Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • The perfect way to end the season, and hopefully looked back upon as one of the greatest episodes Lost has ever produced. (Spoiler Alert!)

    Looking back on this episode halfway through Seasn 4, I can still find no big flaws in it. Charlie's final hour is told with such grace that you'll cry a little as he drowns. Ben is at rope's end and at his finest acting as he tries to convince the losties that "Penny's Boat" are the bad guys. The war between the Losties and the Others is done with enough belivable twists. I even liked the Jack episode which is very rare for me, and I felt Matthew Fox did a terrific job. In general this episode is everything Lost should be: a roller coster with a lot of charater's you belive in. As you go from one shocking twist to another, none of it feels rushed or out of place. This episode gets extra points for having Hurley run over Brain with the Dharma bus. Overall this episode is one of the greatest ever produced by the Losties. Keep it up.
  • SAd but just excellent

    This episode had everything. I've stuck with Lost throughout season 3, i actually think it's been pretty good despite what critics say. And this episode exemplified why people watch Lost. It was gripping throughout, no pointless flashbacks or filler scenes. Total shock and horror, and an ending that leaves you begging for more but knowing it's a long wait...

    It's tragic, action-packed, and finally the audience learns a few of the islands secrets. Just as you look at the clock in the 80th minute mark and you think they've covered everything, the writers come up with an ending that really does change everything. Unpredictable.

    The fate of Charlie is as tense as ever and overall the acting is great ( other than the woman who plays Penny). Insteas of the usual meandering pace, with a couple to many sub-plots, this episode is non-stop tension. I would have to say, that this episode is the best episode of Lost that i have seen- even better then the 'Man behind the Curtain' which i thought would be hard to outdo.

    To conclude, i believe that this episode sets up what should be a thrilling season 4 if they are to use the same literary technique as used in this episode (ill say no more). 10/10. best 2 hours of TV i've ever seen. wow.
  • People, you have to watch Lost!

    So far, this is the best season finale. This is exactly why I watch this series. This episode has mystery, drama, adventure... I can't explain how difficult it was waiting for "the beginning of the end" of this series. I'm sad for Charlie's death, but we all know that he died for a good reason... didn't he?

    And "Not Penny's Boat" will be one of the greates quotes of all time in TV history.

    This series is great. My future mother-in-law watched the first two seasons in a week and a half. My girlfriend and I can't wait for the second episode of the fourth season.

    People, you have to watch lost!

  • Part two: This episode as a whole is everything you could hope for.

    It seemed as if Charlie would escape death, with Greta & Bonnie dead and Mikhail playing possum, but that false sense of security with Desmond not having any flashes was only setting us up for the inevitable fall when Mikhail comes back for one more shot, assuming he hasn't blown up (really the only way I'll be convinced he's dead is if they behead him and burn the body). Perhaps it is appropriate that the seemingly unstoppable figure of Mikhail would kill Charlie, as "Flashes Before Your Eyes" explored the inevitability of certain events.

    Some have questioned whether Charlie needed to die, and that his sacrifice in the end is somewhat negated by the twist. It feels right that he goes: he conquered his demons. Aside from one, Desmond's flashes of Charlie had him dying doing something noble. What better way to go than to dismantle the blocking signal, while warning Desmond that Naomi is lying? In the end Charlie gets a moving send-off, with that gorgeous, recurring "Life & Death" theme.

    One has to admire Ben's confidence. Despite the fact that Jack and company have no reason to trust anything he says and the antagonism that goes with all the stuff The Others have done to the castaways, he still thinks that he can talk Jack out of doing what he is dead set on doing. Of course, having Jin, Bernard and Sayid hostage when they meet is an important bargaining chip.

    While Jack wants to spare the three, his leadership is focused on getting the survivors off the island, despite his nature to want to save everyone. That explodes when he believes the three were executed on the beach. Ben gets a beat down many believe he's had coming for a long time. After that beating, humiliation, and later knowledge that Richard is the only Other (besides Jacob) not dead, deflected or captured, it leaves Ben at his lowest. One should wonder how that'll change when the freighter arrives and he's confirmed right.

    This episode serves as the culmination for many stories that have been building up since the first season. Another one is Rousseau's reunion with Alex. This was set up in the eighth episode. Rousseau's ice breaker, asking if Alex wanted to tie up Ben together, has to be one of the best said between an estranged mother and daughter.

    Rousseau had made it clear to Jack that she wouldn't be leaving the island, which makes sense for her character. She'd likely be institutionalized. However, what does that mean for Alex? One would assume she'd want to go to the mainland and see the rest of the world and maybe have a normal relationship with Karl. However, after seeing the mother she believed her whole life to be dead she may want to stay.

