Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • It was good but a little disappointing, still worth it though

    I was kind of expecting more out of this. The first four episodes were really great (well, the second wasn't) but this, a bit disappointing.

    The beginning with great, with Danielle and her people - we learned a bit about the history she told Sayid about on Solitary back on the first season. The smoke monster chase was good too, it set more answers about what would actually happen to someone who would get pulled down the hole.

    Then it moved on to another flash, this time into the future by probably a year or two based on Danielle's motives to kill Robert. What I've always wondered is if since Danielle mentioned to Sayid that Montard lost his arm, perhaps time was the same. Perhaps Jin was with them then, even before the flashes began. That still remains to be revealed. That was good, and I was pleased to see Jin reunite with those left on the island.

    Then it starts to get disappointing. The flashes keep happening and then Charlotte eventually dies. This time it was sad, but before she dies we do learn a shocking revelation that she grew up on the island and that her and Daniel Faraday have a shocking past with each other. That wasn't really the downside, it was the end where John fell into the orchard and obviously, the flash happened while trying to get into the orchard. We see Christian Shepperd and how obviously, the end of the flashes has come. John turns the wheel. Nothing more...

    As for the off island events, that is the biggest downfall in regards to this episode. Nothing really worth while happened. Sun learned to trust Ben again, and for the second time, the episode ends with a cliffhanger of Eloise, where Desmond is shocked to see her, and it ends.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked this episode. A few of the unanswered mysteries were revealed, but the off-island events seemed more like a filler rather than anything of significant importance. All previous episodes of this season (particularly one, three and four) had very interesting off-island events, but it felt like something was missing. Besides, I'm sure that the audience are still wondering where the hell Rose, Bernard and the rest of the alive survivors are. They cannot have all died by the fire arrows.

    So, a decent episode, but with some answered mysteries and amazing special effects. Hopefully we'll be in for a more improved week next episode.