Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Overall, this was the best finale of Lost's history, crowned with probably the most amazing and mind boggig twist in the history of television.

    When I finished watching, I was just sitting infront of my computer silently for about 5 minutes. I was puzzled. Our favourite show, Lost has done something really big. An era is finished.

    I believe, and I honestly do, that this episode with a few changes could have worked as a series finale. Surely, tragic one, but it would've worked!

    The main message of the episode was, that, rescue means nothing. The survivors are not "LOST" because they are on an island nobody can see, but, rather, they're lost in their life. In fact... they don't even have one waiting for them at home. With Rousseau's words... "I won't go home... I'll stay. This is my home now"

    The flashforwards had a very dark and depressing taste: and, I loved it. The camera angles, perfect. Jack Bender did a real good job.

    And not only in the flashesforwards, on the island scenes too. I liked how the camera panned around the radiotower like in season 1 finale with the raft - both things are the symbols of rescue, so using same camera angles... awesome idea.

    The Looking Glass plot was beyond amazing. I really liked Charlie. And his death...? My god. Most emotional death on television ever. He used his last bit of energy to help his fellow survivors. Some may question his death... Yes, he could've escaped, but then, the "picture in the box" would've altered, and the rescue may have not arrived...

    I'm SO GLAD that the writers didn't bring Bernard bad just to kill him - it's a cheap trick killing guest stars just for the dramatic effect(unfortunately many shows do it). Hurley, as the spoilers stated, DID play a VERY important role in the episode. He saved the day! I was waiting for that van to pop up... well, there it was.

    Character wise, too, the episode was excellent. Jack following his father, Sawyer starting to get serious, Juliet openly admitting her feelings toweards Jack(that kiss was soooo Juliet's, not Jack's), and same for Kate of course... I don't really like triangles, but I've to admit: if they can keep it up like this AND at this rate, then this might just be my favourite(and only) romantic plot on television.

    One of the biggest surprises was Walt. I don't blame the producers, but I've to note.... Walt's voice. LOL. That was SO not the Walt we knew. However, it was GREAT to see him. Hearing the whispers right before he appears implicate that it was definitely Jacob or the "monster" saving John.

    - Who, was completetly badass. The way he downed Naomi was shocking. You don't get much of this on television(woman getting a knife in her behind infront of 10's of people).

    Lastly, Ben. Michael Emerson did his BEST performance as Benjamin Linus in this episode. His conversation with Jack... priceless. Also, interesting to see how he's losing control over his own people, and how everything is falling apart for him. I think in season 4, he'll have a serious "Locke-problem".

    Overall, this was the best finale of Lost's history. The writing was very strong: much stronger than in season 2 finale. It was a really good ride with Lost this year. I give this episoee a 10, and the season a 9.5. Best season - so far.
  • It's a good thing there's still good TV! SOME SPOLIERS!

    I really enjoyed this two hour installment of Lost. Not only was it very entertaining, it had some great twists and huge plot turns. Furthermore, the way the story was written in such a way that we the audience could were not aware that the flash backs we had been seeing the whole episode were actually flash forwards! Very clever. Furthermore, this episode finally connects the crew of the fallen flight with the outside world, a long awaited event! This leads to some very interesting questions about next season. Where will it take place? Who is still alive? Why is Jack so upset? There are so many questions that this episode so beautifully opens up while still moving this very interesting plot forwards.

    This is easily one of the better episodes of Lost yet! It was a great end to this season, and leaves me wondering what will happen next. A MUST!!!!!`
  • The third Season Finale concludes as the Others try to stop Jack and the gang from reaching the communicating tower. Meanwhile, Charlie is captured by the others in the Looking Glass.

    Intense season finale that delivered a lot of action but left us with a lot of questions to ponder.

    An action packed, well acted episode from beginning to end.
    While this season had its share of ups and down the finale made up a lot for it.

    The storyline with Desmond and Charlie reached a climatic end with Dominic Monaghan delivering a great performance here. Desmond despite being looked as the coward turned out to be a hero. This whole buddy thing with Charlie and Desmond has been entertaining. The writers did an interesting job with Desmond's flashes. At first it appeared that Desmond really did want Charlie dead for his own personal gain (reunited with Penny) but when the time finally came, we could see that Desmond was not happy.

