Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC
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Events reach a climax as the survivors engage the Others at the beach. Meanwhile, Jack relentlessly leads the group on toward rescue, while Charlie gets his mission underway.

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  • YES! the surviors finally kill a buch of those Others, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok sorry about that, let me try that again.

    This episode is a two parter and better yet its a two parter season finale so their always good and filled with development.Now while thats the case the first part of the two parters are usually just set up for the second half. Not much happens in most cases it's alot of talking, reserving the fighting and the juicie scence for the second half.

    The action scenes for this episode happen a little after the begining and end their as well (aside from Charlie being beaten up by two hot ladies). But it's wwhat happens in those short action scens that really mean alot to me, and it's not the effects its who gets hurt or in this case blown to bits!

    Ok let me go back a bit and explain myself before you think i'm a pyro maniac. The Others are coming to raid the Surviors camp and kidnap all of their pregnate women and babies. they'll know where they are because their double adgent Juliet will have the tents marked. But Juliet turns out to be a double-double adgent and tells Jack what the Other's leader (Ben Lieanus) has ordered her to do. Jack comes up with a diabolic (and un-charecteristic) idea of putting dynimite in decoy tents and having Juliet mark them, so when the Others come to raid the tents, expecting to find valnerble pregnate women or helpless babies, they'll insted be blow to bits. And it worked to about(my guess any way)a dozenof them blew up!

    Now here's the part were I explain why this Thrills me and why I'm writing this review based of it. Well it's really quite simple, i Hate those Hypocrite, Murdering, Mind games playing Others! Here are the reason's why I hate them (aside from Alex, Juliet and Karl)First of all they are so self absorbed and so full of themselves (now i know thats everyone on a reality show) they think that they are good and right and everyone else (off the island) is Eviland wrong, now thats psycologically a correct way of thinking when your on differnt sides. But these people started a war with plane crash victims, for no reason other then they thought they were a threat and could get their island discovered.Which is stupid since these people have lived on the island for many yearsso they shouldknow it's not a normal island! So logicly it will be impossible to find! Espeacially from a plane that went off corse and lost raido conact before they crashed.Second: They are Kidnapping People and forceing them to stay on the island Forever. Now I can understandwhy their doing it to pregnate women, cause women who get prgnateon the island die But I do not suport their twisted logic for raising the babies as their own and killing the birth mothers!Third I really hate big over confident people who act like nothing can touch them so they screw with you when ever they like, and these guys are all talk, in this season we have discoved that only a few of them are truely hard core like Ethan (Juilet is one of them) so seeing them get owned like that and having their plan fall to dust was quite satisfying.

    These people act like their all that but they don't even understand all of the mysteries of the island! not even their leader Ben know's more then the basic Lost fan. And why couldn't they just give the surviors a small moter boat (like with mike and walt) or i know why not give them a trip in your secret Sub and dump them on an island closer to rescue! Who will belive anything they say, the world will think their like Tom Hanks in the Castaway!

    so this was a good episode and a good start to the season fianlly. I'll write a more detailed review of this two parter later, I don't want to spoil it for you just wanted to point out the best part in my opion. It's like sweet revenge. Sweet, Sweet, Explosion Revengemoreless
  • I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included).

    I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included). Whenever someone asks me for an example of a classic season closer, I give them "Through The Looking Glass". Not only did we get a game-changing twist and fun new catchphrase ("We have to go back, Kate!") but we got more action and adventure than a major motion picture. This was the only time I wanted to call Time Warner Cable to thank them for their service.

    We said goodbye to a favorite character and the story progressed in some major ways. Under the skilled direction of Jack Bender, LOST was always a show that was fun to watch. "Through The Looking Glass" wasn't only fun, it was mind-blowing. Just writing about the episode caused my jaw to unhinge and sink to the floor.moreless
  • WHAT THE...

    Wow! As much as I saw the ending coming (I knew it was a flashforward), I was still so shocked while watching it! This was in my opinion, the second greatest LOST episode ever! It was very emotional. I was in tears when I thought Bernard, Sayid, and Jin were just killed. Charlie's death was so sad! That ending has to be the best ending of LOST that I've ever seen! It was perfect! Charlie was hilarious while he was singing! That made my night! Hurley's van scene was classic! This episode raised so many questions. Who was in the coffin? Why was Jack about to commit suicide? Who does Kate have to get home to? And what's the deal with Naomi's boat?! Ahh, so many questions, and we have to wait 9 months just to get some answers!!! This will be a very difficult wait!moreless
  • Do you people that rate these episodes a 10 even WATCH the episode?

