Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Beyond words...

    One of the best episodes ever in LOST history. It just had everything: answers, character development, new mysteries, action, the Monster and even a death of a main character.

    So we finally saw the Temple (or at least a wall around it). I was always wondering if it was constructed by DHARMA or by something much older. It seems that it was built by the same people who made the Wheel and the secret room in Ben's house. And the Monster might really be the "Cerberus" of the Temple. So I'm sure now that the Monster was NOT made by DHARMA.

    There were some really sweet moments in this episode, like Sawyer finding Jin. His reaction was just priceless. But there also was a major loss: the death of Charlotte. It was really painfull to watch Daniel crying over her dead body. But I'm an optimist and hope that we will see her again, because with island moving through time everything is possible.
  • I am writing this review because after 15 hour from watching this episode I am still excited him.

    This episode is defienietly that what I expect after LOST. "The Little Prince" was really good , good but not perfect for me of course. Now I can say the episode 05x05 is totally amazing and LOST get back for his the best episodes I ever seen. Action, drama, comedy that everything is in this episode, all 42 minutes I was fixed in the armchair so than you I think :) In this episodes is a lot of answers and much more new questions , travel in the time episode after episode are better and better, I love that. I givet note 10 but that isn`t enough for that what I feel to this episode. Producers please more episodes like that. Amen :)
  • This episode was great from start to finish!

    There's just something about the storytelling this season that is working this year in a way that it wasn't in the past. The rate at which we are getting information as well as how time travel has opened up this amazing world to reveal so much pertinent info about the island makes me feel like season 5 was destined to be one of the best seasons of the show.

    The writing is so beyond regular television that many couch potatoes don't even want to try and understand the allegory, the character study that goes deep into the exploration about what it is to be human. 10 stars is not enough
  • wow wow wee wow what a splendid episode!

    wow! where do i begin? First off, im starting to sympathize ben because no one trust him or thinks hes ever done a good deed in his life. Second of all, poor Faraday. He lost the woman he loved. Third off, im so glad to see christian back because i think he is an amazing actor and i really enjoy his on screen presence. Another thing, i really enjoy desmonds entire storyline of him looking in on the past of faraday. So far i believe this season of lost has been amazing and i can only see it getting better!
  • Here's the deal. After an episode like this, any critics who dismiss it outright are not fan and are not even trying. Seriously folks, the writing is genius!

    Here's the deal. After an episode like this, any critics who dismiss it outright are not fan and are not even trying. Seriously folks, the writing is genius! Take for example Jin's wedding ring. It serves as an amazing story device, a motivator for many different purposes, but all of them make complete sense. Jin, Lock, and Ben all use the ring for their own purposes and one is not the same as the other- Jin wants it to convince Sun not to return to the Island and Ben uses it to prove Jin is alive and thus convince Sun to return after all...genius!

    Then there's Danielle and her team. We may never know who was actually crazy. Was Danielle sick, or was it her team? Danielle's story won as she was the last one standing so all we have is her word. The way they leave that open for interpretation and discussion drives some people (who want to be spoon-fed what to believe) crazy, but for most fans in the 21st century, this is why we watch the show. It sparks debate and different ideas about motivation and right and wrong.

    If the story was always neatly wrapped up all the time, no one would care, it's the loose ends that make it epic!
  • It's not often I write reviews for episodes, but this one was so good I just had to.

    Up until now, the episodes of this season have seemed a little non-cohesive (not being focused on one character), but this one made me realize that we're getting towards the end and things may get a little messy (in a good way). This episode had everything. We finally get a brief history of Rousseau. The smoke monster's holes aren't so deadly after all. Jin reunites with Sawyer and the gang. Lock goes down a well and is trapped underground. And now everyone hates Jack. This episode had it all. It included pivotal plot points for basically every character. This season has officially proven that it will not disappoint.
  • Is it just me or does this show just keeps on getting better and better. I mean seriously. its like soo exciting and just gets you pumped to watch next weeks with all these amazing cliff hangers. If you compare LOST right now from the old seasons, there

    is no comparison. It feels like a completely different show!! I liked how we got to see the smoke monster once again and it was just sweet as hell when we got to see that french dudes arm get ripped off. Something about that smoke monster guarding the temple. I just dont understand that thing. I remember it from the very first episode ive always been curious. well anyways. wow so many flashes it was ridiculous. and seriously whats up with that Christian guy. is he dead? whats he doing there I dont get him at all. His Michaels dad thats alll I know of but what does he have to do with the Island like how does he know all this stuff. And also the Girl who Faraday was is love with. before she died she says that everyone shouldnt return to the island. okay? thats weird. i still dont get whats the point in them returning like whys it so important. I thought Ben was this big deal but until I heard Christian saying oh why do you listen to him.
    well anyways great episode. pumped for next week.
  • Definite best of the new season. Highlight in the whole series.