    Another thing that remained consistent with season is Ben's
    maniacal dictatorship. This guy is not only a pathological liar but a ruthless leader who would sacrifice anybody to protect his reign of power. We see what happened with Locke when he threatened Ben. Even in this episode, it was hilarious to see Ben telling Mikhail to "clean up the mess he made.".


    Well a lot of people died but the Others came out the worst for wear here. Last season the others really dominated the island. The Survivors had their victories here and there but the Others were running the show. Then bit by bit the Survivors started to get control. It was fitting and logical then in this episode we would get a lot of payback for all the suffering the Survivors have had.

    Ben was physically and emotionally drained. Jack and others stood standing tall. There were a couple of casualties like Charlie, but Charlie as lovable as he has been is an expendable character.

    Now we get to the ending which leaves you saying WTF? Jack and Kate together but they're not on the island? What happened on the Island exactly? and still the other question is who really is this Naomi person. Then we still got that storyline with Penny and Desmond lovers yet to be reunited.

    Well I can't complain much. Next season I hope they wrap up these questions in a satisfying way. Even so the Season Finale did live up to the hype and if you are a LOST you can't wait for it.
  • Great ending to a mediocre season

    The season finale of Lost was a great end to this pretty stale season. I was very close to dropping this show but this episode made the stay worth it. Unfortunately I figured out it was a future flash before Kate showing up at the end with the placement of a Motorola KRAZR phone which would have been invented well after their plane crashed so it couldn't be a flashback. I almost thought it was a goof but soon realized this was Jack after getting off the island. I hope they reveal who died and why no one attended the funeral in the next season. Maybe they will even continue to do more future flashes. Overall this episode alone will keep me longing for more Lost over the long summer.
  • Annoying!

    Season finale was only one hour--not two like some had thought it would be. The ending cliffhanger wasn't as strong as the previous seasons and left me feeling annoyed. Also annoying is that there is only two seasons of episodes left, which they've chosen to stretch out over three seasons of just 16 episodes each.

    EDIT: Ok, a couple hours later the second episode was available for download. Hey, I'm in Korea, I don't get all your stateside marketing!
  • Review

    Im going to be one of the few that actually reviews each episode and not both of them as a whole. The first episode was okay, but nothing amazing. Walt coming back and telling John that he has work to do was interesting. I wonder how he knew how to get to the radio tower and on top of that how he got there so fast. The scene with Jin, Sayid, and Benard trying to take out the others was everything that I hoped that it would be, an explosion that killed a good chunk of the characters but left a few of them still living. I thought the Looking Glass hatch storyline was the only really stagnent storyline of the finale, with all of the scenes just being a little slow and filler-type ish. Overall, the first episode was good but it mainly just set the stage for the big finish.
  • Words do not express how I feel right now.

    I'm get killed for saying this probably, but this is what I believe.

    And 8 is good for this episode. There were good parts. Alex and Danielle reuniting was a great scene. Hurley saving the day was also good.

    My least favorite scene was my favorite character, the reason I started watching, die. But is he dead I wonder? The writers are odd that way. They kill someone off, but don't really kill them. I feel here is one reason I have no reason to watch this show. Dominic is gone.

    Mostly, here is what I am angry about. Every episode I'm told will blow my mind. That doesn't always happen. Now, the writers said in EW that the ending was something only a disturbed person could possibly think of. Honey, I am a disturbed person. The ending is a flash forward. I figured someone would die, Locke would kill Jack, Kate would be tortured and brutally murdered. I was hoping for the latter. Learning they all survived is not freaky. That's pathetic. Now we possibly know they get off the island, so what is the point of watching?

    These writers for the show? Ugh! They get on my nerves. They need help with it. I am sure plenty of people are pry impressed, but I'm not. I feel I've been wasting my time on this show. The ending was just pathetic. It made me really rethink even tuning in. It doesn't appear to be getting better. It did, but after this ep, I ask myself the point of it all.
  • season finale...great episode!!!!

