Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • WHAT THE...

    Wow! As much as I saw the ending coming (I knew it was a flashforward), I was still so shocked while watching it! This was in my opinion, the second greatest LOST episode ever! It was very emotional. I was in tears when I thought Bernard, Sayid, and Jin were just killed. Charlie's death was so sad! That ending has to be the best ending of LOST that I've ever seen! It was perfect! Charlie was hilarious while he was singing! That made my night! Hurley's van scene was classic! This episode raised so many questions. Who was in the coffin? Why was Jack about to commit suicide? Who does Kate have to get home to? And what's the deal with Naomi's boat?! Ahh, so many questions, and we have to wait 9 months just to get some answers!!! This will be a very difficult wait!
  • A Jack-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. I absolutely love the fact that the show is doing flash-forwards now. I think that was a really cool idea on the writers' part. I really enjoyed getting to see what happens to Jack after he gets off the island. I really enjoyed Charlie's story line in this episode. Sawyer's story line was great too. I also loved Juliet and Sawyer's interaction with each other in this episode. I was really shocked when Jack and Juliet kissed each other. I didn't see that coming at all. All in all, I thought that this was an incredibly well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch part two of the season finale so I can find out how the season ends.
  • The finale that changes everything. Only read if you've seen part 2.

    The Man Behind the Curtain made us reconsider the mythological plot of the show. This finale on the other hand makes us reconsider the whole god damn SHOW.

    The greatest twist and execution, ever, on television... right here.

    As the war with the Others begin, the losties, apart from the shooters head to the radio tower to get rescued. The episode is basically a giant trek, but unlike Catch 22, this episode manages to make it exciting and surprise filled.

    Let's start with the very ending. Because, the ending of the episode actually makes you want to go back to the beginning and rewatch the thing with the perspective you just gained.

    All of the Jaco "flashbacks" in this episode are actually... flashforwards. Flashforwards of him being off the island. BAM. They actually did it. At the end of the 3rd season they THEY DID! Jack and Kate are guaranteed to be off the island.... which means this episode is the most epic ever. How many of you thought that the series finael would be a trek to the actual rescue? I think many of you did. I did. Well, we didn't have to wait until the series finale.

    As flashbacks, Jack's flashes were not too exciting. But as flashforwards - holy crap. Why is he depressed? Why is he drinking alcohol like his father used to? Why he and Kate are not so friendly anymore? Who Kate has to "go back" to? Why does Jack want to go back to the island? Why do they have to lie about where they were? Holy... crap.................

    Another set of memorable moments:

    -Walt appears to Locke(most likely as Jacob)

    "You have work to do."

    WOW. So the island wants Locke to live!

    -Locke throws a knife into Naomi's back!!!!!!

    WHAT THE FRAK! Did you ever think Locke would do that? I didn't... and he did it..... wow.

    -The takedown of the others

    Hurley and the Dharmavan. 'Nuf said.

    -Jack's and Ben's conversation.

    What a gem of a dialouge. Ben basically KNEW Jack would end up the way he ended up. He had nothing to leave the island for. He had MORE on the island than outside it! He had friends. Love. Leadership. Outside the island? None. Only work.

    -Charlie dying.

    I was crying. That's it. Greatest hit made me tear up, but this... holy **** hell.... Charlie died in the most heroic way possible.... what a scene... I nominate this to be the saddest death of all time. ALL TIME. I think all considered, this episode is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to Lost. The writers truly proved it finally. They're creative, brave, and definitely know what they are doing.

    We have to go back, Kate!
    We have TO GO BACK!
  • We have the ambush going sort of wrong, we have Ben going to intercept the group heading for the tower. We have Charlie being questioned in the underwater station, trying to meet his destiny head on.

    This episode starts with a heavily bearded Jack, on aplane journey to LA, he gets refused a drink as he has probably had enough and she says they will be landing soon. She gives him a paper instead, where he reads an obit from it. He looks unhappy as it tears it from the paper. The we see him driving his car to a bridge, then calling a number and telling it that he's just read the paper. He gets out of his car, climbs onto a wall, stares down and then asks for forgiven, we hear a crash off screen, he gets down and goes to help the victims.

    Jacks walks the beach, looks at Kate and is getting them all ready for their hike to the radio tower. Rose before leaving Bernhard gets him to say out loud to her that he's a dentist and not Rambo. The survivors leave the beach, with the trio of snipers behind to inflict the damage. A little further on, Naomi asks Jack if she can be trusted, meaning Juliet, as no one is saying anything nice about her, Jack ignores the comments and is told how to operate it, just in case anything happens to her.

    In the meantime, Charlie is being beaten for information and his smart alex comments about an invisible submarine get another punch from Bonny, when asked about how he knew about the station, he says Juliet, the girls decide to call Ben and they leave him tied to a chair as they call him, he sees the room they enter and the flashing light, its where he needs to go.

    Ben wants to know why they are breaking radio silece, they explain that one of the others is down here, he asks who and Charlie shouts his name at them, which Ben hears, he directs Mikhael to the station, he says that its flooded, Bens admits he lied, but Mikhael says if Juliet told them that what else did she tell them.

    A small group of others is near the beach shelters, they have spotted the ones marked, made sure that all walkies are off, just as Ben was trying to get hold of them, small groups of others go towards the marked tents, Sayid shoots the dynamite and then Bernhard does but Jin's not able to shoot his before he is captured and the others are captured too.

    Further up towards the tower the hikers notice the 2 explosions, raise questions about why there wasn't 3, Jack explains that perhaps only 2 was needed, he will ask them when they catch upto them.

    charlie gets asked why is in the station and he explains that he is here to switch off the jammer, she asks him if he has the code, which he doesnt know, then he says he will find out, turn off the jammer and then get his friends saved. If it is flooded then what happens to Charlie, he says he dies. Ben gets a message from Tom saying that 7 of them are dead, they captured 3 of them, names them and asks if he wants them killed, not yet, but only after Bernhard has told them that Karl warned them and that they were heading to the tower.