    First off, I was never really one for off-island scenes. This Place is Death definitely caught my interest, on and off the island. The islanders are moving back in time variously, Locke is trying to find his way off the island, the 06' are having conflicts getting to the island, although are coming closer and closer to making it to the island. I was never really a Charladay fan myself, as well. This definitely caught my eye, and I'm currently strong supporting Charlotte and Daniel's relationship. Her death made it tremendously stronger. I don't think this is the last we'll see of Charlotte, as long as Daniel can mantain keeping Charlotte from coming to the island. Danielle's flashback sequences were epic. We got to see more of smokey, first of the temple, and how the Danielle's team were killed. 2 from smokey, 3 from Danielle. This strengthened my interest in Danielle, and I'm sure this isn't the last we've seen from her. It just doesn't feel enough. I couldn't have formed a better cast assembly for the on-islanders, and the off-islanders. Jin makes the team ever stonger. Charlotte was an amazing character to add to the on-island team, but I guess Jin was her replacement. Overall, this was an amazing episode, definitely epic, and a defifinite re-watch.
  • A revealing episode.

    THIS PLACE is DEATH! Charlotte may be dying. Also, Saywer and Juliet also are haing nose bleeds along with the one guy (I can't think of his name its killing me!!), well its the one who culd possibly be Mr. Candle's son. Also, Jack and Sun have agreeed to go with Ben back to the island and they meet up with Desmond and find Faraday's mother who is the only way back to the island. Meanwhile, back on the island, Locke is trying to find a way off the island and sees Jack and Claire's dad. Also, is Jin dead?!?
    It looks like the next few episodes will be really good.
  • Wow, what was that?: That was a super fantastic episode!!!

    This episode was mind blowingly exciting. Well the last half hour was. The first half hour felt like a filler but it really got much better towards the end. :)

    Finally we're got SOME answers. I thought we weren't going to get them again this week but thank god we did. The Locke and Christian scene was simply amazing. He's sacrificing his life. But he has to be alive somehow later on. They can't completely kill him off. The island will probably cure him once they go back. Can't wait!!!

    Ending scene was worth watching the entire episode. The look on Desmond was face when he saw Ms. Hawking - unforgettable.

    The preview for next week looks breath-taking. Finally that long awaited Jate kiss! ;)

    I'm giving it a 9.5 out of 10 because of Charlotte's death. WTF? She can't really be dead right? I will diee, NOO!!!! :(
  • One of the best episodes of the show.

    There's nothing I could say about this episode that's even remotely negative.

    Everything was perfect. We had everything. Jin wandering around, learning Rousseau's past, new info on the smoker monster, awesome directing, Charlotte dying, Locke leaving the island, etc...

    It's just so perfect I've trouble reviewing the episode, since I'm still shaking from excitement. Lost season Five is on it's way being the best season of the show yet, which given how awesome the past seasons been is a huge achievement.

    "This Place is Death" delivers on every aspect:

    emotional drama,

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, sit back, because one thing is for sure: the coming episodes will be EVEN better.
  • Lost stays to amaze me! Totally awesome episode!! SPOILERS!

    Lost is such an awesome addicting show!!

    First we get the backstory of Rousseaux from the eyes of Jin. We now see that the reasearchers from her team are defenately crazy (Rousseaux' boyfrend tried to shoot her)What happened to them!!!???

    The on island action is great, the flashes are becoming more and more violent. Charlotte does some interesting relevation before she dies. - She says that in her past Faraday has told her not to come back, because she will die. (Probably in one of the next flashes, they will be in that time zone, and then will Faraday tell this to her)
    Locke at the "Frozen donkey wheel" was also awesome. Jack's dad saying "Say hi to my son", was also awesome, because Locke doesn't know that he's Jack's father.

    Off the island the oceanic six were almost together, but they split up again.
    I was very happy to see that Mrs.Hawking is Faraday's mother and the one who can help them to get back to the island. Interesting character!!
  • Brilliant episode

    Wow.. This is the first thing I felt when this was finished. For no way I was expecting episode like that - the whole thing what was in it. First the Jin storyline what seemed to be the main thing until it all was just put in place it all went on.. the mystery what happened with Rousseaux and her friends.. but the way she was ready to believe him and he tried to shot her.. that still mystery.. and I so loved that early island feeling with those french people - smoke monster.. strange voices in jungle. Reminds good old days.

