Season 3 Episode 22

Through the Looking Glass (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • We have the ambush going sort of wrong, we have Ben going to intercept the group heading for the tower. We have Charlie being questioned in the underwater station, trying to meet his destiny head on.

    This episode starts with a heavily bearded Jack, on aplane journey to LA, he gets refused a drink as he has probably had enough and she says they will be landing soon. She gives him a paper instead, where he reads an obit from it. He looks unhappy as it tears it from the paper. The we see him driving his car to a bridge, then calling a number and telling it that he's just read the paper. He gets out of his car, climbs onto a wall, stares down and then asks for forgiven, we hear a crash off screen, he gets down and goes to help the victims.

    Jacks walks the beach, looks at Kate and is getting them all ready for their hike to the radio tower. Rose before leaving Bernhard gets him to say out loud to her that he's a dentist and not Rambo. The survivors leave the beach, with the trio of snipers behind to inflict the damage. A little further on, Naomi asks Jack if she can be trusted, meaning Juliet, as no one is saying anything nice about her, Jack ignores the comments and is told how to operate it, just in case anything happens to her.

    In the meantime, Charlie is being beaten for information and his smart alex comments about an invisible submarine get another punch from Bonny, when asked about how he knew about the station, he says Juliet, the girls decide to call Ben and they leave him tied to a chair as they call him, he sees the room they enter and the flashing light, its where he needs to go.

    Ben wants to know why they are breaking radio silece, they explain that one of the others is down here, he asks who and Charlie shouts his name at them, which Ben hears, he directs Mikhael to the station, he says that its flooded, Bens admits he lied, but Mikhael says if Juliet told them that what else did she tell them.

    A small group of others is near the beach shelters, they have spotted the ones marked, made sure that all walkies are off, just as Ben was trying to get hold of them, small groups of others go towards the marked tents, Sayid shoots the dynamite and then Bernhard does but Jin's not able to shoot his before he is captured and the others are captured too.

    Further up towards the tower the hikers notice the 2 explosions, raise questions about why there wasn't 3, Jack explains that perhaps only 2 was needed, he will ask them when they catch upto them.

    charlie gets asked why is in the station and he explains that he is here to switch off the jammer, she asks him if he has the code, which he doesnt know, then he says he will find out, turn off the jammer and then get his friends saved. If it is flooded then what happens to Charlie, he says he dies. Ben gets a message from Tom saying that 7 of them are dead, they captured 3 of them, names them and asks if he wants them killed, not yet, but only after Bernhard has told them that Karl warned them and that they were heading to the tower.

    Des awakes on the boat, gets shot at, dives in and swims down to where Charlie is, who warns him to hide, which he does, he pretends to the gitls that he was just singing. They go back to the radio but then they hear him again, but this time see Mikhael surface, they get to ask each others questions and he radios Ben for instructions.

    Sawyer and Juliet leave the group but go back towards the beach in order to find the others, or their fate, as they are long overdue to catch up, Jack says there is nothing they can do as they are unarmed, but Juliet says she knows of a stash of guns near the beach they can use. Later she admits to lying, when asked why, she says that Jack would not allow them to come here unarmed.

    Alex talks to Ben half way there, she gets told that he did those things to Karl for her sake as he did not want her to get pregnant whilst on the island, then she asks why he allowed her to come, he says to deliver you to your new family. Lastly Locke wakes to find himself in the pit of bodies, unable to move his legs, but he reaches for one of their weapons and is in the process of shooting himself in the head when Walt appears to him telling him he has work to do.