    Des awakes on the boat, gets shot at, dives in and swims down to where Charlie is, who warns him to hide, which he does, he pretends to the gitls that he was just singing. They go back to the radio but then they hear him again, but this time see Mikhael surface, they get to ask each others questions and he radios Ben for instructions.

    Sawyer and Juliet leave the group but go back towards the beach in order to find the others, or their fate, as they are long overdue to catch up, Jack says there is nothing they can do as they are unarmed, but Juliet says she knows of a stash of guns near the beach they can use. Later she admits to lying, when asked why, she says that Jack would not allow them to come here unarmed.

    Alex talks to Ben half way there, she gets told that he did those things to Karl for her sake as he did not want her to get pregnant whilst on the island, then she asks why he allowed her to come, he says to deliver you to your new family. Lastly Locke wakes to find himself in the pit of bodies, unable to move his legs, but he reaches for one of their weapons and is in the process of shooting himself in the head when Walt appears to him telling him he has work to do.
  • nerve racking

    In this double-length episode, Jack's plan to kill the Others backfires, and Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are held hostage by the Others at the beach. Led by Rousseau, the castaways travel to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission. Naomi makes contact with her boat, but is stabbed by Locke, who along with Ben, believes that the survivors are making a mistake. Charlie makes contact with Penny Widmore in the underwater Dharma station, but drowns when the station is flooded by Mikhail. Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley rescue the castaways at the beach. Instead of flashbacks, flashforwards feature Jack's miserable life after rescue from the island. Brilliant episode with plenty going on, loved the Charlie storyline the best.
  • The sad, the bad, the happy, the mysterious, the confused, the dead, LOST

    This will be a duplicate review for Through The Looking Glass parts 1 and 2. They will be the exact same thing, right down to the periods.

    There are flashfowards to Jack. He is a broken man who is hooked on perscription drugs and is a drunk. He attempts to commit suicide. He ends up saving the lives of two people. A doctor tries to help him, but it doesn't work. He calls up Kate and tells them that they have to go back to the island.

    Charlie is captured by the two women inside the hatch. They contact Ben and he sends Mikhail. Mikhail sees Desmond and shoots at him. Desmond dives under and gets there but hides. Mikhail talks to Ben and follows the orders to kill Charlie and the two women. Desmond kills Mikhail after Mikhail manages to kill one woman and injure the other. Charlie gets the code from the living woman and she dies. Charlie gets in contact with Penny. He asks about Naomi and she doesn't know anything about her. Desmond notices Mikhail is missing. Mikhail appears outside of Charlie's window and blows it open. Charlie shuts the door so Desmond won't drown. He writes "Not Penny's boat" on his hand and shows Desmond. Charlie then drowns.

    Jack and everyone else head up to the radio tower. Naomi tells Jack how to work the phone just in case. They are worried when they only see two explosions.

    Sayid, Jin and Bernard stay behind to kill the Others. The Others come and go toward the tents. Sayid takes the first shot and hits it! Bernard takes the second shot and also hits it! Jin has trouble with his pistol and the Others get him. Bernard tries to help, but the Others get him too. Sayid is also captured, but they managed to kill 7 of the Others. They contact Ben and Ben tells them to make them talk. Bernard spills it. The Others tell Ben.

    Kate wants to go back for Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Sawyer decides to go, but he doesn't want Kate with him. Juliet goes instead, but before she does, she kisses Jack. Kate is jealous, but when Jack talks to Kate, he tells her that he loves her. Sawyer and Juliet are on their way when Hurley wants to help. Sawyer says no.

    Ben quickly starts planning how to stop Jack. Alex goes with him to stop them from getting to the radio tower. They encounter Jack and Ben and Jack talk. Alex also meets her mother, Danielle. Ben threatens to kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard. He then orders Tom to kill them. There are three shots fired on the walkie talkie. Ben doesn't want Jack to contact the freighter. Jack beats Ben to a pulp. They proceed to the radio tower.

    Locke is about to end it all, but suddenly, Walt stops him and tells him to get up.

    Saywer and Juliet arrive at camp. It turns out that the Otheres lied to Ben about killing Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Hurley then comes with the van and kills an Other. Sayid kills another. Saywer then kills Tom. They are all safe.

    At the radio tower, Naomi gets a signal because of Charlie. They stop Danielle's transmission. Naomi is contacting them, but Locke kills her. He tells Jack not to call, but Jack does it anyway.

    This was an amazing episode of Lost! I was really sad when Charlie died. Even though I didn't really like him as much throughout the series, this really did affect me. The flashfowards were pretty good, especially the last one, but nothing really grabbed me there. Sawyer was so mean to Hurley and Hurley just wanted to help! I really felt sorry for Hurley at that point. I didn't want Jack to contact the freighter. I don't even know what to think! As for couples, I want Jack and Juliet together and Kate and Sawyer together! Bernard, Bernard, Bernard, now why'd you go and tell the Others the whole plan? That was so dumb! I'm still sad about Charlie. I hope Desmond remembers to give Charlie's "greatest hits" to Claire. This episode gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Part one of my review, basically it's my "Stairway to Heaven".

    With the theme of The Others this season, it would've been likelier to have Ben or Juliet as the focus of the flashbacks, fleshing out unanswered questions we've had about The Others. Considering Jack's last flashback was the weakest episode of the season, it may be expected to go into this episode with some skepticism or confusion regarding their choice. However, weeks before this episode aired, Cuse and Lindelof made a deal with ABC to set a definitive end date for the series. This unusual move allows them to plan a proper end of the show rather than prolonging it as "The X-Files" did. With 48 episodes left, it was time to set up the next phase in the story, where things start to move towards the climax. Throwing in a major game changer like the final twist is such a dramatic gesture. It's appropriate that Jack, who for all intents and purposes is the main character, be the one explored at this pivotal time in the series.