    And then the whole thing with punch of those people on island.. and Charlotte.. I never liked her too much but that was a stunning end. Is it end for her? Will we see her again? Who knows but that last scene with Faraday.. those words and revealing what she is really..

    And then the well. And what happens when it is all gone.. it was funny scene but shocking too. And Locke.. facing his destiny.. Just loved it.. the way the whole episode played for that point.

    And ofcourse the action outside the island.. Overall - stunning episode.
  • Breathtaking episode!!! Rousseau, Locke, Ben, Sun, Jin, Smokey, Sawyer, Charlotte, Faraday and his Mother.!! Full pack episode with lots of emotion!

    Wow!! I cant even describe how much i liked this episode it had action, suspense, drama, mysteries and lots of emotions! this episode deserves a 20 out of 10 wojo!!!

    We got lots of Rousseau. What was the sickness that she mentioned a while ago, and how they died? We dont see a lot of the O6 but the little we see of them was purely awesome. Come on there almost no time left they must go back!!
    We finally see how Locke got of the island. Personally I Loved the scene where Locke dissapear and we see Sawyer emotions collide OMG amazing i kinda felt like he wanted to say something to Locke but he couldn't.!! And we learn that he was the one who was supposed to move the island O.o (not Ben)!

    Who is Faraday's mother??? not a suprise but its great how all of our character are reuniting!
    but there are some that dont want to come back!!

    We also learned more about Charlotte in an unexpected way (very sad part) wow I bet we will see more of her and Faraday! (in the past)
    I LOVE LOST!!!

    Ben, what are his plans?? Cant wait to see the encounters of Locke and the O6 and Walt? How exactly did he died? How are they going to get back?
  • Great episode, loads of surprises and action.

    This was a fantastic episode, almost faultless. Brilliant writing and acting as well as the effects. It was great to have Danielle's history explained and also a reappearance of the smoke monster - I've not seen it for a while! Jin's really alive and got back with the island group. Locke met up with Christian again whilst trapped down a well. Now we know how he gets off the island. Charlotte dies. Faraday's mother is revealed. The Oceanic 6 are falling apart. Ben is as sneaky as ever. The episode delivered everything you could want from an episode of Lost, and in spades.
  • Jin meets a young Danielle Rousseau and her crew when they first crashed on the island in 1988. Ben continues trying to reunite the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island with mixed results. On the island the flashes continue with some horrible consquences.

    This episode had everything a Lost fan wants. The smoke monster , a reunion (great man-hug with Jin and Sawyer),Ben getting threatened and finding a way to manipulate his way out of it, Locke making a sacrifce to save everyone and the most heart-wrenching thing was the death of Charlotte dying in Faraday's arms. Lost is winding down and we are getting more answers each week to questions we have always wanted to know about. Watch this one again especially when Charlotte collapses and starts mumbling things. You find some eye opening revelations that are about to open up. Simply a classic.
  • The time shifts cause severe harm to the people on the island.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. It is definitely the best episode of season five out of all the episodes that have aired so far, and it is definitely one of the best episodes of the series as a whole at this point. It was packed full of excitement and several major reveals about Charlotte as well as the smoke monster. I am so, so glad that Jin is still alive. However, I am very, very upset by the fact that Charlotte died. Charlotte was such a great character. At least they answered some of the major questions about her past before she died. It's great to see that this episode had a lot progression with the whole story line about the Oceanic Six getting back to the island. It was also great to see Jin reunite with the rest of the people on the island. I thought that the ending of this episode was absolutely fantastic. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • The survivors continue their trek to the Orchid as the island's time flashes become more violent than ever.

    This episode was nearly perfect. It was exciting, it gave us answers and left us with an extremely intriguing cliffhanger. It was sad to see Charlotte go, but her death was one of the best in Lost history.

    Where do I start?
    Seeing Rousseau and her team was awesome, and Smokey's back! And I must say I've really missed him. Seeing the events of Rousseau's time on the island unfold was amazing and gave us some very memorable moments.

    Charlotte's death again, was very well done.

    Locke meeting with Christian Shephard again was the highlight of the episode. It was revealed that Ben was not supposed to turn the wheel, and Locke was. John Locke's part within the story is becoming so epic, it is great.