    Hurley provides one of the most satisfying moments in the episode, saving the day for the castaways on the beach by plowing through the beach (and Pryce) in the Dharma van. With "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", Hurley had a minor victory after all the bad stuff he's been through thanks to the van. Now the van makes him a hero. As much as we don't like to see Hurley be put down as he did with Sawyer, it made his heroism even more satisfying. Ultimately The Others were foiled on the beach because Ben decided to leave his father to rot in that Dharma van so many years earlier. The only thing missing was "Shambala" blasting in the background. Then it would've been perfection.

    In addition to running over Pryce, Hurley's distraction allows Sayid to show off some of his Republican Guard skills with a neck break that I haven't seen since the 5th season finale of "24". Considering Sayid's feelings towards the Others, a major reason why he stayed behind besides his military training, that must've been more cathartic than blowing up the tents the night before.

    While the van action sequence was a fist-pumping victory, they're quick to show us the other side with Sawyer gunning down an unarmed and surrendering Tom after the fight ended. While it was unfortunate to see Tom go, it shows just how dark Sawyer has become. It would be like one of The Others killing Hurley. Also Tom, along with nearly every other prominent Other, dying is a fitting part of the end of The Others' central role in the season, along with Ben's fall and Juliet's deflection.

    On that note, Locke throwing a machete through Naomi's back was an unexpected move. If there is any fault I have with this episode is that Locke's role is so much reduced compared to the first two season finales. However, considering this episode is jam packed with stuff that Locke making his way to the radio tower is an easy thing to omit.

    He's been treading along a dark path for some time now. His path to understanding the island has lead him on a path of destruction and manipulation. If he is really the heir apparent for Ben as great protector, this would be fitting. It does recall past experiences where he was told he wasn't a killer. Where does he go from there?

    Unfortunately the big confrontation between Locke and Jack plays out a little uneven. Locke didn't intend to shoot Jack when he contacted the freighter (although after he impaled Naomi with the machete we certainly thought he could), but he somehow limps away without anyone stopping him. While it doesn't work as well as other moments in the episode, this serves more to remind us of the central conflict among the survivors as "rescue" prepares to invade.

    Since the people on Naomi's freighter aren't connected to Penny, their true identity is one of the major unanswered questions of the episode. Considering Naomi had a copy of Desmond's picture and knew who he was, they must've had access to Penelope and the Portugese men who "found it" at the end of season two. It could be safe to guess Mr. Widmore, whose resources ultimately have funded Penelope's search, would want to find the island. Tie in The Lost Experience (if you consider it cannon), and you know that Widmore was involved with Dharma and Alvar Hanso. Widmore could be searching for the island to claim what he thinks he deserves. Maybe he's been using Desmond as a pawn in this scheme, since Widmore's race around the world lead Desmond to the island.

    The flash-forward reveal is the defining game changer of the season. Although eagle-eyed or DVR-owning viewers saw the newspaper's date (not necessarily an indicator of time) or Jack owning a current cell phone, the time of the episode was left ambiguous. Jack's father is mentioned as being alive & Sarah is still Jack's emergency contact, both events could be before the crash. Not specifying time isn't uncommon in flashbacks, but that's more a reason of practicality and need to address the time.

    There is also the question of Jack's father, who Jack mentioned as if he was still alive at the hospital. Christian's status has been in question since "White Rabbit", where he appeared to Jack and his body was revealed to be missing from his casket, never seen since then. Despite theorizing, I think it boils down to Jack being so out of it that he fails to realize it, or correct himself.

    Jack listening to Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice" could've placed this episode as early as 1993, when "In Utero was released" (although "Lost" isn't one of those shows that would feature some song in a lazy way of saying "It's 1993!") Note about the song: "Something In the Way" would've been a better Nirvana song choice. However, it was likely scrapped for something harsher sounding to represent Jack's nihilism. Like the first episode this season, I have a problem with a song choice. It's just the music nerd in me.

    The mysterious person in the coffin has been one of the most speculated pieces of this episode. His obituary served as the catalyst for Jack to want to kill himself and later to convince Kate that they needed to return to the island. Initially it seemed like a red herring: the person wasn't important, so much as what it did to Jack. However that would be disappointing after all this time. It doesn't seem likely that the person in the coffin is a major character we've already met. Even if they don't make it to the final episode, spilling what happened to Locke, Ben or even Michael in advance would be an improper way to end an established character, unless they handled it like they did with Charlie.

    The funeral scene doesn't offer much help. It was held in a presumably bad neighborhood in possibly cheap funeral home. The person had no friends or family attend the funeral, nor did Jack consider the person either. This makes some believe that Michael, Locke or Ben may be that person. It applies most to Ben, who presumably has been on the island since he was a preteen and wouldn't have contacts with the outside world outside of Mittelos and "Others" fronts. Despite the way their relationship ended, Helen would likely attend Locke's funeral, and Michael's life outside of Walt and Susan hasn't been tackled.