    Once again, Lost fails to deliver. After all the type ABC gives this show, it drops the ball again. Remember the "Three of the island's biggest mysteries revealed!" episode? And then it didn't reveal anything? Once again, I was lured into getting excited about this episode with false promises.

    Once again, zero answers, and dozens more questions. And instead of waiting a week or two to find out what might happen, they expect me to wait until next year? We'll see if anyone will be watching then.

    Truly a disappointment. Last season will forever be my favorite television season.moreless
  • Hate to say it, but yeah, this is the episode that changes everything

    And here we are at the end of the season. When I initially watched this episode, I was somewhat disappointed because I'd heard certain things about it that weren't true. I'd heard that the flashback would tell us what Jack did during the week he was held by the Others before Kate and Sayid came to 'rescue' him. Obviously, that didn't happen. They also told us that a lot of major characters were going to die, and while some did, the body count was low (actually I'm grateful for that). But mostly it was because of what we saw in the 'flashback'. By now, anyone whose been a loyal follower of the show knows what I'm talking about, but I'm going to continue my role and reveal only what I saw at the time.

    The episode is Jack centric, but if you're trying to figure out when this happened, it's pretty hard. We can tell that Jack looks even worse than he did in any other time in his past, only now he's still tossing back pills to go with the drinking. He's grown a the somewhat infamous 'beard', and he spends all of the flashes looking like he's in a state of near collapse, though he's trying to remain normal. Hell, let's call a spade a spade--- Jack's become his father, drunk, belligerent, and trying to do his job when he's in no condition to do so. His ex-wife (who is obviously pregnant) wants nothing more to do with him, and he seems positively loathe to call himself a hero. When he sees an article in the paper (we'll come back to this) it's the final blow. We can tell he's done, and when we see him on the bridge in the teaser, it takes all of his effort to get off the bridge and pull people out of the wreckage. What we can't figure out yet is what has brought him to this state (and we won't learn until Season 4), but he looks beaten.

    The episode begins just a short while after the last one. Sayid has more determination than we've seen all season.--- the soldier prepared to lead his troops into battle. He orders that no matter what happens that Jack and his group keep moving towards the radio tower--- and you know that's not going to happen. Something's going to go wrong. We just don't know what.

    Under water, Charlie is being beaten severely by the two women under the station--- their names are Bonnie and Greta, Bonnie is particularly brutal and they want answers. Charlie seems particularly relaxed--- particularly when he sees the flashing bulb that Desmond described in his final vision-- and is more than willing to talk. This is actually a good thing because it forces them to transmit to Ben--- who is not at all glad to hear from them.

    Ben's authority has been spiraling out of control, and now it really begins to uncurl. He has been lying to everybody about this, and when radio silence is broken, he's in pretty bad shape with his people. When he learns about this, he realizes Juliet has betrayed them, and radios his people on the beach--- and it's almost too late. Sayid and Bernard fire swift and sure; Jin doesn't (he still manages to kill two of them anyway). Tom and two others survive by pure luck, and manage to capture them. Bernard, not wanting to see his friends die, tells them everything, and Ben learns just how broken his own house truly is. He tries to maintain command---- he sends Mikhail down to the Looking Glass, orders Richard to continue to the temple (what the hell is that?) and prepares to intercept the survivors before they reach the radio tower. But now his schemes are falling apart. Richard, who was losing faith before, is now openly disturbed, and Alex demands to go with her father, and he agrees to take her--- too quickly, actually.

    When the survivors hear only two explosions, they know something has gone wrong, and it isn't long before several of them demand to return. Rose and Sun, not surprisingly, are the most open about it, but they are willing to relent when Jack tells them to keep moving. Kate, however, is more persistent. As is her custom, she flip-flops between the men in her life. She goes to Sawyer, because she knows that Jack won't listen. He refuses to help her, and remains very cold to her, though he doesn't say why. Sawyer then tells Jack he's going back to help, and then tells Kate he didn't agree because he didn't want to go back with her. (Ouch.) Juliet then agrees to go back, lying about a cache of guns, because she wants to help. It's hard to understand why she'd want to, but she clearly feels she owes her. And then after they head back, Hurley comes up behind them demanding to help. Just like Charlie did, Sawyer says (in surprisingly gentle terms) that he'd just get in the way. What we don't know is that Hurley has just about had enough of this.

