Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Charlies date with destiny, Jacks journey to escape the island, Locke meets up with a familiar face and Hurley proves them all wrong. A stunning episode with every character being pivotal to the main storyline

    The finale is an episode of lost which makes the half way point in the series, and it makes sure that the first half of the story ends majestically, and that the second half is set up in such a way that it sends tingles down the bones.

    This is the best episode of lost to date, as near perfect as other episodes have been, the double length running time give you time to laugh, cry, cheer, and as usual be left flabbergasted by the ending, and asking more questions than a game show host.

    This episode largely belongs to Matthew Fox, as finally Jack shephard has an episode which even his 'flashbacks' are incredibly interesting. Matthew Fox is stunning in this episode, with particular mention to his 'flashbacks', and is two showdowns, one with Ben, one with Locke.

    However, most of the emotion comes through Dominic Monaghan's Charlie Pace, who recently has shwon us exactly why we dont want his ex-druggie to join Eko, Libby, Boone & Shannon e.t.c buryied beneath the ground in a grave. And the looking glass scenes are some of the best in the entire season, particulary when Patchless Patchy Mikhail shows up to start the blooodshed in the underwater hatch.
    And the final showdown, Charlie & Desmond vs. Patchy & Water is the most powerful and emotional scene yet to hit the program.

    John Locke, thankfully isnt in a grave just yet, and in the two scenes hes in gets you more excited than you thought you could be, if the episode is at the 10 out of 10 excitement for all the rest of the time, Lockes scenes break the scale. Its a pity that he was limited to those two scenes, but i cant help but think that hes gonna be back better than ever in season 4.

    And the final scene of season 3, well, it has to be seen to be believed. Hold onto your hats folks, as when Feb 2008 comes, i feel a monsoon is gonna blow you away!!
  • Hope for Jate yet.

    I have to admit, the less jack and kate communicate throughout the series, the more intense it is when they finally speak. I LOVE jack, and i adore Kate, and they are just thrilling to watch, cos they make their lust so believable. I think Kate was a kick-*ss side kick in this finale, and im glad that it was her and not juliet. Ben was up to his usual torturous behaviour as usual. I think he is evil, purely based on the fact that he gets a kick out of watching the pain in everyones eyes, due to his actions. And in this particular episode, he did it all for a bluff. Gotta hate Ben. The end was particularly interesting, considering the flashforwards are the next step forward for Lost. Its about time we experienced a slight bit of change, i just think it keeps the thrill going, to know that there is more, beyond what we can fathom, to come. People are short on there theories for next season, because just about anything is possible with that ending they gave us. Anybody could be the one waiting on Kate, and just about any evil charecter in Lost could have been the dude in the funeral or whatever it was. Cant say it is the best episode yet like most ppl because frankly, we say it to almost every episode. Each episode is the 'best' according to that point in time, and im glad to say i feel that way about this ep too.
  • The best finale this season.

    This has qualities of a series classic in every sense imaginable. The episode continues with the journey to the tower and starts off with the conversation between Jack and Kate and this was very interesting for those who are into the love triangle thing. Jack admits here that he loves Kate just moments after Juliet kissed him and I'm sure everyone saw his expression after this. He loved it but that doesen't mean he actually has love feelings for Juliet. Will be interesting to see what the eventual outcome of this will be since the ends gave us a hint that Jack and Kate wouldn't end up together, Kate and Sawyer is more probable.

    In the next scene we see a bearded Jack in an african american neighbourhood. This is where I got the first hint and I believe most viewers, that is those who were spoiler free, that it was a flashforward. No chance that phone model was around before 2005. Well the final confirmation was given when Kate appeared at the end. Looked Alien with those eyes, like a clone. I felt happy for Hugo because rather than feeling downcast by what Sawyer and previously Charlie said, he remained strong and acted courageously in stopping Tom and co. Charlie's death was painful and it was beginning to look like he was going to make it. This episode leaves us guessing what will happen next and also will leave us trying to theorise what the heck happened that will make Jack want to go back. And who was in the coffin and who was Kate referring to in the final scene. The season finale was the best amongst many. Where it goes from here is unknown, will it continue with its current format of flashbacks or will it start with the flashforward format we saw in this two hour finale. Whatever direction they choose to take I think we're in for a thrilling experience in my opinion of what is the best show on tv.
  • I'm reviewing both parts together because I can't remember what happened in which half.

    Doing an "I loved" list.

    *I loved the flash forward. Just putting it out there. I don't want them to keep doing them, but as a one time only deal, they were awesome! They may do one more, just to answer three questions. Who's funeral? Is Kate with Sawyer or someone else? And why does Jack keep talking about his father? Then they may return to the flashbacks, because I want to know how Libby ended up in the hospital.

    *I love the whole sequence where Jin, Bernard, and Sayid got captured. If Bernard's gun didn't work, I would have felt cheated. Because he's sweet, loveable Bernard, and Jin and Sayid are kinda badass. But it was cool that Jin's didn't work, a) because it made Bernard an honerary badass and b) because Jin kept shooting! I also liked how the mission and getting rescued and getting back to Rose and the dark and the confusion were all going on and for their own reasons, neither Sayid or Bernard surrendered when Jin was taken hostage. Very excellent.

    *I was very excited to see Malcolm David Kelley's name it the credits and I'm happy that Walt appeared for Locke like he used to appear for Shannon. But seriously, he can never show up again, except in another flash forward perhaps. Puberty has hit that kid like a stampede of rhino! So, yay for one last, final visit from Walt!

    *Who else really just enjoyed Charlie tormenting the women who captured him? Seriously, you just know he read O'Henry's "The Randsom of Red Chief" when he was a school boy or something. That was seriously amusing.

    *I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for Danielle and Alex to have their reunion. It's about freakin' time! I can't wait to see how that all develops!

    *The Sawyer and Juliet scenes. Now they are a match made in heaven if this show ever had one besides Shannon and Sayid.

    *Ben's people are all slowly turning on him. Tee hee.

    *Jack told Kate he loves her. Aww.

    *No one wanted Hurlry's help and he showed them all! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Anytime I have ever not liked Sawyer has all been forever forgiven due to two lines. "That's for taking the kid off the raft" and "I didn't believe him." All hail the mighty Southerner!