    Regardless, Jack feels responsible for the person's death. With the action on the island, it's safe to assume that Jack contacting the freighter set off a chain reaction that lead to his death. This makes me believe further that the person is on the freighter. Maybe that person sided with Jack and the survivors, leading the other freight crew to destroy that person's life.

    Jack's attitude about returning to the island could indicate that some of the castaways are still there. As far as we know, Kate and Jack are the only ones who got back home. That could explain why he's so depressed: he couldn't help them and needs to if he's to have any peace. Perhaps he didn't help them and that's made it worse. He might've made a deal with the devil to get off the island, one that included hiding the truth about what really happened to the survivors, as he tells Kate he's sick of lying.

    It makes sense that Kate would be reluctant. The people on the freighter likely have high connections that would make her criminal history disappear. Kate's past didn't become public knowledge until late in the first season, and even then only a few know much, so it's unlikely her story was a major news story. Also, considering those closely invested in the case are dead, it'd be easy to sweep this under the rug.

    Also part one alluded to the possibility that Kate is pregnant, which is likely considering she's slept with Sawyer a few times this season and they likely haven't had access to birth control. Kate would want off for the simple reason that she doesn't want to die like the other pregnant women. She mentioned a "he" would be waiting for her. It could mean a male partner like Sawyer, or even a young boy, who'd be roughly 18 months old in the flash-forward.

    In all the discussion I've read about the finale, one thing that hasn't been asked is why the people on the freighter would chose to rescue only a few people and not everyone. Obviously this question is more for next season. Do they have something to gain, or are their hands tied where they have to show some survivors?

    Cuse and Lindelof have clarified two things about the "Snake in the mailbox" twist. The flash-forward isn't meant to be a possible future, but exactly what happens, so any discussion of Jack trying to avoid that future are now moot. It also isn't the end of the story chronologically. It may be a stretch, but they could go as far as Aaron as an old man with flash-forwards.

    This brings to question the current series' progression. Is there going to be a massive jump on the island when Jack inevitably returns and if so, when will that be? How much of the interim will we see? It's likely that the freighter is what takes Jack and Kate back to the mainland, but when will that happen? It doesn't seem like that they would let a long stretch on "Lost" happen with Jack off the island, but after this twist, I'm not dismissing anything. Unlike previous finales, there is no clear idea where the series will head in the fourth season. When the hatch door blew open, it made way for the second season's exploration of the hatch, as did the kidnapping of the main three set up The Others story. Obviously the flash-forward device and those on the freighter will be major elements in the foreseeable future, but how will that play out?

    Season three was a roller coaster ride both on and off screen. The "mini-season" left many ready to claim "Lost" as a show past its prime, especially with the hot new kid in town "Heroes" stealing its thunder. However, the spring run was absolutely amazing, with revelations and long awaited answers satisfyingly revealed, and this episode serves as the ultimate vindication for those who stayed faithful. This was easily the best episode I've seen in 2007. The producers promised that by the end of "Lost", we'd know who the characters were, how they changed and where they would go from there, and judging by the first taste of flash-forwards, they weren't kidding. When an episode delivers this many thrills, emotional moments, revelations, twists, turns and leaves you clueless as to where they're going to go next, especially three seasons in, you can't ask for anything more.
  • Or should I say flashforward...

    It is very freshing to have something new and exciting!!! I think unless I am wrong this is the first show to have a flash forward. Kudos to the writer for coming up with this consept. I am so greatful to have a new show that is inovated and fun. And also one that you really have to pay attention too. I can't wait for the ending to see how everything is tied in a neat package. I know that we only have three more seasons to go and it is going fast. This is one of the best shows on tv right now.
  • an amazing episode and I cant wait till season 4

    This in my opinion is the best episode of the whole series. its so exciting and un expecting.one of the best series on telivision. it is very smart and also very suspenseful. its amazing how hurly just out of no where comes in with that van and saves the day. also when locke through the knife and killed the women i was shocked. an amazing episode. i hope they have more epiosdes like that in season 4. and what really got me to love this show is the flash forward and how you didnt find out till the end of the show.
  • Wow... just when you think the series may finally be dead, the creators throw this one at you... instant classic finale!

    In recent months, I had thought that Lost may finally be falling apart. The show that had started with so much enthusiasm had died off at the end of the second season and beginning of the third... but these last few episodes of the third season might have been the best in the entire series to date! Well save for maybe that amazing season one finale...

    The twist at the end was sooooo unexpected! (spoilers ahead) I mean come on... they get off the island and now want to go back? WOW! They through a curve ball at America by showing us a flash forward with Jack and I never even caught it!

    One hell of an episode... a well written ending
  • What a fine episode.

