? What are Jacob, Christina, Claire? Is Hurley really crazy or is he actually playing chess with Mr. Eko?? What Swayer whispered before he jumps? Did Dr. Halliwax live in The Orchid? (his name was written in Ben's coat when he starts to move the island)
    So many questions, no answers and a long long time to wait!
  • Speechless

    The Lost creators have delivered the goods again and then some. Watching this show is akin to a movie and the season finale certainly didn't disappoint. We now know how they left the island but for each question answered another one is raised. Who really is Christian? Is Locke really dead? What happened to Claire? The painful fact we now have to wait for Season 5 is a testament to the quality of this show and its strength showing believable flawed human beings in extraordinary circumstances. Now I've seen the episode I am at a total loss what to watch next. Battlestar and Heroes although promising just cannot compete with the level of excitement Lost generates. The only flaw in this episode I felt was guessing who Jeremy was before the coffin was shown but apart from that these 2 episodes were sheer brilliance.
  • This was just amazing!

    I like this finale more then any of the others they have had. It revealed a lot a kept some stuff sercert. We see how some people get killed and other survive, and it makes you think if some people are even dead. Though the episode you wounder who's in the casket, I had a felling from the beging that Lock was in there. They he commited suscide, but I think he had to come back home to get the O6 and as soon as he got home he became parlized again and couldn't return. So he knew the only way to go back and bring the others was to kill himself and have them return him. Thats what I think will see I guess next season.
  • Review.

    There were a couple of things in this episode that I didn't like, but at the same time there were a whole lot of things that I did like. I needed to view the finale without any commercials before I could give the show the ratings that it deserved. After watching it Thursday Night I had this episode at about a 9.5, but after a rewatch I have in fact bumped it up to a ten. Let's start with the things I liked...

    They didn't do it with the flashes. All of them were to the point and needed for the storyline. At first I didn't like that the only thing going on in the flashes was this mysterious "Jeremy Bentham" character, but to be honest that was the only thing all of us really cared about. Part 1 showed us the coming home parties and reunions for our survivors, whereas this episode really highlighted this character in the casket. I thought all of the flashes were very well done and if we had had that little extra 2 minute conversation with Jack and Kate last season we wouldn't have had to much to talk about. Other then who Bentham was. Loved seeing Sayid and Hurleys little scene together and Sun has one of the more intriguing life after islands I think. She didn't really get anything in her episode because of the jedi mind trick they attempted to play on us, but her character among all of the oceanic survivors is the one that has got me thinking right now as to what her overall gameplan is. Loved the final scene with Ben showing up right at the end. Once Sayid started talking about Bentham I knew it wasn't Ben, but it put those random thoughts to bed quick. Locke being in the casket - Not a big fan of that right now, but I wasn't a big fan of the flash-forwards at the end of last season either. This is a long term "They have to tell it right for me to be happy" and I hope that they do that. Flash-Forward part of the finale --> A+

    A whole lot happening on the island as well. The first beginning portion was some intense stuff. Sayid versus Keamy (Martin doesn't fit him well) was a great fight scene, best in the history of the show. Loved the Jack / Locke reunion scene as well. They hadn't been together all season long and it was interesting to watch Locke beg Jack to stay, kind of ironic considering he ends up dead because Jack did in fact leave. The Orchid was fun, they didn't do much with it but I didn't really expect them too. I wonder if it will play any part in the future now that Ben has ruined the machine it looks like. I didn't mind Keamy coming back to life, it did at least make sense with the body armor. The entire rescue scene was done amazingly. Jacks minute long speech convincing them that they had to lie was great and very well done. Penny and Desmond = I love this show. They need a happy ever ending, even though Ben's little plan might cause me some unhappy times down the road. But for right now, as much as I love Desmond and his character, him and Penny can sail around forever for all I care.

