Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • "excellent finalè"

    for two hours i was sitting in my chair not knowing how it would end. it was the most fascinating "finalè" to a season full of surpises!!!!! but i was very sad when mr. Eko died. i bieleve that he could offer much more to the series. this episode was the most stressfull from all.!! I also believe that Charlie could leave if he wanted to. but he listen to Dez and he sucrified him self!!! but i was surprised by the move of Locke to point the gun against Jack in front all of the people. lets wait the fourth season and we see what happens......
  • Flashforward = AWESOMENESS

    I haven't written a review of a LOST episode in awhile, and for this I'm sorry. After awhile it just gets kinda boring writing reviews every week, especially when people probably don't even read them.

    Anyway, I thought I should atleast review the Season 3 finale, before Season 4 begins in early February.

    Jack leads his fellow losties to the radio tower, in an attempt to get off the island. Naomi has a receiver that can reach the signal of her freighter, where she came from. Ben trys to get them to stop. He says that she isn't who she says she is... blah blah blah... Locke kills Naomi, and Jack is forced to send a signal.

    In the flashback(wink wink), we see Jack all crazed up. He's taking pills. Anyway, at the end we find out that it's really a Flashforward when Kate comes out of a car. Jack has been trying to reach "someone", and it turns out it's Kate. He tells her they have to go back.... CRAZYNESS!!!

    Also, during the flashforward, Jack finds out someone died... he goes to the persons funeral. NOBODY showed up.... we never found out who this person is. I personally think it's Michael!! You can find out why I think it's him, in the forums.

    GREAT episode. The best to date!!
  • Sayid, Jin and Bernard finally confront the Others, leading to a battle for life or death between the two groups, as the rest of the group sets off towards the radio tower, towards safety and ultimately rescue.

    This episode was definitely the best season finale in Lost history, regardless of as an Australian viewer, I knew what to expect in the final few minutes. Every scene was extremely well acted and shot, from the action in Looking Glass, to the final confrontation between Jack and Locke. In true Lost style it has managed to answer many questions, (importantly: the answer of whether they get off the island or not!) as well as giving us so many more questions we must eagerly wait to be answered. Many of the deaths came as a surprise to me, especially Mikhail and Naomi who I thought were an extremely important part of the development of the story. These two characters were also two of the more mysterious characters of the show. Even though they were not confirmed dead, it is assumed that they will both not be returning for next season. The death of Charlie was also extremely emotional, and will definitely be remembered for a long time to come. This was an amazing episode of Lost, from start to finish, and possibly one of the best of the series yet. The idea of flash-forwards was a great way to change the style of the show, as well as adding a shocking cliffhanger that viewers will remember over the break.
  • I can´t believe it.

    An incredible episode, the best in my opinion of all the season. First, I have to say that I really like the way that the writers show the flashbacks of Jack. Is that possible, I mean, are they alive? They leave the island, and come back home?, or is just another alucination of one of the characters?. I not sure, and I think we are not gonna know it until the new season begins. I´m happy to see that may be Walt and Michael could be back again. That Jack confess his love to Kate,and John is alive, but I have to say, that I´ve never imagined that Charlie is gonna really die. He was not my favorite character, but I feel sad for him, he was a good guy, and what is gonna do Claire and Aaron without him, who is gonna sing now...You All Everybody...???.

    And what is happening, now everybody is killing everyone without feeling bad..., I mean Said, never kill in the island before, not Jim, and poor Bernard. At least Hurley do something good and rescued everyone. I can´t wait to see the new season. I think, we´re gonna like it.
  • Best Lost episode! For now...:)

    Watching this episode is exactly what makes me love the show! With a flash-forward showing Jack's life after living the island was surprising to say the least. There's plenty of deaths happening in this episode...especially Charlie's. He actually did not have to die if he didn't pick up the transmission call from Penny. But in the end he serve to further the story plot by revealing the truth about Naomi to Desmond.

    I can't wait for Season 4 to arrive next February! Even though it's 16 episodes per season from Season 4 onwards, I will still keep watching it! ^^
  • Keeping me on the edge of my seat for the entire two hours, “Through the Looking Glass” was truly the best season finale of 2007.

