Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Nosebleed, anyone?

    Ooops, there was obviously a technical glitch in my last review, so I post it again. Feel free to give me the thumbs down ^^

    So what's the point of this episode?
    While I'm writing this review here I really find it hard to think of one remarkable moment in this episode. Well, of course Danielle Rousseau's crew back story was quite interesting, although we knew that something 'bad' must have happened to them, it was nice to see the younger Danielle.
    But way more interesting was the fact that a lifetime fighting in the jungle will make you look like crap. Maybe Jin should've warned Danielle when he had the chance,hmm... Danielle: So Jin do you think I'm sexy?

    Jin: Yeeees, but.. you.. ugly.. woman.. with.. face.. like.. dry.. fish - later!

    So apart from gallons of blood coming out of noses, was there anything special about this episode?

    Hmm, maybe that the 'timetravel-thing'(like it or not) has its own weird rules to justify the plot holes... I don't know, you decide..

    For me it was just all FLASH, no substance!