Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • Who is in the coffin? How did the Oceanic 6 get off the island? These questions have puzzled us since the season 3 finale, and finally, they're answered.

    We start off where the last episode left off. Ben has killed Keamy, therefore activating the bombs on The Freighter. Luckily, the liquid nitrogen on the freighter is delaying the explosion. Bad news is they havent got alot of time left to get off the boat. Jin wants to help Michael with the bomb, but as Michael says, Jin is a father and has responsibilities. Jin runs off and just as he is, the chopper is ready to take off. Lapidus, Desmond, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aron are all on it. Sun is screaming for Jin but Lapidus won't go back for him. Michael runs out of liquid nitrogen, and he hears whispers. He turns around and sees Christian Shepard, who says "you can go now". BOOM! The Frieghter explodes, much to the displeasure of Sun, who cant quite believe her eyes.

    In a flashforward, Sun is waiting for someone. She sees him and walks up to him. Its Charles Widmore, who pretends not to know about Sun, and the fact that they are lying about the island. She gives him her card and asks him to call her. She then leaves.

    Back on the island, Ben has finished putting the metal in the vault. He flips a switch and it explodes. He gets changed into a parka and tells Locke not to come with him. Jacob wants Ben to suffer the consequences, as the person who moves the island can never come back. He also gives the role as the leader of the others to Locke, before departing into a tunnel in the back of the exploded vault.

    He descends down the tunnel into a cold room full of snow and a wooden wheel is mounted horizontally onto the side of cave. Ben whispers "well Jacob, I hope you're happy".He uses a crowbar to remove some ice from the wheel, making it easier to turn. He does with all his might and the wheel turns slowly but surely. When he has pushed it as far as it will go, he and the island are shrouded with a bright light. WHOOSH! The island has disappeared before the eyes of the people on the chopper.They toss the lifeboat out and get on it.

    In a flashforward, Kate is alone in her house in bed. She hears whispers and a door creak in Aron's room. She takes a gun only to find its Claire, who tells her to never bring Aron back to the island. She wakes up and finds it was a dream.

    Back on the boat, they rafties are arguing. Jack says they need to lie to protect the island as Locke says. Then they see lights. Its a boat, and they signal for rescue. They climb on the boat and a man shouts for Mrs Whidmore. Desmond realises that it is Penny's boat and he runs to her and they embrace in a romantic kiss.

    One week later, they throw the boat back into the water. It's the only way to keep them safe as Sayid explains, and the Oceanic 6 get on the lifebpat, leaving Desmond and Lapidus on the boat. They then row to an island called Mumbata, where they are finally rejoined back to civilization.

    In a flashforward, Jack breaks into the funeral parlour. He goes to see the body of Jeremy Benthem, who has been "visiting" him. Ben comes up behind him and tells him that the Oceanic 6 need to go back to the island, that the island wants them back. Jack says OK and Ben says "all of you" and points to the coffin, which the camera pans over and finally reveals the contents of it. It is the body of John Locke. LOST! cut to the credits.

    This is a great episode, joint best so far building up to a spectacular season 5.
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