    *Good Vibrations being the code was awesome

    *Jack finally said it! "You're not keeping me on this island anymore!" Thank the Lord someone finally called Locke on what he was doing. If he wants to stay himself, he can. But no one has the right to force anyone else to. That's kidnapping.

    *If Charlie had to die, I couldn't have asked for it to happen in a better, more beautiful way. He saved Desmond, the man who saved him over and over again, the man who was willing to die for him. He gave Desmond the message to try and save them all. He accepted death beautifully. I love you Charlie.

    Can it be January already please?
  • How comes everybody is talking about a flash-foreward when Jack's father still seems to be alive? In a flash-back you see jack drunk and he says: "Ok let's get my father down here and if he is drunker than me, you can fire me!" How could thi

    A new theory: I think the flash-foreward we saw, wasn't actually a flash-foreward but a flashback. i pick up the storyline the writers have dropped in "Flashes before your eyes" when they basically said, yes, there is destiny, and yes every man/woman has a certain path to follow.
    So the question my theory bases on is: What happens if you alter you destiny, if you don't go the path that has been selected for you?
    So when the 815 survivors managed to get rescue, they managed to change destiny and by this they proved that the principle of impeccability of God/Universe or however you want to call it, is acutally false.
    But with them doing this they also disturbed the time and space continuum. they proved that god can be wrong, this can have catastrophal consequences.
    So i think the reason why desmond can see the future is because it isn't actually the future. all the 815 survivors are somehow trapped in a time loop where they are condemned to live the same things over and over again, untill they took the path that was meant for them to be.
    That's why Kate says at the end: "Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh?". And why Jack says: "We made a mistake". So when they left the island, the landed somehow back in the past before the flight crashed. That's the reason Jack is such a mess and whants to kill himself. That's the reason John Locke says to Jack that he is not meant to do this...

    So, what do you think? Sound logical? At least in the logic of the Lost Universe?
  • Through the Looking Glass (2) is the episode that will define the rest of the series.

    Through the Looking Glass (2) is a pivotal moment in the series because the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 will either be saved or attacked by the friends of Naomi on the boat only 180 miles offshore. It is very interesting because Ben warns Jack that the people on the boat have been waiting to get on the island for some time but can’t, and if he tells them to rescue them, he is putting the lives of the survivors at danger. Plus, John Locke believes in Ben because he kills Naomi in the attempt to prevent her from contacting the people on the boat, but Jacks uses the satellite device anyway. The show continued to focus on Jack with flashbacks, but there were not flashbacks; there were flash-forwards of the future because when Jack meets with Kate, he kept shouting lets go back, let’s go back, and Kate said, saw you on the news. Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh? And Jack says, Old habits. Therefore, the person that he went to the see at funeral home had to have been Sawyer because in the flash-forward, Jack said, I thought maybe you'd heard. I thought maybe you'd go to the funeral, and Kate said, Why would I go to the funeral? It will be interesting to see the final three seasons, and how they are played out. Overall, it was excellent conclusion to the season finale.
  • The Half-way Mark.

    This finale marks the half way point of my favorite show in many, many years. This was in my opinion one of the most exciting and controversial episodes of Lost. Like the previous two finales, the fate of the island inhabitants is uncertain. Unlike the previous two finales, the entire scope has expanded.
    Lost is never short on action, and there is plenty of it here. A rescue plan is put into place, and power shifts from one group to the other and back again. As usual, Ben’s motives are shifty and his loyalties questionable. The two who do surprise me are Hurley, for saving the day, and Sawyer for his hostage-taking protocol. Sawyer does deliver my favorite line though, “Stay in the bus Hero”.
    Lost has always taken risks, and this year is certainly no exception. You can’t talk about the finale without mentioning the ‘game-changer’. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about this. It has taken me more than a week to collect my thoughts enough to review it. The flash-forwards open up several possibilities for the shows direction, and one can only trust that TPTB know what they are doing. The second half of this series will begin with a brand new perspective, I believe we will look back and marvel at what a wonderful idea this was.
  • Awsome :)

    A fitting end to another fine season, some resolutions, some more questions, some answers and a copule of great OMG moments. The old cliffhanger season finale trick (certainly gets me wanting more). It is always sad to see the demise of a regular character, but as lost has proven from the get go they are not afraid to wipeout regular characters, and although not unexpected it was a sad to see him go - but once he found out his death could end up with claires freedom their really was nothing to think about for charlie. I liked the flash forward and just hope that like any future this is not written in stone and that the things they do over the next 48 episodes could change the outcome of there futures - bring on season 4 :)
  • Great episode, great series

    why did charlie have to die? as soon as i saw mikahl get shot i knew they should have made sure he was dead this time for sure but they didn't...

    good ol Hurley saved the day! what a legend! will we get to see anything else that happened on the island?

    and find out things like the "monster", Walt, more about the numbers, the experiments on the babies, the brainwashing room, why the others want to stay there so badly, more about Jacob and all that other stuff....

    i hope the next season lives up to the rest and they manage to explain everything that has left us completely dazzled and who thinks Loche probablly stayed on the island?
  • Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    The writers don't know what they are doing anymore. The plot continues to make no sense, and we are still not getting any answers.

    Yes, this is a mystery show, but things have to make sense; it can't all be just tension music and things exploding. What's worse is that, not only we aren't getting any answers, but that most things happening have become predictable. We knew Locke wasn't dead; we knew the Others hadn't killed the three Losties; we knoew the Russian guy was not dead (again), etc...

    When you know for a fact that some things are not going to happen, it devalues the whole thing. "Oh look, they shot Locke. But he ain't dead, so who cares."

    A few things that didn't make any sense from this episode:

    1. Charlie's death: okay, we all knew he was going to die, but that was ridiculous. I won't go as far as saying that a grenade under water would not make the window break, but really, he had time to open the door again, put on a diving suit, cook a meal, watch a movie, and swim safely to the surface. You don't expect TV to make sense all the time, but when you kill an important character, you can't just have this nonsense.

    2. Locke's return from the death: of course we all knew he wasn't dead, but really, how on earth did he manage to get out of that hole with a gunshot wound, and then go for a walk to find the rest of the group as if he knew where they were. I know it adds to the "plot", but it makes no sense.