    Back at the rowboat, Desmond regains consciousness, only to find himself dodging bullets when Mikhail begins shooting at him. With nowhere else to go, he dives after Charlie and has the good fortune to make it back when Bonnie and Greta are bickering over what to do with him. By now Bonnie clearly wants to kill him, and is only stopped when Mikhail emerges from the briny deep. (Where he got the scuba gear is yet another question the show doesn't answer. Then again; they had to have a way to get to the Station without the submarine.) He's clearly stunned to see them, and even more appalled to learn that Ben has been jamming the signal without anyone else's knowledge. He takes a very long time between the transmissions, and it's clear that he has lost faith in Ben, if he ever had any.

    I think we left someone out--- oh yeah, Locke. He finally regains consciousness in the pit where Ben left him for dead. Now, every time Locke regains consciousness after he has fallen, the first thing he checks are his legs. This time, they fail him, and he feels the greatest despair he's felt on the island, at least since his misjudgment led to the destruction of the hatch. He finds the energy to pick up his gun, find a bullet in the chamber, and press it to his forehead. But a split second before he pulls the trigger Walt appears in a vision and orders him to get out of the ditch. For the first time in a long time a smile crosses Locke's face. It probably wasn't the real Walt (for one thing, he was quite a bit taller and had a deeper voice than the last time Locke saw him) but it is a message, and Locke clearly believes it.

    Quite a lot of business going on in the first part of 'Through the Looking Glass'. Turns out, the biggest shocks of the season are still to come, and there will be blood and twists galore. They sure know how to end a season.

    My score: 9moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When Jack enters the funeral parlor, we see the portion of the casket that opens, to the right. It switches to the left (or the film is reversed) in the moments where Jack is walking towards it, and we only see the curtain in the background.

    • The two or three female whispers that Locke hears as he is about to shoot himself and seconds before Walt appears to him are very unclear. The most agreed upon interpretations are:

      "Help me"
      "Naomi. I don't know that name"
      "I have hell to pay"

    • Goof: In the opening scenes, the Losties all head south on the beach (sun is setting on the ocean) with the ocean to their right. This would indicate that they are traveling around the island counter-clockwise. However, after the break, the group is seen with the ocean to their left. This would indicate that they are now moving in the opposite direction. Even if they had reached the other side of the island, the ocean would still be on their right had they been traveling the same direction.

    • Ryan: Where are they? (he points his gun at Jin) Sayonara.

      Sayônara is Japanese for 'goodbye', not Korean as Jin speaks.

    • This episode is the first time we see Mikhail Bakunin without his eye patch on.

    • If the events on the Island are in fact taking place on Dec. 21 and 22, then that would be the Losties 91st and 92nd days on the Island.

    • Numbers:
      -The logo for The Looking Glass station is a white rabbit with an analog clock reading 8:15 (or 3:40).
      -Jack saves a 42 year old woman and her 8 year old kid from the car crash.
      -Jack had 8 stitches in his forehead.

    • In the flash-forward, when Sarah enters the emergency room, on the back of the door is a Spanish-language CDC poster about folic acid, an important supplement to pregnant women. The headline is "Antes de que te des cuenta que estás embarazada..." ("Before you realize that you are pregnant...").

    • Goof: In the airplane Jack picks up the newspaper with his left hand. In the next scene he is picking it up with his right hand.

    • Goof: When Charlie is being beaten up in the looking glass, a streak of blood is down his right cheek which is there at one point and then not there when the women leave to call Ben.

    • Jack's newspaper was an issue of the L.A. Times April 5, 2007 folded at page B-4.

    • Rose: If you say 'live together, die alone' to me Jack I'm gonna punch you in your face.

      Rose is quoting Jack's famous speech from episode 1.05 when he says, "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone". Also, "Live Together, Die Alone" is the title of the season two finale.

    • The drug that Jack takes from the locked medicine cabinet in the hospital is Oxycodone. Oxycodone is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. It is a pain reliever. Oxycodone also has similar effects to morphine and heroin, and appeals to the same abuse community.

    • The executive producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who also wrote this episode, make separate voice cameos. Damon, as the captain apologizing for turbulence on the PA; Carlton, as the off-screen newsperson on "Action 8 News" describing the car crash.

