Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Only one word can describe this episode : AWESOME!!!

    This episode was beyond amazing. I loved it! I've watched it over and over again and am still not tired of it. The LOST witers are simply brilliant! Jack's flash-forwards were great. At first I thought they were flash-backs but I guess the ending proved me wrong. And we got to see Walt make an appearance! Creepy and cool at the same time! We found out that Locke was infact alive. He was just about to shoot himself when Walt appeared. We learned why Karl was in his cage: Ben didn't want Alex to get pregnant. This episode was so cool! My new favorite episode os LOST!
  • The best episode of LOST.(1)

    WOW! The unbelievble episode. Jack became the real leader (Moses) of islanders and he will lead them to checkpoint in radio station. The super snipers Said, Berny, asian master - Jin will stay in the basic camp and will try to defend survivors from the "scary" others. During this, Charlie and our prophet - Desmond tries to disturb Ben's plans and disactivate LookingGlass station, which can give opportunity to connect with external world. At the end of episode the Freak Warrior - Locke came back from underworld. I think probably he became smokey's/Jacob's frined, because he on the contrary tries to protect the island from Naoimi's people intrusion. This two last episodes will brainwash you and you will never forget it untill next season. YEAH LOST RULES!
  • Oh, WOW!!

    This episode was absolutely great, with a series with as many twists and turns than the Missisippi river I was intrigued and Jack's flashbacks were not as boring as I thought! He was suicidal and looked rough which is not what I am used to seeing. Special Guest Star Walt returns even for just two minutes to help Locke, who I thought was deceased looking much older. Charlie was hilarious in this one with his sly remarks and what is Bonnie's problem? Does she hate men? Anyway, the ambush for the Others goes awry and ends with Sayid, Jin, and Bernard getting captured. Why didnt Jin fire the gun accurately? Ben is informed of Charlie's presence in the Looking Glass station and sends Mikhail to "clean up" the situation. He then embarks with Alex to meet the survivors heading for the radio tower. In spite of increasing concern amongst the survivors, Jack resolutely continues on their trek.

    Great first part to the ever-intriguing season finale.
  • What, i have to watch it again...

    Lots happened this time in both episodes. Locke is still Alive. (who is Jacob) Sees Walt(3 years older (haha) and can still walk as we see at the end. Although this storyline is a bit vague and cut of.He definitely does not want to leave the island. The flashbacks with Jack are confusing and i had to watch it again because Jack went to a funeral(who,s) and he called Kate??? So it was not a flashback(because he didn't know Kate before the crash) but it is the future(they get of the island but everything goes bad, which kind of is what Locke would know i think. Or is this a bad dream.) And Charlie dies as foretold( or does he)I kind of knew that mr. Eyepatch wasn't dead and would spoil everything. And also, Ben is a lying ****. Never believe him ever. But the phonecall is made and are the rescuers to be trusted because desmonds girlfriend didn't know parachute girl????? I am so confused, can't wait till next season. This finale was the best and most nerve-wracking ever. And still there are questions, questions questions.
  • Through the Looking Glass (1) was an interesting and clear development of the series towards two very alternative agendas of both the survivors and the Others

    Through the Looking Glass was an exciting episode where there was finally a confrontation between the survivors and the Others. The ambush of the Others was foiled with the surprise of the explosive dynamite in the tents of the survivors while the rest of the gang is far from the beach with three hanging back to shot the dynamite. However, Sayid, Jin, and Bernard do get captured by some of the survivors of the attack. Other than Sawyer, Jack is one of the most interesting characters in the show because he is the leader, and the audience wants to know the background and history of the leader, which ultimately is what makes him a leader. The audience does learn that Jack is going to or had some problems with drinking and drugs to a point where he is even suicidal. Overall, it was a good episode.
  • Part one of two - A two hour season finale of Lost - What's not to love??


    What can I say, Lost has done it again! With more twists and turns than a formula 1 race track, this two hour finale had me gripped all the way through. The acting form everyone was great, the storyline was fantastic and the pace was perfect - even the Jack flash(backs).

    This is exactly why I fell in love with this series, the guessing games that even if you think you've guessed correct - you haven't! The character development and relationships, the island, the others - everything!