    “Through the Looking Glass” was the season finale of the third season of Lost. In my opinion, this particular finale was the best season finale of 2007. Clocking in at about one hour and twenty-five minutes of footage, it is easily the longest as well. This episode opens with Jack sitting in an airplane. He has a beard, and viewers catch a glimpse of Sun sitting behind him. The plane begins to feel a bit of turbulence. Could this be Oceanic Flight 815? The plane recovers, and does not crash; it is not. The episode gives us a lot of questions, but, fortunately, answers them all within the next two hours. The main part of this episode is the survivor’s resistance against the Others, and their plan to fight them. The writers do an absolutely fantastic job of making this episode believable, interesting, and downright exciting. Bernard, Sayid, and Jin, the three men who stayed behind to set off the explosives when the Others come, manage to escape the clutches of the Others, thanks to the wonderful Hurley; even though Hurley was told by Sawyer that he could not come with him and Juliet to help, he does not let that get to him, and saves many lives. Meanwhile, in the Looking Glass underwater station, an exciting showdown goes down between Charlie, Desmond, the two girls, and Mikhail. The two girls end up dead, as did Mikhail, or so the viewers thought. Charlie turns off the switch, and sees Penny on the transmitter screen. She asks about Desmond; Charlie tells her that Desmond is alive and well. Desmond notices that Mikhail is gone; Charlie turns to the window and sees Mikhail with a hand grenade. He sets it off; the room begins to fill with water. Charlie shuts and locks the door so Desmond can not get in. In one of the best scenes ever on television, Charlie writes on his hand that it is not Penny’s boat; he crosses himself, and dies. I must say, this made me a bit sad, because Charlie was one of my favorite characters on the show. At least he died an honorable death, trying to save the lives of Claire and Aaron. Back on the island, the rest of the survivors reach transmission with the boat; though, Locke and Ben disagree with trying to contact the boat. The captain says he will rescue them. In one of the best twists in all of television history, we go back to Jack off of the island; his life is a complete wreck, and he seems to be trying to look for a way to get back to the island; he calls someone on his cell phone, and tells them to meet him. When this person steps out of the car, we see that it is Kate; the entire Jack sequences were flash forwards! Absolutely brilliant. This ending ties in well with the title of the episode: “Through the Looking Glass”. The looking glass was a theme seen in the Lewis Carroll’s classic book, “Alice in Wonderland”; the island can be thought of as a sort of wonderland, but what happens when you leave it? In Jack’s case, his life becomes an absolute mess. This episode does a great job of answering some questions, but also raises a few more: Would it be better for the survivors if they just stayed on the island? Why do Ben and Locke not want to leave the island? Is Naomi a good person, or a bad person? Where is Penny? And, perhaps the most perplexing question, who is in the casket? Why did no one come to his or her funeral? Is it someone we have not met? My guess is that it is someone who knows how to get back to the island, which explains why Jack was so upset when he read about his or her death. This episode was so filled with little details that the viewer can easily miss the first time around; I had to watch it two full times to get most of them. I can not wait for the fourth season to begin; if the rest of Lost’s episodes are even half as good, or exciting, as “Through the Looking Glass”, then I will truly be satisfied.
  • one word.... wow.

    The build up to the finale really led well to the final credits. There is so much action in this final episode, with murder and betrayal and the whole flash forward incident with Jack. The last minutes of this episode were seat gripping, with the flood in the hatch, killing off a character, seeing Penelope for one last time, and the never to die Mikhael causing much more confusion to the plotline, leaving viewers to sit on the edge of their seats until next year! Amazing finale, far better than Exodus part 2(s1) and Live Together Die Alone(s2)
  • Nice

    WOW what a finales! Personal favorite! But some things bothered me. First of all i think would be better for story if John Lock shot that satellite phone.. So i am hopeful the story line will stay on island. If story goes off island it wont be good old Lost for me. Second thing Is death of Charly. Damn that Desmond i think he could do more for him!!! (RIP Charly)
    And the last thing. Is that flash forward. Its really unnecessary!! So conclusion is: This was great, exciting and unexpected finale and i am very impatient for next season.
  • I didn't expect this... in any way at all...