    I was going to write this entry tomorrow but for the fact that my mouth is literally still open due to shock, I figured I should write it now. Holy crap. The ending was bascially the best ending I could ever imagine for the show this season. I'll admit I was losing interest and was "tempted" to drop the show but I am so glad I kept watching. So where do I start? Okay, so I use to hate Charlie but after tonight's episode, I love the guy! I can't believe he died. I was actually starting to like him...and the fact that he saved Desmond makes me like him even more. I'm so glad this was a Jack-centic episode but he is my favorite character! There is so much to him we don't know about and I love finding out more and more. I had NO idea they showed a "future" flashback. And seeing Kate at the end? I was pretty much in shock for about 10 minutes after. The thing I want to know is: WHO'S FUNERAL WAS IT!? It's driving me crazy! I don't know why but part of me thinks it was Sawyer's since Jack had thought Kate might have gone. Wow. I also loved the fact that Hurley basically saved all their asses. This episode was so amazing, there's nothing else to say but that. Amazing. Plain and simple. I can't wait for next season!
  • This is a flash-forward episode switching gears from the original flashback show. It is a Jack-themed episode. Ben catches a beatdown, Hurley saves the day, and Sayid takes out a dude with only his legs.

    This episode was a very strange episode to end a season. I did not realize until Jack met up with Kate at the end of the episode that this was not a flashback episode, but a flash forward. It was a very well written episode that kept you guessing the entire time. For example I thought Charlie was actually going to live until the crazy one-eyed pirate guy blew the window out drowning poor Charlie. I thought Locke was a gonner for a few episodes until he sauntered up to Jack and the gang. What really got me was when Walt popped out of nowhere. My hope, after seeing Walt, was that Michael and Walt did not make it off the island and that since I had heard a few people were going to die was that Michael was going to be one of the few who bit the dust because after he left a few years ago he left a bitter taste in my mouth. Oh well...I and I know everybody else who is a Lost enthusiaste cannot wait for another season of this edge of your seat drama. See ya'll next season.

    P.S. Dude, I am sure glad Hurley is still with us.
  • There is so much story in this episode, it's worth a re-watch, particularly with the new perspective gleaned from the shocking ending. Though disticntly different from last season's finale, this one accomplishes so much...

    That ending was amazing. I'm usually good at not being surprised, but that did it. Jack's whole "flashback" was really a "flashforward"...all happening after the events on the island. Will this be the norm for the series going forward, at least semi-regularly? From a storytelling perspective, it makes sense, since this season the flashbacks were generally a little less compelling, with so much of the backstories of the survivors already being told. Now new off-island stories can be told in the future. China Beach did the same thing in their last season, with much success, though Lost has to be a little more careful, and I'll go into that in a little bit. First, the key story and character points...

    Deaths and non-deaths: Charlie dying was no surprise. His temporary reprieve from last week seemed last week like it was only temporary. The two Looking Glass women dying - not a big deal, though I kind of thought they might have more of a role for a stretch (and still may in on-island flashbacks). Naomi dies - again, no huge surprise. Ten Others die at the beach - nine of them were no big deal, but sad to see Tom go. His role had become much less significant this season as Ben was presented as the clear leader, but I'll miss the bearded, cocky Mr. Friendly. Mikhael dies (apparently). It's difficult to imagine that he could have survived the grenade explosion, he was holding it after all. I will miss him a lot. I was disappointed when he died the first time, he's very entertaining (when he was caught trying to steal the phone a few episodes ago, his line "how could you respect me if I hadn't tried" was one of the best of the season). Locke doesn't die - again, definitely not a surprise. It was very clear before that he wasn't dead. He was too big of a character for his death to be so vague, no last breath, etc. And, of course, mystery death in Jack's flashforward. And the body in the casket is...

    Well, I don't know. But we have on big clue. Jack refers to the deceased as neither family nor friend. The not friend part made me think maybe Sawyer, but Kate's line "why would I go to his funeral" makes it seem it couldn't be Sawyer. Then I thought maybe Locke. But my guess is Ben. Kate's line would fit with that, Jack would not think of him as a friend, but Jack's conflicted feelings would draw him to the funeral. We'll find out eventually.

    What's going on with Jack - Last week I speculated whether or not Jack might actually die in this episode (and he came close) because his character hadn't evolved. We knew his conflicts and flaws, but he wasn't learning from them. But what they accomplished here was brilliant. It appears Jack's lack of evolving is the cause of so many probelms. I could write a whole review exploring Jack (and maybe I will in the part II episode section); still his parallels with Locke are once again exposed here. Locke gets that leaving the island is wrong. And based on Jack's flashforward, Jack evenutally feels the same way. The question is is his post traumatic stress disorder a result of no longer being the savior in an extreme situation (the ultimate fix-it) or a realization of some special connection to the island, a concept Locke is already adjusted to.