    This finale was absolutely outstanding and I for one cannot wait for the new season which has a lot of explaining to do!!
  • absolutely unreal!! loved it!

    one of my favourite episodes so far!! of course it would be a jack flashback or should i say flashforward!! amazes me every time how the hell writers come up with this stuff!! i really wasnt expecting walt coming back and probably the only downfall of the episode for me was not showing what the hell happened with the whole locke and walt thing!!!?!?!?!?! i knew we were going to see more of locke but walt???? yeah, didnt see THAT coming!! maybe it was a hallucination or something!!?? was kinda sad when charlie died!! i knew it would happen eventually but he was always one of my favourite characters! funny the way it worked out huh? desmond made it sound so simple: "you go in flick the switch and you die!" the only downfall to his flashes-->they're only flashes!! he never gets the full story!! but where would the suspense be if he did!?!?!? who was the funeral for though?? and no-one went!!?? very strange! couldn't get my head around that one but there's been theories that it was michael's!!?!?!?! i dont know, i mean why would jack be so upset about michael?? and why would no one go to his funeral?? he has a son!!! personally i think it was juliet's because jack had a bond with her and also kate said why would she have gone, of course she didnt like juliet!! maybe it was ben's????????? hmmmmmmm!!! interesting!!! well thats my views and all in all.....................ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!!
  • This first part of the season finale is very good. Review part 1 SPOILERS

    This is the first part of a two hour season finale and flashes are about Jack (a very bearded Jack).

    It's starts off where the last episode left off and we see their plan to take on the Others happen. Unfortunately Jin misses and the three get captured. Meanwhile Jack is leading the rest to the tower and Charlie is being beaten up by the two women.

    Charlie is very good in this episode, he has some great lines and I think the audience are supposed to connect with him and like him.

    The story sets up the other half of the finale very well. It is cleverly plotted and finally we see some weaknesses in Ben. Ben finally begins to lose control of the survivors and with the Others.

    There are some things I didn't like though, Locke getting up because Walt tells him too right after being shot and being paralysed - again... If he does that one more time it wouldn't be worth doing any more. Every time he gets hurt he gets paralysed and miraculously recovers just because he's stubborn. It's been used too many times and it's boring.

    This isn't the end of the episode so read my review part 2!
  • great episode

    Charlie swims down to the Looking Glass. When he gets inside the looking glass, he gets captured by two of the others stationed in there. They tie him up and beat him up for information. The others make their move on the survivors camp, sayid and bernard fire their rifles and set off the explosives. 7 of the others are killed instantly. When Jinn fires his hand gun, the bullets don't hit their marks. All of them gets captured. This episode is awesome, so much events are shown in this episode. I can't wait for the next one, it's an awesome episode.
  • Tying up a season with its ups and downs, not only is the best LOST finale, I think this may be the best finale, period. And just like that, the game changes completely for the show. An amazing episode that is definitely a classic.

    Season 3 was a love or hate season. Personally, I find that it was stronger than Season 2, if only by a hair, and weaker than the pilot season, which was completely amazing and introduced the show beautifully. With this finale, not only are lots of issues from this season wrapped up, but the show takes a new turn. And for me, it's definitely a positive thing.

    Things begin with Jack getting ready to leave for the radio tower, leaving Sayid, Jin, and Bernard back at the camp to take care of the Others. Lucky for them, they only will have to deal with ten of the Others' finest, and not the whole group. As Jack advances towards the radio tower, we find that the love triangle that we though may have ended with Juliet has now returned and has become a love quadrangle as Jack kisses Juliet, yet tells Kate that he loves her. This is really interesting as it makes us wonder what the heck Jack thinks of Juliet truly. Is he just using her? Who knows... Sawyer, on the other hand, is trying to distance himself from Kate, who is again acting the usual. However, his motive isn't that he is fed up with Kate, but that he wants to save Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, as it seems that only two of the explosions went off, and not all three. He tells Kate that he's going back but doesn't want her to come. Juliet goes along with Sawyer and Hurley tries to as well. However, once Juliet and Sawyer see Hurley, they tell him that he'll just get in the way and isn't in the best shape to help them out. That really got to me, as Hurley is a character that has always tried to help and fit in. He leaves reluctantly, and Sawyer and Juliet press on. It's really cool to see that a relationship between those two could be quite possible, but that's thinking too far ahead for now.

