Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Outstanding. It is amazing that they can continue to pull this off.

    So, after all the hype I was worried about this one. After all, it is almost impossible to live up to the tremendous expectations that were built up over the course of the season.


    - The action sequences were well-paced, appropriate, and kept things moving.
    - Anything with Desmond in it is going to be good, and they used him well here.
    - They did a good job of putting this season to rest, so it is clear that next season can start fresh.
    - There actually was a frozen donkey wheel (go figure!) and for the first time ever, I feel that the Dharma stuff is less interesting than the much older structures they apparently built the stations to study. This was an unexpected turn (for me, at least).


    - Michael's ending felt very flat, particularly after all the marketing hype about bringing his character back. Sure, he did some good things, but he didn't get much credit for them.
    - Because of the flash-forwards, I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a repeat. They really need to be careful next season to keep things interesting. The main mystery can't be how does someone die (who you already know dies due to a flash forward).
    - Because of the writer's strike, the freighter folk didn't get enough exposition. I'm looking forward to that next season, particularly for the Miles character.

    So, overall this was an outstanding ending to the season. My main concern really is with the next two seasons, as it will be difficult to keep things fresh and mysterious. It should be a wild ride!