    The twist's fitting because the way events played out, this almost could've been a series finale. The tensions between the castaways and The Others come to a head as three seasons worth of storylines and character development culminate in explosive battles and major resolutions. Considering the unanswered questions remaining, something had to change to keep the story fresh. If they didn't know how much longer they had to keep the show going, perhaps the new element wouldn't have been introduced, but instead held off for longer than it should. Just when we think we know where the show is going, they throw a major curve ball no one saw coming.

    Matthew Fox has a lot to work with in this episode. He plays everything from suicidal depression to victorious euphoria so well. Typically the acting praise glory goes to Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson, or an impressive newcomer like Elizabeth Mitchell (well deserved in all three cases). However, Fox steps up and delivers his best work on the show so far, and thankfully it's been recognized (not by the stupid Emmys though).

    Jack's defining characteristic is his messiah complex. He must suffer to save or to fix everyone he meets. It's what drives him to suicidal depression when he reads the mysterious clipping, as well as what snaps him out of it when the woman crashed her car with her son inside as well. Then it gets worse when he sees the extent of damage she suffered because, as he later learns, he distracted her. This comes in contrast to the present situation, where Jack is in control, leading his people, as Naomi points out, like Moses. His focus as leader has never been sharper as the goal couldn't be clearer With Karl's warning forcing the castaways to rework their plan on the beach, failure seemed inevitable for the survivors hoping to kill or capture The Others invading the beach. There are further hints of dooming the castaways, with Jin saying (in English) that they needed to go home, or the light hearted reminder Rose gave Bernard that he "is not Rambo". Ultimately this is proven true, although they do take seven down before getting captured. Of course the other castaways don't know that, and panic starts to arise. Jack manages to get everyone to stick with the original plan without saying "live together, die alone", which Rose awesomely warns warrants a punch in the face.

    I would've liked to seen more about Juliet's perspective on what happened. While she turned against The Others, she was still one of them for three years and had grown close to at least some of them. Because she turned, many of them are dead. Juliet's loyalties will be one to watch when the freighter arrives. She aligns herself with whoever can get her off the island to see her sister, or at least whoever can help her sister when she was sick. If many of the castaways side with the philosophy that the people on the freighter are bad, maybe she'll betray the castaways in favor of getting home.

    There are a few moments that twist the romantic quadrangle. Juliet and Jack have formed a romance, which is hardly a surprise. Why none of the castaways who've questioned his judgment have brought it up before is still unclear. Then he admits to Kate that he loves her. As he did in "I Do", Jack is willing to let Kate be with someone else who makes her happy (having someone himself makes that easier). One thing of note is that Jack's confession appears in the second part when it aired and on its downloadable counterpart, but was changed for the DVD (which stupidly split the episode in two unlike "Exodus II & III" and "Live Together, Die Alone").

    Sawyer's emotional state since killing the man he blamed for ruining his life wasn't explored coming in, but this episode fully delves into Sawyer's darkness. Revenge negated all the progress he made. Going back to the beach for Jin, Bernard and Sayid is more of a death wish than a heroic gesture, even mocking those who want to help. The two most obvious examples are Kate and Hurley. Sawyer's distancing Kate (ironically by not nicknaming her). Rejecting Hurley just adds to what happened in the last episode, only Sawyer did this to make Hurley feel as bad as he did. The exception is Juliet, who is the only person who could get Jack to allow them to go. Following up on the cliffhanger, the two women in The Looking Glass (Greta and Bonnie) are The Others helping Ben jam all signals coming from the island. One would imagine if they had more time they would've been further explored as tools in Ben's operation. There is something in the good cop (Greta) and bad cop (Bonnie) that would've been nice to see more of, especially since the two are played by recognizable guest TV actors.

    Believing his death imminent, Charlie faces them fearlessly, which clearly doesn't work for Bonnie. Considering all the upper hands The Others have had against the castaways, it's refreshing to see them frustrated. Charlie isn't afraid to die anymore, so The Others have no leverage.

    The Others' mission to "The Temple" sounds intriguing, but may be just a way to rewrite around real life conflicts. Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard Alpert, took a job on another show. Since no other prominent Others are going with him, it's the best way to get him out of the story without killing him off, since his story is yet to be told. There's no way the fans would let them get away with revealing that Richard hasn't aged a day in at least a quarter century without an eventual answer. It'll be best to be patient to see how this ends.

    Ben offers some insight into the secretive nature of The Others' society. It makes sense that they are out to protect the island from most outsiders and that those on the freighter pose the greatest threat to the island. This explains a good amount of the antagonism they've had towards the castaways, their conflict with the Dharma Initiative and why Ben is deathly afraid of Naomi and the castaways making contact with the outside world. The castaways didn't have a choice in their arrival, so The Others took select ones and made what they could out of it. However, the freighter is a whole different beast in that they're actively looking for it. This island has many special things, but why The Others need, or feel the need, to "protect" it has yet to be explained.

    Ben's secrecy regarding many of his duplicitous activities shows his desire to assert his power, but actually the episode shows how he is losing power dramatically and is clinging to whatever he had left. This has been so since he found out he was sick. On an island that miraculously heals a person's paralysis, sterility or cancer, that the person who supposedly had a close communion with the island would be exempt is enough to get people wondering whether their leader is a false prophet.

    Since "The Man From Tallahassee", Locke has been challenging Ben's status as leader. Locke gained celebrity among the Others for his miraculous recovery from paralysis in contrast to Ben's sickness. Ben knew the threat was real when Jacob communicated with Locke, so he shot Locke and left him for dead. With Ben having lost his status and The Others' muscle decimated, it wouldn't be hard to imagine Jacob using Walt to help Locke protect the island from the threat of those preparing to arrive.