    On the beach, Jin and Sayid are able to shoot their sets of dynamite and kill seven of the ten Others. Bernard gets the chills and doesn't shoot off his dynamite in time, as the Others ambush our shooters from behind. Tom and Pryce with one other unknown Other hold the three hostage, threatening their lives as they question them on where Jack has led the group. Sayid stands up to them, as he knows well enough that he must let them all get off the island. Jin, well, he can't speak english. Bernard, however, remembering Rose telling him to not be Rambo, gives away Jack's plan to get to the radio tower. Pryce then radios Ben, whom with Alex, goes to head off Jack's group at their destination. When Alex asks why he's bringing her along, Ben tells her that he's delivering her to her new family, in reference to the losties. The motive of this is obviously that he was trying to protect her from having Karl impregnate her. This reveal gives me the idea that Ben isn't as bad as he seems. Sure, he killed all the Dharma people, but maybe they really were the bad guys. Ben later tells Pryce to keep the hostages as leverage. It seems that Ben still has more up his sleeve and will always be one or two steps ahead of the losties no matter what they try to do.

    And then, we cut to the story that I was most excited to see. We see Locke, ready to kill himself in the Dharma grave with a revolver. It seems as though Locke is willing to end his own suffering as he is accepting that he has failed. Right before he pulls the trigger, we are shocked by the sight of Walt, whom tells John that he can walk and has work to do. What the heck is up with Walt? How the heck did he so suddenly get back? Why? This is one of the questions we'll have to ponder for the eight months that LOST will be gone from us.

    Down in the Looking Glass, Charlie is surviving the good cop, bad cop routine by Greta and Bonnie who question him over how he got there. Knowing that this isn't the way he'll go, Charlie toys around with them, giving them lies such as he came from an "invisible submarine". Greta and Bonnie are then revealed to be Others, as they ask Ben for advice on how to handle the situation. Eventually, they get out the information of who Charlie is, and Ben is bedazzled by the idea that the losties know of that hatch. Ben then has Mikhail sent to the Looking Glass to take care of the situation as he has little faith in the two women. Mikhail then realizes that Ben lied about the Looking Glass being flooded and it seems that his faith in Ben has been a bit shattered. However, Ben notices this in Mikhail, and is able to keep him under his rule for just a little longer.

    We finally see Desmond in his boat, waking up to find no Charlie. Just as he awakens, he sees Mikhail taking shots at him with his rifle over in the distance. Diving into the water and reaching the Looking Glass, Desmond is able to hide in one of the lockers inside the station without the women noticing. With the women both angered that Charlie isn't telling them anything, they threaten to teach him otherwise with a spear gun. Just before they get this gun from the locker holding Desmond, Mikhail comes out of the water, telling them that he has been sent by Ben. He goes into a room and talks with Ben via a communications room. There, he is told by Ben to get rid of Charlie, Bonnie, and Greta. He exits and gets Bonnie and Greta, but Desmond shoots him with the harpoon gun before he can finish off one of the women. This was a very iconic scene with Desmond taking the initiative with the harpoon gun in a classic showdown pose. I loved that. Charlie then gets the code out of this woman left living that he needs to turn the switch and the yellow light. And what do you know, it's a tune to Good Vibrations, which also gave headway to the song, A Day in My Life, by the Beatles. After pushing the code, he presses a button after flipping the switch. This leads to him talking with Penelope. During the talk, he is told that the boat of Naomi is not hers. She doesn't have a boat. This blew me away since I knew that Naomi was a liar. Everyone didn't believe me, but I told them that Naomi lied. Still, I must know, how come the Looking Glass went to a screen with Penelope? Is she linked the group of Naomi or the Others? Why would they be tuned to her? Ugh, I guess we'll learn that later.

    After Charlie learns this, Mikhail, the man that never dies, appears outside with a grenade and blows open the window in the room that Charlie is in. Charlie heroically locks himself in the room to save Desmond then rights his final wishes, "Not Penny's Boat." This was done in an extremely touching way and makes me believe that this was the best character send off ever. Amazingly sad, yet beautifully done.

