Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Pain, redefined.

    Simply the worst episode of Lost in its history, Through the Looking Glass has guarenteed I wont be back. No more of this crap. I am stunned and appalled that people actually liked this - I believe that people who love Lost actually deserve what they get, and what they get is nothing. With every episode two parts of a four part show, the complete dissatisfaction is absolutely deserved by anyone who acclaims this rubbish.

    The flashforwards was painfully obvious, and if you did not predict it, you are a moron. Clear and simple. But even then, the flashforwards were no great shakes - they were dull and uninspired and made the same simpering lack of sense that everything in this show does. The suggestion that Jack's leaving the island - the place where he spent most of his time fighting for life, trying to lead a bunch of hopeless halfwits out of danger and to rescue, in which he was kidnapped and beaten and saw many friends die, not to mention a serious of nightmares involving a huge smoke shadow (I maintain that the thing is actually bees), and polar bears, and a series of better trained, homocidal halfwits, and you name it - is a bad thing for him is absolutely ludicrous. Oh, yes, back on the mainland where he can do whatever he wants must be horrible for him. Hey, Jack, how about you try a date instead?

    So, we didn't see them get rescued, or get to find out who the people on the boat really are, or anything like that - instead, the flash forwards confirm that they were rescued, but the island (it's Neverland, stupid) has once again disappeared. But, of course, Jack wants to get back. He must really miss that Smoke Monster.

    Charlie is, as usual, a gigantic misfire. I'm sure you had to drown yourself, brother, because that had depth and pathos, except not. Most of us (those with common sense, I'm saying) were just stunned that you killed yourself needlessly instead of *leaving the room*. Questions like "Why can grenades explode underwater" are utterly fruitless when you're dealing with a wreck like Lost, so it's best not even asking. I really am not sure what I did to deserve Lost. I seem to have brought it upon myself by watching the damn thing, but even then, no. I hate you, Lost, and now I'll never ever have to watch you ever ever again.
  • bad taste!

    I wanted some answers , to finnaly see at least a few answers so i won't have so many questions. And why did charile lock himself when they where in that underswaterstation? He had time to get out of there. Ben wanted the survivors not to get off the island , why didn't he just say what the problems are if those guys are really that bad. Walt and his dad left the island ... wtf? This sux.
    Really worst ending i could've imagined. T_T The serial wasn't the best but i liked it , now i am really disapointed because the last episode of this season was to stupid. At least they got of the island (+2 points only because they didnt make it in time) , + 0.1 points because i like the serial.
  • Do you people that rate these episodes a 10 even WATCH the episode?

    Once again, Lost fails to deliver. After all the type ABC gives this show, it drops the ball again. Remember the "Three of the island's biggest mysteries revealed!" episode? And then it didn't reveal anything? Once again, I was lured into getting excited about this episode with false promises.

    Once again, zero answers, and dozens more questions. And instead of waiting a week or two to find out what might happen, they expect me to wait until next year? We'll see if anyone will be watching then.

    Truly a disappointment. Last season will forever be my favorite television season.
  • People died, but not really. We go to the future instead of the past. But what was the big reveal?

    I saw Evangeline Lilly and Jorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They both described how the big reveal in the season finale was going to be shocking. It'd be mindblowing, like when we first found out Locke used to be in a wheelchair. Well, I watched the entire two hours and I'm still unclear as to what exactly they're talking about. What was the big reveal? Was it the death of Charlie? (Which has basically been teased since season one) Was it that they're going to get off the island because we had a flash foward instead of a flash back? Was it that Locke isn't dead? Was it that Walt came back for a split second? Whatever the case maybe, nothing really made me gasp or be left with goosebumps. Lost is typical for making me mad when it ends because that's just when it gets good and you want more. This season, however, I feel no cliffhanger and am not as exicted for Lost to return. Maybe I'm just tiring of the show but I really am failing to see this big reveal.

    The rest of the episode was basically just killing off the others who didn't have much reason to stay any way. The only thing I really liked about this episode is Future Jack. He's a dude I'd like to party with.
  • Ben was right, Charlie's dead, Jack's a horrible hero, and they get off the island. Hoo-rah.

    That's where this plot came from, at least. Why do the writers associate "shock value" and "excitement" with killing off characters? I was left with nothing but empty feelings from this episode. I've loved Lost ever since it began, and I've been an obsessed fan...up until last night. Everything in it was predictable. I knew Jack was going to say he loved Kate. Then I said, "I bet he's going to kiss Juliet, too." Then I said, "I bet Patchy's not really dead." I predicted that Hurley would bring out the VW, and that it would be Walt that appeared to Locke.