    3. The radio signal: in a science fiction series, how can the writers be so naive as to try to make us believe that a radio signal (Rousseau's) can block a satellite signal? It can't, and again, no sense here. Picky, you say? When the plot revolves around people having to walk to the tower so that they can turn the signal off and so that Locke can find them and kill the girl, it's not me being picky. It's a huge mistake.
  • This was amazing! Flashback to the begining please. i need to watch again! Season4 prediction!

    Hey this was a really great episode. So many new questions came up? I liked the scenes with Ben and on the beach, so much action. Poor Charlie, but it was the right decision of the producers to let Charlie go. They cant predict his dead the whole season and then not kill him. He goes out as a hero and it was the best way to die like that! I will miss him! But his journey as a character was over! Hope we see him in flashback if they will still use them. The Ending was so good. I didnt expect it. The whole two hours i thought it was a flashback and i was angry that they showed us another Jack-flashback but luckily it was a flashfoward, they totally fooled me on that one. I predict that next season we will still see flashbacks, but they are of the island. The future will be the present in season 4!

  • Part two of two - A two hour season finale of Lost

    WOW again!!

    What can I say, Lost has done it again! With more twists and turns than a formula 1 race track, this two hour finale had me gripped all the way through. The acting form everyone was great, the storyline was fantastic and the pace was perfect - even the Jack flash(backs).

    This is exactly why I fell in love with this series, the guessing games that even if you think you've guessed correct - you haven't! The character development and relationships, the island, the others - everything!

    This finale was absolutely outstanding and I for one cannot wait for the new season which has a lot of explaining to do!!
  • Absolutely stunning: a mind-blowing, game-changing finale

    Absolutely stunning: a mind-blowing, game-changing finale that's become my favourite episode of LOST. "Through The Looking Glass" had everything - great moments of drama - Jack's almost suicide and Jin's touching goodbye to his wife; some moments of humour - Hurley and the Van and his message to the Others; some moments of sadness - Charlie's Death; and moments of intensely unbearable suspense - Ben's ultimatum for Jack. It was an action-packed finale with stellar writing, directing, editing, and an amazing performance by Matthew Fox. The "Snake In The Mailbox" was the biggest WTF??? moment this show has delivered and I loved it.

    Quite simply, this was not only the best Season Finale I've ever seen, it was the best episode of television I've ever seen - topping even the TV near-masterpieces of Season 3 that were "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "The Man From Tallahassee", "The Brig", and "Greatest Hits"
  • They writers kill off a beloved Character for no reason.

    I was absolutly furious with the writers for killing Charlie what kind of a person kills off someone as loved as Charlie and someone who has been like a Dad to the baby on the show. I personally will not be watching LOST anymore, nor will I be buying anymore of the seasons. I hope that the writers end up regretting what they did.
  • The best season finale of any show presently airing.

    I'm not going to side with Lindelof or Kring on this one, but there is no denying that LOST has the greatest team of writers on network television. Say what you want about the newly-formed feud between LOST and Heroes, but clearly this is one show that continuously exceeds the expectations of its general audience.

    First, this was a Jack episode, the greatest Jack episode to date. There is little doubt now as to who the central figure on the show is. Come this time next year, we may see it develop into a Ben or Locke centralized show. For now, Matthew Fox might be the best developed supporting actor of any series. Is the man of science, now a man of faith? Does this mean that Locke will do a 180 too? Secondly, there were a number of things to note about the episode. The news clipping, the casket (definitely not Hurley), the flashforward, the golden ticket, Ben's "truth", Penny's frequency, Walt's return, and Patchy's 9 lives were some of the more interesting twists. These all leave more questions to be answered later down the line.

    Finally, the countdown has started - only 48 episodes to go. We will have to patiently anticipate LOST's return until 2008, but we know now that every episode will leave us with a little piece of the big puzzle. The writers have topped themselves with the finale episode in every season. This one was no exception. Cruse and Lindelof have the best show on TV, but do they really need to kick sand in the eyes of another decent show. For more on this story please visit: http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=thud&id=10411
  • I'm not gonna go for the singol episode's review but a whole season misteries review...read below..and see if you are asking yourself my same questions...and if my answers could solve something...

    Are all of you reviewers out of it?It is obvious that Ben and the others are REaLLY the good guys...or maybe not...but I'm pretty sure Naomi and her friends are ReAL REaL BaD.Plus i read in some reviews that you think that LOCkE iS bAD!!!??? Locke is the only one that is actually in communion with the island and I'm sure that in the fourth series they will tell us all about his adventure once he was saved by the island and saw walt.His flashback, i think, will fill in a lot of misteries in our minds, in the fourth series and I think before the writers will show us the ''bad guys'' or naomi's people....however you prefer.... They will show us first kinda like in the second series what is happening in those few minutes before the helicopters come...like showing us what the others' TEMPLE is and showing us(as i said before)what John is up to and why he needs to get ''work done''.(kinda like we saw Locke, and kate get in the hatch but in like three episodes showing all kinds of different prospectives).Well obviouslym these aren't the only answers that come up after this episode....like...who is Richard(the other that helped john)is he lower rank than ben or is he more important than they(the writers) wanted us to think?remember in the episode where we saw in the flashback john going with the others and camping with 'em?ofcourse you do...and do you remember Richard saying....''we've had enough of ben;and people are willing to CHANgE....'' that left me quite speechless...Plus we all want to know more about dharma, we want to know what the others are doing on the island...(temple?experiments?what the heck??!!)we want to know more about ''the black clowd''(why did it kill Mr.eko??).But wait...i want to say something about that...remember that the others wanted to kidnap the BaD GuYS of the tail part survivors??remember only mr.eko made it out of theyre ambush??
    Well....what if i tell you this...maybe...the others are ReALLY good guys and that they are ReALLY doing exactly what the island wants??I mean...the black cloud is obviously some kind of odd thing but it surely isnt controlled by the others...im sure its the island itself that gives it orders(or is part of the island...who knows)and saying that....The CLOuD KiLLED oNE Of THe PEoPLE ThE OThERS WaNTED To KIdNAPP iN ThE FiRST PlACE!!!I mean...if that isn't weird...what is? Probably even walt is actually the black cloud...who knows...i mean walt went away with michael...we all remember that...and we aslo know that the cloud can read into peoples thoughts and that it can take the thoughts shape...(like mr.eko brother..iemi..)so i think walt was defenetely the cloud in the scene where locke wakes up; we want to know why the heck michail is still alive after getting an arrow in the chest and how he was able to swim all the way out of the looking glass without being noticed(and if he survived the arrow, how did he swim with such a bad wound?);
    ...well...i'd llike to go on and write...but i don't want to be boring...so i leave to you the comments and please tell me if you think i'm totally nuts or if maybe i'm right about stuff... OH last thing.....Sawyer Why Did You Have To Kill Tom when he practically kept in life sayid jin and bernard???SAyID WHy DiD YoU HaVE To BReak ThAT PoOR GuYS NEcK??YoU WiLL ReGRET iT....WHeN THe REALLy BaD GuYS ComE...YoU WiLL REGReT iT!!!
    Oh by the way... awesome episode!!!
  • I have had enough of Lost and wont waste my time watching a show written by people that clearly dont have a clue where to go with the story themselves.