    Alternatively, the other major presence of visions on the island has been a by product of The Monster. This could mean several different things. The Monster could be operating with a different agenda than Jacob, or maybe they are the same entity, or The Monster is a "pet" of Jacob's. Jacob doesn't appear to be able to actively influence things, so he has people like Ben do his bidding or maybe will use The Monster as his muscle. If the Monster is really a security system as Rousseau describes it, then it should be interesting to see how it reacts to the freighter.

    Early in the season, Boone arrived in a vision to help Locke get back on track. As he contemplates ending his life, it makes sense for another vision to talk him off the ledge. It all goes back to the people he tried to connect to the island back in the first season. Malcolm David Kelly clearly is in the midst of puberty and that can't be hidden anymore no matter how they shoot it. Regardless of that, or the usability of a gun that has been exposed to a tropical environment for years, this scene effectively raises the stakes for the second part. With all that's going on, Locke is now another x factor.

    Having Walt appear again could be a sign of things to come. Producers made no attempt to hide the fact that Michael would be returning as a lead character in season four, (the producers of "24" did something similar with the promotional material for their seventh season). Perhaps Walt and Michael, after being shipped away in the second season finale, encountered the freighter, and may have told them of the island's existence. It's unlikely Kelly will be featured much because of his growth spurt, but the device at the end of the two parter could allow them to bring Walt back into the story, which is important considering how much they emphasized his role in the first two seasons.
  • One amazing episode that leaves the viewer with the best hour of television he or she has ever witnessed!

    (spoiler alert)Wow. this episode was amazing. Through The looking glass was the first episode in the whole series of LOST to contain a (spoileralert) flashforward!! Jack's future looks very depressing and apparently they should have never left the island. "We have to go back!" It was an intense episode, Jack beat the hell out of Ben (who in my opininon completely deserved it), we had to say goodbye to our favorite rock star druggy Charlie, Hurley got to run over that annoying "other" and we got to see another DHARMA station that had bad ass written all over it because it was under water, blocking signals and not to mention the bad ass himself,Mikhail Bkunin, swam down to take a harpoon to the chest (survive it) and blow up a window with a grenade and kill a main character. Also, Walt returned and our survivors found "rescue" or what they think is rescue.......LOST
  • Amazing sequence of actions.

    Super ending for this season. The way they think they are over a problem again and they think they have change over their enemies and they go to war (reminded me a Jericho), but it is never this way and Ben, after he has made his actions towards Locke (I hope he is alive), has no intentions to wait. The excitement, knowing that Ben is coming, knowing that Looking Glass has informed him that Charlie is there and Mihkail (who seems to be another not dying character) is going there. The events on that station, Desmond there... it all is just leading were he promised... but some things are different...

    and some going back... and the plan did not worked and three who was left back were captured... it did not looked so promising for them but it was super story, super moments.. super episode. I wish i could have watched it some other time not after midnight as for morning I have the emotion what it left but not clear memory of what exactly happened.
  • Emotional.

    Usually I dislike this kind of storyline. I watch this show for the mystery and action, not for the relationship things.
    However, this one was really out of the ordinary. The editors chose the right good flashbacks, and mied them perfectlly with the bad ones. The music was a perfect match, and (not as usual) I wanted to keep watching what's going on with charlie, and leave the mystery salving for some other time.

    This episode is so good I'm writing this review about a year after i saw it, just because i saw its name on the list, and I rememberd.

    Thi is a watchble episode even for those who hadn't watched lost from the beggining.

  • Greatest episode ever!

    Through The Looking Glass was an incredibly awesome episode of LOST. So much action, drama, and emotion packed into one episode. The whole episode kept me on the edge of my seat. I about couldn't wait through the commercials! I thought it was so sad when Charlie drowned. I was honestly in tears!! It was so amazingly and emotionally done. Poor Charlie. :( I liked the storyline with Jack and company hiking to the tower. That was great. And also Sayid, Jin, and Bernard at the beach. That was so action packed. I thought it was funny and epic when Hurley ran over that Other with the bus! Classic! And when Bernard said, "I am a dentist I am not Rambo" I was laughing!!!!! And the end was WOW! A flashforward!?!? WOAH!
  • Its been a shaky season, but now i think Lost can get back on course...

    If i were to describe this episode in one word, it would be "Outstanding." After a season which has seen the show lose a great deal of viewers for such reasons as "not enough answers" and "not enough screentime" this episode camne along and made up for what has been a dissapointing season. The story was fantastic, picking up from where greatest hits left off, as Jack prepares to lead the survivors to the radio tower. The episode started off in a surprising way, as I thought we were going to be sat watching yet another jack flashback rather than a much more important character. The twist at the end of the episode, when we find out that we are actually watching a flashforward into Jacks future was amazing, credit to the writers for pulling off this "Gamechanger" in a brilliant manner. This episode was filled with plenty of action, mystery, twists and humour, and it really has brought the series back to its deserved status as the number one show on TV today.
  • Very dark mood in some scenes

    I enjoyed the plot and for once I feel that a definitive answer was given on this show hahaha.

    We find out abit about Ben and where the Others came from. Also we see what happened to The Dharma Initiative. Ben and Locke go to see Jacob which was very strange a bit of a plot twist when Jacob is revelaed.

    Overall this episode was very revealing and thats what I like in shows when it is needed. We get to know Ben on a more intimate level and discover some secrets about his past. The flashbacks to Jack were disorientating but its still a great installment and really keeps the pace up. Very dramatic episode.
  • Excellent episode!