    So the usual complete surprise that Lost usually has was absent, except the ending. Even then, I said, "If that is Kate in that car, I am done with this show."

    And guess who popped out? Yeah. I thought so.

    And Charlie's completly unsurprising death was one thing; sad. We were promised so much more than we got about Claire and Charlie's relationship. Now we have to sit through ANOTHER god-awful season of the island's "Love Triangle" (which has once again turned into a "Love Square"--remember Ana Lucia?), when we had a perfectly good and entrancing couple to watch already!

    Lost has definitly gone downhill with this one. From reverting to the "let's kill off characters for shock value!" plan to the "let's bring back a love square, they'll never be expecting it!", Lost has completly lost my faith. Pun intended.
  • YES! the surviors finally kill a buch of those Others, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok sorry about that, let me try that again.

    This episode is a two parter and better yet its a two parter season finale so their always good and filled with development.
    Now while thats the case the first part of the two parters are usually just set up for the second half. Not much happens in most cases it's alot of talking, reserving the fighting and the juicie scence for the second half.

    The action scenes for this episode happen a little after the begining and end their as well (aside from Charlie being beaten up by two hot ladies). But it's wwhat happens in those short action scens that really mean alot to me, and it's not the effects its who gets hurt or in this case blown to bits!

    Ok let me go back a bit and explain myself before you think i'm a pyro maniac. The Others are coming to raid the Surviors camp and kidnap all of their pregnate women and babies. they'll know where they are because their double adgent Juliet will have the tents marked. But Juliet turns out to be a double-double adgent and tells Jack what the Other's leader (Ben Lieanus) has ordered her to do. Jack comes up with a diabolic (and un-charecteristic) idea of putting dynimite in decoy tents and having Juliet mark them, so when the Others come to raid the tents, expecting to find valnerble pregnate women or helpless babies, they'll insted be blow to bits. And it worked to about(my guess any way)a dozenof them blew up!

    Now here's the part were I explain why this Thrills me and why I'm writing this review based of it. Well it's really quite simple, i Hate those Hypocrite, Murdering, Mind games playing Others! Here are the reason's why I hate them (aside from Alex, Juliet and Karl)
    First of all they are so self absorbed and so full of themselves (now i know thats everyone on a reality show) they think that they are good and right and everyone else (off the island) is Eviland wrong, now thats psycologically a correct way of thinking when your on differnt sides. But these people started a war with plane crash victims, for no reason other then they thought they were a threat and could get their island discovered.Which is stupid since these people have lived on the island for many yearsso they shouldknow it's not a normal island! So logicly it will be impossible to find! Espeacially from a plane that went off corse and lost raido conact before they crashed.
    Second: They are Kidnapping People and forceing them to stay on the island Forever. Now I can understandwhy their doing it to pregnate women, cause women who get prgnateon the island die But I do not suport their twisted logic for raising the babies as their own and killing the birth mothers!
    Third I really hate big over confident people who act like nothing can touch them so they screw with you when ever they like, and these guys are all talk, in this season we have discoved that only a few of them are truely hard core like Ethan (Juilet is one of them) so seeing them get owned like that and having their plan fall to dust was quite satisfying.

    These people act like their all that but they don't even understand all of the mysteries of the island! not even their leader Ben know's more then the basic Lost fan. And why couldn't they just give the surviors a small moter boat (like with mike and walt) or i know why not give them a trip in your secret Sub and dump them on an island closer to rescue! Who will belive anything they say, the world will think their like Tom Hanks in the Castaway!

    so this was a good episode and a good start to the season fianlly. I'll write a more detailed review of this two parter later, I don't want to spoil it for you just wanted to point out the best part in my opion.
    It's like sweet revenge. Sweet, Sweet, Explosion Revenge

  • Annoying!

    Season finale was only one hour--not two like some had thought it would be. The ending cliffhanger wasn't as strong as the previous seasons and left me feeling annoyed. Also annoying is that there is only two seasons of episodes left, which they've chosen to stretch out over three seasons of just 16 episodes each.

    EDIT: Ok, a couple hours later the second episode was available for download. Hey, I'm in Korea, I don't get all your stateside marketing!
  • Words do not express how I feel right now.

    I'm get killed for saying this probably, but this is what I believe.

    And 8 is good for this episode. There were good parts. Alex and Danielle reuniting was a great scene. Hurley saving the day was also good.

    My least favorite scene was my favorite character, the reason I started watching, die. But is he dead I wonder? The writers are odd that way. They kill someone off, but don't really kill them. I feel here is one reason I have no reason to watch this show. Dominic is gone.

