Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • In a completely different league to other episodes, but do I want an episode from a new league? I loved the on island action, but what does the off-island action mean for Jack?

    So. The day of the series finale, and where was I? On a plane, going the wrong way away from my TV set. Gimng on holiday. Pretending to enjoy myself when really, I was just thinking about what I was missing. Over teh last few months teh UK Lost Podcast had dowloaded itself onto my ipod, and one day I found nine unlisted to Podcasts and spent 4 and a half hour son the beach listening to Ian Lee and his friends make me feel better.

    Then, the journey home, the delay, the traffic and finally, LOST!

    Things I loved liked and disliked:
    * Loved: Rose and Bernard
    -I am a dentist, not Rambo
    -You tell me Live Together Die Alone Jack I'll punch you in the face.
    I hope that Rose and Bernard return as more regualr characters next year and have their own flashbacks. Now that Jacks new head of surgery shares his surname with Bernard this probably gives room for a Berard flashback.
    *Liked alot: The flashbacks which turned out to be flashforwards
    -I liked the beard, just to give things something different.
    -I liked the opening sequece which was very powerful
    -The mysterious coffin and the question of who was in it
    -And then the final flash. I had not anticipated that on British TV it would end 15 minutes before it usually would so I wasn't ready for a big gamechanger with 15 minutes left. I was sure it'd be Jacks dad in the car as we hadn't seen him yet and was shocked at Kate. And then I realized that it was the future. Whoa. I don't like that Jack isn't happy and I hope that this isn't the end of teh show in three years tie because for the first time in 3 years I've actually warmed to Jack and I hope that that isn't the end for him.
    *Loved: The fact that they "accidentily" let slip that loads of people were going to die, so that we would assume Jim Sayid and Bernard were dead. It was so bad but then turned into a brilliant situation.
    *Love: Penny. She's great and I wish i hadn't found out that she was going to be in this episode.
    *Loved: Rouseux & Alex meeting for the first time and their first speach together being "shall we tie him up".
    *Loved: Benry Gale looking terrible in the last scene. Covered in blood and tied to a tree with terrifing eyes. He's such a great character.
    *Hated: Sawyer telling Hurley to go away. Yes, he was only doing it to protect him but I felt so sorry for Hurley and was worrieed that he;d go and kill himself afetr Charlie the week before.
    *Loved: Hurleys speach through the walkie talkie. Attention Others, Come in Others. If you're listening to this I want you to know that we got you b*stards, and unless the rest of you want to be blown up, you best stay away from our beach. -He's the best
    *Liked: The Looking Glass action. Desmond in the cupboard while Charlie was being attacked. It was sort of sad that Charlie died but it was obviously going to happen and I didn't feel sad as I was too busy thinking "either swim out the window(I know it'd be hard but he could've tried) or open the door and take a deep breath and swim up to the surface". It's better to try and by opening the door he wouldn't kill Desmond because it'd take so long for it all to fill up.
    *Stupid: was that Des managed to swim down the very long way down to the looking glass without hardly taking a breath.
    *Disliked: Naomi having to be killed. Two Brits in ne episode, tut tut.
    *Loved: Walt & Locke. How cool was that!
    *Loved: Juliet: "For the aliens". For a real second I beleived her.

    So a few weeks ago I made a list of my fave episodes this series, and I don't know where to put this episode but I think it'll go:

    (Just to explain. The ones at the top and bottem were easy for me to decide, but the ones in the middle I found quite equal and hard to separate)

    1.Flashes Before Your Eyes
    2.The Man Behind The Curtain
    3.Through the looking Glass
    5.Greatest Hits
    6.Catch 22
    7.Not In Portland
    8.One Of Us
    --------------------- --------
    9. The Man From Tallahassee
    10. I Do
    11. The Brig
    12. Left Behind
    13. DOC
    14. Every Man For Himself
    15. Par Avion
    --------------------- --------
    16.The Cost Of Living
    17. A Tale Of Two Cities
    18. Enter 77
    19. Further Instructions
    20. Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    21.Stranger In A Strange Land
    22.The Glass Ballerina

    And now, it breaks my heart to say it. But it's all over. Goodbye Lost for 247 days. By which time I'm probably sad enough to have reviewed every episode although i hope it doesn't get that bad...

    Maybe I'll get into Alias... or 24, by a boxset...watch all of them, and forget about Lost completely...

    Nah, it'll never happen