    Another Jack parallel is with Charlie. Charlie ultimately decides to drown himself because he embraced the faith in Desmond's vision. His actions weren't logical (he had already flipped the switch, why not just run away from Mikhael's grenade); he did what he did because he acquired the faith that fulfilling Desmond's vision still needed to happen to bring rescue, since he realized there was still trouble (Naomi lying). Yet Jack, when faced with having the choice of faith, not so much in what Ben was telling him, since Ben lies a lot, but in what Locke was telling him, Jack was unwilling to embrace faith, and went with logic instead. Jack is still a man of science. Yet, in the future, he seems to want to be wanting to be a man of faith...too little too late? But I'll dicsuss more about Jack in another review, just too much to explore with him.

    So what is up in the future? Kate is reluctant to see Jack, Jack has become a substance abuser (like Charlie...interesting). Odd moment though, when the other doctor asks Jack how much he's had to drink, Jack says he can call his father down there and he guarantees his father will be drunker than he is. But Jack's father is dead in the future (and present). I guess you can write it off to drug-induced rambling. Still odd though. What esle? Oh yeah, the 815 survivors got free passes from Oceanic to fly anywhere in the world any time. Nice.

    Sawyer. Sawyer is different. He's purged himself of Anthony Cooper, the real Sawyer. But in doing so, has shed himself of a core element of who he is. He had adopted the real Sawyer's characteristics as he sought him out in some strange way of dealing with the man he despised. But with Cooper gone, there is no reason to maintain that personality, so no more nicknames, etc. But that perosnality had become so engrained in Sawyer, that he is now "lost" without it, as he tries to redifine himself and figure out who he is. His murder of Cooper was something he was sick about doing. Sawyer had never thought of himself as a killer, but then he mistakenly killed that man in Australia in cold blood, and strangled Cooper to death in blind rage. His willingness to murder an unarmed, albeit "bad", Tom, is his grasping on to a new identity. He had hated the real Sawyer, but had become accustomed to being the person he hated. Now he is being another person he hates, the one capable of murder. So much about what the characters have been struggling with up to this point has been dealing with their past, evolving, and dealing with their issues. But now we are presented here with the next level of challenges - what do you become after you let go of the past. Sawyer is struggling with it now, lacking direction. Locke is embracing it, becoming more fmailair with his specialness and connection to the island. Jack is resisting evolution on the island, instead embracing his biggest flaws more greatly (such as the desire to be the fixer), and he will struggle tremedously with this in the future, when he is forced to give that up.

    So what's next? We can safely assume that the survivors do not get rescued yet. After all, it's revealed that Naomi lied and she is not part of a search party. Ben likely was telling at least a partial truth, that the people on the other end of the phone are bad guys. We can also safely assume Desmond makes it out of the Looking Glass safely. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the Looking Glass becomes the new hatch. Only the room Charlie was in was flooded. Penny knows she's onto finding Desmond, so will hopefully keep trying ever harder. And my guess is Desmond's vision of Claire getting into the helicoper will still come true. He never said that part of the vision would happen in real time right after Charlie's sacrifice.

    Finally, how will the new flashforawrds work (assuming they will do more of them)? China Beach did the same thing, and very well, but that was a very different series. We all knew how the Vietnam War ended. One thing I don't like is having some of the surprises taken away. We now know Jack doesn't die on the island, Kate doesn't die, and the world doesn't end. Unless of course the survivors back in the world are actually clones, and it's all present day action and not a flashforward ;)

    But the writers need to balance intersting future stories without revealing so much that on-island surprises are taken away.

    In the end, though, I really enjoyed this episode. Last season's finale was still better with more focused character exposition and centered storytelling (Desmond's whole flashback), great tie ins, and riveting ending (hatch explosion and Jack/Kate/Sawyer being captured by Henry Gale). But this was a different episode with a different purpose, telling mostly on-island story, and squeezing a lot in. Very enjoyable episode, with a shocking ending. Will be a tough wait till next season.
  • To those choice few individuals who exist on or near the same astral plane as myself (in other words, the square root of your IQ isn't a single digit number)...

    To those choice few individuals who exist on the same astral plane as myself (in other words the square root of your IQ isn't a single digit number). You know you're privileged and on some level vindicated to have a show like this, if only for a few short weeks each year. 'Nuff said.