    Mostly, here is what I am angry about. Every episode I'm told will blow my mind. That doesn't always happen. Now, the writers said in EW that the ending was something only a disturbed person could possibly think of. Honey, I am a disturbed person. The ending is a flash forward. I figured someone would die, Locke would kill Jack, Kate would be tortured and brutally murdered. I was hoping for the latter. Learning they all survived is not freaky. That's pathetic. Now we possibly know they get off the island, so what is the point of watching?

    These writers for the show? Ugh! They get on my nerves. They need help with it. I am sure plenty of people are pry impressed, but I'm not. I feel I've been wasting my time on this show. The ending was just pathetic. It made me really rethink even tuning in. It doesn't appear to be getting better. It did, but after this ep, I ask myself the point of it all.
  • A really ambiguous cliffhanger, I think that the viewers deserves more clues. Nevertheless is the best show ever.

    I don't like the finale, sorry I don't like to criticize the show but I was specting something more that what I saw. No surprising deaths, except Tom, but he don't impact to me. A really ambiguous cliffhanger, I think that the viewers deserves more clues to speculate with the next episode, it is a long time to think in Kate's sadness during 8 moths. Nevertheless is the best show ever.
  • Hate to say it, but yeah, this is the episode that changes everything

    And here we are at the end of the season. When I initially watched this episode, I was somewhat disappointed because I'd heard certain things about it that weren't true. I'd heard that the flashback would tell us what Jack did during the week he was held by the Others before Kate and Sayid came to 'rescue' him. Obviously, that didn't happen. They also told us that a lot of major characters were going to die, and while some did, the body count was low (actually I'm grateful for that). But mostly it was because of what we saw in the 'flashback'. By now, anyone whose been a loyal follower of the show knows what I'm talking about, but I'm going to continue my role and reveal only what I saw at the time.

    The episode is Jack centric, but if you're trying to figure out when this happened, it's pretty hard. We can tell that Jack looks even worse than he did in any other time in his past, only now he's still tossing back pills to go with the drinking. He's grown a the somewhat infamous 'beard', and he spends all of the flashes looking like he's in a state of near collapse, though he's trying to remain normal. Hell, let's call a spade a spade--- Jack's become his father, drunk, belligerent, and trying to do his job when he's in no condition to do so. His ex-wife (who is obviously pregnant) wants nothing more to do with him, and he seems positively loathe to call himself a hero. When he sees an article in the paper (we'll come back to this) it's the final blow. We can tell he's done, and when we see him on the bridge in the teaser, it takes all of his effort to get off the bridge and pull people out of the wreckage. What we can't figure out yet is what has brought him to this state (and we won't learn until Season 4), but he looks beaten.

    The episode begins just a short while after the last one. Sayid has more determination than we've seen all season.--- the soldier prepared to lead his troops into battle. He orders that no matter what happens that Jack and his group keep moving towards the radio tower--- and you know that's not going to happen. Something's going to go wrong. We just don't know what.

    Under water, Charlie is being beaten severely by the two women under the station--- their names are Bonnie and Greta, Bonnie is particularly brutal and they want answers. Charlie seems particularly relaxed--- particularly when he sees the flashing bulb that Desmond described in his final vision-- and is more than willing to talk. This is actually a good thing because it forces them to transmit to Ben--- who is not at all glad to hear from them.

    Ben's authority has been spiraling out of control, and now it really begins to uncurl. He has been lying to everybody about this, and when radio silence is broken, he's in pretty bad shape with his people. When he learns about this, he realizes Juliet has betrayed them, and radios his people on the beach--- and it's almost too late. Sayid and Bernard fire swift and sure; Jin doesn't (he still manages to kill two of them anyway). Tom and two others survive by pure luck, and manage to capture them. Bernard, not wanting to see his friends die, tells them everything, and Ben learns just how broken his own house truly is. He tries to maintain command---- he sends Mikhail down to the Looking Glass, orders Richard to continue to the temple (what the hell is that?) and prepares to intercept the survivors before they reach the radio tower. But now his schemes are falling apart. Richard, who was losing faith before, is now openly disturbed, and Alex demands to go with her father, and he agrees to take her--- too quickly, actually.

    When the survivors hear only two explosions, they know something has gone wrong, and it isn't long before several of them demand to return. Rose and Sun, not surprisingly, are the most open about it, but they are willing to relent when Jack tells them to keep moving. Kate, however, is more persistent. As is her custom, she flip-flops between the men in her life. She goes to Sawyer, because she knows that Jack won't listen. He refuses to help her, and remains very cold to her, though he doesn't say why. Sawyer then tells Jack he's going back to help, and then tells Kate he didn't agree because he didn't want to go back with her. (Ouch.) Juliet then agrees to go back, lying about a cache of guns, because she wants to help. It's hard to understand why she'd want to, but she clearly feels she owes her. And then after they head back, Hurley comes up behind them demanding to help. Just like Charlie did, Sawyer says (in surprisingly gentle terms) that he'd just get in the way. What we don't know is that Hurley has just about had enough of this.

