Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • The world is a fascinating place, but the island is where amazing things happen... Excellent finale

    The world is a fasinating place, but the island is where amazing things happen... Excellent finale.

    Probably the best episode ever on the show. It seems underatted though. I mean this second hour of the finale. Absolutely amazing, too good to be true.
    The amazing things that happened, all the damn action you could ever encounter, people die (which was sad...) and many mysteries are revealed.
    My one and only favorite scene is the last. We find out who is in the coffin as Jeremy Benthem and what is to be expected in the next season.
    Ben's people came out of hiding and in which John left Ben to go on his path moving the island to a safe place. John was then returned home with the others (Ben's pack).

    The whole helicopter scene was terrific, who would have expected Michael to encounter Christian before he died? Jin, well I was upset but none of us can say for sure if he has passed away.
    Finally, the survivors were rescued by Penelope's group off the Season 2 final but it was anything but happiness when Jack told all of them to lie, including Frank and Desmond.

    The worst part for me was not Michael's death but the fact that Kate has Aaron in her care. Claire, what the devil has happened to her? The baby was her's god damn it.
    Ben is the best character on Lost. You can see why by watching the complete two-hour finale.
    Keamy sent by Charles Widmore would not give up on killing Benjamin or any of the survivors. His death caused the freightor to explode causing Michael to be killed, possibly Jin as well.
    I just cannot get over Jeremy Benthem as being John Locke. I had to watch this episode twice just to figure out what I was going to write in this review! Ben tells Jack that all of the Oceanic six must all go back to the island and Ben has an idea of how to convince everyone to go through with it.
    But in conclusion, the survivors are being watched... As we saw through Sun and Sayid rescuing Hugo from the mental institute.

    Overall, excellent... Enough said. You just read my opinion for goodness sake! Lol