    Back with Jack and his group, they finally reach the radio tower. Meeting up with Rousseau, they enter the radio tower to end her signal. Unfortunately, Ben is also there. He warns Jack that calling these people of Naomi will kill everyone. This makes me believe that the people on the ship are people from the Dharma Initiative, and really no other group would make much sense. Again, I have to say, I was right and yet no one wanted to believe me! Ben then threatens Jack and is pushed to have Sayid, Jin, and Bernard executed by Pryce and Tom. Jack lashes out by beating Ben to the bone, and then tying him to a tree for safe keeping. This scene really shows the person that Jack is truly and also hints at who he will be in the upcoming seasons. Naomi, testing her phone for any sort of signal finally is able to call someone. With the radio out, she takes the phone and begins to call her ship. Just as she is about to speak with her crew, we find that Locke has thrown a knife in her back. With Naomi pretty much dead, Jack takes up the phone and begins to talk with a ship person. Locke threatens Jack, telling him that he'll shoot him. Jack pushes Locke as he continues to speak, and Locke then walks away with Ben again disappointed in him. I find it a bit strange that Locke kills Naomi yet doesn't kill Jack. Is it because he sees Jack as an accomplice or even a friend? I guess that we'll know next season or at least have a better idea of what was going on with our pal Locke. With that said, the man on the ship pin points Jack's location and tells them that they're on their way to rescue them. ON the beach, we find that Pryce on Tom have not actually killed their hostages, but shot in the sand. Tom doesn't agree that Pryce defied Ben's orders, and this shows that a divide in the Others is beginning and will become big for them. Sawyer and Juliet finally arrive at the scene, trying to devise a plan to rescue their fellow friends. Just as they think they have a plan down, Hurley arrives in his VW bus and runs over Pryce, killing him. This gives Sawyer the chance to steal the gun from Pryce and kill the random Other that was with him. Then, Tom gives up, seeing he's definitely outnumbered. However, Sawyer doesn't agree and kills Tom, saying "that was for the kid you kidnapped." This kind of showed how the death of the real Sawyer has affected our fellow con and that Tom may have actually been a good guy after all that didn't really want to fight with the losties. I'm still made that Tom is gone, though.

    Now, onto the flashback. Well, let me say, flashforward. yes, that's right. LOST's big gamechanger was showing us a flashforward of Jack in his nice ol' Spartan-like beard. We see him, just as his father, drinking and popping pills. His regrets lead him to nearly committing suicide. Just then, an ad in the paper of a death of someone he knew brings him to calling a special friend. He goes to see this person's coffin, but we never get to look inside for ourselves. Yes, this'll be a mystery I don't plan on being answered for a ways out. Then, Jack is able to contact the person he has been calling and meets up with them. There, he meets Kate and tells her how he has been flying on flights between LA and Pacific cities around Asia hoping that the plane will crash. He admits that they made a mistake and that they must go back. I'm guessing that he's talking about the island and then getting off. I think that after this, Jack and friends will finally realize that their isn't much more to go back to and that life on the island was better. Still, there's a lot of questions that this finale brought, and I want to discuss them now! Great writing!

    So, with that long re-cap with analysis, I have to say that this is the best finale I've seen. The number of key events is amazing and the storylines of each were well written. The only problem I had was that the second half seemed to pass a littl too much faster than the first, making the big reveals and shockers hard to cope with once the iconic LOST logo came up at the end of the episode. Still, this is in my top 3 episodes for the show. Incredible.
  • Some Answers from my side.

    Note: i accidently made the review on this ep instead of the next one!
    "The body of Jeremy Bentham
    of New York was found shortly after 4
    a.m. in the west tower of Grand
    Avenue.(end paragraph)
    Ted *someone*, a doorman at The
    Tower, reportedly heard loud
    noises coming from the man's loft.
    ----------------------------------------safety, he
    -------------------------------------------- the
    found the man hanging from a beam in the
    apartment." from the news ppr that jack tore!
    1:The man in the casket is Jeremy "BEN"tham! 2:Kate refers "HE" to Sawyer!

    3:Charlie could of escaped but he did not want to alter Desmond’s visions. He made sure Clair wud be rescued by a helicopter and hence shut the door.

    4:The weird black thing referred as "the monster" can creat illusions to the special ppl that were on the LIST for eg; Jack's Dad, Walt, Ben's Mom, Eko's Bro. Remember moments b4 Eko's death, Eko cud see his bro and told him that he will not confess cause he thought what he did was rite and was proud of it. Eko's apparent bro told him.."You speak to me, as if i was your brother". It was the same black thing that showed "walt" to John Locke and said" you have a job to do".
  • wow this is one of the best episodes ever.The episode explained so much,however it left us with wanting more.