    Through the Looking Glass [Part 1] ! An amazing episode!
    Charlie was tied up on the chair in The looking glass station by the two women and then Desmond went there to help him,but also Bakoutin went there.Bakoutin killed both women of that station and then Desmond managed to kill him... (?)
    On the beach Sayid,Bernand and Jin were ready for the others to come.Ben didn't have the opportunity to warn them that the losties new about their arrival on the beach because Juliet betrayed them. However the group of the others entered the beach area and Sayid&Bernand shot the explosives so most of the others blowed up in the air!Jin didn't manage to shoot his explosives so Tom and another 2-3 others took Sayid-Bernand-Jin.
    Meanwhile the flashback of Jack is very interesting,he saved a woman in an accident and he was the "Hero" but as we see his life was miserable.He also had a beard.
    At the end of this episode something shocking happenend.Lock was still alive into the Dharma Grave and he was trying to shoot himself because he was again paralysed!Suddenly Walt appeared there and told Lock to stand up!
  • Pure pwnage!

    This episode was great! Filled with Action, flashbacks (Flash forwards?) that actually aren't boring, and explosions! The best part of the episode was by far the dynamite scene, but that's not the only reason I gave it a 10. Whether we see Jack popping drugs and preparing to kill himself, or Walt talk to Locke after a season of absence, this episode serves almost every Lost fan for the better. The music was definitely up there as the best of the series, and when the dynamite plan goes awry, we're left with great curiousity. And, finally, the woman in "The Looking Glass". Amazing how faithful they are to Ben...
  • Only one word can describe this episode : AWESOME!!!

    This episode was beyond amazing. I loved it! I've watched it over and over again and am still not tired of it. The LOST witers are simply brilliant! Jack's flash-forwards were great. At first I thought they were flash-backs but I guess the ending proved me wrong. And we got to see Walt make an appearance! Creepy and cool at the same time! We found out that Locke was infact alive. He was just about to shoot himself when Walt appeared. We learned why Karl was in his cage: Ben didn't want Alex to get pregnant. This episode was so cool! My new favorite episode os LOST!
  • The best episode of LOST.(1)

    WOW! The unbelievble episode. Jack became the real leader (Moses) of islanders and he will lead them to checkpoint in radio station. The super snipers Said, Berny, asian master - Jin will stay in the basic camp and will try to defend survivors from the "scary" others. During this, Charlie and our prophet - Desmond tries to disturb Ben's plans and disactivate LookingGlass station, which can give opportunity to connect with external world. At the end of episode the Freak Warrior - Locke came back from underworld. I think probably he became smokey's/Jacob's frined, because he on the contrary tries to protect the island from Naoimi's people intrusion. This two last episodes will brainwash you and you will never forget it untill next season. YEAH LOST RULES!
  • Part one of two - A two hour season finale of Lost - What's not to love??


    What can I say, Lost has done it again! With more twists and turns than a formula 1 race track, this two hour finale had me gripped all the way through. The acting form everyone was great, the storyline was fantastic and the pace was perfect - even the Jack flash(backs).

    This is exactly why I fell in love with this series, the guessing games that even if you think you've guessed correct - you haven't! The character development and relationships, the island, the others - everything!

    This finale was absolutely outstanding and I for one cannot wait for the new season which has a lot of explaining to do!!
  • absolutely unreal!! loved it!

    one of my favourite episodes so far!! of course it would be a jack flashback or should i say flashforward!! amazes me every time how the hell writers come up with this stuff!! i really wasnt expecting walt coming back and probably the only downfall of the episode for me was not showing what the hell happened with the whole locke and walt thing!!!?!?!?!?! i knew we were going to see more of locke but walt???? yeah, didnt see THAT coming!! maybe it was a hallucination or something!!?? was kinda sad when charlie died!! i knew it would happen eventually but he was always one of my favourite characters! funny the way it worked out huh? desmond made it sound so simple: "you go in flick the switch and you die!" the only downfall to his flashes-->they're only flashes!! he never gets the full story!! but where would the suspense be if he did!?!?!? who was the funeral for though?? and no-one went!!?? very strange! couldn't get my head around that one but there's been theories that it was michael's!!?!?!?! i dont know, i mean why would jack be so upset about michael?? and why would no one go to his funeral?? he has a son!!! personally i think it was juliet's because jack had a bond with her and also kate said why would she have gone, of course she didnt like juliet!! maybe it was ben's????????? hmmmmmmm!!! interesting!!! well thats my views and all in all.....................ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!!
  • great episode

    Charlie swims down to the Looking Glass. When he gets inside the looking glass, he gets captured by two of the others stationed in there. They tie him up and beat him up for information. The others make their move on the survivors camp, sayid and bernard fire their rifles and set off the explosives. 7 of the others are killed instantly. When Jinn fires his hand gun, the bullets don't hit their marks. All of them gets captured. This episode is awesome, so much events are shown in this episode. I can't wait for the next one, it's an awesome episode.
  • Some Answers from my side.

    Note: i accidently made the review on this ep instead of the next one!
    "The body of Jeremy Bentham
    of New York was found shortly after 4
    a.m. in the west tower of Grand
    Avenue.(end paragraph)
    Ted *someone*, a doorman at The
    Tower, reportedly heard loud
    noises coming from the man's loft.
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    -------------------------------------------- the
    found the man hanging from a beam in the
    apartment." from the news ppr that jack tore!
    1:The man in the casket is Jeremy "BEN"tham! 2:Kate refers "HE" to Sawyer!

    3:Charlie could of escaped but he did not want to alter Desmond’s visions. He made sure Clair wud be rescued by a helicopter and hence shut the door.