    Seeing Sun, Jack and Ben meet up with Desmond was also really exciting. Is Penny safe? Will those four go back first? Where do they go from here? A truly memorable episode from start to finish. I love this season, I love this show.
  • When I see this episode, I think it was great. The last episodes of this series was not so good as I thought but this, that is exacty why I watch this series, because it was a exciting and revelating episode.

    Since I see Danielle Rousseau in the first season of this series, I wanted to know wath happened to hier, and in this episode, finally we can see it. Jin in the past meet Rousseau, that's impreionant for me, I think is a creative form of show us how she arrived in the island. Charlotte, well, she was not my favourite character, but I started like ner about two weeks ago, I didn't think that going to happen but, now we can see that the creators don't woorie if they kill a important character. I also like when Desmond talks with Ben, the first time in the series! And when the go to that church to see Daniel Faraday's mother, the woman who meet Desmond in the third season. I really like this episode, so I hope the next will be better than this, because the series is now very emocionant.
  • Simply awesome episode centred around the best character in the show: Jin.

    Jin is back! One of my favorite characters in Lost is back ... in 1988. Of course he doesn't know that the island is jumping from time period to time period, which probably confuses him a little (but not too much I'm sure). He meets Danielle Roessau, when she was still pregnant with Alex. One of the questions from the 1st season is answered: why was Danielle not infected with the "sickness", and her shipmates were. And it was due to Jin! He stops her from getting into the cave ... thus creating history, literally. Meanwhile John and the gang look for the Orchid, so that they can stop the island from jumping. Another question that was bugging me is answered: why was Charlotte getting sicker than the rest of the gang, if it's supposed to affect the people that have stayed on the island the most? Well, we find out that she was actually raised on the island - she was the daughter of one of the scientists in the Dharma initiative and she had been trying to get back to the island all her life.
    Back "3 years later" we meet the woman that's gonna help the gang get back to the island, but Ben has problems rounding up all of the ppl that are supposed to go back (The oceanic 6 + Desmond). Great episode!
  • Why did Charlotte have to die? my best hope is she comes back alive like she did last episode.

    Great episode im very excited now that i know about that Jin is back and that were discovering what happened when Rousseau came to the island but its saddening how she killed her husband, when she was pregnant too...well anyway i want to know what happened to montand (the guy who's arm was pulled off very disgusting when you first see it). In episode 6 "316" The oceanic 6 + desmond return to the island sadly because im from england i have to wait till sunday(sadly).Walt is coming back in episode 7 for "the life and death of Jeremy Bentham" where we can finally find out what happened when John left the island!!!!According to episode seven cast and crew Frank Lapidus(the pilot of the helicopter from the friegter) is coming back aswell!!
  • Season five continues to get better and better.

    This was definately the best episode so far and I am finally sure that Jin is officially safe. I wasn't quite sure for the few scenes he was present in the last episode but I think finally we can all breath a sigh of relief and say that Jin is...ALIVE!!!!
    Now on to Charlotte who isn't alive. I was quite depressed when she finally passed away and just like Libby it seems a character has been taken away from us before we can learn about their past. A chill definately went down my spine when she realised that Daniel had visited her as a child and told her of her impending death. I think I knew then that she didn't stand a chance because Daniel is never wrong even if he is forgetful.
    I still think her death was avoidable. I know the writers probably talk for weeks about the pros and cons of a character dying but it would have been cool if Locke had taken Charlotte with him, they could have had all sorts of adventures on the outside. Then again they would have had to have put this plan into place by the start of the season...maybe I should just let go. RIP Charlotte Staples Lewis.
    The black smoke monster was definately one of the highs of this episode. The fact that it seems to live at the temple (or at least pass by it every now and then) creeps me out more and more because does this mean that the others know more about it than Ben has led us to believe. The moment where Robert tried to shoot Rousseau made me actually gasp because what could possibly have happened to him to have caused him to go to those lengths? Was Montand really speaking or was it the black smoke monster speaking through him? Whatever the answer it is creepy. Christian Shepard also returned in this episode to aid Locke in his journey. Finally a question that fan's have been asking for a while is answered...was Ben supposed to move the island or was it Locke? And now it seems that Ben really messed up in taking on the responsability and that Locke was always destined to leave the island. Did Ben think he could play with fate by keeping Locke on the island? If he did than it shows that the universe really does have a way of course correcting because it only took about a day for Locke to leave the island after him. The frozen donkey wheel scene wasn't as biblical as the season four finale but I still loved the image of the wheel being stuck. Overall this episode was fantastic and sets up the Oceanic 6 getting back. Ben's hissy fit was classic, Mrs. Hawking looking at the camera just before LOST popped up was creepy and the look on Ben's face when Desmond mentioned Faraday's mother was priceless. Until next week.
  • Best of the season.