    I loved every part of it. The best part in my opinion was when Hurely totally got in the bust and delivered some first class but whoop. That was hilarious, and the whole scene was well played and delivered. The Jack part (the whole thing) was pretty good to, with Jack going berserk after thinking that Jin, Bernard and Sayid were dead. Also the ending with Locke was okay, but it was a little obvious he wasn't going to shoot Jack. The whole flashback sequence was so strange at first, until the ending it all made sense. It was a flashFORWARD! Quite interesting, now we know what Jack has in store for him. I feel sorry, I wonder who died though, and who Kate has settled down with. So much suspense! At least it's only about a month left till Season 4...

    Charlie died. It was really sad, but he seemed content to the fact that Claire and Aaron would get home. He was an awesome character, and the first death of someone on the Oceanic Flight 815. I'll miss him. And it's not Penelope's boat, so, who's is it...? We'll see on season 4 lol.
  • The best episode in LOST history

    This season of LOST has improved a heck of a lot since the beginning, as for this finale, IT was that good, I don't even know who on earth would say no to LOST.

    Just like Part 1 but just perfect, nothing wrong, other than the flashbacks which I thought were silly and let me down.. This episode proved to the world that no show should ever beat LOST, this show is #1.

    Ben Linus is finally caught out and may be killed if their plan works. It was great to see Alex and Rousseau back together again! Jack will do anything to get off the island and he proved that by sacrificing Bernard, Jin and Sayid as well as risking his own life in front of Locke. John Locke saw Walt earlier, what was that all about???
    Ben is a liar, maybe not to be killed but he needs to be taught a valuable lesson, as I created the forum post on whether he should die or not, I don't think he should but he should be punished. Now about Niomi, I don't trust the women, Charlie spoke with Penny on some tv thing and she had NO idea who Niomi was/ This could be a big mistake for everyone in the next series when he finds out that Niomi's people are not what they seem... Or who they say they are...

    But it's a farewell to one of my long time favorite people : Charlie. Desmond watched the whole thing...Charlie did it himself by closing the hatch door. Mikhal bombed the window and Charlie drowned. I cried, seriously, It was terrible. This has proved that something is fishy about Mikhal, escaping death twice now. Goodbye Charlie Pace namaste. I will miss him heaps....It was a friggen tearjercker!

    Jack took a stand for his life and seemingly has got everyone rescued but somehow, something isn't quite right. That leaves us waiting until Season 4 which will probably be only better! But overall this was PERFECT. Absolutely outstanding.......... A season that started off in bad shape has now proved that it can be good and is now the worlds #1 show and will be for a very very long time..

    But for the last scene, well was it a flashforward?
  • R.I.P

    In this double-length episode, Jack's plan to kill the Others backfires, and Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are held hostage by the Others at the beach. Led by Rousseau, the castaways travel to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission. Naomi makes contact with her boat, but is stabbed by Locke, who along with Ben, believes that the survivors are making a mistake. Charlie makes contact with Penny Widmore in the underwater Dharma station, but drowns when the station is flooded by Mikhail. Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley rescue the castaways at the beach. Instead of flashbacks, flashforwards feature Jack's miserable life after rescue from the island. I was very upset to see Charlie go in this episode, can't beleave how many characters where killed off in this episode it is a series classic. R.I.P Charlie Pace.
  • "We have to go back!", and watch that episode again because it was friggin' fantastic!

    (spoiler alert)Wow. this episode was amazing. Through The looking glass was the first episode in the whole series of LOST to contain a (spoileralert) flashforward!! Jack's future looks very depressing and apparently they should have never left the island. "We have to go back!" It was an intense episode, Jack beat the hell out of Ben (who in my opininon completely deserved it), we had to say goodbye to our favorite rock star druggy Charlie, Hurley got to run over that annoying "other" and we got to see another DHARMA station that had bad ass written all over it because it was under water, blocking signals and not to mention the bad ass himself,Mikhail Bkunin, swam down to take a harpoon to the chest (survive it) and blow up a window with a grenade and kill a main character. Also, Walt returned and our survivors found "rescue" or what they think is rescue.......LOST
  • The begining of the end...

    As most of us know Jack, Kate, and everyone els will probably not make it off the island until the last season in 2010 (I think thats the year its ending). What I think was going on with all the Flash Forwards was that that is what is going to happen if Jack and everyone els gets on the hellicopter to go home. But I think that Locke will just blow it up or somthing like he did with the submarine. I used to think that five season would be way too many season for a show like lost, but now I never want the show to end because every epi is so great.
    What ever happened to Micheal? I hate how he just ditched them (Although I would do the same.) I think the others still have him or somthing, I dont think he's off the island quite yet, remembering the episode Locke was shot and he saw Wilt standing outside the hole telling him to get up.
    What about Charlie. I don't know about his death either. His part is such a good part too. He's the musician for god sake. Don't kill The musician Off!!!
    Im glad at this last episode it was realistic. When Sawer (James) shot one of the others with out hesitation.
  • Super ending for the season... by unexpected way.