    4:The weird black thing referred as "the monster" can creat illusions to the special ppl that were on the LIST for eg; Jack's Dad, Walt, Ben's Mom, Eko's Bro. Remember moments b4 Eko's death, Eko cud see his bro and told him that he will not confess cause he thought what he did was rite and was proud of it. Eko's apparent bro told him.."You speak to me, as if i was your brother". It was the same black thing that showed "walt" to John Locke and said" you have a job to do".
  • wow this is one of the best episodes ever.The episode explained so much,however it left us with wanting more.

    The Story was set for the long awaited episode and trust me when i say long awaited i mean it.For all the wanna be lost fans that left the show because it was dragging, you dont know what you miss.If i were one of those guys i'll recap and quick. I would plead for forgiveness and make up for season four.This episode had it all drama,suspense,and of course action. The Lost writters are cRAzy!!!!
  • A great end to a great season.

    This was a perfect season finale. I was a little worried, because I have never been a huge Jack fan, but I was pleasently suprised. The title, like many Lost episodes has a brilliant hidden meaning about the structure of the flashbacks. The score was amazing as well.

    The episode left us with two excellent cliffhangers. The first one was whether or not they really get rescued, and the second one is what happened to Jack that made him spiral out of control? Can they change they future?
  • Nerve-Wracking And Shocking!

    Ok, where to start? Great episode. I liked the fact that Walt was mentioned eventhough it was very small it gave us an indication thatthe writers hadn't forgotten about them. I always knew they would have to go back to Locke in that grave. Excellent scene! Jack sort of came back to the leader role this week by literally leading them to the Radio Tower eventhough he kinda lost it for a few episodes. Great episode loved it alot!
  • Revelations abound - the slaughter of more than the predicted 5 characters, light shed on rescue or infiltration, and what seemed to be... a flash to the future?

    If I could give this episode a 100-point score, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. This could be possibly one of the most amazing works of dramatic fiction in the history of... dramatic fiction. The writers knew exactly what to put in there to give us renewed hope and joy, and snatch it right away by throwing in sorrow and misery. And of course, the season finale trademark - the cliffhanger. An eight-month wait will surely be the end of me. Character development took a huge leap since past episodes, with Sawyer's new dark attitude, Mikhail's rebellion, Charlie's heroism and snarky attitude, and Juliet's sarcasm. Of course, heroes were born in this episode as well - bravery was instilled in Hurley, who was normally just there for the ride, and it was amplified in Sayid and Jin, and added on to Charlie since 321 Greatest Hits. Naomi was revealed to be a traitor, said Ben (but who trusts that man?), and partially reinforced by Locke, who was informed by a now-mature Walt that he 'had a job to do'. The body count jumped - but it was mostly the corpses of the Hostiles - sort of karma for what they did to the DHARMA initiative way back when. Heartstrings were tugged when the tide turned - Hurley taking down the Others and saving Bernard, Sayid and Jin, and Mikhail's seemingly turn for the better when he single-handedly took down Bonnie and Greta and weaseling the code to turn off the interception from them. Desmond then shot him in the chest with an arrow, leaving Charlie wide open to enter the code into the Looking Glass and stopping the signal, when Desmond's prophecy from 321 Greatest Hits came true - Mikhail used a grenade on the window and let the water flood in, ultimately drowning Charlie. But before he died, he saw Penny and found out that she was in no way associated with Naomi and her so-called rescue boat. He gets the message out to Desmond by writing in sharpie on his palm, "Not Penny's boat". The funeral in Jack's flash did not tell us who it was held in memoriam of, and now, theories are floating around in forums and blogs everywhere. And of course, the "Snake in the Mailbox" bombshell - the flash-forward! Who would've thought that Jack, working so hard to get them OFF the island, wants to desperately get back even more? I don't want to wait another 8 months!
    Until Season 4....
  • The first hour of one of the greatest season finale EVER!

    The first hour of this episode was simply amazing, like the second hour, both deserve a 10, well, after Charlie died... 9.9. Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives ALL those shows gave us an example of a BAAAD season finale. And also I'll never forget the episode of my second favorite TV show (Lost first... of course) "How to make a lame season finale" sorry "How to stop an exploding man"... just awful. But LOST instead (as usual) gave us a fine example of a great season finale, even just the first hour alone is great, keep the good work!!! see you next year losties! (I hope the "flashforward thing" keep on going, imaging now how the creators of the show can play with those characters by showing every single week how their lives are in the future) and people will have more interest on the "centric-episodes" 'cause, let's face it, for example, Kate, Sun/Jin, Hurley, JACK, and so on... their flashbacks were getting boring, but now that we (I hope) have flashforwards... just brilliant.
  • Oh My GOD! This, hands down, is the best season finale of the year! What a cliffhanger! There i was sitting through the two hour episode thinking i was watching flashbacks of Jack's life,...then it finally comes to an end...and its flashforwards! Wow!

    Naomi: Can i ask you a question?

    Jack: What?

    Naomi: What did you do for a living before you became Moses?

    So hilarious! I mean, this two hour season finale was the best ever. From Jack's declaration of love to Kate; Sawyer's sudden streak of heroism; not to mention good- decent Jack finally losing it and beating the crap out of Ben!

    What a season finale!

    Now i don't know what to think...all i have are questions and more questions!
    For instance, in the flashforward...whose funeral did Jack crash? and why did he think Kate would go?
    Who did Kate have to go home to at the ending? was it Sawyer?
    More importantly, why the hell does Jack want to return to the island?

    with all these questions, i have some whacky theories!
    first off, i think probably only Jack and Kate and a selected few got off the island....they left the rest behind...and now Jack feels guilty and wants to return.
    another thing, i'm wondering if it was Ben's funeral Jack crashed.

    anyway, i'm just gonna have to wait for season 4 to get my answers!

    btw...i'm so sad to see Charlie go! Aside from Sawyer...he was the bright side of the show!!!
  • What a great episode and a perfect teaser for season 4!

