Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Yeah it was amazing.

    Part 1 was very good and it setup the last couple of hours perfectly.

    Part 2 and 3 was absolutly amzing everything you could ever want in a episode of Lost. All the flashfowards were great, I enjoying seeing Walt again, hopefully we will see him more in the next couple of seasons. Hurley seeimg Mr Eko was pretty stupid but I liked it "Check mate, Mr Eko". Final scene was very good, I kind of expected it to be Locke but still good. Scary scene with Claire wonder who was on the phone? Michaels's death was pretty cool, wel the whole episode was amazing Sayid Vs Keamey was great and Ben as usual was great, I would give him the best supporting actor Emmy award this year. everything about this episode was great, best episode of Lost.

    I hope season five is as good as foour but its going to be pretty tough to beat it.