    Onto the things I didn't like. Micheal and Jin dying. Jin I could see, because it has turned Sun into a very interesting character and she wasn't (to me) beforehand. Micheal's comeback is pointless. Walt is now fatherless and motherless, which kind of sucks. He is having a bad year. With a dwindling cast of island characters (Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte, Locke, Richard, and hopefully Daniel) Jin and Micheal needed to find a way back to the island and it didn't happen. I'm very upset about his quick exit, I was really hoping that he would stay for another season or so. Like I said, Jin being dead does not phase me at all. Michael is a huge mistake. Desmond, Jin, and Michael scenes on the freighter were also kind of "okay" scenes, nothing there stood out as amazing. Frozen Donkey Wheel = A Frozen Wheel. Wow Damon and Carlton. Just wow. I'll let this slide, but I think they could have come up with a more epic way to move the island. Overall, I think this finale is the third best. Couple of things I didn't like, but am willing to forgive the writers for. Everything about this show is going to be heavily scrutinized with the new flash-forward format. Mistakes stick out like sore thumbs now then they ever did, but for the most part this was a very well done finale and it does a great job finishing off my favorite season of the show to date.
  • On par with last year's knockout!!

    Season 4's finale was all we could have hoped for and more. It did not alter the LOST universe like Season 3's finale, but it may have been more informative and more enjoyable. To keep this show fresh, the writers have done an amazing job of moving the story forward by shying away from repeating themselves in the overall feel and style of the show. Season 4 may well be the best of the lot so far. It proved that something good may have come as a result of the writer's strike after all, LOST found itself and we are all the better for it!
  • Meet Jeremy Bentham

    It is truly incredible to see how Lost has come from being a show about a group of people trapped on a mysterious and deserted island to a science fiction drama that rivals similar shows such as Twin Peaks or The X-Files. I am calling this episode a pilot because it essentially introduces what the show will look like next season. That is the Oceanic Six with Ben and John Locke who is the deceased person in the coffin named Jeremy Bentham will have to find some way to work together so they can return to the island and save it.
  • OMG! this episode was... the fourth lost seasonfinal, amazing.

    I saw this episode and just holding my breath, I love lost and even do, this season had have its ups and downs it was a very good episode. And I have to say Sawyer, shoud get more creatit, jumping out of the hellicopter to svave his friends and everbody sees Jack as there hero anyway. I am a little disapointed that he and Kate are`t together they are so perfect.

    And whats up with this charlotte girl and her history... hum can`t wait... and my lovely Desmond finally got his Penny, hoping that they dont get find by her dad or ben. But this Ben story, he gave up his beloved island, and then I was suprised cause he allways got a plan. I wonder if he had some kind of plan when he left, he will get back I can feel it. The man in the coffin Jeremy benton was locke that was a suprise...I had hoped it was Ben and I had thaut that it was maybe Sawyer but luckely it wasint, but that Locke died on a island that saved him it strange. Locke has never been my favorite because he done so many bad and wrong things but, I hate when they killing of characters but next season, will see what happen on the island after oceanic six left.
    I can understand Sun for helping widmore but are she going to give up des and penny does she know were they are?
    She´s really changed to a hard person but that did´t shock me. And who is richard? I mean the island is strange but he is freaky, and never gets old. The more I see lost, The more questions I get. Even do this season a lot of them got answerd. Lost never gets boring and you you allways gets so confused. Season five ...o my ##### god
  • Action, mystery and a lot of events... all in this episode

    When I was writing review for part 2, I realized that part 2 and 3 are so much connected.. it is almost hard separate them.. but as I tried I realized part 2 works mostly for setting up the events for this episode - and for that, we have almost no time wasting. From the first seconds, we have action...

    The boat and the bomb. The way the try to solve it and how it ends. Michael's last minutes where rather interesting and I really jumped off my seat when Christian appeared.. It was unexpected.. and the way Jin died... (if he died?) it was rather not so great as there was nothing glorious. Maybe they wanted to change their usual style giving chars a very heroic deaths.. Anyway.. on the Dharma station.. time traveling bunnies and all that.. and then Ben.. if we would not know that he still be around thanks to flashfowards it could be said - another char killed off.. or something like that as he was somehow transformed into very heroic person and those last moment he add in this episode, moving that thing.. and he and Lock before he went.. he was a totally another person than before.. and a char I could like.