    This is Lost at its best, where the plot allows some questions to be answered as well as beckoning a whole lot more! Mainly, why does Jack want to get back so badly after all his efforts to get off that elusive island?? I could only make one conclusion: Ben must have got off too. It's very likely that Jack was reading his obituary in Ep.70.. this would explain why he was so upset about someone who was neither 'friend or family' to him). And who, or WHAT, is Jacob all about???? Anyway, bring on season 4... I can't wait!!
  • Overall, this episode was a powerful season finale, changing the face of “Lost” in a major way while preserving the underlying elements that make the series unique.

    As mentioned previously, this episode represents the 60% completion point for the “Lost” epic. In terms of a novel, this is when the plot usually gets rather complicated. This is when the unexpected twists and revelations begin, when choices and consequences are most important. Since the series is more or less five seasons long (in terms of the number of episodes), there’s an interesting basis for comparison.

    Some might remember the series “Babylon 5”, a science fiction series from the 1990s that had a unique structure. It had a planned beginning, middle, and end, stretched across five seasons, with a measured progression of plot and character arcs along the way. Without getting into details, the third season of “Babylon 5” involved a rising conflict with a mysterious enemy, with the season finale bringing that conflict to an important crossroads. Unexpectedly, early in the fourth season, this conflict (which had been building since the middle of the first season) came to a definitive end, though this led to a series of other important revelations and consequences. (Fans of both shows might see other parallels as well.)

    This was brought to mind by this episode, because the Others have been the mysterious enemy since roughly the middle of the first season, and in this episode, Ben begins to explain his rationale. It’s not particularly new, for those paying attention over the stretch of the third season, but it does point to the possibility (predicted previously) that the JackLocke Tribe and the Others might have a common enemy.

    Ben has insisted for quite some time that contact with the outside world should be limited at best. He’s taken measures to keep people on the island against their will, and he has contact with assets in the outside world to ensure that people learn about the island on his terms. On one level, his association with Jacob give him reason. On another level, it appears that he might have good reason to want the island to be preserved.

    The tale of Desmond and Penelope has suggested an interesting and complex scenario. As previously speculated in the review for “Live Together, Die Alone” (the second season finale), Desmond’s arrival on the island and his effective imprisonment in the Swan Station seems to have its origins with Penny’s father. If so, Charles Widmore might have known the general location of the island, but not its exact location.

    After the end of the second season, Penny’s people had found evidence of the island’s location, and as this episode proves out, her efforts over the subsequent weeks to contact someone on the island to find Desmond had been substantial. Surely, this would have been discovered by her father, who might see an upside to finding Desmond, the island, and taking control before Penny can make her own move.

    This would be in keeping with the producers’ comments regarding the deep importance of the tale of Desmond and Penelope, and how it sits at the heart of the series’ mythology. It also justifies Ben and his draconian measures. All the evidence suggests that the Widmore machine is substantial and destructive, and if anyone would want to find and exploit the island and its properties, it would be Widmore. And Widmore would be able to send someone with a picture of Desmond and a satellite phone along with a small fleet of mercenaries to find and occupy the island.

    This is what Ben is trying to prevent, and with a potential threat on the horizon, his tactics need to change. Previously, he’s seen the JackLocke tribe as grist for the mill, a source of replenishment of his population and further biological tests to solve the fertility problem. Now, he needs them, and oddly enough, the JackLocke tribe may need him, especially if his warnings come true.

    This places the flash-forward in this episode in an interesting context. One might assume that Jack, Kate, and the other rescued survivors in that unknown future time period were rescued by Naomi’s group. However, the evidence suggests something far more complex and deadly. If Ben is correct, the island will be coming under assault by those with little interest in rescuing anyone.

    Jack, in the future, was seen as a hero “twice over” after he saved a woman from a car accident that he, indirectly, brought to pass. The first incidence of heroism, it seems, had been his effort to get the JackLocke tribe rescued. At least some of the main characters survived to that point, and it was an open and positive enough rescue process for the media and public to see him as heroic well after the fact. More than that, Jack was trying to find the island again, suggesting that whatever was profound about the island was still present and unspoiled.

    It is also suggested that Jack had to make some difficult and morally questionable choices to ensure rescue, and nothing that happens on the island in this particular episode meets that level of psychological duress. Had Sayid, Bernard, and Jin died, it might have been another story. But the only major casualty was Charlie, who chose his own fate.

    What this points to is a major arc, perhaps stretching over the entire fourth season, where the island is invaded by Naomi’s group and Jack realizes that it was a massive mistake. The only means of survival might be an alliance with the Others, who have now lost some of their best operatives. Presumably, this would eventually end with effective resistance against the invaders, but would end with Penny and her people rescuing the survivors.

    If true, then Jack’s story in the “future” would represent a fifth or sixth season boundary point, not the end of the series. The full measure of the story may require that the survivors be rescued and then, in some lesser fashion, find their way back to the island to finish what was started. Stepping back into the outside world, as mentioned in the review for “Greatest Hits”, would give the writers a way to explore the various connections to the island and its history beyond the island itself, as Jack and those willing to return with him look into how to do so.

    To keep the story powerful and unusual, this could all happen concurrently, much as this episode accomplishes. The story of what happened leading up to and beyond the flash-forward in this episode, seen from the point of view of several key characters, could weave into the story of how the invaders were repelled and the subsequent rescue took place. And this would allow the writers, at some future point, to spend very little time in the outside world before returning to the island. (At that point, one would expect the narrative to shift again.)

    This is all speculation, of course, and the series could take a completely different path. But this would facilitate the concept of redemption. If the island demands that people change, on some fundamental level, then it’s more than just a shift of psychology on the island. The survivors must follow through on those choices. In essence, the way of the island (taking down those who cannot change and redeem themselves) continues. For example, if Sawyer comes to terms with his past on the island, following “The Brig”, then he must inevitably follow through on the potential for change after leaving the island.