    Back at the rowboat, Desmond regains consciousness, only to find himself dodging bullets when Mikhail begins shooting at him. With nowhere else to go, he dives after Charlie and has the good fortune to make it back when Bonnie and Greta are bickering over what to do with him. By now Bonnie clearly wants to kill him, and is only stopped when Mikhail emerges from the briny deep. (Where he got the scuba gear is yet another question the show doesn't answer. Then again; they had to have a way to get to the Station without the submarine.) He's clearly stunned to see them, and even more appalled to learn that Ben has been jamming the signal without anyone else's knowledge. He takes a very long time between the transmissions, and it's clear that he has lost faith in Ben, if he ever had any.

    I think we left someone out--- oh yeah, Locke. He finally regains consciousness in the pit where Ben left him for dead. Now, every time Locke regains consciousness after he has fallen, the first thing he checks are his legs. This time, they fail him, and he feels the greatest despair he's felt on the island, at least since his misjudgment led to the destruction of the hatch. He finds the energy to pick up his gun, find a bullet in the chamber, and press it to his forehead. But a split second before he pulls the trigger Walt appears in a vision and orders him to get out of the ditch. For the first time in a long time a smile crosses Locke's face. It probably wasn't the real Walt (for one thing, he was quite a bit taller and had a deeper voice than the last time Locke saw him) but it is a message, and Locke clearly believes it.

    Quite a lot of business going on in the first part of 'Through the Looking Glass'. Turns out, the biggest shocks of the season are still to come, and there will be blood and twists galore. They sure know how to end a season.
    My score: 9
  • Jack leads the survivors to the radio tower to shut off Rouseau's signal

    Interesting developments including some Jack-centric flashbacks, that turn out not to be flashbacks at all, but flash-forwards, to a life after the island.

    Another interesting development is the return, a one-off perhaps, of former series-regular Walt, who manages to rouse John Locke and prevents him committing suicide.

    The first part of this two-part finale was a great set-up for the second part, with plenty of tantalising hints to keep people watching and some hints for the new season as well.

    Another 'twist' was the storyline of Ben being afraid of some other Others, the really, realy bad guys. I'm sure there will be more about them in future episodes.
  • Review

    Im going to be one of the few that actually reviews each episode and not both of them as a whole. The first episode was okay, but nothing amazing. Walt coming back and telling John that he has work to do was interesting. I wonder how he knew how to get to the radio tower and on top of that how he got there so fast. The scene with Jin, Sayid, and Benard trying to take out the others was everything that I hoped that it would be, an explosion that killed a good chunk of the characters but left a few of them still living. I thought the Looking Glass hatch storyline was the only really stagnent storyline of the finale, with all of the scenes just being a little slow and filler-type ish. Overall, the first episode was good but it mainly just set the stage for the big finish.
  • It was a shocking hour, but in all the expected ways.

    A review of Part One.

    The opening scenes were…interesting. When Jack was on the airplane, I was awfully confused. The first thing that came to mind was, Jack’s gonna see what would have happened had the plane not crashed. Well…I was somewhat close, I suppose. It was pretty obvious that Jack was going to jump. The beard said it all. Which, by the way, strongly reminded of Jack Bauer à la season 6 premier. Oh, and the beard makes Jack being called Moses a lot funnier. But, as usual, there were some obvious facial hair discrepancies between scenes. (Wow, who knew there was so much to talk about when it came to Jack’s beard?)

    I felt so bad for Charlie! Jeez, So much for his “Angels”. (Greta was kind of nice, though). But Charlie was pretty quick, keeping Desmond safe. He always makes me laugh whenever he sings “You All Everybody”.

    Speaking of the Angels, I let out a big laugh when Mikhail said they were supposed to be in Canada. All we need now is an episode where someone on Lost who says they’re from Canada ACTUALLY goes there. That’ll be the series finale for sure.

    The best quote was without a doubt:

    Rose: “If you say ‘live together, die alone’ to us Jack, I’m gonna punch you in the face.”

    The beach explosions were…wow. Powerful, to say the least. SEVEN of the Others killed? I was expecting three or four. I hated when Bernard gave everything up! The poor dentist…he shouldn’t have stayed behind. (Still, his shot was better than Jin’s.)

