Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Do you remember back when we crashed on an island?

    Because that’s, apparently, what Jack has been doing all along as the season finale ends up with one big giant – and probably drug-induced - flashback of his days on this island as we finally discover he has already made it out due to events that keep him awfully guilty about. But it’s still late 2004 for the rest of the castaways, the day that Charlie was supposed to die to be more accurate and on that day Jack still felt like the king of the world leading his armies to certain death have not been because fellow leader Ben had already alienated his people sooner that Jack did.

    In fact and because of the same flaws that Jack’s leadership exhibits, the others start questioning Ben’s motives to keep them in the dark, especially when it’s revealed that communications to the outside world are up and running and therefore everything Ben has said to them has been a lie, which is the only reason why Bernard, Jin and Sayid are spared from the disastrous consequences of yet another plan gone wrong. Charlie, however, isn’t spared at all and even though he manages to fulfil his mission – and save Desmond in the process - destiny catches up with him for the last time, as Aaron loses a father, Alex ’wins’ a mother when Ben introduces her to Danielle before Claire would find out she has lost Charlie for good.

    Even though the logical side of me wants to analyze what to make out of Jack’s discovery (that they shouldn’t have left the island when they did and that all that has happened it’s only a memory of his), the emotional outweigh it and outrages: How could they just let Charlie die?! Is there anything left to take away from Claire now? Aaron deserved to grow up knowing him just as much as Alex deserved to know the truth about her mother but now that baby would never know how much this man loved him, how much did he change and sacrifice for his happiness, his mother deserved the loving father that was her partner and they all deserved a chance at being a family longer than the one that was given to them, no matter how grateful I’m to Desmond for trying, in the end: life is too short.
  • The aprentice becomes the master. Great season finale!

    It was time that the Others finally get what they deserve.They been bothering the castaways for so long and they get their revenge. All the Others attacking the camp die although things didn't go as planned.Jack takes all his rage out and beats Ben up. Rosseau re-units with his daughter. Most wierd thing: What was Walt doing in the island near John at the end of part one? Most exciting thing: Hurley saving the day. Saddest thing: Charlie drowns as Desmond predicted. Most amazing part of the episode: Jack was able to connect with Naomi's boat after she is killied by an angry John although as Charlie said it is not Penny's boat and Ben was right about Naiomi. Most surprising thing: Kate appearing at the end of the episode in Jack's fast foward that seemed to be a flashback. Funniest thing: Rose saying: "Jack, if you say live together die alone I will punch you in the face". So now we will have to wait for next season to see if the castaways finally get off the island and hopely resolve the misteries of the "Monster",the "Shadow"and Jacob.
  • The single greatest finale of the year.

    I know quite alot of people have turned off Lost after the second season, which is a pity because they're missing out on what has become one of the most intruiging shows ever made. Just when veiwers start to get a little worried about questions not being answered, they answer them, and just when everyone thought they couldn't do anything new, they pull this one over us.

    I wasn't quite sure what to make of this episode at first, but as everyone will tell you, it's ALL about the last 5 minutes.

    But there was more to it than that. For starters we get to see Hurley in action, finally joining the ranks of survivors who have killed others. Then we have Charlies sacrifice, another character I'm sad to see leave the show. Then of course, Lockes return after his little visit from an old friend...

    Finally, of course, the shocking revelation that through these last 2 epsidoes we have in fact been watching a flash-forward, not a flashback. And that flash forward reveals several things. Life off the island sucks for John. They've been paid off to keep something a secret. And somebody dies, yet nobody cares.

    It's all setting up what should be an AMAZING 4th season of Lost, and I will definatly be tuning in for it.
  • Was so shocking!

    Lets get straight into this, Charlie's drowning scene was the hardest thing to watch ever! I cried so much, he was really sweet. I never really cared for him but that scene changed my whole perspective of him. Jack, such a vulnerable guy, he did the right thing although it didn't work out the way he wanted it to but he did make a promise to get rescued and that he did! Jack finally beat Ben at his own game, Jack delivered his promise and Ben didn't. But this episode did open a few more cans of worms. Who's death could push Jack over the egde and commit suicide? But fate saved him again, and gave him someone to fix but wasn't in the right state. He's becam his dad sort of. Now we hae to wait ages to find out more answers! See you then!
  • Picking up where the last episode left off, the survivors of Flight 815 have an opportunity to leave the island by transmitting a signal to an off-shore freighter. This episode also gives viewers a glimpse into what may happen if the survivors succeed.