    But because I have to type 100 words I'll also say that I'm a little against running the last 3 seasons without a hiatus since it makes the wait for the next season seem so much longer, hence the .2 point deduction. And this makes 100.
  • OMG! This is my favorite finale yet.

    This episode was awesome. There were moments when I temporarily forgot to breathe. Such as when Jack confessed he loves Kate. Then there were moments when I just stared in amazement. The explosions had my heart racing. And there were moments where I couldn't help but laugh. It was funny the way Rose told Jack that she would punch him in the face if he said "Live together, die alone". The writers gave me what I wanted, even more reasons to wait for 9 months to see the show again. Flashforwards??? Who doesn't want to know more about what is going to happen. I just hope I can find some way to satisfy my cravings for Lost. I can't wait to watch this episode again and again.
  • First Hour of the Season Finale.

    After weeks and weeks of anticipation, today was the day of Season Three's finale. All the build up, all the hype, all the 'supposed' spoilers and all the genuine ones - we, the collective LOST community, celebrated this day with the utmost enthusiasm.

    The episode begins with Jack being on an airplane, with a beard even Paul Bunyan would envy, ordering alcoholic drinks. We find out he is flying into Los Angeles. The scene shoots to him on a bridge, reading a clipping from a newspaper that the airline stewardess had given him, calling someone on a cell phone, leaving a message to someone who (seems) to never pick up, ready to commit suicide by jumping off of the bridge. We hear the loud noise of a car accident. Jack turns around to look at the scene. Then we cut to the island, where Sayid tells Jack that he has prepared as best as he can for the oncoming invasion of the Others. The shooters, who are staying behind to be sure to accomplish their mission of making sure the dynamite is ignited when the proper time arrives, are (everyone's favorite character) Bernard, Jin and Sayid. Some fantastic, touching, wonderful moments on the beach ensue, including numerous shots of all our favorite castaways in intimate shots. They then prepare to leave for the radio tower. With our shooters looking on, the castaways leave.

    Naomi and Jack speak while they are trekking along the island. Naomi explains how the satellite phone can work to Jack. Scene cuts to Charlie in 'The Looking Glass' station, being tortured by a couple of women (Gretta and Bonnie). The ladies in the station seem to know who Ben is, and say they need to contact him. Charlie tells them to go ahead. As he glances over, he sees the 'room with lots of equipment' which Desmond had told him about. And the flashing yellow light.

    Now back on the island, the Others are preparing for their ambush. We see Sayid, Jin and Bernard at their respective posts, ready to shoot. Sayid and Bernard hit their targets, but Jin fails. Jin decides to try a one-on-many combat approach, but is not successful. Then another 'Other' finds Sayid and forces him to surrender as well. Cut to the castaways - Rose asks, 'wasn't their supposed to be three explosions?' Being that they all only saw two, Kate proclaims, 'it didn't work.'

    When the show resumes after a commercial, Jack is being treated for wounds he endured while helping the people that were involved in the car accident. He has a visitor in the emergency room - his ex-wife. She asks if Jack has still been drinking, which he denies. Jack asks for a ride home, which Sara denies. It cuts back to the island. Sun and Rose want to stay behind and wait for their husbands. Jack insists that everyone must continue walking.

    Now we are back in the Looking Glass. The women have contacted Ben, and Charlie happily lets Ben know it is him who is there. After hearing from Tom that seven of their people had died in their attempted sabotage, in addition to everything else that is going on, including Bernard's confession (regarding Karl) of where the castaways are headed, he finally puts the pieces together - Juliet betrayed them. Ben decides that he will meet the castaways at or on their way to the radio tower; Alex says she wants to go along. Much to her surprise, Ben agrees. A very key moment is when Richard confronts Ben. He comes straight out and tells Ben, because of his lies and deception, that the Others are questioning his leadership. But they still follow his orders.