    I enjoyed the scene between Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley. Juliet’s reason for returning to the beach: karma. And what does Sawyer turn around and do? Act like a bast**d towards Hurley! Poor Hugo.

    So Ben just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier. Alex asked him why he doesn’t just let the Losties go. His answer: “because I can’t.” Ok, wanna elaborate a bit more?

    So John Locke is still alive. The scene in the ditch was interesting – he lost the use of his legs. I totally flipped out when Locke was turning that gun on himself. It would have made things extremely interesting, but besides that, and besides the fact that he’s still alive, none other than Walt pays Mr. Locke a visit! But Walt has hit puberty! lol and he’s supposed to be 10. Still, where did he come from? At least he wasn’t wet and talking backwards.

    Rating: 9 out of 10. This part remained in true Lost fashion, but wasn’t as crazy as the second part.

    See my review on PART TWO for a detailed and analytical view…and reaction to the most insane thing to happen on Lost yet.
  • The third Season Finale concludes as the Others try to stop Jack and the gang from reaching the communicating tower. Meanwhile, Charlie is captured by the others in the Looking Glass.

    Intense season finale that delivered a lot of action but left us with a lot of questions to ponder.

    An action packed, well acted episode from beginning to end.
    While this season had its share of ups and down the finale made up a lot for it.

    The storyline with Desmond and Charlie reached a climatic end with Dominic Monaghan delivering a great performance here. Desmond despite being looked as the coward turned out to be a hero. This whole buddy thing with Charlie and Desmond has been entertaining. The writers did an interesting job with Desmond's flashes. At first it appeared that Desmond really did want Charlie dead for his own personal gain (reunited with Penny) but when the time finally came, we could see that Desmond was not happy.

    Another thing that remained consistent with season is Ben's
    maniacal dictatorship. This guy is not only a pathological liar but a ruthless leader who would sacrifice anybody to protect his reign of power. We see what happened with Locke when he threatened Ben. Even in this episode, it was hilarious to see Ben telling Mikhail to "clean up the mess he made.".


    Well a lot of people died but the Others came out the worst for wear here. Last season the others really dominated the island. The Survivors had their victories here and there but the Others were running the show. Then bit by bit the Survivors started to get control. It was fitting and logical then in this episode we would get a lot of payback for all the suffering the Survivors have had.

    Ben was physically and emotionally drained. Jack and others stood standing tall. There were a couple of casualties like Charlie, but Charlie as lovable as he has been is an expendable character.

    Now we get to the ending which leaves you saying WTF? Jack and Kate together but they're not on the island? What happened on the Island exactly? and still the other question is who really is this Naomi person. Then we still got that storyline with Penny and Desmond lovers yet to be reunited.

    Well I can't complain much. Next season I hope they wrap up these questions in a satisfying way. Even so the Season Finale did live up to the hype and if you are a LOST you can't wait for it.
  • Jack leads the surivivors to the Radio Tower. Sayid, Bernard and Jin stay behind to execute the plan to ambush the others.

    It was a really cool episode builiding up to the actual finale. Wow, loved every bit of it. It starts with Jack in the plane with a beard, now that got me thinking. Never seen Jack with a beard in any of his flashbacks, to cut a long story short the first few minutes left me dazed, what was going on and this continued throughout the whole episode because I had no clues it was a flashforward.

    It was intriguing, exciting and action packed. I've got to love Bernard for his cowardice. Charlie was amazing here, being brave and smart like a typical action hero when he was in great pain and danger making his eventual death more heroic and painful. Great episode.
  • kate

    het is super goed. ik vind het heel goed wat de schrijvers gemaakt hebben ook vind ik dit minder want ik wil gewoon die aflevering kijken zonder dat mensen erst gaan vragen om een review te schrijven van 100 woorden dat is toch belachelijk. maar goed ik wil het wel doen hoor.
    hoe moet ik trouwens een review schrijven als ik de aflevering niet eens heb gezien moet een review niet nadat je een aflevering hebt gezien! ik vind het denk ik erg spannend en ik hoop dat het niet met een heel erg groot open einde achterblijft en ik zal het wel zien
  • Whoa !! Action,Adventure, death with a little pinch or romance makes this first part of the finale spectacular !