    This episode is the best of the season, and I think it's going to be a great set up to the two episodes that will follow. The supporting cast is what is really making the series more interesting now. Christian Shephard and Eloise Hawking have now made several appearances each, and we know little to nothing about both of them, although I suspect they will play heavily in the overall mythology of the show.

    Charlotte has been a waste of a character in my opinion, I really don't understand what her purpose was meant to be. Maybe she was a victim of the writer's strike?

    Overall, great episode.
  • ...

    Wow, regarding the emotional side on LOST this was one of the best episodes ever. This killing pain of waiting for the next episode is back again. BUT… hat about the Lost rules? Until now the twists and turns have been clever and well planned but this Jin-French woman-thing I cannot get out of my head. A series with such a number of different and crossing narration strings needs smart people to keep the level of story telling high. I think if they put the focus on the time-traveling concept as in the past episodes, then the authors should avoid mistakes in terms of logic. Again, I loved that episode. But I really hope it's not becoming a standard sci-fi-mystery-show.
  • Just AWESOME !!

    This episode was mind blowingly exciting. Well the last half hour was. The first half hour felt like a filler but it really got much better towards the end. :)

    Ending scene was worth watching the entire episode. The look on Desmond was face when he saw Ms. Hawking - unforgettable.

    really what an awesome Epoisde it's one of the best of LOST !! , and ht best of this season ! John what a great powerfull perfomance ! and alos Bne ! , kate and jack ! Jin you where breataking when u said tell my wife am DEAD !
  • An episode that lives up to its name

    We're getting some big time revelations in this episode, as well as a fulfillment of a pledge the writers made way back in Season 2. We were promised a flashback that would tell us the history of Rousseau, how she got to the island, and what happened while we there. They kept putting it off, and after Rousseau was killed in Season 4, it seemed it would never happen. Thank you, leaping through time island for keeping your promise.

    The first fifteen minutes of 'This Place is Death' essentially tell us the story of Danielle Rousseau, as seen through the eyes of Jin. Because of the language barrier (and the fact that Jin and Sun had probably the least contact with the woman while she was alive) , he can't tell her what's about to happen. Instead, he has to witness a lot of the horrors play out. Rousseau, who is the youngest member of a six-person French team of explorers, have gotten shipwrecked on the island. They begin to explore, searching for the radio tower, which is broadcasting the numbers. (It's now likely that they were being relayed from the Swan station, via the antenna.) They move into the jungle to search of the source of the numbers. Then her team is attacked by the monster (This is something of an inconsistency, but considering that Danielle changed the story in 'Numbers' from what it was in 'Solitary', we'll give the writers that discrepancy.) The monster kills Nadine, the other woman almost identical to the way it killed the captain in the Pilot, and then attempts to attack Montand, near a temple. Montand loses his arm, and is pulled away into a recess. When he begins to cry for help, the others go in after him, but Jin stops Danielle. At this point, the island shifts again (and now we know that it's happening to the survivors; Rousseau is right next to Jin, and nothing happens to her) and Jin is alone. We soon find out that it's about a month later, and that Danielle has now formed a camp on the beach, has killed Brennan and Lacombe, the other two team members (their bodies are on the ground) and is arguing with Robert, her lover, and the baby's father. Robert is frantically trying to convince her to lower the gun, and the instant she does, he fires--- but because she's removed the firing pin (like she said in Solitary) nothing happens, and she kills him. I'm pretty sure this drove her over the edge (though sixteen years of solitary living at the loss of Alex didn't help), and that's probably the reason she doesn't recognize Jin when she came across him in 2004. (Maybe she thought he was an illusion of the monster.)

    Jin then is reunited with the other survivors, who really are stunned to see him (he must also be overjoyed that someone else who speaks Korean is still on the island, though his English is even better than it was in Season 4), but things are getting worse. The flashes are starting to happen even closer together, and Charlotte's condition begin to completely degenerate. Furthermore, now Sawyer and Juliet are starting to suffer nosebleeds. Whatever this is, it's getting worse, and right now, Locke seems to have the only valid idea--- return to the Orchid.