    Speaking of relationships, this is another aspect suggesting a time period between this finale and the actual rescue. The suggestion is that Kate and Sawyer found a life together after the rescue (though this is intentionally vague, and might be completely different than expected). As of this episode, however, Sawyer is pushing Kate away. Jack also has a budding relationship with Juliet, but she’s nowhere to be seen in the flash-forward. (This aspect is, quite possibly, the only redeeming quality of the Polygon of Tortured Love.)

    Taking that and the redemptive concept in mind, Jack’s future trouble is in keeping with the idea that his progression was incomplete. He wasn’t meant to leave yet. Perhaps none of them were, but he certainly wasn’t. It may be that return to the island would be fatal, but it’s also possible that he needs to uncover the truth about the island to complete his journey. His “future” difficulties are indicative of a self-destructive transition from the man of science and reason to a man of faith, not unlike Locke. This episode suggests that Locke’s death, unnoted by everyone but Jack, triggers Jack into taking on that destiny.

    Some might balk at the need for using Jack as the POV character for the future, but for better or worse, he is the central character as seen in the pilot. Jack and Locke represent two important philosophies on the show, and one would expect that Jack’s journey would be a through-line for the series as a whole. The fact that Jack is reviled is not necessarily a reason to avoid his point of view; if anything, it would make his potential redemption upon return to the island more compelling. That said, it would be expected that the “future” time period would be seen again from other perspectives.

    In the “present” on the island, Locke hits yet another crisis of faith, as evidenced by his inability to walk and his decision to commit suicide. Walt’s apparent appearance changes that, restoring his faith. Though some might interpret Walt as a return of the character, this is unlikely. Looking back on “The Cost of Living”, this is more likely a manifestation of the “monster”, taking on a form that Locke would find meaningful. This once again suggests, in light of the speculation above, a link between Jacob, the “monster”, and the central mystery of the island. With the future of the island at stake, Locke is sent to eliminate that threat.

    The flash-forward and Jack’s mission to the radio tower includes the long-awaited reunion between Danielle and Alex. This could lead to the revelation of how Ben came to be Alex’s adoptive father and what happened 16 years earlier. Even without those answers, this plot point pays off some of the lingering questions from the first season.

    The other major subplot of the episode involves Charlie and Desmond. As expected, Desmond’s vision comes true, even if not in the expected manner. Charlie’s choice is just as selfless as ever, with his concern being Desmond’s survival and the salvation of his friends. More than the previous episode, Charlie’s sacrificial choice is an active decision. He could have run out the door, but he understood that Desmond heard Penny’s voice and would happily let himself drown to speak with her.

    Some criticized the notion that this sacrificial moment is a progression for Charlie, but it’s a subtle distinction from his former behavior. While Charlie has nearly died on several occasions, and he’s been willing to toss himself into harm’s way to save Claire and others, that’s a reactive decision. It’s been a matter of personal gain or spur of the moment. In this case, Charlie made the decision to sacrifice himself, took steps towards that end, and mentally prepared himself for his own end. All that matters was the mission. That represents Charlie’s redemption: making a familiar choice, but this time, for the right reasons.

    The subplot on the beach may have been less substantial than the flash-forward, the road to rescue, or Charlie’s sacrifice, but it managed to pull off the most satisfying moment of the finale. Hurley’s unexpected rescue, using the van from “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”, once again proved that the character has depth and purpose. He was also present for one of Sawyer’s less heroic moments.

    For all that Sawyer’s killing of Tom plays off yet another element of the first season, it also speaks to the darkness that is eating at Sawyer’s soul. This is entirely appropriate. Sawyer may have the opportunity to redeem himself and find a life beyond Sawyer and revenge, but that doesn’t mean that finding himself will be a quick and easy process. James Ford has a great deal of potential, but days after killing his nemesis, he’s still Sawyer.

    Beyond that, the episode is full of little moments of near perfection. Juliet’s attitude is spot on, making her survival to this point all the more satisfying. Speaking of satisfying, there’s Sayid and his Bauer-esque dispatch of his captor. There’s Mikhail and his unrelenting habit of surviving just about anything (and he probably survived the damn grenade, too!). There’s Bonnie and Greta, two characters that would have been fun to see again. There’s Ben and his rising panic, completely consistent with his character to date. And there’s the inherent tone of the episode, which makes it feel more like a film than a simple television episode.

    Yet it all comes back to the “game changing” decision to open the narrative into the “future”, widening the scope in a powerful way and generating an entirely new realm of speculation and creativity. Those who read spoilers were probably underwhelmed, but familiarity does breed contempt, and one must have perspective. This gives the writers a means of keeping the series fresh while implementing an interesting and character-rich twist.

    At the beginning of the review, “Babylon 5” was mentioned. As some fans might recall, shortly after the end of the third season, when the major conflict ended earlier than expected, some considered the rest of the series to be a matter of diminishing returns. Some might wonder if “Lost” will suffer the same fate. One must point out that there was a major contributor to the “Babylon 5” downturn (overstated as it is): an incredibly messy conflict over renewal and the likelihood of finishing out the series as intended.

    “Lost”, unlike “Babylon 5”, has been given a clear timetable. The path to the end is in hand. The writers should not have to concern themselves with adjusting the narrative in anticipation of cancellation. As such, the plot and character arcs can unfold as desired. For those willing to let the story be told on the creators’ terms, this episode represents a promise that it will be more than worth the wait.
  • A great season 3 finale the best Lost features are shown again

    WOW, im eager waiting all the next months for Season 4, just like millons of fans all over the world.
    Here in Argentina we love the show and hope that next season will be as good as the last 6 episodes of this season Sorry for Charlie death and congrats to the writers..
    Greetings from Argentina
    See you next Season
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