    To be honest, the most shocking about this episode was that those flashbacks were truly flash forwards and the way Jack acted... it sounded so much like the rescued men from Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island" - they wanted back too. and the flash forward reveals us quite much. One of them died there. Who was it. Neither friend or family but both Jack and Kate know him. (it was him, if I remember correctly). Probably from the island. Locke? or someone else? And we learn they do not end up together (even I am sure many thought how it will end :P) and we learn Kate still settles down. With who? Sawyer? And how can be Jack's father be alive? When they are in hospital he says - bring my father down and if he is not as drunk as me, you can fire me. it did not made no sense at all.

    It was super episode, maybe little less good than the first part as I did not liked the flash forward idea. the beauty of this show has been that we do not know what comes. Now we have an idea. It ruins a little. Charlie's dead moving. I was so sure it can be changed but no... Mihkail just don't give up so easily. And Penny on the transition. wow.. I did not expect that. The Ben confronting Jack.. and the decision he made. As it looked for me, they were killing quite many characters as it seemed to be that Locke has been gone so far already, probably he did not get better. Charlie and now three on the beach. It really made me.. I was so sure they really killed them and when Hurley drove in and they were alive.. what kind of relief.

    And Rousseau finally meeting her daughter and the way they two ... I loved Danielle saying "lets tie him up". Very moving scene.

    And the end when Locke game. He is one character who knows so well what he is doing and what happens now.. a long waiting...
  • One of the best Lost episodes ever...

    Through The Looking Glass was a fantastic episode of Lost. A brilliant way to finish off the season. The second part of the episode was a little better than the first. We see Ben try to reason with jack telling him Naomi is not who she says and that they will die if they call from the radio tower. jack doesn't believe Ben and so Kicks the S__t outta him! Danielle and Alex are reunited. Ben tells Tom, who has Sayid, Bernard and Jin captured to kill them. We hear gunshots, but later see that Tom didn't actualy shoot them. In the looking glass, Mikhail trys to kill Charlie, but before he can Desmond shoots him in the chest with an speargun. The two women are also killed. Charlie goes to switch off the switch, when Penny appears on a screen, saying that she doesn't know who naomin is. Suddenly we see Mikhail outside the submarine. He sets off a grenade which explodes the window and tons of water gushes in on top of Charlie. Charlie closes the door, and sacrafices himself, because he knows it's the onl way for Claire to be rescued. Before he dies he writes the words "Not penny's Boat" on his hand and shows it to Des. He then lets go, blesses himself and dies. It's one of the saddest moments I've ever seen on Lost. The scene is so well done, so that even if you're not a big fan of Charlie ( I am) that you will feel very sad as he died.
    Back on the main island, they reach the radiop tower and shut off Danielle's signal. Jack turns on the radio and is about to call, when Locke comes outta nowhere and throws a knife in Naomi's back, killing her. Jack and Locke stare at eachother. Locke tells Jack not to do it, or he will kill him, holding a gun to Jack. Jack doesn't belive him and calls, a man answers and Jack tells him where they are. The man says to come get them. Everyone celebrates. Hurley who was at the beach, came to help Juliet and Sawyer by knocking down Ryan in his minbus. Sayid was then able to kill an other and Sawyer trapped Tom, who surrenders. Sawyer shoots him anyway, and says "That was for the kid on the raft". Hurley tells jack everyone is alright.
    There is happiness in the camp.
    Just then, it does a flash. We see jack call someone and say they need to meet up. He drives to a place near an airport, and someone else pulls up and gets outta the car. It is Kate. We are shocked to see it, and we realize that these weren't flashbacks, they were FLASFORWARDS! Jack tells her they need to go back to the island. He begs her, but she walks away on him.
    "We need to go back, Kate!"

    Awesome episode! Lovely ending!
  • Season finale-exciting, evocative, and a true classic episode for this amazing show. Features many crucial events including a game-changer for the rest of the series.

    It's well overdue, but better late than never...

    This was an amazing episode, you laughed, cried, and jumped out of your seat and yelled at the TV. This episode carried you through the range of emotions. This episode also made you think. Given all of the lies and misinformation from Ben, why would Jack believe him? Could his plea to stop Jack from using the satellite phone be the proverbial "Boy Who Cried Wolf?" Is that idea backed up by Locke's actions? Was it selfish of him to kill Naomi or was he trying to protect the group?

    It was confirmed that Rousseau is Alex's mother...big shock there, how this changes the group's dynamic remains to be seen. It could be a minor detail or an important event. This action also brought Carl into the fold-they could provide invaluable info about The Others.

    The Temple? What's that? Seems interesting.

    Go into the great unknown Charlie, hopefully your sacrifice will not be in vain.

    Ever since Sawyer killed Anthony Cooper, he's been darker and more withdrawn...What will this mean? Got to love Hurley, he came through in a big way. I know he's not a fighter, but he put the group first. He's radio call to Ben was hysterical.