    The finale was well-plotted and, in typical Lost fashion, creates more mystery even as it answers questions. Is future Kate married to Sawyer? The conversation between our two heroes at the airport seems to imply that Jack knows Kate's husband? Was Kate's mother the one who was buried in the coffin or one of the other castaways such as Michael? (We never know what became of him except that he sailed away, and he is certainly neither a friend or a relative of Jack.) What will become of the Others now that so many of them were killed? Who are the so-called good guys and bad guys? If Pennelope didn't send a rescue team, then who are the men on the ship, and why does Naomi have a picture of Desmond and Pennelope? Finally, in response to some previous comments, my feeling is that in all likelihood, Jack's father is still dead in the future. Jack was simply being drunk, angry, and sarcastic.
  • Who also picked up what Jack said? I cried when Charly died. How hard it wil be to have to wait until feb 2008! Great writing. Great acting!

    "...you get my father down here... get him down here right now. And if i'm drunker than he is, you can fire me."

    I haven't read everything, but didn't anybody notice that little remark Jack made? (oh, I just saw that Kalplox did, right before I started typing this...) Jacks father was supposed to be dead! How come he is apparently alive in the flash-forward, we all thought was a flash-back at that time. The remark about his father wouldn't be so strange is it WAS a flashback, but it wasn't, right? So Jack's father is still alive and drinking in the future!

    Why? Can the island bring people back from the dead? It seems like it... either that, or Jack's father wasn't dead and we just need more flashbacks. But that isn't about Charlie anymore. Food for another thought line. Apart from this, I think it would be lame to bring Charlie back. He really gave his live for a purpose. This was a worthy ending, "He died well, that should please you. No bribe attempts or blubbering... I asked him what was so important for him. 'True love,' he replied." (TPB) I do feel sorry for Clair though. I usually don't cry when people die in movies, but this time I did. How many people made it off the island?
    Who was in the coffin?
    How bad is Ben? Was he right?
    Is mr. 'cyclops' unbreakable or what?
    Many answers, many more questions.
    Great writing, great acting!
    I love this show!
  • A problem I need sorting out!

    Ok - This was a good episode the charlie dieing scene was great and hard to watch at the same time. Theres just one thing bugging me and I need some clarification. When Jack said "get my father down here and if i'm more drunk than he is you can fire me" as this is a flash forward; well isnt his father already dead? I'm sure i have got some of my lost wires connected wrong, Please Post.

  • Someone fetch my disappointment ointment...

    I was expecting to give this episode a 10/10. But two particular circumstances within the episode will leave me with a bad taste in my mouth until the next season starts.
    1. Charlie did not have to die, ,he could have just held his breath until the room filled up and then swum out the window, but no, he just stood there like an idiot. And while Charlie should not be six feet under with so many other losties, Jin, Bernard and Sayid should be. What a weak storyline twist with Tom and the other others not putting a bullet t hrough their heads. They were effectively ending their lives then!
  • Charlies manages to switch of the jamming device and Jack makes contact with someone.

    The classification I selected, "not my favorite storyline" refers solely to Charlie's death. As I am a self-confessed Charlie fan, this was not a pleasant scene to watch. Lots of speculation abound about whether he is truly dead, but for now I will asume he is and I'm not happy about it. Charlie was one of the original survivor, has come a long, long way with regards to character development and did not deserve to die. I have to admit that he died willingly and possibly happy in the knowledge that Claire and Aaron are safe.

    The rest of the episode was interesting, to say the least. Flashforwards to a very unhappy, alcoholic and addicted Jack provided plenty of hints about what's to come in seasons to come.
  • Lost for words

    "Through The Looking Glass (2)" is the second and the last part of Lost's two episode season finale. The story continues with everyone basically trying to accomplish the same thing. This episode is again, a Jack-centric episode.

    Charlie and Desmond take control in "The Looking Glass" and manage to turn off the switch. Jack and the Losties have a run in with Ben and Alex and they have a little talk. The Losties also manage to take control down at the beach.

    The Island:

    When Mikhail takes down one of the others in "The Looking Glass," Desmond harpoons Mikhail's chest, but not before Mikhail managed to shoot the other girl. Charlie gets the code out of the girl just before she dies and he figures out that the boat nearby isn't Penny's. Mikhail bombs a hole into the room where the controls are and Charlie takes the death. It was sad to see Charlie go. It will probably hit Claire hard when she finds out.

    When Jack and the Losties are just an hour away from the radio tower, they run into Ben. Jack and Ben have a little talk and it ends with Jack beating the hell out of Ben. Ben warned Jack about Naomi and what would happen if the island was found. Ben also tells Alex that Rousseau is her mother. When they get to the radio tower, just as they were getting a signal, Locke shows up and shoots Naomi. Jack gets a hold of the radio and manages to contact rescue. That's how the episode ends. I'm still unsure what they'll be having for the fourth season. Will they show their lives off the island?

    When Sawyer and Juliet seem to be out numbered, Hurley comes in with the car he got from a previous episode and takes down Ryan. Sayid takes care of the other guy with Ryan and Tom, and Sawyer shoots Tom right on the chest. Hurley makes contact with Jack that they were OK and that Bernard, Jin and Sayid were still alive. It was hilarious when Hurley sent "the others" that message and Jack was the one who received it.

