Season 5 Episode 5

This Place is Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Brilliant Episode. Locke Stops the time shifting.

    This episode picks up where the other episode left off, with Sun leaving her vehicle with a gun going after Ben for supposedly killing he husband Jin. Ben explains that he can prove that Jin is still alive. They drive to a church and Ben gives her Jin's wedding ring and tells her that John Locke had given it to him. Ben then goes on to say there is a woman in church that can help them and Desmond shows up saying are you looking for Faraday's mother too. They go in and asks Ben why he didn't bring them all and he tells her this all he could round up on short notice.

    The time shifts keep happening on the island and every time one happens Charlotte gets worse and another persons nose starts bleeding. During one shift Jin ends up with the rest of the group. They are searching for the Orchid to fix the time shifts and they get to where it's at and Charlotte in a psycho babble say search for the well and another time shift happens. The rest of the group finds a well, and Locke decides to climb down. While this is happening, Charlotte Dies. While Locke is down in the well time shifts again and Sawyer is left holding rope that goes into the ground, no well. Locke falls and breaks his leg. Jacks father shows up and tells lock he can stop the time shifts by putting the wheel back on its access. John manages to do so and the time shifts stop.