    • During the opening scene of "...Looking Glass" Jack tears out an article from a Los Angeles newspaper. Later outside the Funeral Parlor he reads it. This is what could be determined: 'Los Angeles (Heading)
      Man found dead in downtown loft(subheading)
      The body of Jo*****entham of New York was found shortly after 4 a.m. in the ******** of Grand Avenue. '

    • In the opening scene Jack requests another drink but the stewardess refuses, instead she gives him a folded newspaper. He tosses it onto the empty seat next to him with the fold facing inwards to the rear of the seat. A few moments later when Jack fastens his seat belt the fold is still facing inwards. Then when he looks at the newspaper and reaches to pick it up the fold is magically facing outwards to the front of the seat.

    • The 'Looking Glass' (the latest DHARMA station) has a white rabbit for its symbol.

      White Rabbit is also the title of episode 1.05.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Jack: You OK?
      Kate: Yeah, I just, had a rock in my shoe.
      Jack: He didn't mean it, you know.
      Kate: What?
      Jack: Sawyer. When he said that he didn't want you to go with him, he didn't mean it.
      Kate:If he didn't mean it, why'd he say it?
      Jack: I'm trying to protect you. That's why I asked you not to come back for me.
      Kate: Hey. Why are you sticking up for Sawyer, he'd never do it for you.
      Jack: Because I love you.

    • (Charlie sings and hums inaudibly)
      Bonnie: AH!! I told you to shut up!!!
      Charlie: You know when you get a tune stuck, in your head? This song just started coming to me, its almost finished. Just need to find the bridge. (Hums and sings inaudibly again)
      Bonnie: Get the speargun!
      Greta: What, why?
      Bonnie: Cause I want it to hurt.
      Greta: No, Ben said...
      Bonnie: You don't wanna get it, I will.
      (Bonnie heads to where Desmond is hiding)
      Greta: Bonnie.
      Charlie: Oi, oi oi, no! I'll, I'll shut up, I'll shut up, I'll shut up, I'll shut up!

    • Jack: Don't do anything stupid.
      Juliet: I won't if you won't.

    • Jack: Sawyer, it's a suicide mission without guns.
      Juliet: I know where there are some guns. There's a hidden cache, a couple of miles from here. I can take us back to the beach on a route past it.
      Jack: Juliet, you don't have to do that.
      Juliet: Yeah, Jack, I kinda do.
      Sawyer: Let's do this.

    • Sawyer: Look you got a job to do here. I ain't gonna stand in your way of doing it. And you sure as hell don't need me.
      Jack: What do you think you're gonna get done, Alone and unarmed?
      Kate: He won't be alone, I'll go with him.
      Sawyer: No!
      Kate: Twenty minutes ago you weren't even interested in going, and now all of a sudden you're telling Jack I'm...
      Sawyer: I didn't wanna go with you.

    • Sawyer: I'm going back.
      Jack: What?
      Sawyer: I'm going back to the beach.
      Jack: No way. We keep moving.
      Sawyer: I ain't asking permission.

    • Desmond: Charlie! Bloody hell! You all right?
      Charlie: Not for long if you don't get out of here. You have to hide, Des, hide, hide, there's people in there! Quick, hide hide hide. Go go go! Hide hide hide.
      (The women hear him)
      Bonnie: Who's he talking to?
      Charlie: (Singing) I feel like standing.... stupid people....
      Bonnie: Who are you talking to?
      Charlie: I wasn't talking to anyone, I was just singing. (Sings) You all everybody! You all everybody! You all everybody! You all everybody!
      (Bonnie hits Charlie across the face)
      Bonnie: Shut up!
      Charlie: Right, OK, you got it.

    • Kate: You know. They sent Juliet to check out Sun, but she was there to check and see if I'm pregnant too.
      Sawyer: Well let's hope you're not.

    • Kate: What's the matter with you?
      Sawyer: Nothing.
      Kate: (Sarcastically) Nothing?
      Sawyer: I'm fine.
      Kate: Why don't you just tell me what happened? (She splashes him with water from the stream)
      Sawyer: What you do that for?
      Kate: To wake you up. Ever since you got that tape from Locke its like you've been sleepwalking. You don't care about our friends, fine, but it's like you don't care about anything anymore.