    Absolutely loved it. The plan fails when Jin misses the tent and seven out of ten of the other's people are killed but three are left. The three include Tom who has been one of the important others throughout the season. After trying to kill the remaining three Jin is captured and then Sayid gets a gun pointed to his head so Sayid,Jin and Bernard are now all tied up. Jack and everyone else get worried that only two explosions happened when three were supposed to happen so Kate wants to go back but Jack dosen't let her. Then Sawyer demands that he goes back and Juliet wants to go with him. Hurley follows wanting to help them but Sawyer insults him instead of letting him come with them. Ben and Alex go to the radio tower to try and stop Jack and everyone from contacting Naomi's boat because they say it's Naomi's people who are the bad guys. Juliet and Jack kiss for the very first time which was so great and Jack tells Kate he loves her which I didn't expect because he is with Juliet now. Really great first part of the finale !!! Favorite character from this episode : Bernard !! It was so hilarious how he opened his mouth and told the others everything. Great stuff !!! :)
  • Almost the end...

    Looks like Charlie's mission will be suicidal...if Desmond's predictions about his death are true (I am ccertain it will). And Mikhail's not dead, even from the supposedly deadly shockwave fence. The rest of the survivors should have killed him back there at the Flame. And the next episode's going to be awesome! Bring on the season finale!
  • The survivors has a plan to get off the island.

    This episode of LOST really confused me. The flashbacks to Jack all depressed and drugged out made me sad I never seen him like that in an episode. I was happy to see that the survivors plan somewhat worked but i did not like that three of the others survived and captured Jin Sayid and Burnard. I was happy that Ben decided to take Alex with him on his trip to talk to the survivors. I was a little confused on why Ben did not take more people with him instead of just Alex. I was surprised that the two ladies in the looking glass did not kill Charlie.
  • We see the past and future in "Through the Looking Glass" and we are given more to question.

    I'd probably rave more about this episode if it wasn't for all the commercials that the network crammed in these two hours. It seemed that Lost was the filler for the constant drivel of car ads and Memorial Day advertisements.

    When we get into the meat of the story, there were a few surprises and a few not so believable moments. First of all, I wonder about Mikhail. The man went through the sonic fence and in this episode is speared through the chest and manages to get back into the water and smile while pulling the pin on the grenade that causes the radio room in the Looking Glass to flood and kill Charlie. Does he and Richard share a common thread? And we wonder - what happened to his eye?

    It also is good to see that the Others are questioning Ben. It is obviously questionable to trust a man who betrayed Dharma. I was relieve that Tom and company didn't kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard (although I wish they had after he told Tom everything). My guess is that Naomi's sponsors have been looking for the island for a while. Whether or not they are Dharma or another interest group remains to be seen. Most likely the Others and the Survivors are going to have to join forces in order to withstand the upcoming assault from this organization. This will probably be the focus of
    season 4.

    It will also be interesting to see how Jacob will fit into this and what 'work' he has for John Locke. Ben has turned a deaf ear to him and no doubt Jason will have his revenge. We must remember what Ben said about Jacob, "He's a great man, a brilliant man, but not a forgiving man." (Two for the Road)

    Hurley came through in a big way when he took the Dharma van and saved the beach group. It would had been easier for him to wallow with Apollo Bars after being rejected by both Charlie and Sawyer in helping them with their mission.

    Next season should be very interesting. I disagree with the network in making us stew for months before they continue Lost. Let's hope their move doesn't further cause the ratings of this fine show to be "Lost."
  • I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included).

    I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included). Whenever someone asks me for an example of a classic season closer, I give them "Through The Looking Glass". Not only did we get a game-changing twist and fun new catchphrase ("We have to go back, Kate!") but we got more action and adventure than a major motion picture. This was the only time I wanted to call Time Warner Cable to thank them for their service.

    We said goodbye to a favorite character and the story progressed in some major ways. Under the skilled direction of Jack Bender, LOST was always a show that was fun to watch. "Through The Looking Glass" wasn't only fun, it was mind-blowing. Just writing about the episode caused my jaw to unhinge and sink to the floor.
  • Loved it.

    In this double-length episode, Jack's plan to kill the Others backfires, and Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are held hostage by the Others at the beach. Led by Rousseau, the castaways travel to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission. Naomi makes contact with her boat, but is stabbed by Locke, who along with Ben, believes that the survivors are making a mistake. Charlie makes contact with Penny Widmore in the underwater Dharma station, but drowns when the station is flooded by Mikhail. Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley rescue the castaways at the beach. Instead of flashbacks, flashforwards feature Jack's miserable life after rescue from the island. Brilliant episode with plenty going on, loved the Charlie storyline the best.
  • Oh, WOW!!

