Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • This was MIND BLOWING

    When it comes to Lost, you have to have high expectations. After all, in four seasons, the show has managed to cultivate, maintain, and excite a rabid fan base of millions. Not only is the writing witty and intriguing, but the over arching plot is constantly teetering on that fine line between complete unbelievable sci-fi, and the what-if reality of drama.

    Because of this, the direction that the season finale "There's no Place Like Home" had some big shoes to fill; I for one was worried, but in the end, I was absolutely NOT disappointed. The episode delivered in both emotional and action payoffs. It also answered just enough mystery to satisfy the cravings and started a few new enigmas to keep us hungry.

    If for some crazy reason (Linda, I am talking to you), you haven't caught up on this season's episodes on your TiVo, don't read ahead, there will be spoilers.

    What if Christopher Walken worked out? You would have Keamy. He is one tough baddie. As expected, the device strapped to his arm was a trigger for the C4 bomb on deck of the freighter. To bad for Michael and company. When Keamy is finally killed by Ben, it blows the whole thing up in a fiery ball of death. When Christian tells Michael "You can go now," he is no doubt referring to the fact that "the work he had to do" is finished. This whole sub-plot brings back a theme of Lost that has been missing for a while - the theme of choices and consequences. Mr. Eko (who was playing chess with Hurley - loved that part), constantly was hammering this theme home. Locke tries to blame Ben for the freighter blowing up - but it was Keemey who killed Ben's Daughter - but it was Locke who lost faith in the "button" and refused to push it alerting the freighter as to the islands whereabouts. The circle could spin back a few more loops, and in the end we find is that destiny and fate, as dictated by the island, are inescapable.

    Sawyer reborn. Sawyer baptizes himself in the ocean by sacrificing himself for the Oceanic 6. This wasn't just a plot point. There was some deep symbolism in his submersion into the ocean and then his return to the beach, half naked, as if he had been reborn. His request to Kate, was no doubt about his daughter. Clementine was the last piece of Sawyer that he had to fix. It was obvious (if not a bit disappointing) that Sawyer's trajectory was changing throughout the episodes. His transformation is now complete. Expect to see Sawyer as a real leader and hero next season. Sawyer will be the leader Jack was never able to be.

    I hear scary people. There were whispers everywhere this season, and in the Lost season finale, the whispers were a bit confusing. We heard them when Christian appeared with Michael, we heard them when "The Others" attacked Keamy, we heard them on the phone, and when Claire visited Aaron. The whispers that seemed the most out of place was the voice on the phone with Kate. An astute audience member recorded the phone conversation, reversed it, and found out that it says "The Island Needs You. You have to go back, before it's too late." That conversation is directly opposed to the conversation has with Claire about Aaron. So, was the phone call Ben? Locke? Or is Claire not from the island but aligned with Widmore or Abbadon?

    Home sweet home. The one that moves the island cannot come back. Those were Ben's cryptic words before he turns the frozen donkey wheel of time traveling bunnies (I made that term up believe it or not). Ben, obviously, was not the first to turn the wheel. I am assuming Widmore did as well. At some point in history, Widmore was on the island and had to turn the wheel, and was banished. That is why he is desperately trying to get back. I would assume that Wiidmore did it for greed and not for protection. That is why he is being punished.

    Ben and Charlotte sitting in a tree K-I-S-S… Charlotte is Annie. Annie, for her own protection, was removed from the island at some point. This broke Ben's heart, and Charlotte didn't fare well either. Since that day, Charlotte has been fighting to get back to the island. Miles must know this because he has seen or heard Annie's parents on the island.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is obvious now that Ben's popping up in Tunisia was a result of moving the island. He pops up 10 months later. Is it safe to assume that the island also was shifted by 10 months? Was it also shifted to another point on the globe? For Ben, the shift was instantaneous. Did the island experience an instantaneous shift as well, or are they going to live out those 10 months. My guess is that the next season of Lost will focus on those 10 months on the island. It is obvious, because of the markings and runes the frozen donkey wheel of time traveling bunnies, that this time travel business and smoke monster issue are much older than Dharma and maybe even the hostiles. I am hoping that this storyline, the ancient history of the island, will get some screen time. I would love to see the origin of these things, possibly through Richard Alpert's eyes, next season.

    The Final Body Count. Michael and Keamy die - probably. There will be other coconut carriers on the freighter that die. What about Jin? I am assuming the Jin lives. This will be a major plot development later as Sun, in desperation, aligns herself with Wiidmore and becomes part of the "bad guys." I am also assuming that Daniel lives. I am not sure which timeline or physical location he will be in. The question hinges on how much of the island moved? If it was the physical island, there is a problem. If it was the island, its surrounding waters, and the island's belongings (the people) then it will be ok.

    The island has moved before. It is safe to assume that the Blackrock ship was popped onto the island because the island appeared under it. Did the same thing happen with Mr. Eko's brother and the smuggler's plane? How many people are left off the island because they had to "move it?"

    Desmond and Penny. There will have to be some future story dealing with Desmond. Obviously, he will have to hide from Widmore. Heck, he had to hide from Widmore before he escaped the island. I am wondering how Penny and Desmond deal with this very awkward relationship when Penny's father is both fantastically rich, amazingly powerful, and cosmically wise. This will need some good explaining.

    Jeremy Bentham. So, Locke was in the coffin. He also changed his name to Jeremy Bentham for obvious reasons. John Locke was a man who died in a plane crash, and was wheel chair bound. Jeremy Bentham was just a kooky bald guy speaking in riddles trying to locate the Oceanic 6. Bentham is also the name of a philosopher who founded Utilitarianism. There has got to be a link there. Locke is trying to get everyone back to the island because of "very bad things" happening. If the past four seasons of Lost don't qualify in Locke's mind as "very bad," then we have some tragedies waiting for us next season.

    That is it for the Lost season finale. Next season I expect to see some very bad things on the island, the completion of Sawyer's redemption, Sun's transformation into badness, Ben's kick buttness, and much more about the ancient workings of the island.