    The big shocker of the episode revolved around Jack. The funeral has been a hot topic, and there are many good theories abound. Jack's misfortune in the future could support Ben and Locke's desire to keep everyone on the island? We'll find out in February!
  • lost..great and strange..

    It´s a great and strange episode...how the most of espisodes we found more questions than answers (and a lot of strange questions!), but this is the secret of this show, we feel connect to the show and live the mysteries like we belong to the island...we want so much know the end of the show that we still "survive" to the constatly questions that coming up every new episod..
    Is this paticulary episode i think is horrible and at same time exciting and special, because, give us a mix of happenings that can make you more confused and curious
    than ever, the questions that emerge of this epidode make us review all of ours thoughts...
  • Questions are answered and answers are questioned.

    The Lost finales are always worth it, this one was no exception. We learn of Charlie's fate, he dies saving Desmond. It was probably the saddest death yet. He will be missed. Jack confronted Ben, he viciously beat him after thinking Jin, Bernard and Sayid were killed. After a long time we learn that they weren't killed but there still being held hostage. Hurley using his magnificent van to kill some losties and Sayid defing the laws of physics, cracking one of the others' neck using his legs. Then we learn that Jack succesfully contacted a sailing vessel that we don't know about. Also Walt returned, whether he was real or not he was WALT. That was pretty much it, oh wait the big twist. the flashFOWARD instead of the flashback. We see what life after the island is like for Jack, we find out it's not too good but we know that he is in contact with Kate. All we know now is he has to return to the island. Only three more long months. A good season finale.
  • Its been a shaky season, but now i think Lost can get back on course...

    If i were to describe this episode in one word, it would be "Outstanding." After a season which has seen the show lose a great deal of viewers for such reasons as "not enough answers" and "not enough screentime" this episode camne along and made up for what has been a dissapointing season. The story was fantastic, picking up from where greatest hits left off, as Jack prepares to lead the survivors to the radio tower. The episode started off in a surprising way, as I thought we were going to be sat watching yet another jack flashback rather than a much more important character. The twist at the end of the episode, when we find out that we are actually watching a flashforward into Jacks future was amazing, credit to the writers for pulling off this "Gamechanger" in a brilliant manner. This episode was filled with plenty of action, mystery, twists and humour, and it really has brought the series back to its deserved status as the number one show on TV today.
  • Absolutly Amazing!

    For the first part of the episode you do not realize that we are actually watching the future and not the past! The question is how far in the future are they? Did they really get off the Island on that boat or are they showing us clues to the final end of this epic series in 2010. Also several questions are raised. Where is Locke? Whoes funeral did Jack attend and how come no one else showed up? When Kate says that "HE" is waiting who is HE? Sayer? We can only wait till Feb until the next volley of LOST begins! Keep Watching!
  • A superb episode with a fitting mysterious and thought provoking climax.

    Probably the best episode of all of the series.

    I, like everybody else who watched this episode, thought that we were flashing back to Jack's past. What a twist at the end though! It wasn't a flashback to the past; at least that was what I initially thought.

    When my mind started trying to process all of the possible theories, suddenly something occurred to me. If it wasn't a flashback to the past, how was Jack's dad alive? Did anybody spot that? So if it wasn't a flashback and it wasn't present day, i.e. present day as it should be, what was it? Alternative reality?
  • WOW!PERFECT!!!!!!!!

    Through the Looking Glass [Part 2] ! ! !
    OK this was probably the best episode of the series so far!
    ..Charlie was in the Looking Glass room where the button he had to press was there.He dialed the code (the music notes of the song "Good Vibrations" ) and then Penny appeared on the monitor!!! They talked a little bit and Charlie understood that Naomi was not on Penny's boat! Bakoutin was alive and he smashed glass of that room with a bomb so the room flowed up.Charlie closed the door and he stayed in there because he wanted to complete Desmond's vision so that Claire and Aaron would get off the island.That time Charlie write on his hand "NOT ON PENNY'S BOAT" and showed Desmond. Charlie died there. (So sad&emotional scene. I feel sorry for Charlie. This scene is one of the best on lost).
    Ben took Alex and went to the radio station to meet the losties so that he could convince Jack not to leave the island. There, Ben said Tom from his radio to kill Bernand-Jin-Sayid. Jack lost his mind and hit Ben,he was so angry and so decided to get them off the island. Dannielle was there and she finally met her daughter Alex after 16 years.
    Meanwhile on the beach Bernand-Sayid and Jin were alive and Juliet with Sawyer were there to help them.They couldn't do anything but suddenly Hurley drived through the beach with the Dharma blue van killing the others and saving them all.
    Back to the radio station they managed to stop Dannielle's signal which had been playing for 16 years. Then Locke appeared there and killed Naomi. Jack was holding Naomi's telephone and was trying to communicate with Naomi's boat and they answered to him,they were going to save them. Ben was telling Jack that this was a huge mistake because those people were just trying to fing the island for bad purposes and after Jack's call the disaster was going to beggin!
    At the end we see the last part of Jack's flashback. Jack called someone to come and the person we see that arrived there was.... KATE!!!OMG! They started talking about the funeral that Jack went and that Kate didn't want to go. Then Jack said "Kate we have to go back" !!! The flashback was not a flashback but it was actually a flashforward!!!
  • A beautiful, epic conclusion.