    Lost has clearly lost it, it answers no questions whatsoever, it just ignores most of them and add some more.
    Having scenes in the future serves no purpose but to confuse the viewers.
    In 3 seasons what has really happened? A plane crashes and people survived by a miracle, they find others and remains of science stations and some bad tempered black smoke, thats about it.
    The flashbacks are nicely entwined in the series but dont really add to the story but to the characters, which then die one by one.

    In the last episode Charlie clearly didnt have to die and had enough time to lock the door from the other side, the man that got shot in the chest with a harpoon blew himself up with a handgrenade just to get back at them?
    The people that crashed blow up 7 of the others and the remaining others capture them and not kill them?
    I just dont believe it any more.
  • great so just more questions and a few answers...

    noooo, how could they kill him off. the only english character in this show and they killed him. Dominic Monaghan was quoted as saying that he didnt mind if charlie was killed off as long as it was impressive. well then right about now he should be minding. ok so yeah drowning, like thats never been done before. he was one of my favorite characters but he didnt even get a decent flashback episode this season. but we get a two hour 'flashforward' from jack that is impossible to understand.

    can i just say that of all the ways desmond predicted charlie was going to die this was basically the most boring, and IMO the easiest one to avoid. not only could he have just not swam down there but he couldve gone out the door before closing it to save desmond.

    they had no reason to kill charlie off. they pushed him into the background in season two and made him into a secondary character. we shouldve at least found some more important things out about him in 'greatest hits' instead of just going for mini things that didnt tell a story. we got no closure other than the fact that he died like desmond said he would. no important realisations, no real goodbyes of any sort. which is more dramatic?

    *Electrocuted by lightening
    *drowning saving your girlfriend
    *falling off rocks for your girlfriend
    *an arrow through the neck
    *or drowning cos some scottish bloke says so

    take your pick.

    poor claire. the only person she really spent any time with was charlie and now he's gone. i wish he'd just told her he was going on a suicide mission. and whats with jack not wanting to send sayid on a suicide mission but having no problem with charlie and desmond going. i now really want to find out where naomi came from if it wasnt pennys boat but no-ones going to know exactly what penny said because all charlie could do before drowning was to write on his hand 'not pennys boat' which given the circumstances would be a very difficult and unrealistic thing to do.

    Locke is alive. thats just great. note the sarcasm. why why why? wouldve been so much better if they'd just killed him off which btw i thought they did. so yet another clliffhanger i wonder if this one will be resolved... need some answers.

    this may be a long review but i mean every word (even the sarcastic ones).
  • Not only was this the best LOST finale yet, it may be the best finale I've ever seen. The gamechanger is something to behold. I loved this episode!

    Season 3 was a love or hate season. Personally, I find that it was stronger than Season 2, if only by a hair, and weaker than the pilot season, which was completely amazing and introduced the show beautifully. With this finale, not only are lots of issues from this season wrapped up, but the show takes a new turn. And for me, it's definitely a positive thing.

    Things begin with Jack getting ready to leave for the radio tower, leaving Sayid, Jin, and Bernard back at the camp to take care of the Others. Lucky for them, they only will have to deal with ten of the Others' finest, and not the whole group. As Jack advances towards the radio tower, we find that the love triangle that we though may have ended with Juliet has now returned and has become a love quadrangle as Jack kisses Juliet, yet tells Kate that he loves her. This is really interesting as it makes us wonder what the heck Jack thinks of Juliet truly. Is he just using her? Who knows... Sawyer, on the other hand, is trying to distance himself from Kate, who is again acting the usual. However, his motive isn't that he is fed up with Kate, but that he wants to save Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, as it seems that only two of the explosions went off, and not all three. He tells Kate that he's going back but doesn't want her to come. Juliet goes along with Sawyer and Hurley tries to as well. However, once Juliet and Sawyer see Hurley, they tell him that he'll just get in the way and isn't in the best shape to help them out. That really got to me, as Hurley is a character that has always tried to help and fit in. He leaves reluctantly, and Sawyer and Juliet press on. It's really cool to see that a relationship between those two could be quite possible, but that's thinking too far ahead for now.

    On the beach, Jin and Sayid are able to shoot their sets of dynamite and kill seven of the ten Others. Bernard gets the chills and doesn't shoot off his dynamite in time, as the Others ambush our shooters from behind. Tom and Pryce with one other unknown Other hold the three hostage, threatening their lives as they question them on where Jack has led the group. Sayid stands up to them, as he knows well enough that he must let them all get off the island. Jin, well, he can't speak english. Bernard, however, remembering Rose telling him to not be Rambo, gives away Jack's plan to get to the radio tower. Pryce then radios Ben, whom with Alex, goes to head off Jack's group at their destination. When Alex asks why he's bringing her along, Ben tells her that he's delivering her to her new family, in reference to the losties. The motive of this is obviously that he was trying to protect her from having Karl impregnate her. This reveal gives me the idea that Ben isn't as bad as he seems. Sure, he killed all the Dharma people, but maybe they really were the bad guys. Ben later tells Pryce to keep the hostages as leverage. It seems that Ben still has more up his sleeve and will always be one or two steps ahead of the losties no matter what they try to do.