    This episode was absolutely great, with a series with as many twists and turns than the Missisippi river I was intrigued and Jack's flashbacks were not as boring as I thought! He was suicidal and looked rough which is not what I am used to seeing. Special Guest Star Walt returns even for just two minutes to help Locke, who I thought was deceased looking much older. Charlie was hilarious in this one with his sly remarks and what is Bonnie's problem? Does she hate men? Anyway, the ambush for the Others goes awry and ends with Sayid, Jin, and Bernard getting captured. Why didnt Jin fire the gun accurately? Ben is informed of Charlie's presence in the Looking Glass station and sends Mikhail to "clean up" the situation. He then embarks with Alex to meet the survivors heading for the radio tower. In spite of increasing concern amongst the survivors, Jack resolutely continues on their trek.

    Great first part to the ever-intriguing season finale.
  • A great set-up to a good finale.

    I liked this episode more than the actual finale. There was humour but also suspense in this episode which is what I really like in an episode of Lost. I felt really sorry for Hurley and I was really glad when he came to save the day at the end of the episode. The set-up for the finale was great, but unfortunately, the finale didn't deliver. Why did Walt save John? Who is Naomi and her people? Why does Jack hit rock bottom? Whose funeral did he go to? Why does he need Kate to go back too? These were some of the questions asked in an episode with no answers.
  • Wow!

    "Through The Looking Glass (1)" is the first part of Lost's two part season finale. "The Looking Glass" is the underwater station where Ben and the rest of the others block out all radio signals. This episode is a Jack-centric episode.

    The Island:

    Charlie is beaten to tell the others the truth, but he doesn't say a word. Desmond decides to give Charlie a hand and Mikhail also goes down to the station. The others manage to take care of the Losties even if seven of them died. Jack is leading the camp to the radio tower, but Sawyer and Juliet head back to help Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Ben finds out they are headed to the radio tower and decides to go there with Alex.

    Previously on "Lost", Charlie headed down to "The Looking Glass" and was ready to face his death to save Claire and Aaron. In this episode, Charlie gets tied-up to a chair and gets beaten the truth out of him. He refuses to say a word and eventually, Desmond comes down. Mikhail also comes down to the station and they all have a happy reunion. I don't get why suddenly everyone's going down to the station. I think it's hilarious that people just keep popping out of the water. Anyway, it was interesting to see that it would be impossible for Charlie to turn off the switch, but on the other hand we know that he'll do it anyway.

    When the others from "The Looking Glass" find Charlie, they contact Ben, and with a little context clues, he manages to figure out what's going on. He decides to head for the radio tower with Alex, after Bernard squeals. Ben mentioned that he's going to talk the Losties out of leaving the island, and you know what that means. Answers!

    When Ryan, Tom and the others get ready to attack the camp, they notice that it was a trap. Bernard and Sayid manage to put off their dynamite, but Jin misses. Seven of the others died, and they catch Jin, Bernard and Sayid. I wasn't annoyed at Bernard anymore this season, but since he squealed, I just got to hate on him.

    When Jack and the Losties head up to the radio tower, Naomi teaches Jack how to work the radio. Rose and Sun start to worry when only two dynamites go off and Jin, Sayid and Bernard haven't caught up to them yet. Sawyer decides to go back for them, and Juliet goes with him. I like how Jack is acting like the leader again and all, but I just forgot how annoying it could be sometimes.

    Remember that guy Ben shot in the pool of dead people? John Locke was it? Well, he isn't dead, in fact, he saw an old friend of ours. Walt comes to him and tells him that he can do it, he can get up. It reminded me of that time Shannon saw Walt in the jungle, and there really is something scary about Walt. I remember in one of his flashbacks when the bird just ran into their house's door.

    The Flashback:

    We get a Jack flashback for this episode. It just mostly how he became a hero, and probably why he felt the need to become the leader of the Losties. He saved a child and mother when they had a car accident, right before he was going to jump off a bridge, so I think they saved each other's lives.
  • !!!!Jack's Father....

    Remember when Jack was in the hospital yelling at that doctor in the hallway? And Jack said, "You go upstairs, and if I am more drunk than my FATHER, you can fire me..." Did anyone notice this??? Isn't JACKS FATHER dead????? Why was he saying that then???!!! And Rose can not leave the Island remember? The Island healed her. If she leaves, then she would die. Aldo John Locke. He cannot leave because of his legs. Maybe that is why Jack was saying that e wanted the plane to crash, that he wanted to go back, but they cant find the island again. Maybe people were left behind?? If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please let me know.
  • I was moved, I held my breath in and I loved it. I love Lost when the going gets good. (spoilers)

    I was caught up with lost because my mother wanted me to record it for her and I should probably thank her for it, otherwise I would have missed this. This finale had so many ups and just a few down. The Japanese dude who's name I forgot finally spoke English, and while that doesn't sound like a big deal it does leave you with this weird kind of feeling. It had some pleasing action and I say pleasing because we all loved the other being blown to pieces and being shot at. When Saied is captured along with the two other guys I thought that was needed even though they failed for that moment. Though I never really cared for all the flashbacks, Jack's flashbacks were pretty good and he was easily the most moving character on that episode. Some of the most intense scenes however do bring me to some of the parts of this show that were not so great. Every time in the show when somebody is faced with a decision that would cost somebody's life or something big is about to happen where people will die... it never happens. This show builds up moments like this and then they turn it around so the worst never happens. Stop trying to make these characters look as if they're going to die or be in harms way when we know you won't pull it off. This has happened so many times that I wanted the characters to die.

