Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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    What was that? The worst episode of Lost since "Stranger In A Strange Land". I'm going to get so many people disagreeing after reading that sentence but I don't care this is my thoughts on the episode.
    "The Little Prince" finished with us seeing Jin with Danielle and her team so it looked like we where in for a promising fifth episode of the season sadly it wasn't that way for me I thoughts the French chicks story was rushed and not believable it happened so fast it didn't explain much apart from the sickness being the monster. The flashes are starting to get really annoying with them happening every two seconds and the death of Charlotte was un called for just when I was beginning to like her she gets killed off and in a boring way. There was a lot of bad acting in this episode Sawyer getting on my nerves walking around shouting and being the leader He's over doing it in my opinion.
    The off island stuff was better but there wasn't much of it. There was three good scenes in this episode the scene where Ben shouts at Sun and Jack, The part where John gets off the island and the final scene. Also why are these episodes centrics they should just drop that, this was supposed to be a Jin and Sun centric but Sun was hardly in it and Jin wasn't in the last half of the episode much.
    I was very disappointed with this episode it was over hyped and I felt like I was watching a stupid messed up and confusing episode of Heroes.
    7.5 out of 10. I felt bad writing a review like that about my favorite show.
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