    And then, we cut to the story that I was most excited to see. We see Locke, ready to kill himself in the Dharma grave with a revolver. It seems as though Locke is willing to end his own suffering as he is accepting that he has failed. Right before he pulls the trigger, we are shocked by the sight of Walt, whom tells John that he can walk and has work to do. What the heck is up with Walt? How the heck did he so suddenly get back? Why? This is one of the questions we'll have to ponder for the eight months that LOST will be gone from us.

    Down in the Looking Glass, Charlie is surviving the good cop, bad cop routine by Greta and Bonnie who question him over how he got there. Knowing that this isn't the way he'll go, Charlie toys around with them, giving them lies such as he came from an "invisible submarine". Greta and Bonnie are then revealed to be Others, as they ask Ben for advice on how to handle the situation. Eventually, they get out the information of who Charlie is, and Ben is bedazzled by the idea that the losties know of that hatch. Ben then has Mikhail sent to the Looking Glass to take care of the situation as he has little faith in the two women. Mikhail then realizes that Ben lied about the Looking Glass being flooded and it seems that his faith in Ben has been a bit shattered. However, Ben notices this in Mikhail, and is able to keep him under his rule for just a little longer.

    We finally see Desmond in his boat, waking up to find no Charlie. Just as he awakens, he sees Mikhail taking shots at him with his rifle over in the distance. Diving into the water and reaching the Looking Glass, Desmond is able to hide in one of the lockers inside the station without the women noticing. With the women both angered that Charlie isn't telling them anything, they threaten to teach him otherwise with a spear gun. Just before they get this gun from the locker holding Desmond, Mikhail comes out of the water, telling them that he has been sent by Ben. He goes into a room and talks with Ben via a communications room. There, he is told by Ben to get rid of Charlie, Bonnie, and Greta. He exits and gets Bonnie and Greta, but Desmond shoots him with the harpoon gun before he can finish off one of the women. This was a very iconic scene with Desmond taking the initiative with the harpoon gun in a classic showdown pose. I loved that. Charlie then gets the code out of this woman left living that he needs to turn the switch and the yellow light. And what do you know, it's a tune to Good Vibrations, which also gave headway to the song, A Day in My Life, by the Beatles. After pushing the code, he presses a button after flipping the switch. This leads to him talking with Penelope. During the talk, he is told that the boat of Naomi is not hers. She doesn't have a boat. This blew me away since I knew that Naomi was a liar. Everyone didn't believe me, but I told them that Naomi lied. Still, I must know, how come the Looking Glass went to a screen with Penelope? Is she linked the group of Naomi or the Others? Why would they be tuned to her? Ugh, I guess we'll learn that later.

    After Charlie learns this, Mikhail, the man that never dies, appears outside with a grenade and blows open the window in the room that Charlie is in. Charlie heroically locks himself in the room to save Desmond then rights his final wishes, "Not Penny's Boat." This was done in an extremely touching way and makes me believe that this was the best character send off ever. Amazingly sad, yet beautifully done.

    Back with Jack and his group, they finally reach the radio tower. Meeting up with Rousseau, they enter the radio tower to end her signal. Unfortunately, Ben is also there. He warns Jack that calling these people of Naomi will kill everyone. This makes me believe that the people on the ship are people from the Dharma Initiative, and really no other group would make much sense. Again, I have to say, I was right and yet no one wanted to believe me! Ben then threatens Jack and is pushed to have Sayid, Jin, and Bernard executed by Pryce and Tom. Jack lashes out by beating Ben to the bone, and then tying him to a tree for safe keeping. This scene really shows the person that Jack is truly and also hints at who he will be in the upcoming seasons. Naomi, testing her phone for any sort of signal finally is able to call someone. With the radio out, she takes the phone and begins to call her ship. Just as she is about to speak with her crew, we find that Locke has thrown a knife in her back. With Naomi pretty much dead, Jack takes up the phone and begins to talk with a ship person. Locke threatens Jack, telling him that he'll shoot him. Jack pushes Locke as he continues to speak, and Locke then walks away with Ben again disappointed in him. I find it a bit strange that Locke kills Naomi yet doesn't kill Jack. Is it because he sees Jack as an accomplice or even a friend? I guess that we'll know next season or at least have a better idea of what was going on with our pal Locke. With that said, the man on the ship pin points Jack's location and tells them that they're on their way to rescue them. ON the beach, we find that Pryce on Tom have not actually killed their hostages, but shot in the sand. Tom doesn't agree that Pryce defied Ben's orders, and this shows that a divide in the Others is beginning and will become big for them. Sawyer and Juliet finally arrive at the scene, trying to devise a plan to rescue their fellow friends. Just as they think they have a plan down, Hurley arrives in his VW bus and runs over Pryce, killing him. This gives Sawyer the chance to steal the gun from Pryce and kill the random Other that was with him. Then, Tom gives up, seeing he's definitely outnumbered. However, Sawyer doesn't agree and kills Tom, saying "that was for the kid you kidnapped." This kind of showed how the death of the real Sawyer has affected our fellow con and that Tom may have actually been a good guy after all that didn't really want to fight with the losties. I'm still made that Tom is gone, though.

    Now, onto the flashback. Well, let me say, flashforward. yes, that's right. LOST's big gamechanger was showing us a flashforward of Jack in his nice ol' Spartan-like beard. We see him, just as his father, drinking and popping pills. His regrets lead him to nearly committing suicide. Just then, an ad in the paper of a death of someone he knew brings him to calling a special friend. He goes to see this person's coffin, but we never get to look inside for ourselves. Yes, this'll be a mystery I don't plan on being answered for a ways out. Then, Jack is able to contact the person he has been calling and meets up with them. There, he meets Kate and tells her how he has been flying on flights between LA and Pacific cities around Asia hoping that the plane will crash. He admits that they made a mistake and that they must go back. I'm guessing that he's talking about the island and then getting off. I think that after this, Jack and friends will finally realize that their isn't much more to go back to and that life on the island was better. Still, there's a lot of questions that this finale brought, and I want to discuss them now! Great writing!

