Season 2 Episode 22

Three Minutes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on ABC

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  • Can Someone Shoot Micheal in the Heart? >=((

    We have in this episodes, answers to anticipated questions such as the death of Ana Lucia and Libby -- Now we know that Libby's death was a mistake but Ana's death was so totally unfair -- Michael had to kill her to let Henry Gale go so that they can give back to him, his son, and make a trade. Ommmmgggggggg this just made me so mad and made me hate Michael even more... it shouldnt had to cost Ana Lucia's life to save his stupid little brat son. >=((

    Will miss AnaLibby and haateeee Michael forever!!! Anyways besides annoying Michael, it was awesomee seeing Claire & Charlie back together.

    And at the end, there was the boat that Michael wanted from the others....leading up to an umbelievable Season Finale -- cant wait! :)