    Before they get there, though, Charlotte collapses, and begins to ramble incoherently. She does, however, manage to get one clear message out to Daniel, and it's a killer--- she lived on this island before, as part of the Dharma Initiative, and when she was a girl her mother and she left the island, never to see her father again. Since then, she has spent all her life searching for the island (which explains some of her behavior when she returned) The kicker is before she left, a crazy man told her to never come back--- and she now thinks that man was Daniel. It seems insane, but given what we saw in the teaser of the Season 5 premiere, we can no longer say that it's impossible. Is that how Daniel will join the Dharma Initiative? And then, in a last bit of incoherence, Charlotte dies, and Daniel is broken. We don't see much of Dan until the second half of Season 5, but it's clear that this has broken him somehow. Even though he defines the rules that "you can't change the future" he will spend the rest of his life trying to prove otherwise. Unfortunately, the cost will be even more devastating than he knows

    Eventually, the rest of the survivors make it back to where the Orchid was. Jin implores Locke not to bring Sun back to the island--- he's seen enough to know that it might kill her--- and is willing to risk never seeing his wife and child again to ensure their safety. Locke intends to keep his promise, and he is an honest man. So he is lowered into an old well (which we will see again) Before he goes, Juliet says, if this works "thank you." This is the first time anybody on the island has ever expressed gratitude to Locke on a course of action (and there's significance that it's Juliet, not anyone else who's been with him every step of the way) and the look on his face speaks volume. This is significant, because none of them will see Locke again.

    Unfortunately, before he can get to the bottom, there's one more flash, the well disappears, and Locke plummets to the ground, shattering his right shinbone. There he is greeted once again by 'Christian', who says he's there to help him the rest of the way, and then just stands there, giving instructions that he must gather all his friends and bring them back. Poor Locke. All his life, off and on the island, people have been using him. Now, as he listens to the idea that he may have to die in order to get everyone back to the island, he doesn't realize he's being used again. He thinks he has to bring everyone back to stop the flashes when all he has to do is push the (not) Frozen Donkey Wheel, and get it back on its axis. All he's done is seal his own fate.

    We may not yet know Locke is being used, but we're pretty sure that Ben has been using Jack, and by extension the Oceanic 6, so that he can get back to the island. The problem is the other members are adamantly opposed to just this manipulation. When Kate hears that Ben's behind her current horror, she doesn't hesitate a second before taking Aaron and leaving him behind. Sayid, if anything, reacts even faster, and tells Jack and Ben that if he sees either of them again, it won't be pleasant for either of them. (He's not kidding.) And when Sun first appears to Ben, her gun is cocked and she has every intention on killing the man she thinks killed her husband. (I'm still not sure how she learned Ben was responsible for blowing up the freighter. It would be more logical to blame Widmore) But once again, with a gun in his face, Ben manages to turn the tables, and tell her that Jin is alive, and that he has proof. The proof is Jin's wedding ring. Ironically, the evidence that Jin wanted to make sure would keep Sun from ever come back is the very thing that brings her back into the fold. He also tells both of them that he's done everything to make sure that they stayed safe, which is interesting, considering that I'm pretty sure that Sayid was the one who did all of the heavy lifting.

    He leads them to a church where they encounter another familiar face--- Desmond. Though it's hard to say, it's pretty obvious Ben's surprised to see him, and he is definitely blindsided when Desmond tells him he's here to see Faraday's mother. Thing is, we have met her before, and so has Desmond--- she's Eloise Hawking. (Apparently, Daniel named his pet rat after her. If that doesn't warm the cockles of your heart..) What's more surprising is that even though she clearly told Ben that he has to bring all of them back, even though there are only two of them there, she just shrugs and says "Close enough. Why? We know she has knowledge of the past. Does she really think that even though she said all of them, Jack's the only one she needs. We'll get a clearer idea of some of what she knows over the rest of the season, but right now, it seems the writers never quite got a clear idea how to handle her.

    'This Place is Death' is a pretty accurate description of what the island is-- not only for Charlotte and the rest of Rousseau's team, but probably for everybody. It may not be purgatory, but for almost everyone else, it's a form of Hell. Even Locke who think it's salvation will eventually realize that for all it's healing powers, the island takes far more than it gives. We just don't know what we're going to see yet.
    My score: 8.8
  • Brilliant Episode. Locke Stops the time shifting.

    This episode picks up where the other episode left off, with Sun leaving her vehicle with a gun going after Ben for supposedly killing he husband Jin. Ben explains that he can prove that Jin is still alive. They drive to a church and Ben gives her Jin's wedding ring and tells her that John Locke had given it to him. Ben then goes on to say there is a woman in church that can help them and Desmond shows up saying are you looking for Faraday's mother too. They go in and asks Ben why he didn't bring them all and he tells her this all he could round up on short notice.