    So, with that long re-cap with analysis, I have to say that this is the best finale I've seen. The number of key events is amazing and the storylines of each were well written. The only problem I had was that the second half seemed to pass a littl too much faster than the first, making the big reveals and shockers hard to cope with once the iconic LOST logo came up at the end of the episode. Still, this is in my top 3 episodes for the show. Incredible.
  • I think I know what they're trying to do! Oh no, I know it! Yes, you're right, read on!

    Three years. They've built a routine, something to trust. That was one of the few things you knew would come every single time. Maybe two times they didn't give us that, but they had reasons. Now we think, we're watching a flashback, are thrilled to see all these snakes jumping at us right out of the mailbox. They started a new strategy, we think. But that actually might have started with "LOST: The Answers" already. You might, no you do remember. When they said, that by the end of the show we would know not only the past and the present of the characters, but also the future. Then we see this incredible moment, this masterpiece, that tells us, they've kept their promise. No, they didn't. Not necessarily. Better. They have played the best trick on us so far. And I am thrilled to see the show come back, possibly in real-time, one hour till the ship is here. Hopefully, till then, they'll give us one new moment of the big next episode every week. Of course, there's no way I can promise I'm right. But I am. You might think, that what we got to see in the finale was after the island, after it's over, that Jack is becoming like his father. Sounds pretty realistic. But Kate and Sun also made it off the island. And Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) said, as if he knew for sure (which he probably does), that these three are all of the survivors, that made it off the island. You might think, that's what ends this tale, but I don't. This is season Four. I already thought, the show would soon start approaching to the secrets from on and off the island. Just I thought, that Penny and the rescue would be the only people trying to find the survivors. The ship will come, like in a second season finale (or The actual second season finale), but this time, that's what is going to start the season. Jack, Kate and Sun (apparently still pretty early in her pregnancy) will somehow end up on a plane home, or a ship. Sun also has reasons to go back, meaning her husband. Maybe she's just as screwed up as Jack. Maybe we're slowly turning the island events into flashbacks, or not, if this is not the end. Because then we would switch back and forth in time too much. But I am sure, they (Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) were trying to get us to think that this is the future, but it's not. This is clearly season four. This is right before they start showing us not only the situation on the island, but also the situation off the island. And, who knows, maybe the island will take Jack and Sun back with a plane of new survivors, putting Penny and Kate into the middle of attention, because of all the things that happened, maybe even in danger, threatened by the airline. And possibly The Hanso Foundation. Bringing us to Rachel Blake, who will find her way into the show. By the way, this and some other ideas are coming to me right as I am writing this here. Maybe Sun will lose the child off the island, due to the fact, that she only got pregnant because of the island. Maybe. But I'm sure, that Jack just had to stop shaving for a little time (he's got pretty dark, therefore pretty much a lot hair), Kate only had to get home and her husband would instantly take care of her, like he did, I guess, of her problems with the authorities. He's a cop. It sounds to me, like it could make sense.
  • After this episode 2 things were relly clear to me: 1- Either you love or hate this series, there is no midle term; 2- Nobody has the slightest idea of what will happen next.

    sorry about the english...

    And Lost continues to surprise the fans (and the fans only, lets be honest here). Was there any way to surpass moments like Walt been taken by the others or the "Swan" hatch countdown reaching zero, just to mention 2 of the most powerfull moments on the previous seasons finales? Well this episode showed that the answer is yes.

    Who likes answers all the time must have been very disapointed. No questions we had until "Greatest Hits" were answered. Ok, we found out that Locke was alive (anyone thought he wasn't?) and Naomi was not send by Pennelope. Anything else? NO. And the series had never added so much mistery without answering at least a couple of questions like it did now.

    But that is the power of this series. Adds one mistery after the other and we still want more. Answers? Some day they will come (but not all I'm afraid. To me this series finale will be like one of those films with open endings... some things will have to be interpreted by ourselves).

    And the creators have the ability to keep the fans wating for answers for a while longer. With episodes like this. An emotional, tense and desperate journey of the 815 survivors in order to finally call for help and get out of the island. At the same time, a desperate atempt of Ben and the others to stop them. Who is right, who is wrong? Who is good, who is bad? One thing that "Lost" aways pointed is that there is a fine line between righ, wrong, good and bad. This episode just made that point very clear. Ben and the others can be liars and decievers but they seem to have good reasons for that. What about the survivors? Are they the "good guys"? Well, not if we consider what we saw on their flashbacks. Not just the flashbacks but look the difference between Ben's decision about Sayid, Bernard and Jin and Sawyer's about Tom ("I didn't believe him"). After this episode, I don't know if I believe even in a "fine line" anymore. Maybe between this 2 groups there's no good and bad whatsoever. One thing I know is that for the first time I believe in Ben when he said that, if Jack called for that "rescue" "every living person on this island will die". Witch bring us to the powerfull moment on this season finale. Jack's flash-foward. The final scene, when we find out that what we had saw wasn't a regular flashback but something that takes place after the events on the island is not only powerfull, but shocking. And a great experience for watching a second time and take all the "hints" the writers left indicating that it wasn't the past. I'm not even try to theorize about this. The only thing left to do is wait to see how the story will continue.

    After this episode, after 3 amazing seasons, I'm shure the wait will worth it. Like I said before, the series creators continue to surprise us, and I think it wasn't for the last time.
  • I think the writers of this series have LOST it! Garbage, depressing, unacceptable.

    I think the writers of this series have lost it (pun intended). The last episode was just nonsense and depressing and a good reason for me to stop watching this series forever. There was absolutely no reason to get so gross, macabre, ghoulish and violent in the last few episodes and then killing off everyone of interest. We are left with a depressing image of Jack who ends up as a psycho case after being the hero most of the time. I really think the writers and producers don't know what they are doing or where the story is going and are playing it by the seat of their pants. Total garbage. A depressing end to a once glorious series. Next time, quit when you are ahead, like maybe at the end of last season.
    Holliday 070527-1
  • WHAT??

    this was one weird episode.. charlie dying was waaaaaaaay too sad, sayid breaking the other's neck was amazing, i was really glad neither sayid nor jin died... it was great having hurley as a hero... juliet and jack kissing was cute... i hated when he told kate he loved her, but what can i do? for some reason i belived ben when he said naomi was a fake, i just hate that jack wants to play hero. now he's gonna get everyone killed... i looooooooved it when john killed naomi, it made me soooo happy to see him ALIVE!!! that was sooooooo good, and prior that, seeing walt there "saving him": weird, but great... i just wished john had shot jack when he could.. it would have been amazing!! and what's up with mikhail? is he inmortal or something? it's annoyin'! the flashbacks or flashforwards were sooooo (i can't finf the word) strange... i just can't see "the perfect" jack turning into that piece of crap... it doesn't bother me though... considering i don't like him that much.. anyway, it was a good finale... and i'm gonna wait anxiously for next season in order to see jack's acts' marvelous consecuences...
  • "What, Jack knew Kate before they arrived on the island!? That just makes absolutely no- OH MY GOD!!" Those were my exact words whilst watching that final scene.

