Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Excellent episode!

    Through the Looking Glass [Part 1] ! An amazing episode!
    Charlie was tied up on the chair in The looking glass station by the two women and then Desmond went there to help him,but also Bakoutin went there.Bakoutin killed both women of that station and then Desmond managed to kill him... (?)
    On the beach Sayid,Bernand and Jin were ready for the others to come.Ben didn't have the opportunity to warn them that the losties new about their arrival on the beach because Juliet betrayed them. However the group of the others entered the beach area and Sayid&Bernand shot the explosives so most of the others blowed up in the air!Jin didn't manage to shoot his explosives so Tom and another 2-3 others took Sayid-Bernand-Jin.
    Meanwhile the flashback of Jack is very interesting,he saved a woman in an accident and he was the "Hero" but as we see his life was miserable.He also had a beard.
    At the end of this episode something shocking happenend.Lock was still alive into the Dharma Grave and he was trying to shoot himself because he was again paralysed!Suddenly Walt appeared there and told Lock to stand up!
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