    The time shifts keep happening on the island and every time one happens Charlotte gets worse and another persons nose starts bleeding. During one shift Jin ends up with the rest of the group. They are searching for the Orchid to fix the time shifts and they get to where it's at and Charlotte in a psycho babble say search for the well and another time shift happens. The rest of the group finds a well, and Locke decides to climb down. While this is happening, Charlotte Dies. While Locke is down in the well time shifts again and Sawyer is left holding rope that goes into the ground, no well. Locke falls and breaks his leg. Jacks father shows up and tells lock he can stop the time shifts by putting the wheel back on its access. John manages to do so and the time shifts stop.
  • 'This Place is Death' is a masterfully written, oblique blighter that moves from one tantalising plot strand to the next.

    Five seasons and five episodes into this most brain-addling of television shows and we still don't really know what that bloody monster made of smoke that makes strange noises and uproots flora, fauna and freaking human beings actually is. Oh sure, it's a 'security system', yeah, well, that's helpful. Now we have an additional titbit thanks to 'This Place is Death': it guards 'the temple'. Riiight. So how come it's made of smoke? And why do images people's pasts seem to appear 'within' it? Huh?! I suppose these questions are on their way to being answered, given that we're now on the home stretch but dammit, I'm getting a little impatient with the thing. And it's only because I love the damn monster so much: I mean, just look at it as it drags poor Montand to his inevitable doom and detaches his body from his arm. It's freaking cool, man. This is a rather nice nod back to the first season (Rousseau mentioned her armless colleague back in the day) and once again, signals that the production staff remain true to their word and are proceeding to provide answers to even the smallest of minutiae that have previously been introduced into the show's mythology. And how about the fact that the monster itself may be responsible for turning people a bit crazy? (My H-bomb theory was shot out of the water). Or is it the temple? Something else? WHAT?!

    Remaining on the subject of answers, 'This Place is Death' seems hell bent on putting at least some of the pieces together for us: so now we know Charlotte's history, with official confirmation that yes, she was on the Island long ago and that she believes DANIEL told her not to come back. This, of course, ties with the events in the opening scene of the season as we see Farraday in Marvin Candle's time with the DHARMA Initiative. Doesn't look like he'll actually be able to change anything mind, even though he's apparently going to try (and he should know better... silly, heartbroken Physics expert). And what about her death, eh? Well, I've gotta say, that one threw me. I felt sure they'd save her somehow and that there would be some pay off for Daniel's infatuation but, alas, not. Although, one imagines this will now consume the man and that we're at least going to see little Charlotte very soon. Another prospective jigsaw piece from your friendly neighbourhood television reviewer: Charlotte = Annie? Ben's one true love from his young DHARMA Initiative days? I know it's been mentioned before (and you would think Benjamin might at least have an inkling) but the narrative does seem to be pointing more and more towards the possibility...

    ...and lo and behold, possibility actually becomes reality this week as Ms Hawking is revealed to be Farraday's mother. Well, no one saw that coming, did they? While her appearance did close the episode, thankfully the revelation did not, but rather her assertion that it is time to 'get to work'... without the other Oceanic Six members, it's worth noting. Honestly, anyone who hadn't figured Elouise out by this point really needs their head examined. Granted, the Elouise reference is rather oblique, given that it requires the viewer to remember a single name from a single episode last season (Daniel's rat, on whom he is performing time travel experiments, has been given this name), but the confluence of Desmond and co. at the church really should have triggered alarm bells if they hadn't been going off already. Personally though, I love this and actually shouted at my screen when the damn episode ended, just when things were about to bloody well get good.

    To top all this meaty goodness off, Jacob actually makes a reappearance, helping John to turn the jammed frozen donkey wheel and send himself hurtling across the globe. All very intriguing, obtuse stuff this as it signals that Locke was wrong to let Ben go off the Island: the line 'since when did listening to what he says get you anywhere worth a damn?' is perhaps the most priceless of the season. And if course, more importantly, we actually get to see the time jumps have negative consequences as first the Orchid disappears before the Losties' eyes and then the well goes bye bye as John is descending it. It's about time we saw it impede their progression in a manner other than the food department, at any rate.