    Although this episode is split into two on TV.com, I'm just writing one (long) review as the episode was aired as a whole. Also if I wrote reviews for both parts, the first one would probably be very short and the second would need to address things from the first part anyway.

    Fisrtly I was hoping for some answers in this episode that we didn't get. I thought we might get a completely unexpected answer (like how the plane crashed last year), the reason for this is simply what the execs said before the season started (at comicon I think). There were a few mysteries they said would be answered this season that weren't. These included The Whispers, The Monster, How the island heals people and How Locke, Eko and Desmond survived the hatch implosion. The latter was the one I was most interested in and honestly I think that the best we'll get for that is a half-assed explanation from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the show's execs) on their podcast.

    Anyway, onto the episode itself. I knew that this was going to be a Jack centric episode and so was ready for dissapointment from the outset. And it appeared to start that I was not wrong. Althought the opening few flash(apparently)back scenes weren't "Stranger in a Strange Land" bad, they were nothing compared to last season's Desmond flashbacks. It appeared (to me at least) that after Jack's wife had left him and probably after he'd gotten a kickin in Phuket he'd got very depressed, grown a beard and started drinking and overmedicating. Basically he was House, without witty remarks and the cane.

    On the island we had three different things going on for our main characters: Sayid, Jin and Bernard waiting for the others; Charlie getting tortured by a couple of hotties and the rest going for the communications tower. These different events were interspersed well, no one was focused on for too long or felt dragged out and none felt like they didn't get enough screentime. Not a second of the episode, on the island at least, seemed wasted, which is something Lost can be guilty of sometimes.

    Considering a few weeks ago I didn't think Charlie'd be in the finale at all (because he'd be dead) it was great that he was the focus of a very important storyline, not to mention having some brilliant lines. Of course he wasn't alone, before long Desmond joined him. This seemed a bit iffy, as Desmond would have thought that the station was flooded from his vision, but the alternative was getting shot by Mikhail so I'll let it slide.

    Once Desmond did get down to the Looking Glass, he did his best Solid Snake impersonation by hiding in a locker. Now that he was there it seemed that there could be hope for poor Charlie. But our seemingly invincible Russian friend saw to that. Don't get me wrong, I think Mikhail's a great character and I hope we see him again next year in flashbacks, but the b*stard better be dead! Being killed three times is a bit excessive, even for Lost. He's becoming the show's Kenny. Him being shot with a harpoon was a cringe/cheer moment and so I felt slightly cheated that it didn't kill him. You could argue that the harpoon missed his heart and he had just enough energy to swim under the station and blow a hole in the side.

    As for Charlie's death. It was done very well, sort of. It was very emotional and a good end to the character's story arc. There are some issues with why he didn't try to save himself, but I can kind of see why he did. If nothing else, if he knew he'd eventually die anyway, he might as well go out as a hero.

    So in the end, of the five apparent deaths we were promised, only one was a main character. Personally I was happy with that, there's no main character I don't like and so it would be a huge shame to lose any of them. Had Jin, Bernard and Sayid been killed, as I'd guessed they would at the end of the previous episode, I would'nt have been happy. An execution is a pretty crappy way to go. It's more 24 than Lost, add to that the fact we didn't get to see their (apparent) final moments, I was genuinely angry at the show.

    Fortunately this was cancelled out with the reveal that all three were fine. Although it doesn't make the most sense why Ben didn't have them actually killed, I'm not going to complain. The fact they were alive was good for multiple reasons. The main one being that obviously they were alive, that's a plus. Also if Ben had killed three of the main characters he couldn't return next year, even as a bad guy if he had done that he would be reviled by the fans and no one would even like to hate him, they'd just hate him. I know I would've felt that way. And of course it also led to the greatest scene of all time!

    Hurley the Hero! Hiro Nakamura eat your heart out, you're no longer the most lovable hero, Hurley beats you in all categories! When Sawyer told him that he couldn't come with him and Juliet you could see the pain on his face. What made it worse was that Sawyer seemed to be right. What could Hurley do? He's not a fighter, we've never seen him fire a gun and he's not exactly small and so could be easily seen. This was part of the beauty of the scene, I never saw it coming. It was also great to see a use for the van that Hurley fixed, thus making "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" not just a filler episode. It was a great action sequence all round and only spoiled by Sawyer murdering Tom. Character development? We want more action! Seriously though, I am happy that Cooper's death hasn't just washed over Sawyer like it never happened. We should get more good stories out of Sawyer next season now.

    I've prattled on for too long now so I'll skim over Walt's reappearence (and obvious aging), Locke's recovery and Roussau and Alex being reunited (they were all class) and just move on to the ending. What an ending. Never saw it coming. And didn't Kate look particularly hot there, possibly a sign of how her life's gone after they got off the island. It not only saved the off island story, it made it! I was annoyed that we couldn't just find out who was in the coffin, it couldn't be anyone important. But with the revelation that this was in the future, it could be almost anyone. On second viewing each flashback scene made perfect sense and was really cleverly done. When I originally heard that the season finale was going to be a Jack episode I sighed. In hindsight I should have seen the twist coming. The only reason to give arguably the most important episode of the season to the character with the most covered and therefore most boring backstory would be to do something fantastic like this. I didn't have enough confidence in the writing staff on Lost to pull of something like this and so I apologize to them. Jack was the right choice for this episode. He's the main character, as much as we may not like it, and so he was the one that this first flashforward needed to go to. They didn't go over the top with the flashforwards, they gave us just enough so we could handle another Jack side-story, without having too many scenes so that it didn't take from the island action.

