Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Season five continues to get better and better.

    This was definately the best episode so far and I am finally sure that Jin is officially safe. I wasn't quite sure for the few scenes he was present in the last episode but I think finally we can all breath a sigh of relief and say that Jin is...ALIVE!!!!
    Now on to Charlotte who isn't alive. I was quite depressed when she finally passed away and just like Libby it seems a character has been taken away from us before we can learn about their past. A chill definately went down my spine when she realised that Daniel had visited her as a child and told her of her impending death. I think I knew then that she didn't stand a chance because Daniel is never wrong even if he is forgetful.
    I still think her death was avoidable. I know the writers probably talk for weeks about the pros and cons of a character dying but it would have been cool if Locke had taken Charlotte with him, they could have had all sorts of adventures on the outside. Then again they would have had to have put this plan into place by the start of the season...maybe I should just let go. RIP Charlotte Staples Lewis.
    The black smoke monster was definately one of the highs of this episode. The fact that it seems to live at the temple (or at least pass by it every now and then) creeps me out more and more because does this mean that the others know more about it than Ben has led us to believe. The moment where Robert tried to shoot Rousseau made me actually gasp because what could possibly have happened to him to have caused him to go to those lengths? Was Montand really speaking or was it the black smoke monster speaking through him? Whatever the answer it is creepy. Christian Shepard also returned in this episode to aid Locke in his journey. Finally a question that fan's have been asking for a while is answered...was Ben supposed to move the island or was it Locke? And now it seems that Ben really messed up in taking on the responsability and that Locke was always destined to leave the island. Did Ben think he could play with fate by keeping Locke on the island? If he did than it shows that the universe really does have a way of course correcting because it only took about a day for Locke to leave the island after him. The frozen donkey wheel scene wasn't as biblical as the season four finale but I still loved the image of the wheel being stuck. Overall this episode was fantastic and sets up the Oceanic 6 getting back. Ben's hissy fit was classic, Mrs. Hawking looking at the camera just before LOST popped up was creepy and the look on Ben's face when Desmond mentioned Faraday's mother was priceless. Until next week.