    • Richard: We're going to the radio tower?
      Ben: Not we, Richard, me. You're going to take everyone to the temple as planned.
      Richard: Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own.
      Ben: Oh really and why not?
      Richard: Because people are asking questions, Ben. About leaving home, about what happened to Locke, about Jacob. Not to mention the rapidly spreading rumor that everyone that went down to the beach is dead.
      Ben: They're not all dead.

    • (Jin is about to be shot)
      Bernard: No, wait. No!
      Jin: No. No talk.
      Bernard: No please.
      Tom: You talk to me, nobody will get hurt. Now tell me where your people are.
      Sayid: He's lying, he's going to kill us all any... (Sayid get knocked out)
      Ryan: Where are they? (he points his gun at Jin)
      Ryan: Sayonara.
      Bernard: A radio tower. They're hiking to a radio tower.
      Tom: Why in the hell are they going there?
      Bernard: A woman, parachuted here. She has a satellite phone and they're gonna call her ship.

    • Tom: They're not talking.
      Ben: Who do you have?
      Tom: Jarrah, Kwon, and the dentist.
      Ben: Shoot Kwon.
      Tom: What?
      Ben: If you want them to answer questions, kill Kwon, do it now!
      Jin: (Speaks Korean to Tom)
      Ryan: I don't know what that means, but I'm sure its lovely.

    • Ben: What?
      Tom: They're all dead. Diane, Ivan, all of em, dead. And Shephard and his people, they're all gone.
      Ben: Gone, gone where?
      Tom: I don't know. Did you hear me? They killed seven of our...
      Ryan: Tom! Calm down and tell him the good news.
      Ben: What good news?
      Tom: We caught three of em. The one's who stayed behind to blow up the tents. Ben, they knew we were coming?
      Ben: It was Juliet. She betrayed us.
      Tom: What?
      Ben: Just figure out where she is, Tom!

    • Sun: Why were there only two explosions?
      Jack: Maybe they didn't have to blow the third tent.
      Rose: But those gunshots, what was that all...
      Jack: He's OK, Rose.
      Sun: Do you believe that?
      Jack: Listen, they had no idea that we were waiting for them. And Sayid's with your husbands, they're gonna be fine and they're gonna be a couple of hours behind us.

    • Ben: Mikhail, you need to go down to The Looking Glass and find out what Charlie Pace is doing down there.
      Mikhail: You told us The Looking Glass was inoperable, flooded.
      Ben: I lied. Mikhail, I need you to go, now!
      Mikhail: I can be there by dawn. But if Juliet told them about The Looking Glass, what else did she tell them?

    • Bonnie: It's Bonnie. Ben are you there? Can you hear me, Ben?
      Ben: Why are you breaking radio silence?
      Bonnie: One of them's down here.
      Ben: I'm sorry, what?
      Bonnie: We have him tied up, but he's here. One of them swam down here.
      Ben: Who? Which one?
      Bonnie: He won't tell us.
      Charlie: It's Charlie! Tell him I said hi!
      Ben: How does he know about the station?
      Bonnie: He said Juliet told them.
      Ben: All right, sit tight and don't do anything. I'm sending help.

    • Kate: Something's wrong.
      Sawyer: Lots of things are wrong, Kate.
      Kate: Jin, Bernard, Sayid, they should have caught up to us by now. I want to go back to make sure they're all right.
      Sawyer: Of course you do.
      Kate: What's that supposed to mean?
      Sawyer: It means, Kate, there's always something to go back for.

    • Bonnie: So what's the code?
      Charlie: What?
      Bonnie: Oh, Charlie, if you're going to turn off the jamming equipment you're going to need the code. And only three people know about it. Me, her, and Ben.
      Charlie: Well, guess I won't need the code, since this entire station is going to be flooded anyway. I'll just turn off your little jammer and the helicopters come and rescue all my friends.
      Bonnie: But if this station floods, what happens to you?
      Charlie: I die.

    • Bonnie: I'm going to ask you this one more time. Why are you here?
      Charlie: I'm here to turn off your jamming equipment, in there, next to the flashing yellow light.
      Greta: How did you know about that?
      Charlie: I know, because I know. Whatever you ladies do to me, I'm going to turn it off.
      Bonnie: You are, huh?
      Charlie: I most definitely am.

    • Charlie: (to Bonnie and Greta) I came in my invisible submarine. Don't you see it?

    • Sawyer: So, you screwing Jack yet?
      Juliet: No, are you?