    The Story was set for the long awaited episode and trust me when i say long awaited i mean it.For all the wanna be lost fans that left the show because it was dragging, you dont know what you miss.If i were one of those guys i'll recap and quick. I would plead for forgiveness and make up for season four.This episode had it all drama,suspense,and of course action. The Lost writters are cRAzy!!!!
  • Wow

    A great beggining to a amazing end :)

    A great episode with new information, we learn more about the new station meet new characters and watch the story goes on.
    The only thing that botters me on Lost finales is that they are always trying to get out of the island and then the show ends and we have to wait till next season to find ou that OBVIUSLY they will still be there because something went wrong, something always go wrong.

    I always been very doubfull about juliet but now, im kinda starting to believe in her, just hope that im not wrong :)

    And I just can stop wishing that Charlie get out of that station somehow and lives.
  • nerve-wracking & thrilling!

    oh my god! i dont know where to start! part 1 of the gamechanger! the losties are on their way to the radio tower! sayid,jin and bernard stay behind to execute the losties' plan. meanwhile charlie is being tortured in the Looking glass! there is a tension building up from the beginning to the end..it was fantastic! scenes were switching from the losties hiking to the radio tower to charlie in the looking glass; from sayid,jin and bernard shooting the tents to ben gettin informed of charlie by the others in the looking glass! in the end we get to see locke! he wants to kill himself because he cant move his legs and lost faith..when suddenly walt appears and tells john to get up because he has work to do! SUPERB SCENE..walt givin locke instructions and locke gettin back on his grind! AMAZING!
  • Great season finale.

    Great season finale. One of the best. Jack flashbacks were actually flashforwards...WEIRD!! The Others attack and the tents get blown up but Jin misses getting them caught. Mikhail is at the beach then Desmond drives down not letting Bonnie and Greta now he is there. We finally see Mikhail without his eye patch and only one eye because his is shut. Weird! Ben and Mikhail are really close then. Something is up with this dude. Not dying.
  • Great episode.

    I thought this was a great episode but not a lot really happened. It was almost as though they were dragging some of the story out but it was still very good. The flashback in this episode is very hard to work out nothing sees to make much sense. So Charlie and Desmond continue to find out more about the Looking glass and Jack continues to lead. Meanwhile Ben tries to stop Jack and takes Alex with him. Sayid, Jin and Bennard try to hold off the others at camp but are untimatly unsucessful. This causes Sun and Rose to question what they are doing. Overall this was a good episode but the next one is much better. I have loved this season bring on the final.
  • A great end to a great season.

    This was a perfect season finale. I was a little worried, because I have never been a huge Jack fan, but I was pleasently suprised. The title, like many Lost episodes has a brilliant hidden meaning about the structure of the flashbacks. The score was amazing as well.

    The episode left us with two excellent cliffhangers. The first one was whether or not they really get rescued, and the second one is what happened to Jack that made him spiral out of control? Can they change they future?
  • People died, but not really. We go to the future instead of the past. But what was the big reveal?

    I saw Evangeline Lilly and Jorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They both described how the big reveal in the season finale was going to be shocking. It'd be mindblowing, like when we first found out Locke used to be in a wheelchair. Well, I watched the entire two hours and I'm still unclear as to what exactly they're talking about. What was the big reveal? Was it the death of Charlie? (Which has basically been teased since season one) Was it that they're going to get off the island because we had a flash foward instead of a flash back? Was it that Locke isn't dead? Was it that Walt came back for a split second? Whatever the case maybe, nothing really made me gasp or be left with goosebumps. Lost is typical for making me mad when it ends because that's just when it gets good and you want more. This season, however, I feel no cliffhanger and am not as exicted for Lost to return. Maybe I'm just tiring of the show but I really am failing to see this big reveal.

    The rest of the episode was basically just killing off the others who didn't have much reason to stay any way. The only thing I really liked about this episode is Future Jack. He's a dude I'd like to party with.
  • Nerve-Wracking And Shocking!

    Ok, where to start? Great episode. I liked the fact that Walt was mentioned eventhough it was very small it gave us an indication thatthe writers hadn't forgotten about them. I always knew they would have to go back to Locke in that grave. Excellent scene! Jack sort of came back to the leader role this week by literally leading them to the Radio Tower eventhough he kinda lost it for a few episodes. Great episode loved it alot!
  • A great set-up to a good finale.