    Aside from that some things did go as thought. Charlie who was a great character does die in the way it was predicted and that was quite a moving seen as he drowned but ultimately (or so we think) saved everybody else.

    That last thought leads me to the end of this episode. I thought it ended in a great way without anything happen the way they did in season 2 and 1. Charlie died to save the others and that's what it seems but the show isn't over... how are they going to do this. I think it would have been perfect had the show ended this way. With what Ben said and what Locke was doing it seems like Charlie's death was pointless and then I'd really be pissed. I wanted them to get off the island and hope that Ben's warnings were nothing but crap and if the show shall continue, as it seems... then there goes a perfect ending... for me that is. We'll just see and wait.
  • SIMPLY AMAZING! That's what I thought of the 2 hour long season finale!

    The first hour was full of suspense as we anticipate what is about to happen and try to understand what we are seeing. In a flash scene we see a seemingly distressed Jack spiraling out of control, even to the point of being suicidal. The story continues on the beach as well, while the events unfold as the group sets out for the radio tower leaving behind Sayid, Bernard and Jin to hatch out the final steps of plan. We also see more of what's going on in The Looking Glass as the two Others capture Charlie and try to find out his motives. Meanwhile things start to unravel for Ben and the Others as they find out Juliet has betrayed them.

    The most suspenseful part of the first hour comes at the end when we finally get to see Locke! At this point we see him right where they left off lying in the pit and apparently dying. We find out his legs cant move and he's given up all hope. As he sees a gun lying in its sling close by he retrieves it and!!!!! He begins to turn the gun on himself! (At this point I'm totally screaming at the television! What the hell is he doing/thinking!?!?!) AND THEN at the peak of my hysteria as he is about to pull the trigger what do we see But WALT! Cutting it short, I was relieved as the scene ends with Walt giving Locke back his hope.

    All together it was a nice lead into the second part of the season finale.

    [Review Continues at the 'Through The Looking Glass (2)']
  • Can't get any better than this!!!

    Different from other episodes but this one rocked hard!!

    The others come and kidnap Jin, Sayid and Bernard, while Ben makes his way up to the radio tower with Alex to stop the survivors from getting rescued. Mikhali is sent to kill Charlie down in the looking glass but it turns violent as he betrays Ben and kills off the two women Desmond is still hiding..
    The gun shots when we thought Sayid and the other two were dead was very very sad, but people will die. They end up being OK when Hugo saves the day by killing the last members of those others using the old van! It was incredible, for once Oceanic flight 815 beat the others but deep down we know it's not over..
    The only thing that really let this episode down were those horrendous flashbacks or should I say flashforwards of Jack. They sucked, I hated them.
    And what about Niomi she is bad, a liar who should be killed and was later on.

    But the whole thing was full-on action, loved it!
    The part where Mikhali was speared and killed, I didn't believe he was dead because on 'Par Avion' he managed to survive the electric fence thingy., the guy is scary but cool.

    But hell this part was awesome, continue reading my review on Part 2 of this episode................
  • This first part of the season finale is very good. Review part 1 SPOILERS

    This is the first part of a two hour season finale and flashes are about Jack (a very bearded Jack).

    It's starts off where the last episode left off and we see their plan to take on the Others happen. Unfortunately Jin misses and the three get captured. Meanwhile Jack is leading the rest to the tower and Charlie is being beaten up by the two women.

    Charlie is very good in this episode, he has some great lines and I think the audience are supposed to connect with him and like him.

    The story sets up the other half of the finale very well. It is cleverly plotted and finally we see some weaknesses in Ben. Ben finally begins to lose control of the survivors and with the Others.

    There are some things I didn't like though, Locke getting up because Walt tells him too right after being shot and being paralysed - again... If he does that one more time it wouldn't be worth doing any more. Every time he gets hurt he gets paralysed and miraculously recovers just because he's stubborn. It's been used too many times and it's boring.

    This isn't the end of the episode so read my review part 2!
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