Season 2 Episode 22

Three Minutes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

In a FLASHBACK, we see Michael in the armory asking Locke for a gun for "target practice". After nervously checking his watch, he knocks over several boxes of bullets. When Locke bends over to pick them up, Michael knocks him out with the end of a rifle. Michael then rushes over to the computer where he frantically talks to Walt, who tells Michael where he is. Jack finds Locke unconscious in the armory, then Michael locks them both in.
In real time, we see Michael outside the hatch burning a small piece of paper. Jack leads him into the hatch, where Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate are waiting. Jack and Michael are all ready to go after Henry, but Hurley objects. "Ana Lucia and Libby are dead. I mean, we haven't even buried them yet." Jack instructs Kate and Sawyer to take Ana's body, while he and Hurley Libby's.
After a commercial break, we FLASHBACK and see Michael looking for Walt. He comes across a man in Other-ish clothing urinating. Michael points his gun at him. "You're Walt's old man, aren't you?" the man says. Michael turns around to see Mr. Friendly who grabs Michael's gun and fires a few shots. Michael runs away, and Mr. Friendly uses a slingshot-type thing (similar to Ethan's in "Homecoming") to knock Michael over. "Bag him. His friends are right behind us," says Mr. Friendly.
Today, Michael is cleaning blood off the hatch floor when Eko walks in. Eko tells Michael a story about a boy who wondered if he would go to hell because he beat his dog to death after the dog bit his baby sister. The boy didn't care about forgiveness. "He was only afraid that if he did go to hell," said Eko, "the dog would be there waiting for him."
Charlie brings Claire the pneumatic injector from the hatch. Claire first seems skeptical, but Charlie tells her he tried it himself to make sure it was safe. Sun and Jin see Michael, asking him how he is. Then Sun sees the makeshift caskets on the beach, and Michael says that they are Ana Lucia and Libby "They were murdered," says Michael.
After the break, we FLASHBACK to Michael in the woods with the Others. Pickett, the peeing Other, brings in Kate with the hood on her head. Mr. Friendly instructs the rest of them to get ready with the torches. We then see the clip of Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Mr. Friendly from "The Hunting Party". When Alex is instructed to bring Kate out, she convinces Pickett to do it. She asks Michael about Claire's baby, but he is gagged and can't reply. Mr. Friendly comes back; Alex knocks Michael out with her rifle.
Now, Sawyer asks Jack what happened when they looked for Michael. Jack says that they got caught in a net. "Is that what they're calling it these days?" asks Sawyer. The two then see Sayid and fill him in with what happened. Sawyer says it would be a good idea to bring Sayid along on the Hunt for Henry, and gives him a gun. Back in the hatch Eko tells Charlie that the button is his new calling and that he isn't building the church anymore. Charlie is upset and leaves. On the beach, Sawyer tells Michael that Sayid is coming along, and Michael is angry.
After commercials, we FLASHBACK to the Others leading Michael toward their tents. Two men with guns guard a hatch door. Pickett inserts a syringe into Michael's arm and draws blood into it. He puts the syringe in a bag and exits. Then a woman approaches Michael, telling him her name is Ms. Klugh. She asks Michael an assortment of questions about Walt's childhood illnesses and biological parents. Then, "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be?" She tells him he doesn't know much about his son and leaves.
Today, Michael tells Sayid that he's not coming with them, and Sayid looks confused. Meanwhile, Vincent brings Charlie one of the heroin statues. The dog leads him to Sawyer's stash, and Charlie throws the statues in the ocean. In the hatch, Sawyer tells Jack that he and Ana Lucia "got caught in a net."
After commercials, we see Kate and Hurley digging graves while Michael tries to convince Hurley to come get Walt back. In a FLASHBACK, Ms. Klugh tells Michael that Walt is standing outside, which Michael doesn't believe. She also says that one of their people was captured by his people, and if he frees their man, Walt will go free. Pickett brings Walt in, who says the Others make him take tests. "They're not who they say they are! They're pretending!" Walt suddenly blurts out. He breaks free of Pickett and hugs his father, telling him he loves him, before being carried away.
Ms. Klugh gives Michael a small piece of paper, saying that he has to bring the four people on the list with him to get Walt back. Michael says he also wants the boat, and on the paper, we see JACK SHEPHARD, KATE AUSTEN, JAMES FORD, HUGO REYES. After a commercial break, we see Jack and Sayid on their way to the funeral. Sayid says he thinks Michael has been compromised, and they have one night to figure out a plan. During the funeral, Sun looks off to the ocean. "Boat!" she cries. We see a sailboat in the ocean, and the scene cuts to black.