Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens on a drunk and bearded Jack, on a plane journey to Los Angeles. He asks a woman for another drink, but she says that they will be landing soon. She offers him a paper. He looks at it and notices an obituary. He looks unhappy as he rips the piece out of the paper. He drives in his car to a bridge. He looks at the paper again and cries. He calls a number, telling the answering machine that he has just read the paper. He climbs onto the wall of the bridge, and is about to jump off when a car crashes on the bridge. He rushes to help. Jack walks along the beach. He looks to Kate. They are getting ready to walk to the radio tower. Sayid says that they don't have what they want, but they will have to make do. The dynamite is in place, they won't miss. Bernard says to Rose he is a dentist, not Rambo. The survivors leave, leaving Jin, Sayid and Bernard behind. Naomi asks Jack if Juliet can be trusted. Jack ignores her, and Naomi tells Jack how to use the radio. He says they should get a signal anytime now. In the Looking Glass, Charlie is being beaten by Bonny, one of the others. She asks who Charlie is, and they ask how he got down there. He says that he arrived in his invisible submarine, and he is hit once more. Greta, another other tells her to take it easy. Bonny asks Charlie how he found out about the station, Charlie says that Juliet told him. Greta says that they should call Ben. They both leave and walk into a room. Charlie sees this room, and he also sees the yellow flashing light, it's the room that he needs to enter to turn off the button.
Ben is writing in a book. Bonny calls Ben on his walkie. Ben asks why she is breaking radio silence, and she says that one of the survivors is down there. Ben asks who, and Charlie names himself. Ben tells Mikhail that he needs to go down there, and find out what Charlie Pace is doing down there. Mikhail thought that the Looking Glass was flooded, and Ben says that he lied. Mikhail says that he will leave to get there, but if Juliet told them about the Looking Glass, what else did she tell them? A small group of others watch the beach. They make sure that the walkies are all off, and they see the tents with the coral marking them. The others walk onto the beach, and look into a tent. They find that no-one is there, and Sayid shoots the dynamite, killing some others. Bernard shoots another, blowing it up. Jin shoots at the third, but he misses. He shoots two others, but is caught by a third. Bernard runs but is caught by Tom. Sayid has his gun pointed at one of the others, and is about to pull the trigger when an other stops him. They have been caught. The survivors look down on the beach, and they notice that there were only two explosions. Kate says that it didn't work. A doctor stitches Jack up. She tells him that the news people are waiting outside. The woman was lucky that Jack was on that bridge. Jack's ex wife Sarah comes in. He asks her if she can give him a lift home, but she says that that isn't appropriate, and she leaves.
Sun asks why there were only two explosions. Jack says that they are okay. Sayid is with them, they are going to be fine, they're just a couple of hours behind them. Sun says that they should wait for them there. Jack says that no-one gets left behind. Rose says, 'if you say live together die alone to me Jack I'm going to punch you in your face.' Jack says that he has a plan, for all they know it worked. It's going to be okay, everything is going to be alright. Charlie is asked why he is in the Looking Glass. Charlie says that he is there to turn off the jamming equipment. He says that it's in there, below the flashing yellow light. They ask him how he knows that and he says he knows because he knows. Whatever they do to him, he is going to turn it off. The woman asks him whats the code? He doesn't know. Bonny says that only her, Greta and Ben know the code. Charlie says that he will find out, he will turn off the jammer and his friends get saved. Bonny says that if the station floods, then what will happen to Charlie? Charlie says that he dies. Ben gets a transmission from Tom. Tom says that seven of the team are dead, and Jack and the survivors are all gone. Ben asks where, but Tom doesn't know. Tom tells Ben that they have Sayid, Bernard and Jin. Sayid is asked where the survivors are, but they aren't going to tell them. Ben tells them to shoot Kwon. They are about to shoot him, but Bernard tells them that they are going to the radio tower. Bernard tells them that a woman parachuted there and told them she has a boat offshore. Ben asks how they knew that they were coming tonight, and Bernard says that Karl came and told them. Ben knows that it was Alex who told Karl to warn them. Tom asks if they should kill them, and Ben says not yet.
Ben draws on a map. Richard says that they are going to the radio tower, but Ben says just him, Richard is going to take everyone to the temple as planned. Alex says that she wants to go with Ben, and Ben agrees. She should get her pack, he is leaving in ten minutes. Kate says to Sawyer that she wants to go back for Sayid, Jin and Bernard, but Sawyer says no, they can't go. Desmond comes round on the boat, and looks over when he hears gunshots. He dives back in the boat, and then sees that the gunshots are coming from the shore. Mikhail is shooting at him. Desmond dives down into the Looking Glass. Charlie sees him and tells him to hide. The two women hear Charlie and come out. They ask who he was talking to, but he says that he was singing. He starts singing 'You All Everybody.' Bonny hits him and tells him to shut up. Desmond stands hiding in a harpoon cupboard. Jack looks at the notes for the woman who was in the crash. He swallows a pill and a Doctor comes in. He says that he is the new chief of surgery. The man says that the woman is lucky that Jack was there. Jack says that if she was lucky she wouldn't have a broken spine. Jack insists that he does the surgery, but the man says no, it is his patient. Jack tells the Doctor to tell him what happens.
The survivors continue to walk across the jungle. Sawyer says that he is going back to the beach. Jack says that they are going to the radio tower, but Sawyer says that he didn't ask permission. Kate says that she was going to go back and he said no. Sawyer tells her that he didn't want to go with her. Jack says that he can't take out the others without guns, but Juliet says that there is a stash a couple of miles away. They can go past it on the way to the beach. Sawyer leaves with Juliet. Jack kisses Juliet. Charlie starts singing again. Bonny tells him to shut up, but he says that he has nearly written a song in his head, he just needs a bridge. Bonny tells Greta to get the harpoon. She says that she wants this to hurt. Charlie says he will shut up, as Bonny walks to where Desmond is hiding. She is about to open up the cupboard when Mikhail emerges from the water. Charlie stirs things up, he asks them why Ben told everyone that the hatch had flooded, why the two women had been jamming signals off of the island. Mikhail asks if it's true. Mikhail gets a call on the walkie, and he walks into a room to get it. Ben says that everything that he did he did for the island. Ben tells Mikhail that the island is under assault by much stronger forces than it has had to deal with over many years, and they are meant to protect it. Ben tells Mikhail to kill Charlie, and Bonny and Greta.
Sawyer asks how far away the guns are. Juliet says that there aren't any guns, she lied. Sawyer asks why she lied, and she says it was the only way Jack would let them go back. Sawyer asks why she is going back, and she says Karma. Hurley catches up and says that he will go with them. Sawyer says no, Hurley will just get in the way, he will get them all killed. Hurley is unhappy as Sawyer walks off with Juliet. Ben studies the map. He says that if they head north they should be able to cut the survivors off before they reach the tower. Alex asks why he let her come with him. He says that he is delivering her to her new family. She betrayed him. She says that he locked Karl in a cage. He says that he didn't want Karl to get her pregnant.
Locke opens his eye. He is in great pain. He can't move his legs. He looks over to his left and sees an old gun that belonged to one of the DHARMA workers that was killed. He checks the bullets and cocks the gun. He raises the gun to his head as sweat pours down his brow. He shakes and is about to pull the trigger when he hears someone speak, 'don't John.' John looks round and sees Walt standing above him. Walt tells him to put the gun down. Walt tells John to get up. John says that Ben shot him and he can't move his legs. Walt says that he can move his legs, now get out the ditch. John asks why. Walt says, 'Because, you have work to do.'