    We are back in the 'Looking Glass.' Desmond, after nearly being killed by Mikhail, jumps in the ocean water and arrives at the station. Charlie quickly tells him to hide. The women of the hatch did not notice Desmond. They heard talking of some sort, but Charlie assures them that he was just singing -- Everyone, together now! 'You all everybody, you all everybody!' --

    After a commercial break, we see Jack at the hospital. He wants to operate on a woman who has a severe spinal injury. He keeps being labeled a 'Hero' because of his actions in rescuing the woman and her child. Back on the island, the castaways are still heading to the radio tower. Sawyer tells Jack that he is going back to the beach. Juliet joins. Mikhail arrives at the 'Looking Glass,' contacts Ben and has numerous questions, the main one being 'why has Ben continued to lie and deceive.' Ben (we are to assume) regains Mikhail's allegiance, and instructs him to kill Charlie, Gretta and Bonnie. Juliet and Sawyer are making their way back to the beach when an eager Hurley appears and asks to come along, to help them. Just as Charlie had said in 'Greatest Hits,' Sawyer refuses his help and generalizes that Hurley's physical weight will just hurt their cause, not help.

    We finally see Locke. He, too, is suicidal, and about to pull the trigger on his gun to kill himself, when he hears a familiar voice. He looks up, and it is Walt. Walt instructs him to get up, get out of the ditch because 'they have work to do.' Locke smiles. And I smile, because Locke is going to be just fine.

    This is the end of Hour One. Phenomenal. I loved it. My review for the second hour will be posted soon.
  • SIMPLY AMAZING! That's what I thought of the 2 hour long season finale!

    The first hour was full of suspense as we anticipate what is about to happen and try to understand what we are seeing. In a flash scene we see a seemingly distressed Jack spiraling out of control, even to the point of being suicidal. The story continues on the beach as well, while the events unfold as the group sets out for the radio tower leaving behind Sayid, Bernard and Jin to hatch out the final steps of plan. We also see more of what's going on in The Looking Glass as the two Others capture Charlie and try to find out his motives. Meanwhile things start to unravel for Ben and the Others as they find out Juliet has betrayed them.

    The most suspenseful part of the first hour comes at the end when we finally get to see Locke! At this point we see him right where they left off lying in the pit and apparently dying. We find out his legs cant move and he's given up all hope. As he sees a gun lying in its sling close by he retrieves it and!!!!! He begins to turn the gun on himself! (At this point I'm totally screaming at the television! What the hell is he doing/thinking!?!?!) AND THEN at the peak of my hysteria as he is about to pull the trigger what do we see But WALT! Cutting it short, I was relieved as the scene ends with Walt giving Locke back his hope.

    All together it was a nice lead into the second part of the season finale.

    [Review Continues at the 'Through The Looking Glass (2)']
  • The best season finale I ever saw.

    I like lost, but I love it even more now. I was a Star Trek Voyager fan. For those who are not familiar with voyager it's like LOST but in space. Anyway the whole thing about Voyager was you wanted to see them get home to Earth. In the end they did. You were pleased and done. I was always afraid that lost was going to do this, watch them get off the island. After tonights episode I gotta applaud the writers brilliant move it's not just about watching them get off the island anymore, it's bigger.
  • Jack and the castaways make their way to the radio tower. Charlie is held captive by the women in the looking glass station. Ben goes after Jack and Company with Alex. The Others make their visit to the castaways camp.