    • Sawyer: So, when you pulled us out of those polar bear cages and put us on the chain gang, what the hell did you have us breaking all those rocks for anyway?
      Juliet: We were building a runway.
      Sawyer: A runway? For what?
      Juliet: The aliens.

    • Charlie: Here's a better question to ask Cyclops. Why did your little friend Ben tell you people that this entire station was flooded, when it isn't? Or, why these two have been jamming transmissions off the island.

    • Rose: If I told you I would help you with your S.O.S. sign, would you change your mind?
      Bernard: No, mam.
      Rose: Then I want you to say it again.
      Bernard: Rose!
      Rose: Say it, Bernard!
      Bernard: I'm a dentist, I am not Rambo.
      Rose: And don't you forget it!

    • Naomi: Jack, can I ask you a question?
      Jack: Sure.
      Naomi: What did you do for a living before you became Moses?

    • Sawyer: All they've got left is three guys and four guns.
      Juliet: And all we've got, James, are two people and no guns.

    • Hurley: (To Sawyer and Juliet) I just want to help. Please?

    • Jack: Don't do anything stupid.
      Juliet: I won't if you won't.

    • Kate: (To Sawyer) And since when did you start calling me Kate?

    • Jack: (trying to comfort Rose and Sun) Listen, they had no idea we were waiting for them. And Sayid's with your husbands. They're gonna be fine and they're gonna be a few hours behind us.
      Sun: Then we should wait for them here. You go on, I'll -
      Jack: (interrupting)No, no one gets left behind.
      Rose: If you say 'live together, die alone' to me Jack, I'm going to punch you in your face.

  • NOTES (8)

    • James LeSure (Dr. Hamill) and Marsha Thomason (Naomi Dorrit) were both together in the NBC series "Las Vegas".

    • This two-part episode was nominated for two 2008 Golden Reel Awards for Best Sound Editing: Dialogue and ADR for Long Form Television and for Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects and Foley for Long Form Television. This two-part episode was nominated for a 2008 Prism Award for Drama Episode. This two-part episode was nominated for a 2008 Eddie Award for Best Edited Miniseries or Motion Picture for Commercial Television. This two-part episode was nominated for a 2008 Excellence in Production Design Award for Television - Single Camera Television Series. This two-part episode was nominated for a 2008 DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series' - Night.

    • This episode was submitted for consideration in the categories of "Outstanding Drama Series" and "Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series" for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: June 20, 2007 on Kanal 5
      Belgium: November 12, 2007 on VT4
      The Netherlands: November 23, 2007 on Net 5
      Spain: Monday December 17, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Finland: Thursday January 10, 2008 on Nelonen
      Macedonia: Sunday January 20, 2008 on A1
      Switzerland: Monday January 28, 2008 on SF ZWEI
      The Czech Republic: Sunday February 3, 2008 on TV Nova
      Lithuania: Thurday February 7, 2008 on LTV
      Germany: Monday February 11, 2008 on Pro 7
      Greece: Monday October 6, 2008 on ET1

    • The hospital scenes with Sarah were filmed on the set of Grey's Anatomy, another ABC show.

    • Malcolm David Kelly is credited as a "Special Guest Star".

    • The third season finale of LOST finished filming on May 7, 2007.

    • A Jack-centric episode.


    • Cyclops: Charlie calls Mikhail Bakunin a Cyclops, after the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology.

    • The Other's location on Ben's map is shown as "Pascal Flats", which is probably a reference to the philosopher Blaise Pascal, respectively one of his theories (Pascal's Wager)

    • Rose: Say it, Bernard!
      Bernard: I'm a dentist, I am not Rambo.

      John Rambo is the lead character of a saga of popular action films starring Sylvester Stallone.

    • Episode title: The 'Looking Glass' (the latest DHARMA station) has a white rabbit for its symbol. This is an allusion to the title of the episode, "Through The Looking Glass", which is also the name of the sequel to the novel Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland tells the tale of a young girl following a rabbit into a hole and discovering a brand new world.

    • Naomi: Jack, can I ask you a question?
      Jack: Sure.
      Naomi: What did you do for a living before you became Moses?

      Moses is a Biblical leader whose story is told in the Old Testament book of Exodus. He was commanded by God to deliver the Hebrew nation from slavery in Egypt. Using power given to him by God, he parted the Red Sea to allow the people to pass through on dry ground. He then led them through 40 years of wandering in the wilderness prior to reaching the promised land of Canaan.