    It is actually great how the writters get to turn all the way over the storyline of the season, because, till 16th episode average, this was the worst season of all three of them. But in this last episode, they got to say to the viewers "it's not over yet", and put us in new questions, and the best of all... we have to wait another year just to see if Penny gets to be with her Desmond!
    Although Charlie's death was unexpected (because there were allways a way out of "the end"), we didn't get to see if he died been a hero, or if he just died in vane... those are more interrogatives that we have to wait to answer till next year, it'll be a long, long wait. In just one word... AWESOME
  • The best episode of LOST.(2)

    Ok, what we have here. Charlie - the braveheart and Des - the prophet, finaly entered to LookingGlass station. But there they meet two pretty ladies, who executed Ben's orders and didn't know what they really do. Also on this station they met our undead patchy, who tried to protect LookingGlass station from prophet and braveheart, but later when he came back from underworld next time, he tried to blew up the station by himself. For what, if he wanted to protect it... When we come back to the island, we see very tragic drama between Jack and Ben...Looks like authors changed the characters and now Ben want to protect everybody on this island, but Jack on the contrary do everything to bring the strange commando from mysterious ship. It's destiny to meet Naomi's people even our mega destroyer Locke can't resist the enemy.
  • Whoa! awesome episode! Does anyone has any idea on what is going on? coz i have a lot of questions(yeah dont we all?!)

    Ok first thing, first! for sure this episode is one of the best episode, i´ve been filling my mind of ideas since their pilot. First i thought that they crashed in a island with dinos or something, then the hatch appears and i had like A LOT of an ideas. But it never fits. And this last episode just made my brain blow up, well sort of speaking of course.

    Till now they only showed us episodes with flashbacks, right? And this one isnt, Right? Im asking this coz of the ending, but something doesnt fit, wasnt jack father´s dead? Why did he told the other doctor to go and get him? If it is a flash "forward" well something isnt right then. Of course that must be a reason for that, but i cant wait for the next season :P Nevertheless one of the best episodes of lost. Dint like when one of my favorite characters died thou. But still is an awesome episode.

    Peace out mates
  • i dunno what "jumps the shark" means but this ep is really really random, yet probly the best ep of the season

    charlie cant die!!! flash forwards??? [kate looked hot at the end]... jack loves kate but kisses juliet who goes back to the beach with sawyer had sex kate who wants jack who no one knows who he wants. oh and kate brings uo that she could be pregnant. probably not. lock is random... and where did he go???
    penelope contacts... but chalries dead. what an idiot. he could have shut the door fromt he other side. he woudlnt have needed to lock it coz the pressure from the water would have pushed it shut. i thought he had realised that he didnt need to die for some reason... oh yeah coz desmonds flash backs who really needs to die soon...hes nothing but trouble. saving that aussie helicopter girl who is apparently a baddie [bens words... douche]
    i dont rackon charlie is actually dead coz they cant kill hi coz then therfore that would mean that they'd barely show claire and aaroncoz they only ever showed them because of charlie. oh and claire didnt find charlies ring!!! the ring!!! i hope desmond dies instead. charlie could swim out the window that 'patchy' blew open. did he die too??? coz it looked like he was holding the grende when it blew up... and then he wnet flying backwards... unless he was a really quick swimmer...
    and thats all im gonna write for now. oh and excuse the constant rambling, i tend to do it when itslate at night..

    peaceout yall!!!
  • I'm tired of the foreplay, let's just get it over with so I can go to sleep.

    I'm not just some bum writing a review here. Like many of you, I've watched every episode and like every other opinion that is voiced, here is mine...I'm tired of being led around. The ending was clever to some, but to a lot of people like me, I want some answers. I won't want to see Jack on the cingular wireless talking to someone out there and then him in the future saying "we made a mistake." And who's death was that in the article that he ripped out? I can honestly see why the ratings for this season has gone down. I'd also like to mention that in all my years of TV viewing, I have never seen a broadcast cap a show by telling people that the show will end in two years. Realistically, they could drag this show on for 13 years if they wanted to, but people are getting tired of seeing an extraordinary plot development at the end of the episode and then seeing the words LOST just fade away quickly. The flashbacks are good for the show, it shows what people went through before they got to the island, but I can only handle looking into the future for so long and Desmond already has that handled. And yes Charlie died, but I can't even feel reflect properly because of the ending just left me with a "what the hell kind of feeling." Despite it all, I'll be back next season because I want to finish what I started.
  • Lots of twists and turns. A very satisfying season ender.

    2 Hours flew by quickly. While there were many many twists and turns, the writers managed to move all the plots forward and tell the story. You know this is a great show when the episode holds up to multiple viewings. I don't know how I'm going to last until the next season.
  • I wish there was more...it did not feel like I was watching 2 hours of television.