    'This Place is Death' is a masterfully written, oblique blighter that moves from one tantalising plot strand to the next - Smokey attacks Rosseau and co.! They go crazy in its temple! Locke meets Jacob again and turns the frozen donkey wheel! Charlotte dies! The gang meet Farraday's mom and it's Ms Hawking! - and manages to throw a few answers our way to boot. It is very much a set up for major events to come, such as Locke's transformation into Jeremy Bentham and the plot to get back to the Island, but at this it works admirably. Plus we get some damn excellent individual scenes all round that demonstrate the wealth of acting ability in the cast: check out Farraday and Charlotte in the woods, Jin as he confronts Locke or, my personal favourite, Ben throwing a hissy fit in his van. A thoroughly successful way to whet everyone's appetite.
  • Danielle Past scenes was one of the Best sequences that Lost delivered. Finally the Flashes Plot is over and Jack and Sun accepted to go back to the Island. Overall, this episode is very interesting, fast and one of the Best in this Season.

    Plot Details/Objective -» This episode was all about reuniting the Oceanic Six and explain to them how they will go back to the Island. Also making Jin reunite with Locke and Co again and show us what really happened to Danielle.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Danielle past was superb. The island scenes was not bad also, like d the fact that finally Locke did what he was supposed to do. Jack and Co scenes was more down, was not bad, but was slow paced.


    Presentation -» (9/10). The presentation begins to be very interesting, just because the monster was the motive to Danielle boyfriend and her friends to be all dead.

    Complication Phase -» (10/10). Danielle past stole the moment, very nice action and adventure there. Finally Locke did what he was supposed to do.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (9/10). Two storylines are over. Locke finally find his way off the island. Danielle past ending was great to see.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). This time I paid so much attention, that I failed to notice that scenes that was there to make time. The previous episode managed that for this episode.

    Dialogues -» (10/10). All that was necessary to say was in this episode. Action /Adventure -» (10/10). Danielle and her friend offered a really spectacular adventure.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Charlotte dead was expected, beside that, Sun know that Jin is alive, more than that was asking too much for this episode.

    Suspense/Tension -» (9/10). The flashes delivered little tension, but what was cooler was Danielle past. Poor Locke.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (9/10). Was nice to see one of the main mysteries about Danielle past point of view to be revealed. How charlotte remembers Dan´s was strange.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Christian appearance wasn´t enough for making stunning surprises.

    Danielle Past scenes was one of the Best sequences that Lost delivered. Finally the Flashes Plot is over and Jack and Sun accepted to go back to the Island. Overall, this episode is very interesting, fast and one of the Best in this Season.
  • 'This Place is Death' is an underrated episode. That being said, I can surely place it in my Top 15 Lost episodes, and Top 3 episodes of brilliant season 5.

    This episode can be split into three parts. Let's begin.

    Part I
    Jin time-travelling with Rousseau and her team is one of the most exciting and mind blowing moments of Lost. We get the Smoke monster, we get the Numbers, the infection, the Temple. And in my opinion, the scene where Montand's voice is heard from the tunnels is pretty darn important because I honestly believe that wasn't Montand (I'm not going to spoil the mystery, I'll give a hint: MiB). Oh yeah, Smokey is the security system of the Island. Really? Can't wait to see how that plays out in the second part of the final season. And we move to...

    Part II

    Jin reuniting with Locke and co. was expected and it started the Sun/Jin hide and seek game that got boring 15 episodes later. But nevermind, the trip to the Orchid station was emotional, Charlotte dying and all. Her 'This place is death' line does make much more sense after some episodes of season 6 (again, not spoiling).
    The whole they-have-to-go-back-in-order-to-stop-the-flashes story somewhat culminates in this episode and to this date, I still have no idea why they had to go back (possible spoiler: except if it weren't a grand scale manipulation for Locke to come back to the Island as a dead man along with the remaining Candidates).
    Christian again was a great surprise and it only deepened the mystery of Shephard Senior. I've got no ideas as to what is his agenda, is he dead or alive, is he just another manifestation of the Smoke monster (ok guys, we've already known Smokey could transform into dead people) and what does he have to do with Eloise Hawking. As for the future, I hope we'll get answers regarding the well and the wheel. It'd be lame if they didn't explain how was time-travelling possible. With the mention of Eloise Hawking, we come to...

    Part III

    Jack, Ben, Sayid, Kate and Sun in one place. Kate was hysteric as always, nothing to say about her. These scenes culminated with Ben, Jack and Sun meeting Desmond in front of the church where the ever mysterious Eloise Hawking dwells. It's time for Losties to come back home.
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