Season 4 Episode 14

There's No Place Like Home (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • And the dead body belongs to...........

    We open with Sayid executing a man in a car. We then see him going into a building where he finds Hugo. Hugo leaves with Sayid. The helicopter lands just as they have five minutes until the bomb will go off. So they patch up the helicopter and re-fuel it. Sun manages t get on the helicopter but Jin is not there in not and so the helicopter takes off and we see Jin, Sun is hysterical. The boat then explodes. On the helicopter are just sun Kate, Aaron jack, Hugo, Desmond and Frank. We see Juliet who is still on the island drinking Rum, when she sees Sawyer swimming back to the island. Ben goes under the building into the cold to move the island. Then we have a bright light and a weird noise and then the island simply vanishes. The helicopter then runs out of fuel. As they go down they put on their life jackets and Sayid throws out an inflatable boat. Then they hit the water. Desmond is not breathing as they all get into the boat raft and Jack has to perform CPR on him. He soon comes back round. At night on the boat raft Frank notices that out in the distance is a boat. Jack tells them they are going to have to lie about everything since they crashed onto the island. Kate says they can't pull it off and Jack simply says to let him do the talking. Someone on the boat sees Desmond and they call for Penny, he climbs up the boat to see her and she runs down to met him. They look and each other and then simply kiss. He tells her he loves her and will never leave her again. Jack meets penny as do the rest of the people off of the boat and he tells her it's nice to meet her but they have to talk. We then skip to one week later.
    Jack sets up a little boat for the island people to go, as he put it, home. We at least to anther island so that they can get their stories straight. They make it to the other island and are greeted by the local people. We then skip to the future and see Jack going to a funeral parlour. It's not open so he simply brakes in. The body is of Jeremy. He opens the casket and starts to cry. He is then startled, by Ben, who has appeared. But who is in the casket,......................it turn out to be...............Locke.
    We learnt that Jack spoke to him about a month before his death, and Kate did too. Ben tells him that all of them have to go back. Including the dead body.
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