Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Best of the season.

    This episode is the best of the season, and I think it's going to be a great set up to the two episodes that will follow. The supporting cast is what is really making the series more interesting now. Christian Shephard and Eloise Hawking have now made several appearances each, and we know little to nothing about both of them, although I suspect they will play heavily in the overall mythology of the show.

    Charlotte has been a waste of a character in my opinion, I really don't understand what her purpose was meant to be. Maybe she was a victim of the writer's strike?

    Overall, great episode.
  • ...

    Wow, regarding the emotional side on LOST this was one of the best episodes ever. This killing pain of waiting for the next episode is back again. BUT… hat about the Lost rules? Until now the twists and turns have been clever and well planned but this Jin-French woman-thing I cannot get out of my head. A series with such a number of different and crossing narration strings needs smart people to keep the level of story telling high. I think if they put the focus on the time-traveling concept as in the past episodes, then the authors should avoid mistakes in terms of logic. Again, I loved that episode. But I really hope it's not becoming a standard sci-fi-mystery-show.
  • lost is clearly losing its realism and becoming a more of a sci-fi show than it's a drama by each episode.

    lost is clearly losing its realism and becoming a more of a sci-fi show than it's a drama by each episode.

    it's all started in 4th season, yet they kept it together till the strike somehow. but from that moment show started to go all downhill. they literally started to creating a universe and they keep putting rules to it. even that would be ok, if they weren't contradicting themselves. remember "the constant": when they bringing the time-traveling concept to the show, they were saying they are really gonna be careful because it's a delicate subject. "there is not gonna be any bending, so there is not gonna be any time-paradox" they said. so that "travelling with mind" thing really worked out well for the time being. it would be great if it'd be left at that. but no, ratings were going down so they need a new kinda storytelling other than just flash backs and forwards. something new, fresh and something that is able to make them tell smoothly all the things they write through their timeline. and here come the jumps. "screw the promises we made last season, it's more fun this way".

    yeah, i really can say this jumping thing brings its dynamism with it and i kinda enjoyed watching. but it was bittersweet when i was feeling sorry for the show. now all they are depending to make sense is that famous "if something has to happen, it will happen anyway" thing of lost. john's not gonna shoot the widmore kid, sawyer's not gonna talk with kate when she's delivering claire's baby, danielle's not gonna remember jin. why? because it's not supposed to happen. don't ask anymore questiones about it.
    ok, let's say we buy that. but here comes a another rule: desmond is an exception! why is that? i don't know, desmond doesn't know either, he said so you know, when penny asked "why didn't you remember it until two days ago?". bet the writers too don't know why. they just want to create a fun to watch plot, and if we can't even change anything that would be really boring, wouldn't it?

    but anyway, i really enjoy watching it like i said. i mean jughead was a great episode. but you know, if it's gonna be like this, how the hell we know that what we're watching is lost, not heroes.
  • Review - Lost Losing It

    Trust me when I say that I hate getting on here to give a negative review of Lost, but I find that I was disliked (come out with a negative opinion of) every epsiode since "Because You Left". I have liked every epsiode of this season more upon rewatch, but not this episode. The episode didn't flow at all, much like the show hasn't been able to get into a nice flow since the end of the last season. Losing the Flashes really hurts the transition from Oceanic Six to Island Storyline. They do the best that they can, but it's just not working for them. Desmond and Ben, without a doubt the two best characters, have gotten little screen time this season and when Desmond had his I just didn't udnerstand the point of it at all anyway. Ben has been a bright light in a season full of dull moments, scoring some of the better scenes of the epsiodes. Josh Holloways portrayal of Sawyer is poor this season and he is getting too much camera time. His acting feels like that - acting. He doesn't feel like a natural in the role. The instance in the last episode when he was thanking the sky followed by the "I take that back!" was horrible. This episode was equally as bad when it came down to him needing to understand he time travel mechanic of the show.

    We get Danielles backstory which we have been waiting for since the ninth episode of season one and it came with little to no surprise. The black smoke monsetr was the cause of everything. All of the details of her story were there. Montand lost his arm, she shot Robert after he didn't realize that the gun didn't have any ammo in it. The story was all right there, but in the end there were no surprises or any reason to really tell the story. The other big question I have about the season is our characters are interferring with the past and I want to know why Danielle doesn't remember Jin in the future. I know she goes insane but she is still able to remember Roberts story and Montand losing his arm. Something tells me she would have remembered the random Korean guy who they found floating in the ocean and they ran off never to be seen again. Locke has been another saving grace for the season and the scene with Locke and Christain was easily the greatest scene of the episode and one of the best of the season. Lockes conversations with Richard were the saving parts of some of the early episodes and he didn't fail to deliver in this episode either. This show doesn't feel like Lost. The transferring into different time lines is not working. They always were on the island moving through time in a linear fashion and I loved the show for that. For as complex as it was - it stuck to a basic storyline and they devoloped the mysteries very well. The show would have been better off with flashbacks explaining the past (Richard, Danielle) while keeping our guys on the island for another season and then doign season four in season five. This season is without a doubt becoming the "break" in the "make or break" of Lost.
  • Brilliant episode

    Wow.. This is the first thing I felt when this was finished. For no way I was expecting episode like that - the whole thing what was in it. First the Jin storyline what seemed to be the main thing until it all was just put in place it all went on.. the mystery what happened with Rousseaux and her friends.. but the way she was ready to believe him and he tried to shot her.. that still mystery.. and I so loved that early island feeling with those french people - smoke monster.. strange voices in jungle. Reminds good old days.

    And then the whole thing with punch of those people on island.. and Charlotte.. I never liked her too much but that was a stunning end. Is it end for her? Will we see her again? Who knows but that last scene with Faraday.. those words and revealing what she is really..

    And then the well. And what happens when it is all gone.. it was funny scene but shocking too. And Locke.. facing his destiny.. Just loved it.. the way the whole episode played for that point.

    And ofcourse the action outside the island.. Overall - stunning episode.
  • It's not often I write reviews for episodes, but this one was so good I just had to.

    Up until now, the episodes of this season have seemed a little non-cohesive (not being focused on one character), but this one made me realize that we're getting towards the end and things may get a little messy (in a good way). This episode had everything. We finally get a brief history of Rousseau. The smoke monster's holes aren't so deadly after all. Jin reunites with Sawyer and the gang. Lock goes down a well and is trapped underground. And now everyone hates Jack. This episode had it all. It included pivotal plot points for basically every character. This season has officially proven that it will not disappoint.
  • Is Lost beginning to lose its touch?

    That is the question I found myself asking while watching another edition of the show with an inordinate amount of nosebleeds. I don't want to say this episode was mediocre at best but when the first half hour revolves around Jin trying to warn a bunch of French scientists you know that this show is not what it once was.

    I realize that it may take time to get acclimated to the new formula, but the original mystique of Lost is gone now. The island was an impenetrable barrier, a Bermuda's Triangle of sorts, but now people can come and go as they please. I don't want to say it's like Disney World, because that's probably more fun than this; and that's a lot considering I'm too big to go on the majority of the rides anymore.

    I just don't like Ms. Hawking becoming such an important part of the fate of the Losties. It was fine when Ben Linus became the focal point of the program because he's such an intriguing character and is played by the best actor on television, but the aforementioned senior citizen is neither.

    I will still watch Lost until it goes off the air, and surely in syndication for years to come, but this has me longing for the days of old. Can I get a Mr. Eko chant anyone?
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