Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Wow!!!

    This is a duplicate review to the 2nd part of this episode.

    In flashfowards, Jack needs to go back to the island. Walt visits Hurley Sayid takes Hurley out of the institution. Sun meets with Charles. Jack goes to the body of Jeremy, who turns out to be Locke. Ben visits him there and says that if he wants to go back, he has to take everyone back, including Locke.

    Keamy takes Ben to the helicopter, where the Others kill Keamy's men. The Others seemingly kill Keamy after he almost kills Sayid. Ben shows Locke where the Orchid station is. Jack and Sawyer take Hurley back. On the freighter, Michael has a way to stall the C4: by freezing it. Desmond and Jin help out. Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond and Frank get into the helicopter to go to the freighter, but fuel is leaking. Keamy finds Ben and Locke. He has to switch to the C4 and if he dies, it will explode. Ben kills him anyways. He then proceeds to move the island. Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter so that they can make it to the freighter. Miles, Juliet, and Charlotte don't want to leave the island. Sawyer gets to Juliet on the island. Locke is the new leader of the Others while Ben moves the island. The boat is about to explode. Michael and Jin are left on it. It explodes and Sun is screaming for Jin. The island disappears while Frank and them try to get to it. They crash in the water, but Penny's boat finds them. The Oceanic 6 go to a nearby island.

    This episode was crazy! Everything was so intense! I hope Jin doesn't die. I sort of want Michael to live too. I am so confused though. Where's the island? What happened to Claire? What the heck?!? Okay, well I cannot wait for season 5!! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!