    I liked this episode more than the actual finale. There was humour but also suspense in this episode which is what I really like in an episode of Lost. I felt really sorry for Hurley and I was really glad when he came to save the day at the end of the episode. The set-up for the finale was great, but unfortunately, the finale didn't deliver. Why did Walt save John? Who is Naomi and her people? Why does Jack hit rock bottom? Whose funeral did he go to? Why does he need Kate to go back too? These were some of the questions asked in an episode with no answers.
  • Jack leads the surivivors to the Radio Tower. Sayid, Bernard and Jin stay behind to execute the plan to ambush the others.

    It was a really cool episode builiding up to the actual finale. Wow, loved every bit of it. It starts with Jack in the plane with a beard, now that got me thinking. Never seen Jack with a beard in any of his flashbacks, to cut a long story short the first few minutes left me dazed, what was going on and this continued throughout the whole episode because I had no clues it was a flashforward.

    It was intriguing, exciting and action packed. I've got to love Bernard for his cowardice. Charlie was amazing here, being brave and smart like a typical action hero when he was in great pain and danger making his eventual death more heroic and painful. Great episode.
  • bad taste!

    I wanted some answers , to finnaly see at least a few answers so i won't have so many questions. And why did charile lock himself when they where in that underswaterstation? He had time to get out of there. Ben wanted the survivors not to get off the island , why didn't he just say what the problems are if those guys are really that bad. Walt and his dad left the island ... wtf? This sux.
    Really worst ending i could've imagined. T_T The serial wasn't the best but i liked it , now i am really disapointed because the last episode of this season was to stupid. At least they got of the island (+2 points only because they didnt make it in time) , + 0.1 points because i like the serial.
  • Jack leads the survivors to the radio tower to shut off Rouseau's signal

    Interesting developments including some Jack-centric flashbacks, that turn out not to be flashbacks at all, but flash-forwards, to a life after the island.

    Another interesting development is the return, a one-off perhaps, of former series-regular Walt, who manages to rouse John Locke and prevents him committing suicide.

    The first part of this two-part finale was a great set-up for the second part, with plenty of tantalising hints to keep people watching and some hints for the new season as well.

    Another 'twist' was the storyline of Ben being afraid of some other Others, the really, realy bad guys. I'm sure there will be more about them in future episodes.
  • But not in a bad way! Lost is back!

    This episode was arguably the best of the season. Aside from all the suspense and new questions asked, there was plenty of fun moments and character development! Charlie went way up in my book this episode. I never noticed how much was riding on his performance. Jack and Kate had some good moments and this was arguably the most suspeseful episode of the season as well. I was surprised at all the deaths in this episode, but glad because ABC was actually telling the truth when they said "Everything changes in this episode." Very exciting television.

    All the lost fans that held on and trusted the writers are the most rewarded here. It was decently written and seriously well acted. Standouts of the episode were Jack, Charlie and Jin(Yes Jin! You'll see when the time comes! So hardcore!) The only slipups I saw involving the acting was with the chicks in the looking glass. Lackluster performances and over acting. They never struck a good balance.

    Now I said this ep was hard to watch because it is! First off, even if you didnt like charlie before this ep, you will at least respect his character after this episode. It was good acting and a fitting, pivotal point for his character. But when it comes down to it, this ep is all about Jack. Absolutely ridiculous. Matthew Fox really put his all into this one. During the flashes he plays the out of touch addict to a t, and on the island, his intensity and screen prescence is absolutley undeniable. He hasn't been this good since the second season's finale. Truly great character development and intense action and some real violence, for once on this show! I'm voting it best of the season. Many people were left wanting more, but thats what LOST is all about. I don't know about you guys, but this ending dropped my jaw. It just opened up a bunch of intriguing questions. Just a great ep that will hopefully revive this worthy and deserving show.
  • Wow!

    "Through The Looking Glass (1)" is the first part of Lost's two part season finale. "The Looking Glass" is the underwater station where Ben and the rest of the others block out all radio signals. This episode is a Jack-centric episode.

    The Island:

    Charlie is beaten to tell the others the truth, but he doesn't say a word. Desmond decides to give Charlie a hand and Mikhail also goes down to the station. The others manage to take care of the Losties even if seven of them died. Jack is leading the camp to the radio tower, but Sawyer and Juliet head back to help Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Ben finds out they are headed to the radio tower and decides to go there with Alex.