    Let me start this off with one thing; I am a Lost fanatic. This is a fact, non-negotiable, un-arguable. I listen to the podcasts, I hit up the forums, I've seen every episode twice (ok, that's an exaggeration). That said, I feel comfortable admitting that this was not the best episode of Lost I have seen. It's not so much that it disappointed; Charlie died, there was a flash into the future, rescue boat is close off-shore, we found out more about the Looking Glass, we saw Penny, Locke is alive, Walt is chillin somewhere on the island...the list goes on. However, it did not create that feeling in me that Lost always has. This season, though starting off rocky, gave way to a host of amazing episodes back to back. It was a truly phenomenal season that was not done justice by the finale. I felt gypped, as though not enough new information was revealed, lots of little things happened that were noteworthy but it didn't have the same resonance as last season's finale. I probably enjoyed this finale more simply because I have enjoyed the plots running this season exponentially more; however I would not rate this episode higher. I wish that the flashforward hadn't been of Jack; it makes sense as he has been central to the plot since day 1, but his flashbacks/forwards have all started to run together. Each portrays him as the same, slightly pathetic man that he doesn't seem to be whilst on the island. I am so looking forward to next season; this finale definitely set up some interesting possibilities, I am just sad that these possibilities were not elaborated on. That said, it was an enjoyable episode and I think the writers were right on; they had a good deal of suspense and emotional manipulation that was really needed for a Lost-worthy finale episode. I simply felt that they were building up to a greater conclusion than it ended up being.
  • This together with part 1 was definitely one of the best episodes so far in the history of Lost.

    This together with part 1 was definitely one of the best episodes so far in the history of Lost.

    Just like the whole of season 3, more questions were answered. It kept you wondering during the whole episode with whom was Jack trying to get in touch with, until finally it reveals that it was Kate. That scene alone answered one huge question. That is, that in fact the Losties have managed to get out of the island.

    The idea of using flash forwards together with flash backs is going to make the series more interesting. If this was just a teaser of what we will get in the last three season's then we are looking for a blockbuster.

    One sad note was that Charlie died in the movie. But knowing Charlie it was meant to happen, and if there was a chance of saving Claire and Aaron by dying, he would have definitely did so.
  • This episode was just silly. The writers were starting to pickup steam with the last few episodes but then this piece of garbage comes along.

    What a terrible season finale. NOTHING is reveal and they go out without a cliff hanger. I gave the episode a 0 (yes, I know. For some reason I can't submit the review with a 0), due to its over the top crappiness. Here's hoping a few more million viewers stop watching come next season, maybe that will prove my point. I know I will be one of them.

    ... And one just has to ask, all these 10s ... fan boys or plants. I'm guessing a little of both.

    *** Spoiler ***

    All they revealed is that they got off the island and Jack wants to go back ... who cares? That has NO relevance to the present plot. OH OH, and don't forget, if you have a beard it means you're watching the future.
  • Well, this episode was one of the best episode ever. Im a real lost fan and i love all episodes. even the bad ones are way better than any other show, Lost is in a diffrent league and it is the best show ever. And this episode push lost even higher.

    Well, this episode was one of the best episode ever. Im a real lost fan and i love all episodes. even the bad ones are way better than any other show, Lost is in a diffrent league and it is the best show ever. And this episode push lost even higher.
  • Last but certainly not least of an ever increasing season.

    Wowwww!!! Thats the first word that comes to mind after watching the finale once more.
    Definitely one of the strongest episodes for a long time.Had me going through all the emotions at various points in the episode.From wonderment to joy to apprehension to sadness and possible joy to possible dread too.
    Not an episode full of answers,in fact hardly any at id say,but as always full of mystery and amazement.And at the end even sadness for a character i wasnt the biggest fan of.Its going to be very interesting to see how various characters deal with this new loss and what effect it will have on the losties.
    Cant wait till its back on screen,but i think 8 mnths is going to seem like forever.
    To recap,a finale to be proud of.A finale you could take home to meet the parents in confident knowledge that they will love it as much as you do.
  • this is perhaps the greatest episode of any program i have ever scene (paired with pt 1) it was brilliantly constructed and is definatly the best finale i have seen yet, definatly wworth a watch

    from the start of this two part episode i expected a lot from all the events unfolding, the 3 team structure flicking between the events helped set up the episode brilliantly giving you suspense in whats happening in the other locations as you learn what is happening to the other team, personally i find the events that occured in the looking glass station itself to be the best , for the simple reason it concludes a well written arc which i originally saw as dry making a death both heroic necessacry and worthy of remembrance, in his dying action he helped the losties by telling them its not pennys boat, he is a true hero and this is a brilliant send off, i do hope they keep him dead, mainly since it was a well scripted death and brilliant acting from charlie and desmond ^^ back to the other events, watching hurley stand up for himself and take a positive stand for the losties cause was refreshing and brought a new angle to the character, and to the third party,jacks had its own shocking events, with jack beating the s*^%$ out of ben, which is satisfying seeing his fall from grace, he seemed terrified of the boat, and flash forward was a real game-changer,i would not like to see many of them but it was a real mix up, it raised a lot of questions,i doubt if any of you have read this but i hope my first review is good enough
  • Could Be The Best Episode Ever!! contains spoilers if you didn't see it!

