Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • A very satisfying ending to the fourth season.

    Many shows have been butchered because of the writer's strike. Some ended sooner without a proper finale(Prison Break), some has been simply altered so that it would seem a "whole" season(Heroes).

    Those aren't good. While Prison Break didn't leave us hanging like a PB finale would, Heroes didn't even... well, do a thing. It really left me cold. So I was a bit worried that the Lost crew tried to make the season a whole by cutting a few episodes and altering the finale. But guess what...

    It worked.

    This episode, while not as earth shattering as S2 or S3 finale, was amazing. From start to finish, it was an insane ride. Very fast paced, lots of action and some nice reveals.

    This whole season was based on the last scene of season 3 and so this episode finally gives us the last possible perspective to comprehend that scene. After this, if you have questions regarding how the O6 got off and what happened to them - you simply have to rewatch season4 - there is nothing more to reveal about the timeframe between leaving the island and Jack's "We have to go back" scene. First of all: I loved the beginning. The continuation to the big scene was done well and it was quite interesting. Instantly revealing the fake identity of who's in the coffin was unexpected, at least for me. Jeremy Bentham - wink wink.

    Moving on...., I was impressed once again. Getting so quickly onto the fight between the others and Keamy's men was also unexpected. And oh boy, it was a great scene, especially Keamy's capture. A fight scene really has to be impressive nowadays to gain a viewer's attention - there's one every five minutes on TV. But this - Sayid and Keamy - badass.

    Then, I was almost in heaven. The conversation between Locke and Jack was... phenomenal. "It's not and island. It's a place where miracles happen". Exactly! And Jack doesn't believe John, that's just so Jack. So stubborn... But Locke is, too, right? Except, this time around, John is correct.

    The previous episode ended with the O6 being all around the island so I was really excited to see how will they end up at the same place. It was handled really well. The flashforwards make the endpoint known but the road leading up to it is unpredictable enough to have you on the edge of your seat all the time. The same thing happened here.

    How long is it before Sawyer gets off the chopper? - This is the question I kept asking myself. I figured, he wouldn't even get on it. But he did. So would he die on the freighter? No. There was a fuel leak and he sacraficed himself - interesting.

    During the first 2 seasons we watched Sawyer being stubborn and really selfish. It was always a fact that he, deep inside, was caring, but he never really showed the signs. However once he got closure in season 3(He finally killed Anthony) he became a different man.

    I do still claim Jack to be the "hero" of the show, but Sawyer was the "hero" of the season, that's for sure. His caring for his fellow survivors(Claire, Hurley), his clear thinking(Staying with Locke instead of Jack) and his ultimate sacrifice(jumping off the chopper) was really heroic.

    John's and Ben's scenes in the Orchid were great. Having Keamy come back Mikhail style for just one more monologue was great . Nobody really expected Keamy to be taken down by anyone else but Ben, right? And so it happened. And we also learnt what is that strange device on Keamy's arm - some sort of remote control that activates the bomb on the freighter if Keamy's heart stops beating.

    Ben's little "So what" was rather intriguing. In season 3 finale we learn that he's willing to go extremely far to protect the island, but regarding person matters, he always stays "cool". However, in season 4, we learned that he literally killed one of his best man just to keep him away from his love(Juliet). And now, we saw him sacrifice a bunch of people just so he can get his revenge.

    All this - is probably the reason Jacob is no longer considering Ben to be the "leader" of the natives.

    The freighter blowing up wasn't much of a surprise. However it was an amazing scene.

    First of - Michael telling Jin to leave was the final piece of puzzle missing from Michael's redemption. He finally redeemed himself, even though it meant his death. Secondly - Jack rushing everyone to get on the chopper(while he's aware Jin is still on the boat) was very surprising. Jack's glory has been slowly fading away since the season 4 premiere but now it has completely disappeared. He only cared for Kate at that very moment, which definitely adds to the guilt he feels in the flashforwards.

    One thing I found a bit out of character here was the fact that the red shirts didn't even try to get on the chopper. It would've made a great scene - showing the O6 block random people from entering the chopper - would've been a very dramatic, in my opinion.

    So Jin and Michael dies - and Sun screams(which by the way was amazingly realistic). Unlike previous season finales, the episode's peak moment wasn't at the very end, but before it - Ben moving the island. Half scientific, half tale-like; but it was good. Amazing music and acting performance to accomadate Ben turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel.

    Jack not admitting that he saw the island move was really in character for him and further proves that he's extremely stubborn. This stubborn state slowly fades away in the flashforwards and finally he realizes that John Locke was right all along - at the very end of the episode, where it's revealed that Jeremy Bentham is actually John Locke.

    The writers planned this as a huge reveal, but I think it was not. It was great but not nearly as shocking as it was set up. I think it was a slight mistake to use it as the season cliffhanger. Still, it was great.

    I also thought it was a bit too early to kill off Michael. However, this was due to the strike. Surely, if there had been 2 more episodes with at least 20 minutes of Michael - time, his death would've been more acceptable.

    Another issue I had was that, it simply didn't have that "PUNCH" that the previous finales have. It, from the beginning to the end, felt like an episode that was made so it gets the "work" done: showing the actual rescue. I know, that is what it was supposed to do, but quite frankly, I counted on more unexpected twists and turns.

    We knew the rescue would happen, we knew the island would move, we knew Jin would die. However that's just a minor complaint because even as it was, it was exciting.

    But I have a bigger one: The big reunion. Penny and Desmond's relationship has been building up since season 2 and it truly is one of the greatest ones on television. So their reunion was epic, even though it wasn't nearly as epic as it could've been. There was not enough time to build it up or to enjoy it - it felt as if it was just stuffed into the episode. Even considering that, though, this was still an amazing finale. And I must give the writers a little leeway: after all, they did have extremely short amount of time to make this finale and they also had lesser episodes to tell the story; which is why this episode gets a 9.6 I did like "The Constant" and "The Shape of Things to Come" more, but this episode was much much more difficult to make; I really felt the tremendous amount of effort put into it.

    However, had it been a regular finale to a regular season, I doubt it would've scored more than a 9.0 on my scale, which is still very impressive, of course, but not as impressive as the other Lost finales.