    Previously on "Lost", Charlie headed down to "The Looking Glass" and was ready to face his death to save Claire and Aaron. In this episode, Charlie gets tied-up to a chair and gets beaten the truth out of him. He refuses to say a word and eventually, Desmond comes down. Mikhail also comes down to the station and they all have a happy reunion. I don't get why suddenly everyone's going down to the station. I think it's hilarious that people just keep popping out of the water. Anyway, it was interesting to see that it would be impossible for Charlie to turn off the switch, but on the other hand we know that he'll do it anyway.

    When the others from "The Looking Glass" find Charlie, they contact Ben, and with a little context clues, he manages to figure out what's going on. He decides to head for the radio tower with Alex, after Bernard squeals. Ben mentioned that he's going to talk the Losties out of leaving the island, and you know what that means. Answers!

    When Ryan, Tom and the others get ready to attack the camp, they notice that it was a trap. Bernard and Sayid manage to put off their dynamite, but Jin misses. Seven of the others died, and they catch Jin, Bernard and Sayid. I wasn't annoyed at Bernard anymore this season, but since he squealed, I just got to hate on him.

    When Jack and the Losties head up to the radio tower, Naomi teaches Jack how to work the radio. Rose and Sun start to worry when only two dynamites go off and Jin, Sayid and Bernard haven't caught up to them yet. Sawyer decides to go back for them, and Juliet goes with him. I like how Jack is acting like the leader again and all, but I just forgot how annoying it could be sometimes.

    Remember that guy Ben shot in the pool of dead people? John Locke was it? Well, he isn't dead, in fact, he saw an old friend of ours. Walt comes to him and tells him that he can do it, he can get up. It reminded me of that time Shannon saw Walt in the jungle, and there really is something scary about Walt. I remember in one of his flashbacks when the bird just ran into their house's door.

    The Flashback:

    We get a Jack flashback for this episode. It just mostly how he became a hero, and probably why he felt the need to become the leader of the Losties. He saved a child and mother when they had a car accident, right before he was going to jump off a bridge, so I think they saved each other's lives.
  • The survivors has a plan to get off the island.

    This episode of LOST really confused me. The flashbacks to Jack all depressed and drugged out made me sad I never seen him like that in an episode. I was happy to see that the survivors plan somewhat worked but i did not like that three of the others survived and captured Jin Sayid and Burnard. I was happy that Ben decided to take Alex with him on his trip to talk to the survivors. I was a little confused on why Ben did not take more people with him instead of just Alex. I was surprised that the two ladies in the looking glass did not kill Charlie.
  • Revelations abound - the slaughter of more than the predicted 5 characters, light shed on rescue or infiltration, and what seemed to be... a flash to the future?

    If I could give this episode a 100-point score, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. This could be possibly one of the most amazing works of dramatic fiction in the history of... dramatic fiction. The writers knew exactly what to put in there to give us renewed hope and joy, and snatch it right away by throwing in sorrow and misery. And of course, the season finale trademark - the cliffhanger. An eight-month wait will surely be the end of me. Character development took a huge leap since past episodes, with Sawyer's new dark attitude, Mikhail's rebellion, Charlie's heroism and snarky attitude, and Juliet's sarcasm. Of course, heroes were born in this episode as well - bravery was instilled in Hurley, who was normally just there for the ride, and it was amplified in Sayid and Jin, and added on to Charlie since 321 Greatest Hits. Naomi was revealed to be a traitor, said Ben (but who trusts that man?), and partially reinforced by Locke, who was informed by a now-mature Walt that he 'had a job to do'. The body count jumped - but it was mostly the corpses of the Hostiles - sort of karma for what they did to the DHARMA initiative way back when. Heartstrings were tugged when the tide turned - Hurley taking down the Others and saving Bernard, Sayid and Jin, and Mikhail's seemingly turn for the better when he single-handedly took down Bonnie and Greta and weaseling the code to turn off the interception from them. Desmond then shot him in the chest with an arrow, leaving Charlie wide open to enter the code into the Looking Glass and stopping the signal, when Desmond's prophecy from 321 Greatest Hits came true - Mikhail used a grenade on the window and let the water flood in, ultimately drowning Charlie. But before he died, he saw Penny and found out that she was in no way associated with Naomi and her so-called rescue boat. He gets the message out to Desmond by writing in sharpie on his palm, "Not Penny's boat". The funeral in Jack's flash did not tell us who it was held in memoriam of, and now, theories are floating around in forums and blogs everywhere. And of course, the "Snake in the Mailbox" bombshell - the flash-forward! Who would've thought that Jack, working so hard to get them OFF the island, wants to desperately get back even more? I don't want to wait another 8 months!
    Until Season 4....
  • Pain, redefined.