    Overall this was a great episode, however after last years info-orientated finale this one could've done with a couple of mysteries answered. Therefore I don't think this was quite as good a finale as last season's. Of course we did get arguably the biggest mystery on the show answered: Will they ever get off of the island? With this reveal it will make for a very interesting season 4, and hopefully keep it interesting through to the finish.
  • Great season finale!

    Charlie and Desmond try to firgure out how to shut off the jamming signal while Jack and the other survivors of the airplane move towards the tower that is transmitting the French ladies recording. One the way they meet Ben and Alex which try to convince Jack not to contact Naomi's boat. In the end, Charlie dies shutting off the jamming signal and talked to Penny right before he died, Desmond is happy because of Penny, Locke comes out of no where and kills Naomi, and Jack gets through to the boat and tells them they need rescueing. Oh, and Hurley goes off and runs over some bad guys...Overall, great episode. Everything was done well and I was impressed. The only thing I hated, and I really HATED it, was Locke. I knew he wasn't going to die. He just bugs me. I mean, he got shot and then gets up and trecks through the island, kills a girl and then walks off! I mean, come on! It was like...stupid! Another thing, the flash forward thing was interesting, confusing, but intersting...Overall, GREAT episode and I can't wait until next season.
  • Not my favourite episode and shows a new direction that I'm not sure I like Review part 2 SPOILERS

    This episode is a continuation on "Through the Looking Glass (Part 1)". The story follows on exactly from the last episode and infact Sky One showed it with no pause.

    The story is that Jack beats Ben up and makes the call. Charlie and Desmond disable the blocker and for some reason Charlie dies. Naomi meanwhile may have a hidden agenda. And we see Penny again.

    The story is too far fetched - Penny being on at the exact time that the signal stops? Penny being on the exact frequency? Mikhail still not dying after being shot in the chest with a spear?

    Mikhail just can't be killed and they should accept that now. That story has been used to death. Charlie actually did die in this episode which is fine (I did like him but I can accept that he died) but it's the way he died that's stupid. He closed the door for no good reason - he could have closed it from the other side. He could have left it open and left the station before it filled up. Desmond could have opened the door using the big wheel on his side instead of trying to break the glass.

    Charlie didn't get a very good send off. I'm not sure he did die but he probably did.

    We also find out that the Jack flashes aren't the past but the future. He attends the funeral of a mystery person who I think may be Ben.

    The new direction that the story has taken is not great and I'm not sure this finale will pressure me to see next season. The answers just weren't there and the few answers we did get were too vague. The questions asked aren't interesting to me either.

    It was still a good finale but it isn't one that I wanted to see and the show is losing my interest. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • WOW Locke Bad Guy? Walt? Whos on the rescue Boat? Hurley Kicking Ass? A FlashFORWARD? Absolute stunning episode

    Ok so quick recap of Season 3. Didnt start off hugely great considering the 6episodes on Prison Island and then the break. It also had a few hit and miss episodes but for the last 6 episodes Lost has knocked it out the park and brought the show right back to where it should be. This finale episode is possibly the best of the finales lost has had up to this point. Not much was answered but my goodness how many new mysteries were opened. I remember reading about Charlie so that one didnt shock me although the scenes were very sad and brilliantly filmed i think the 3 that took me by suprise was the fact that Penny was not on the boat and it wasnt even hers!!?? Walt came out of nowhere to help Locke!" The biggest one was at the end with the revelation that the supposed "flashback" that had been running through was actually a flashforward!!!
    Absolutly fantastic writing, fantastic show, bring on season 4
  • Okay now I feel stupid, I didn't even see it coming when "she" came into view!

    So I started watching this episode wondering, how much could've happened in the past? I mean we pretty much saw everything on Jack, from childhood up untill the crash and further... And now he has a beard and he's addicted and stuff... Back on the island things happened that shocked me.. Like the kiss between Juliet and Jack. It was like they've been married for 4 years or something. And then Sawyer turning back into James Ford (Note how Juliet used to say Jack after every sentence when she had him captured, and now she's doing the same thing with James). And also after 3 years of watching finally Danielle reunited with her daughter. The only spoiler I had read was that in the first to last ep someone would die and 5 more will die in the last episode. So I nearly DIED when I heard the 3 gunshots over the radio, and how relieved I was to see them "return"... But still I was wondering where the big climax came... And then little Miss Austen (or perhaps Mrs Ford?) came out of the vehicle... And I was like "Oh my god! How are they going to explain all this??!" it wasn't untill Jack shouted: "We have to go back" when I realised I was in the future... Geez now I feel stupid!
  • What happened? -A certain drug-addict hobbit rocker drowned saving everybody's lives -Jack's future includes him wanting to commit suicide and having a beard. Also someone both him and Kate knew died. Also he got a golden pass from Oceanic.

    Summary continued:
    -Penny does not know Naomi. Is she evil? I don't trust Ben, so no...
    -A help team is on the way! The Losties will be saved. But when and how?
    Lost's season finale was kinda lame...
    I expected more.
    Well actually this was exactly what I expected.. But I wanted more So what was so off about this finale?
    A lot of fans have been complaining that there are too many questions asked but none are answered.
    Well we got answers this time around but no questions! Nothing really mysterious or shocking happened! YAWN. . . . . . . . . . .
  • Its flashforward time!

    Would anyone believe me if I said I worked out it was a flashforward halfway thru the first part?! When Jack was in the funeral parlour, at first I stratched my head.

    The viewer was meant to think he had just returned from Thailand, or wherever he got his tattoo, and was still messed up. When he went to the funeral, I knew it was too late in the series to introduce a new flashback thread, ie. the person who died was going to be a new flashback character in Jack's life.

    Also the mystery phonecalls were too obvious not to be going to a character we already knew. Then a lightbulb flashed and I started to reckon it was the future! Another indicator was the episodes theme of finally getting rescued.

    The references to his father was just to throw us off, no other character refers to him. The other doc just furrows his brow, as in 'What you talking about Jack?'.

    Also I reckon I've worked out who is in the coffin. Im gona put my theory in a forum thread so look out for it, fellow losties!
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