    Lots of conflicts were resolved. Mad others were killed it was shocking gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat even though i guessed the cliff hanger before it happened. Easily the best kills came from Hurley and Sayid. I hated Ryan Price so when Hurley owned him with the Dharma van I applauded. Then Sayid tripped that other idiot and put his legs around his neck and I was like YESSSS!!!! Then the crack sound followed and I applauded again. Sawyer killing Tom was pretty cold, but in my opinion he deserved it. Then the ending the twisted ending with the awesome line "We have to go back!!" hearing Jack shout that totally shocked me, why would Jack want to go back when he so desperately wanted to leave.
  • This is probably my favorite episode of LOST.

    This season's finale was AMAZING!!! The ending was brilliant! I never saw it coming. It has sparked a whole lot of questions, and it's sure to keep people talking until it's return next February. I'm so sad that Charlie died. I cried for a long time. But I liked how he died a hero to save everyone else. This has got to be one of the best LOST episodes yet. Can't wait til next season!
  • Who would've guessed that the season finale would be THIS good?

    What some people have been complaining about, lack of things happening making episodes sometimes boring, which by the way I don't agree with but still, is exactly what this episode is not.

    The season finale is easily said: the most exciting two hours of television I've seen in a long time, and in my opinion the best finale of all shows this year. Now I don't like to compare, but what Heroes lacked in action in its finale, don't get me wrong I like Heroes, Lost had in such a great amount that it could've given some away and would still had been a fantastic episode.

    During what I first thought were flashbacks, I was extremely confused as to when had they happened, surely it was after Jack and Sarah got divorced, and I also thought it was before Jack's father was dead, but I couldn't place when would've Jack had been an oxycodone addict who was on the verge of suicide. But Lost had to be this unexpected, not a flashback, no, a flash-forward, it's quite smart if you ask me.

    All that, plus what was going on at the island, Charlie going off for a suicide mission, Jack leading the camp to the tower, the others being blown up, and the whole Locke-Walt thing was just an example of how a season should end.

    Now what really made me angry is the fact that I have to wait until February for the next season after filling my head with tons of information and making me jump up and down my seat of excitement.
  • Wonderful awesome exceptional episode!

    Very strong episode what touched me deep in the heart and left to think about human life. There are not so many TV series when you not only enjoy interesting and thrilling story, nice characters, good actors or so one but make you to think about main things in your life. This final series were for me the real drama not only mysterious and intriguing show. It is reality - that after some common trip or vacation or disaster when completely strange people know each other and feels like to be friends or even tied more close relations - after coming back to their common life all that is gone (with the wind...) Everybody has their own lives,interests and so it gets. And there could be someone who can't forget the past, for whom this past seems to be the best part of his life and who desperately believes that staying "there" it could be all different all good for him...That's what I felt about Jack. But I hope he will manage. He is and will always be openhearted to people's disasters. (He would end his life and the only thing what stopped him was a crash of the car and woman who needed help. That's very good for the society and bad for his own family. Remember, his first wife left him for that reason and Kate it seems to think the same way... Charlie and his self-sacrifice, Hurley, Sawyer, Lock and their actions, all this huge amount of emotions, faith, strong characters, conflicts, fight, unexpected events made for me these two episodes very very special.
  • Waw, what an episode

    Oh my god, what kind an episode it is? The plan was awesome, flashbacks or flashforwards were so good and we saw them where definitely we must saw them. I think its so hard to put flashbacks or flashforwards each in an episode but hey they catch the rythm where they need to catch, right? After the first 5 episodes of this season, I started to think that all the Lost soul, that the producers created with the first 2 season, was over. But after then they made feel me ashamed. Especially with this end. It's really good and it's worth for our waiting...
    I read there is some people that not satisfied by this episode... If that isn’t good enough for you, than what is? If you watch Lost, and weren’t satisfied with this episode, I seriously think you have a problem. It had the best writing, many shocking and revealing scenes, and in the end it had a great cliffhanger. What more can you ask for? Shut up and be happy.
    Now, I was thinking about that whole flashforward thing, and I remember that Jack said to that other doctor to “go get his father, and see who is more drunk” or something like that. If Jack was telling the truth, what does that mean? Is his father alive? If he is, I am even more in the blue. I am so confused.
    And it of course became even more interesting when Jack told Kate in the future, that they had to go back to the island. I wonder if the people that were on the island and got rescued are still alive or if only a few people have survived. And Jack really wanted to get back to the island, as we could see when he had all those maps in his room.
    I also think it was Ben’s funeral, but at the same time; Why would Ben had to leave the island? Did everybody had to leave? If so, the ones who “rescued” them, did they had a plan to take over the island?
    Why did Kate and Jack had to keep something a secret? And what was the secret? That they had been on an island with special abilities?
  • What a tearjerker! (spoilers)