    This double feature is a truly epic finish to the 3rd season of LOST.
    There were many doubters, but even they have to admit, that the show delivered all it's promises in this finale.

    If you were starting to get bored from the concept of the show, here's the salvation.

    This episode introduces "flashforwards". This is cool, and not only because you can find out what our favourite characters will be like in the future, but because it made us realize that it's not about getting rescued, and those people are not "LOST" because they crashed on a weird island...

    This episode while felt uneventful for the most, had the most beautiful build up I've ever seen. It didn't have much content: Jack and the rest of the survivors excluding the 3 shooters(Bernard, Sayid, Jin) and Desmond, Charlie who are heading to the looking glass are heading to the radio tower to send an SOS signal to Naomi's boat. Oh, and I forgot Locke - he's still trapped in the grave.

    In the flashforward, it's revealed that, at least Jack and Kate rescue - but Jack's life isn't what he thought it would be. He's a drug addict, an alcoholic, and has nothing BUT his job - and he's about to lose that too.

    Memorable moments of the episode include the beginning, with the beautiful music that Michael Giacchino composed, "Walt" saving Locke, Ben trying to negotiate with Jack, Hurley taking down the others, Charlie's death, the arrival to the radio tower, and the last 5 minutes with the reveal of the flashforward.

    The episode's dialouge was absolutely brilliant, with a couple of jokes, and clues to the next season. "The Temple" - island history, perhaps, just like the giant leg from the last season. Jack's and Kate's conversation in the end was full of clues, "We're not supposed to live" "I can't stand lying".

    The directing was top notch, thank you Jack Bender. Amazing aerial shots, and symbolizations. The camera panning around the radio tower was the exactly same shot from season 1 when it was panning around the raft - both mean RESCUE to our survivors.

    Charlie's death was hands down THE BEST death on LOST, truly emotional, amazingly acted. Charlie and Desmond trying to hold eachother's hand was probably the most emotional scene I've ever seen. Charlie's ultimate sacrifice for the other survivors immediately redeemed him. Another sign of redemption.

    Overall, this is one of the best episodes of the whole series. A real turning point. A beautiful, epic conclusion.
  • The Losties have to battle the Others to get off the island and return to their less than perfect lives. Of course "the others," are going to make that as difficult as possible.

    This episode was without a doubt the finest two hours of television I have ever watched. I know I am only reviewing the second part, but I am talking about the whole episode. I almost have no words to describe the perfection that was this episode. First of all the "i love you," jack said to Kate made three seasons of wanting these two to be together worth it. i was speechless, and pissed that they put it in the promo. I mean really ABC what are you thinking???! Some of us have been waiting three years for that and we have to hear it in the promo! Use your brains! Anyhoo back to the episode, it was non stop excitement! My stomach was in knots, and I almost felt like I was one of the castaways trying to get home. The biggest reveal of course were the last moments when we realized they were off the island!! I still get goosebumps everytime I think about that. My first thought when I saw Kate was, Oh my God, Jack and Kate were in on this the whole time! I ave to say I was very revealed when I found out that wasn't the case. I have to say that I have never been that disappointed in Lost's season premieres as well as finales, but this episode just blew all the previous episodes out of the water. It is months later, and I am still not over this conclusion, and I am definitely anticipating the season four premiere more than any other show.
  • The best season finale ever.

    Although I was sad about Charlies death, this overall I think was a happy episode. The atmosphere when Jack was talking to Naomi's boat was truly amazing, but knowing Lost, it won't end well at all. This episode saw some great acting, mainly from Dominic Monaghan and Michael Emerson, which really can't be beat. It's such a shame we have to wait... nearly a year for the next episode, but I know for sure that Lost is making a comeback after so many people began to criticise the show for going "off-the-loop". Time to prove them wrong. Truly this is one of the greatest season finales ever.
  • Again Amazing!

    Lost has just had its first ever flashforward and it was amazing! I have just got a couple of questions, who was in the coffin? How did Jack and Kate get of the island. Did anybody else get off the island and why didnt anybody go to theh funeral but Jack? But back on the island, Hurley saves the day. Jack tells Kate he loves her and Jin, Sayid, Bernard, Hurley, Sawyer and Juliet kill some of the others! Desmond trys to save Charlie, but its too late. When Charlie dies he write something on his hand "NOT PENNYS BOAT", then he dies! Jack, and the other losties get a signal from Niomi's boat! But is it Niomi's boat...