    Simply the worst episode of Lost in its history, Through the Looking Glass has guarenteed I wont be back. No more of this crap. I am stunned and appalled that people actually liked this - I believe that people who love Lost actually deserve what they get, and what they get is nothing. With every episode two parts of a four part show, the complete dissatisfaction is absolutely deserved by anyone who acclaims this rubbish.

    The flashforwards was painfully obvious, and if you did not predict it, you are a moron. Clear and simple. But even then, the flashforwards were no great shakes - they were dull and uninspired and made the same simpering lack of sense that everything in this show does. The suggestion that Jack's leaving the island - the place where he spent most of his time fighting for life, trying to lead a bunch of hopeless halfwits out of danger and to rescue, in which he was kidnapped and beaten and saw many friends die, not to mention a serious of nightmares involving a huge smoke shadow (I maintain that the thing is actually bees), and polar bears, and a series of better trained, homocidal halfwits, and you name it - is a bad thing for him is absolutely ludicrous. Oh, yes, back on the mainland where he can do whatever he wants must be horrible for him. Hey, Jack, how about you try a date instead?

    So, we didn't see them get rescued, or get to find out who the people on the boat really are, or anything like that - instead, the flash forwards confirm that they were rescued, but the island (it's Neverland, stupid) has once again disappeared. But, of course, Jack wants to get back. He must really miss that Smoke Monster.

    Charlie is, as usual, a gigantic misfire. I'm sure you had to drown yourself, brother, because that had depth and pathos, except not. Most of us (those with common sense, I'm saying) were just stunned that you killed yourself needlessly instead of *leaving the room*. Questions like "Why can grenades explode underwater" are utterly fruitless when you're dealing with a wreck like Lost, so it's best not even asking. I really am not sure what I did to deserve Lost. I seem to have brought it upon myself by watching the damn thing, but even then, no. I hate you, Lost, and now I'll never ever have to watch you ever ever again.
  • The first hour of one of the greatest season finale EVER!

    The first hour of this episode was simply amazing, like the second hour, both deserve a 10, well, after Charlie died... 9.9. Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives ALL those shows gave us an example of a BAAAD season finale. And also I'll never forget the episode of my second favorite TV show (Lost first... of course) "How to make a lame season finale" sorry "How to stop an exploding man"... just awful. But LOST instead (as usual) gave us a fine example of a great season finale, even just the first hour alone is great, keep the good work!!! see you next year losties! (I hope the "flashforward thing" keep on going, imaging now how the creators of the show can play with those characters by showing every single week how their lives are in the future) and people will have more interest on the "centric-episodes" 'cause, let's face it, for example, Kate, Sun/Jin, Hurley, JACK, and so on... their flashbacks were getting boring, but now that we (I hope) have flashforwards... just brilliant.
  • Oh My GOD! This, hands down, is the best season finale of the year! What a cliffhanger! There i was sitting through the two hour episode thinking i was watching flashbacks of Jack's life,...then it finally comes to an end...and its flashforwards! Wow!

    Naomi: Can i ask you a question?

    Jack: What?

    Naomi: What did you do for a living before you became Moses?

    So hilarious! I mean, this two hour season finale was the best ever. From Jack's declaration of love to Kate; Sawyer's sudden streak of heroism; not to mention good- decent Jack finally losing it and beating the crap out of Ben!

    What a season finale!

    Now i don't know what to think...all i have are questions and more questions!
    For instance, in the flashforward...whose funeral did Jack crash? and why did he think Kate would go?
    Who did Kate have to go home to at the ending? was it Sawyer?
    More importantly, why the hell does Jack want to return to the island?

    with all these questions, i have some whacky theories!
    first off, i think probably only Jack and Kate and a selected few got off the island....they left the rest behind...and now Jack feels guilty and wants to return.
    another thing, i'm wondering if it was Ben's funeral Jack crashed.

    anyway, i'm just gonna have to wait for season 4 to get my answers!

    btw...i'm so sad to see Charlie go! Aside from Sawyer...he was the bright side of the show!!!
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