    And Locke.. I liked this turn with his char - he, now being a leader of the Others.. that was something i was never thinking and I am sure it is going to be very interesting storyline.

    Oh, and then the island disappeared.. and the copter crash... ironic maybe.. they tried to get away and crashed.. again.. and when the boat found them and there was name Widmore spoken.. I was thinking, another irony - they are found by the man the least want.. but when it was Penny.. oh.. it was great feeling.. but I was thinking all the time.. Desmond and Frank are still with those who survive.. what will happen with them.. But I was glad to hear nothing bad happened - only good. (oh.. but the moment when Desmond was taken from the water after the crash.. oh.. I was quite sure this is it for him)

    And the ending.. I am still not getting that coffin thing.. but I most say - I do not care at the moment.. We have gotten some answers.. a lot of things going on.. and I somehow even feel.. I am so overwhelmed with them all.
  • Clearly the best series ever on television!!!

    This show is absolutely amazing. All the award winning components of great TV are present--from the acting to the writing. So many of our questions got answered in this episode, along with so many other questions stirring in our heads. That is what makes this series so spectacular. Even after four seasons LOST still keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Viewers' minds scurry through memories to try to figure out what each scene really means. I can not remember a show ever keeping me so engaged and perplexed. This is PURE ENTERTAINMENT on so many levels. I can't wait until season five!
  • This is just great!!! A season finale i would expect.. the perfect eye catcher for the series... hope they continue like that

    This is just great!!!
    A season finale i would expect.. the perfect eye catcher for the series... hope they continue like that, cuz really i love the series but on season 2 and 3 they started to make a little boring the series... this is a fine example of a series comeback the way everything happens and how we now understand all about previous "future scenes episodes" its great! the hole episode just makes you sit tight and enjoy what for me is the second best episode of the series... the first being of course "trough the looking glass"

    Thanks a lot!
  • Part 3 delivers the woah-s.

    I gotta admit to you, the whole island moving sequence was more fitting into Alias than Lost with the frozen enviorment, ancient writings, and island teleportation.

    But in Lost, it's not about the actual happening, but rather the consequences of it. Now that we have all the knowledge about the escape, it's easy to understand the actions of the O6.

    Now this episode does a mighty fine job with explaining the rescue, and it was pretty jam packed too. Sometimes emotional(Jin, Sawyer), sometimes action packed(the freighter blowing up, island disappearing, helicopter going down), and sometimes really bizarre. Christian showing up for Michael in the last moment? Wow.

    That being said, another blah thing(for me) was the death of Michael. I understand he accomplished his mission, but it just kinda sucks that he died right when he came back and redeemed himself. Of course.. redemption is a recurring theme of the show, but I really hated seeing Michael go.

    Now, the big twist, cliffhanger, or whatever you want to call it... simply wasn't there, but guess what, not a problem!! I thought the episode's conclusion arc was perfect this way. The conversation between Ben and Jack at the end pretty much sets up season 5. O6 returning on the island, because something's horrible going on there.

    The big reveal... I called it in the S3 finale. After the Jack-Locke dialouge at the beginning of the episode I got confirmation. So I wasn't entirely shocked. However, let me say to you that it was still amazing. The way it was revealed - woah.

    Another whoa moment was Penny and Desmond finally getting together. I shed some tears, I have to admit. And seeing Henrik(guy from arctic station in season 2 finale) again was a nice touch.

    Another whoa moment was Sun's and Widmore's meeting. Would be interesting to see Sun as a villain... but of course this might just be a trick.

    Overall, this is just my first impressions-thing, not an in depth review. My opinion on the episode as "just" an episode: amazing. As a finale: satisfying. It definitely was the weakest one out of the 4, but still incredible, definitely the best finale of the year.
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