    ...Tune in next time! When season four starts! I cant wait until February!
  • the season 3 fanalie ends a fantastic season *warning may contain spoilers*

    Wow! thats what i said wow! nice flash forward episode. the island plot was well i cant think of words to describe it. this may be the best season fanalie. The Losties set a trap for the others and Jac tries to use the raidio to signal to Naiomis ship. the flash forward was fantastic and Charlies death was touching it could posibably be the best epsode ever. It was nice to see the other side of Hurley. Ben was as villiness as always. There was alot of action in this episode. that is just about all i have to say about this episode but i do leave with you with the question that is annoying all Lost fans. Who was in the casket ?!?!?!?!?
  • The third season comes to a cliffhanging end with a revealing series of events. Survivors of Oceanic Flight 813 finally have a way off of the island, but must Others' leader Ben and fellow survivor Locke use drastic measures to block a rescue attempt.

    For all Lost fans, this episode was the most exciting and gratifying of them all. Finally, the story begins to piece together, but we are also left with just enough to want more. When does the next season start? I'm having withdrawals...

    If you are not an avid follower of the show, this episode will be confusing but nonetheless exciting. It has all the suspense and non stop action of 24, with an awesome storyline and brilliant writing.

    The series of events tie in perfectly together. Immediately, we see Jack obviously in a non-island setting, but as the scene progresses we question whether or not it is a "flashback." Just before we question too much, the scene switches back to the chaos on the island.

    Tension is high, Jin, Sayid and Sawyer are at the hands of Others' madman Tom. Jack is desperately trying to get his crew rescued while playing a cat and mouse game with Other's sociopathic leader, Ben. Meanwhile, Charlie and Desmond must deal with the mysterious underwater boat and attacks by Mikhail and his crew. The episode ends with a post-island scene: a distraught, drugged up Jack pleads with Kate "We have to go back!" What is that about? We will have to wait and find out!
  • Nothing can prepare you for this episode.

    There is no amount of preperation you can do before you watch this episode. What ever you think might happen, what ever series altering twists you think might occur, let me put it to you this way; you have no idea.

    This is the greatest episode of LOST ever. Period. Not only does it bring thrills, excitement, twists, action, character, and mystery, it brings everyone to an emotional peak.

    Charlie's death was one of the best scenes ever. I have never been so sad to see a character go, yet so happy in the way he went. Charlie showing Demond the message and pushing away from the glass then doing the sign of the cross, is pure televison gold. It brought a tear to my eye. Is this the last we see of Charlie? I hope not.

    Jack emotional breakdown and beatdown of Ben was amazing acting all round. He did what a normal human would do in his position, and that was not think, and show your anger through violence. And Jack's standoff with Locke was brilliant, with the final pay off with the castaways making their first contact with the out side world.

    Then there is the final scene. This sequence stands alone as the most series altering ever. And as I said earlier, nothing can prepare you for the shock of your realization. It turns out that Jack's brilliantly written and acted flashback is actually and flashforward to him after the island. This twist actually makes you have to go back through the episode and rewatch it again. Jack's conversation with Kate means that they both get off the island. But does this less-en our interest in the castway's future; not at all. The question is no longer do they get off the island, it is now who gets off the island and how. The final scene is filled with teasing diolauge into what happened between Jack making that phone call on the island, and his meeting with Kate. What are they lying about? To whom does Kate have to go home to? Why do they have to go back? Why does Jack think that they weren't suppose to leave and Kate says that they were right in their choice? The entire episode is filled with questions as to what happened to the castaways. Why does Jack refer to his dead father in the present tense? Why does Jack say "Forgive Me" before he is about to jump off the bridge? Who is in the casket? Why is John Jocke so important to the island? And probably the biggest question of all; why is it so important that the castaways stay on the island? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    No words can fully express this episode.
  • Definitely different writing to most other shows

    After watching this episode for a second time, I sat back and really engaged in the plot thats unfolded so far. This episode has loads of interesting things to point out including the fact that during Jack's "flashbacks" things don't seem to be as they were before he left Sydney. His father for one, gets a mention as being among the living, but later when the timeline from those scenes is revealed I think it says alot about why Jack is behaving the way he is in this episode. In his words he is, "..sick of lying!"

    Very interesting indeed. So much so that I have rewritten this entire review to give it a 9.5 from the original 2.5.

    I really can't wait to see the next season.
  • Fantastic.

    Lost has definately been back at it's best this season, and what a great episode to end that season. Very sad to see Charlie killed although we had a good idea it was coming. It'll be sad to see Claires reaction when she finds out. But the ending with the flash forward with Jack and Kate off the island - eek. Who's funeral was it? Why does Jack so desperately want to go back to the Island and did any of the other castaways make it back too? Shame we'll be waiting so long for more about what this all means but I can't wait to see it.
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