    This was a very nice season finale.

    We learn more about the flash forward and what leaving the island will do to Jack. Ben tells Jack and the losties not to trust Naomi and that they shouldn't try to contact her boat. Meanwhile things are still looking bad for Sayid, Bernard and Jin after their ambush went wrong, but Hurley comes to the rescue. In the looking glass Desmond's predictions come true. Charlie is drowning right after contacting Penny. He lets Desmond know that Naomi's boat is not Penny's. At the same time Noami contacts her boat and rescue on the way. Of course Lost wouldn't be Lost unless some one come to interfere. Locke shows up and he shoots Naomi, treatening to also shoot Jack.

    Lots of things going on as you see. Although there are still a lot of cliffhangers this episode was pretty revealing. It was also very emotional. The flash forwards were pretty heavy, as we saw what being rescued of the island did to Jack. And the scene where Charlie is drowning is the saddest television scene I have ever seen. A definite tearjerker this episode.
  • One of the greatest episodes, defines the series...

    This is defiantly one of the best episodes ever! It was very well writen by Lindelof and Cuse. The one thing that I was very sad about was the death of my favorite character, Charlie. His death was very well shot, and the slow motion part made it a lot better. I wish they showed shots of Charlie and Claire together while that was happening. However, Charlie's death was the best on the show and his story arc really defines what the entire series is all about. The acting was perfect in this episode, namely Mathew Fox, Dominic Monaghan and Terry O'Quinn. I loved the ending with the "Snake in the Mailbox." It leaves a lot of room for the writers in the future.

    This opens up something brand new for lost. this was by-far the bets of the series. it was amazing. it had so many good moments. it was your classical lost episode. the thing i loved about it was that it had a flash-forward and jack was so miserable back home, that he wanted to go back. it makes a lot of sence. i mean why do they want to get rescued. sawyer already killed the man he wanted to, kate will go to jail, and like its weird. i think that all the people who died hada reason to leave the island, but the island didnt want them to leave so they killed them. i dont knoe though. it is just my theory. Plus they need to have the flash-forwards cuzz u dont no who jack went to see at the funeral, so they need that. i think it will be a good and better concept for lost and a lot more people will watch.
  • I was on the edge of my seat!

    'I was on the edge of my seat!' Those are the words a viewer is supposed to say when they watch a phenomenal episode like this one. It truly was the best episode yet! and deserves a 10 out of 10.

    Ben confronts Jack, claiming that Naomi is not who she seems and issues him a startling ultimatum with very good issued dramatic music that would have fallen flat if it wasnt played. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Juliet try to come up with a plan to rescue the hostages at the beach. Thank God, Sayid, Jin and Benard are still alive. Inside the Looking Glass, Charlie and Desmond struggle to find a way to shut off the blocking signal and Charlie makes a startling heart-breaking choice that makes him courageous yet dead!.

    Ends with a sensational cliffhanger this was one of the best
  • This season finale was most excellent.

    I'm finally getting around to saying how great this episode was. I watched it twice and would watch it again if I had time. When I watched it the second time I noticed at the very beginning that Jack calls Kate before he gets out of his car and walks to the bridge. Orginally, I thought we were meant to think it was a flashback until the end but with the phone call to Kate - I guess not. I think the lady in the crash with the son is Juliet's sister. I'm wondering what happened to Juliet and why Jack is so unhappy. I'm going to miss Charlie. Personally, I don't think they get saved this time and the flashfoward is just a glisp of what will happen towards the end of the series. I think the rescue ship will be exactly what Ben said it would be "the bad guys". It would be really cool if Michael and Walt are on the ship and have been held captive all this time. I don't like what they are doing to Locke - they are making him look like a crazy man. Truly the greatest show on television.
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