    Wow Holy Smokes What a Crazy Episode and What a Finale. I'm simply stunned and holy crap we gotta wait a long time to find out what's next. Jack leads the castaways along with Rousseau to the radio tower to send out their distress call to Naomi's ship. The Others hit the camp and several of them are blown up when Bernard and Sayid hit their targets however Jin misses and the three remaining Others take them hostage. Bernard confesses Karl warned them and where everyone else is headed. Ben heads off with Alex to stop them and talk them into staying on the island. Underwater Charlie is forced to explain who is he and why he is there to the two men working at the station. Ben sends Mikhail down to the station. The women tell Mikhail about what they are doing down there and Ben tries to tell him it was for the best. Mikhail follows his orders and takes out the first woman and leaves the other Bonnie wounded however Desmond shows him and shoots him with a trank. Meanwhile Sawyer and Juliet head back to help out the trio in trouble Hurley wants to help but once again is shot down. Ben confronts Jack and the two have a conversation. Ben tries to convince Jack he can't do this and orders his men to kill Bernard, Sayid, and Jin. Jack beats the crap out of Ben and brings him back to the castaways where Ben confesses to Alex Rousseau is her mother. The reunited pair tie up Ben and bring him along the rest of the way to the radio tower. Meanwhile on the beach Hurley shows with his van and drives over one of the three others. The second one Sayid snaps his neck leaving only Tom left. Extracting revenge once again Sawyer shoots Tom in the chest killing him. Underwater Charlie turns off the jammer and makes contact with Penny who is unaware of any Naomi or rescue ship. Mikhail shows up once again and throws a grenade into the room drowning Charlie. Before he can die Charlie goes to the window to relay the message to Desmond that it isn't Penny's boat. Meanwhile see that John Locke is still clinging to life and out of nowhere Walt appears and tells him he has work to do. The castaways arrive at the tower knowing Charlie has turned off the jammer and take out Rousseau's message so they can make the call on Naomi's phone. However Locke shows up and kills Naomi before she makes contact. Jack forces Locke's hand when he threatens to kill him claiming he's not supposed to do this Locke simply walks away and allows Jack to make the call. Meanwhile off island this episode it would appeared to be flash forwards from Jack's perspective. They got off the island he travels constantly with the gold pass Oceanic gave them all. He hasn't shaved in a well he is drinking and taking medication. He almost commits suicide but instead winds up saving a woman and her son after a car accident. He even meets Kate who asks why would she go the funeral of a mysterious someone and says she has to get back to someone who will wonder where she is. Jack cries out that they have to go back and that they shouldn't have left the island. Wow well certainly an interesting show folks.
  • If any TV show knows how to blow you're mind, its LOST

    My goodness, what an amazing episode. Hope for rescue from Naomi's crew (I have a strange feeling that they're not gonna get saved...). And finally, Penny knows that Desmond is alive!

    We got some answers, but we also got a lot of questions. What is the temple? Why "can't" Ben let them go? Who really is on that freighter near the island? What was Walt doing there? Why won't Mikhail die?!

    Oh, yes, and then there is the revelation that this is the first Flash Forward! Who was in that coffin? What happened that makes him say it was a mistake to leave the Island? Who is Kate with now? Why is Jack's dad supposedely upstairs?

    AHHHHHH! Too many questions! Yet so, so satisfying.
  • OMG! I believe I am still in shock.

    Those "flashbacks" did seem awfully out of character for Jack and I was wondering what they were hiding...OMG. There are a MILLION and a half questions running through my mind and I don't know if I can wait MONTHS for them to get addressed. Is the next season going to be flash-forwards from now on?? The producers were just on the news and they said that the show is "going in a whole new direction"...
    It was just such a good episode! So much action, and drama, and CHARLIE!! OMG I can't wait till the show comes back!!
  • Lost just got interesting again

    WOW. That was by far one of the best episodes of the entire series. There are so many unanswered questions now I don't even know where to start. Why does Jack want to go back to the island so desperately? What happened to everyone else? What is going on!!!??? During the entire episode I kept getting the feeling that Jack's flashbacks weren't actually flashbacks but somehow either current time or flash forward. Also, one strange thing I noticed was that when Jack was confronted by the new chief of surgery he said "Just go upstairs and see if my father is drunker than I am" Is Jack's dad somehow alive? Mind blowing episode...can't wait til next season!!!
  • I wrote a review to this episode on part two, but this more connects to the story of what happened.

    It was brilliant, awesome, thank god for all the characters for making this show so spectacular, i thought the flashback was unneeded UNTIL the end. Made a such great effort greates show ever made. God knows what will happen next. Now i know which character doesnt die. But whose the character that noone attended the funeral to. Is the Jack flashback all in one time period, or one part of it before the flight and the other part after the rescue or something. So damn great confusing riveting. But is it still nessesary to watch LOST after such a great revealing. You think with a great show you want it to continue. Some shows end because its at a popular point, but this show you actually want to end so you can know whats happens when concluded. Peace and Love.
  • Heroes, take notes, Lost has risen the bar again. That was the best episode of ANY tv show EVER.

