Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens in the jungle. Jack tells Kate that Sawyer only told her he didn't want to go with her because he wanted to protect her. He tells her that this was why he told her to leave him at the hydra. He tells her that he loves her. Jack pulls up and rings someone on his mobile. He reaches an answer-phone yet again. He looks at the newspaper clipping, and walks into a funeral parlour. A man tells him that there wasn't a funeral, no-one turned up. He asks him if he wants him to open the coffin, but Jack says no. Jack leaves. Rousseau leads the survivors on, it will take about an hour to get to the radio tower. She tells Jack that the last time she was there was the day she recorded the message. She tells him that she is not leaving the island. It is her home. They come across Ben. Ben tells Jack that he wants him to turn around and go back. Ben asks Jack to go off and talk to him, and Jack agrees. Mikhail puts on his eyepatch, and comes out of the room. Mikhail asks if it is possible to turn the equipment off. He asks if it was possible for the station to be flooded. Bonny says that nothing will happen, the equipment is waterproof. Mikhail shoots and kills Greta, and then shoots Bonny. Desmond comes out of the harpoon cupboard, and shoots Mikhail with a Harpoon. Mikhail falls to the floor. Desmond picks up a gun and points it at Bonny. Charlie tells him not to kill her, she is the only person apart from Ben with the code. Kate tells Jack that there is no-one else apart from Ben and Alex.
Jack takes Ben's walkie. Jack flashes back. He is angry at a woman at a pharmacy because she won't give him a prescription. He shows her a prescription which he says was issued by his father, who is out of town. He gets angry and walks out. Ben tells Jack that he once made a decision which killed over 40 people in one day. He tells Jack that he is about to make the same decision. Naomi isn't the person who she says she is. She is a representative of some people who have been trying to find the island. If they make contact with the boat then they will find them and kill them all. Ben radios Tom, he tells him that if Tom doesn't hear his voice in the next minute, he should kill the three that he has captured. Jack lets the minute pass, and we hear three gunshots over the walkie. Jack is angry, he charges Ben and knocks him to the floor. He punches him multiple times. He then calls Tom on the walkie. He tells him that he is going to lead his people up to the radio tower, and he is going to make a call, and get every one of them rescued. And then he is going to come find Tom, and he is going to kill him.
Charlie asks for the code from Bonny. Charlie says that Bonny is going to tell him, because Desmond says that it is his destiny to push the code in and stop the jamming signal. Bonny starts to recite the code, it's a long one. Charlie asks her to say it again because he isn't ready, but she won't. She tells him it's the Beach Boys - Good Vibrations. The numbers on the keypad are notes, the code is the tune of Beach Boys, Good Vibrations. It was programmed by a musician. Jack leads Ben back to the losties. He tells them to tie him up, he is going with them. Danielle goes over to Alex who is with Ben. Ben tells her that Danielle is Alex's mother. Jack tells Kate that Sayid, Bernard and Jin are dead. He says that they can't tell Sun and Rose yet, they have to get to the radio tower first. Kate asks why didn't he kill Ben. Jack says because he wants to call for help, and we wants Ben to watch as they get off of the island and he wants him to know that he failed.
Tom tells an other that instead of putting three bullets in the sand, they should have killed them for real. It is revealed that Sayid, Bernard and Jin are still alive. Sawyer and Juliet watch Tom and the others. Sawyer says that they should wait until nightfall, but Juliet says that there is nothing they can do, they are still unarmed. We hear flicking of branches, and then Sawyer and Juliet dive out the way as a Camper Van drives through. Hurley is at the wheel. He charges in the car at one of the others. The other shoots but Hurley ducks as a bullet hits the window. Hurley runs over the other, killing him. Sawyer runs round, and picks up a gun, hiding behind the car. Sayid knocks over one of the others and breaks his neck with his feet. Tom surrenders, but Sawyer shoots and kills him, saying that he didn't believe him. Jack flashes back again. He takes some pills from a cupboard in the hospital. The Doctor sees him, saying that they need to have a talk. He tells Jack that when the woman came to she said that she crashed because she saw a man about to jump off the bridge. The doctor asks Jack how he got on the scene so fast, but Jack walks off. Jack says that the doctor doesn't know what he has been through, he should get his father down right now and if Jack is drunker than he is, he can fire him. He tells the doctor not to pity him. He says that he can't help him, and he leaves.
Jack leads the survivors. He hears on the walkie Hurley talking. 'Attention Others. If you are listening to this, I want you to know that we got you bastards, and if the rest of you want to get blown up, you should stay away from the beach.' Jack asks Hurley what is going on. Hurley says that they saved Jin, Bernard and Sayid. Everyone is fine. All of the losties applaud. Claire asks if Charlie is okay, and Hurley says that they are probably paddling home as they speak. Charlie and Desmond covers up the bodies. Charlie tells Desmond to get the diving gear ready, he will tap up good vibrations. Desmond tells Charlie that he hasn't had anymore flashes. Charlie hums the tune, and then presses some keys. He gets the first few notes right, and then continues with the rest. He gets it right, and the flashing light goes off. He leaves the room, but sees another flashing light. It says 'Incoming Transmission.' He presses it, and sees Penelope Widmore on the screen. Charlie calls for Desmond. He tells her that Desmond is okay. She asks where they are, and Charlie says that he does not know. He asks her if she is on the boat, and she asks what boat. He says the boat that Naomi was on, but she doesn't know who Naomi is.
Desmond sees that Mikhail's body is gone, and he runs to the room that Charlie is in. Charlie sees in a window that Mikhail is out there, and he is holding a grenade. He pulls the pin out, and Charlie runs and shuts the door and locks Desmond out. The grenade explodes, breaking the glass. Water pours in around Charlie. In a mad rush, Charlie writes something on his hand. Desmond desperately tries to break the glass on the door to get Charlie out. Under the water, Charlie shows Desmond what was written on his hand. 'Not Penny's Boat.' The last few breaths are released from Charlie's mouth, and he floats still in the water. On the other end of the island, Aaron is crying.
Naomi gets the signal on her satellite phone. She tells Claire that Charlie just saved them all. Jack says that they can't make a call, Rousseau's signal is still blocking their transmissions. Rousseau says that it doesn't matter, they are here. They walk into the radio tower. Rousseau walks up to a control panel, and presses a button. Naomi tries to call out, but she can't get a signal. She walks out into the open field, and gets a signal. She starts to make a call to her boat, then we hear a swish, and she falls to the floor with a knife in her back. John stumbles on the scene. He tells Jack that he can't make the call, and he will shoot him if he has to. Jack tells John to do it then, but John can't, he staggers off as Jack calls the boat. Someone answers, and Jack says that he is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. The man asks him how he got that channel, and Jack tells him that Naomi told them about the search team. Jack asks them if they can find the location of the distress signal, and the man says yes, hold on, they will be right there.
Jack flashes back. His house is a mess, and he is sitting in a dark room. He calls someone again on his mobile, and they answer this time. He says that he wants to meet them, at the airport. He arrives in the night at the airport, and another car pulls up. Someone gets out of the car and walks up to Jack. It's Kate. He shows her that newspaper clipping. He asks her if she went, and she asks why would she go to the funeral? He tells her that he has been flying a lot, from LA to Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney. Everytime he gets turbulence he hopes… he wants to go back to the island. He tells her that they need to go back to the island. She walks off and gets into the car again. He shouts to her, 'We have to go back!'.