    Where do I begin, so much action, so much happens, so much change and craziness. This episode BLEW MY MIND. You will NEVER image what happens in this episode. Twists left and right. Lost has restored my faith in the show with this episode. I just can not stop thinking about it. SPOILER

    We got a FLASH FOWARD! OMG!!! We are introduced to new villains, killed many old ones. It was just unbelievable and really sets a new standard for TV. Lost, thank you for giving me something to look foward to ever Wednesday night. I will continue to come back for more.
  • Excellent Season Finale

    After an underwhelming Heroes season finale, it took something like this to get me geared up for television again.
    I'll keep it short.
    Awesome Charlie dying scene. In two weeks I've done a 180 on my opinion on that guy. Just in time for him to die. But a really worthy death scene. Funny stuff with Hurley. A little conceited with the "I saved them all" stuff, but he earned it.
    Also, Jack is back in my good graces now. He stopped being a douschebag and I actually started liking him (both current and """flashback""" versions). And as for the proverbial snake in the mailbox, well let's just say it's going to be hell making it to next February. They've had me hooked for years, but even moreso now. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.
  • incredibly plotted, cleverly written

    Locke's alive!!!! LOCKE is alive. Walt's alive? wait didn't he leave the island? what the hell is going on? but that's the minor point. that was an amazing episode. everything was great. there was just some small issues (ie. not too many advancements, predictability) but the next episode will take care of that. perfect lead in to the finale. the Looking Glass scenes were awesome - great twists! Desmond and Charlie - who is going to die? Incredible. Genius. TV at its finest. That's all i can really say!
  • It was a shocking hour, but in all the expected ways.

    A review of Part One.

    The opening scenes were…interesting. When Jack was on the airplane, I was awfully confused. The first thing that came to mind was, Jack’s gonna see what would have happened had the plane not crashed. Well…I was somewhat close, I suppose. It was pretty obvious that Jack was going to jump. The beard said it all. Which, by the way, strongly reminded of Jack Bauer à la season 6 premier. Oh, and the beard makes Jack being called Moses a lot funnier. But, as usual, there were some obvious facial hair discrepancies between scenes. (Wow, who knew there was so much to talk about when it came to Jack’s beard?)

    I felt so bad for Charlie! Jeez, So much for his “Angels”. (Greta was kind of nice, though). But Charlie was pretty quick, keeping Desmond safe. He always makes me laugh whenever he sings “You All Everybody”.

    Speaking of the Angels, I let out a big laugh when Mikhail said they were supposed to be in Canada. All we need now is an episode where someone on Lost who says they’re from Canada ACTUALLY goes there. That’ll be the series finale for sure.

    The best quote was without a doubt:

    Rose: “If you say ‘live together, die alone’ to us Jack, I’m gonna punch you in the face.”

    The beach explosions were…wow. Powerful, to say the least. SEVEN of the Others killed? I was expecting three or four. I hated when Bernard gave everything up! The poor dentist…he shouldn’t have stayed behind. (Still, his shot was better than Jin’s.)

    I enjoyed the scene between Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley. Juliet’s reason for returning to the beach: karma. And what does Sawyer turn around and do? Act like a bast**d towards Hurley! Poor Hugo.

    So Ben just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier. Alex asked him why he doesn’t just let the Losties go. His answer: “because I can’t.” Ok, wanna elaborate a bit more?

    So John Locke is still alive. The scene in the ditch was interesting – he lost the use of his legs. I totally flipped out when Locke was turning that gun on himself. It would have made things extremely interesting, but besides that, and besides the fact that he’s still alive, none other than Walt pays Mr. Locke a visit! But Walt has hit puberty! lol and he’s supposed to be 10. Still, where did he come from? At least he wasn’t wet and talking backwards.

    Rating: 9 out of 10. This part remained in true Lost fashion, but wasn’t as crazy as the second part.

    See my review on PART TWO for a detailed and analytical view…and reaction to the most insane thing to happen on Lost yet.
  • perfect end to the season:)

    It began like any other day, with yet another vision from Desmond, and although it seemed quite easy to avoid this time, it would come with a great prize: neither Claire nor Aaron would ever get out of the island. So Charlie wrote his favourite moments on a paper, kissed his non-wife goodbye and spent a last moment with the son he would never see grow up before he would meet his ultimate fate.

    It’s hard to say which the hardest part was: to know what was going to happen or to watch Aaron caress Charlie’s face good bye. How can a man knowingly walk to his death like this? For as steady and strong as it was this is still Charlie we’re talking about; a couple of months ago he was still an addict, as distant from religion as he was from real human contact, we slowly saw him grow from the pitiful has been that he was into a man anyone would feel proud to shake hands with, the kind of man Claire could rely on, the kind of father Aaron would’ve feel proud of and the kind of man that would die to buy his mates a way out. The kind of man we would miss, deeply.
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