    The Flashback?:

    Well it turns out it isn't a flashback. It's actually a flash forward. They show Jack miserable and with the need to get back on the island. It's like his life was a complete mess and the only thing that really kept him sane on the island was being useful. This was definitely the best part of the episode.

    Questions for Season 4:

    *Will seasons 4-6 be just their lives off the island?
    *Did they get rescued, or will they just get rescued eventually, on another event after that?
    *Will seasons 4-6 take place on the island, but just show flash forwards instead of flashbacks?
  • This is the conclusion to this third season and let me tell you that is has been a thrill...

    I think that because of what had happen in the last year with the ratings and all the producers put all the meat on the grill with a great gamble: you either LOVED the show since the beginning and look forward to the future, or they just gave you a reason to quit definitely. A great risk I might add, but it was just fair and necessary for all us Losties. We LOVE this show. We LOVE the characters. We LOVE the storylines and for all of you who are saying that would never see the show again I have two words for you: So LONG!!!!!! The producers mellowed it out for you, turn down the mysteries and moved the time slot so that you could watch your stupid American Idol, and maybe stop by every other Wednesday, (with summaries of what you missed online) but you know what... It's over. Get the hell out of here, stop watching and hopefully you idiots would stop reviewing as well. If you didn't get the message of this season finale is because you were never up to the challenge of a show with a message, with characters, a TV show were you actually needed to think and not just call to vote for the stinking Sanjaya. You morron-demographic with less brain than a monkey, the only think that you respond to are screaming losers on a reality show, LEAVE US ALONE, leave Lost alone and I'm happy for all of you posting that will never watch it again. GooD!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully next season they'll move the time to an hour where you morrons are out of the house, and your ratings doesn't count as much. LONG LIVE LOST, the BEST ShoW On TV!.
  • An enjoyable episode, to a point . . . . (with spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode. I never thought that Hurley would ever kill anyone. I don't know what the writers were thinking when they thought that this would be a good final episode of the season. I can kinda understand tho. We've done the "others" as far as they could. So now they're introducing a new bad guy? whatever! Most of this season, i've been loosing more and more interest in jack and with him having a season finale based around him, I just wanted to kill him by the end of the first part of the finale. And as for the last scene of hte episode, with jack at the end of hte runway, my feelings are that they could've just left that scene out altogether!!!!

    This episode started out really good and it just bombed big time.

    I just can't believe that they'er cutting next season down to just 16 episodes. And it's also off until next February. I may loose interest by then.
  • Jack and the survivors run into Ben

    Oh my I can not believe that is going to be how LOST ends season 3. I wonder if Ben was telling the truth when he said Naomi's boat was going to kill everyone on the island or was it another lie from him. I am so happy that Locke is still alive but saddened that Charlie was killed. I want to know how Mikhail survived the spear through the chest and i wonder if he survived the gurnade that he set off. I was happy that Charlie was able to shut of the jamming singal and that he told Desmond that it was not Penny's boat. If it is not Penny's boat then who's is it? and why did Naomi have a picture of Desmond and Penny? So the Jack in the future is miserable and Kate is free.
  • 2hrs of my life wasted

    If you thought the Heroes finale was bad, just watch this 2hr torture to find out how the Lost writers topped them.
    Nothing was answered and hardly any new questions arose. It felt like a 1hr episode that was stretched for 2.
    I have serious doubt about the mental health of these people that rated this over 9. Perhaps they should rewatch the episode, unfortunately for them.
    Hopefully they can do good with the future. See ya next season.
  • Wow...

    I am stunned by the power of Matthew Fox's performance. When it became clear that this was a flash forward, I was almost in tears. My God, this is still the best show that television has ever produced. The conclusion gives us an entire new reason to keep watching. And it's not just a clever twist. I only hope that viewers keep tuning in.
  • Pain, redefined.

    Simply the worst episode of Lost in its history, Through the Looking Glass has guarenteed I wont be back. No more of this crap. I am stunned and appalled that people actually liked this - I believe that people who love Lost actually deserve what they get, and what they get is nothing. With every episode two parts of a four part show, the complete dissatisfaction is absolutely deserved by anyone who acclaims this rubbish.

    The flashforwards was painfully obvious, and if you did not predict it, you are a moron. Clear and simple. But even then, the flashforwards were no great shakes - they were dull and uninspired and made the same simpering lack of sense that everything in this show does. The suggestion that Jack's leaving the island - the place where he spent most of his time fighting for life, trying to lead a bunch of hopeless halfwits out of danger and to rescue, in which he was kidnapped and beaten and saw many friends die, not to mention a serious of nightmares involving a huge smoke shadow (I maintain that the thing is actually bees), and polar bears, and a series of better trained, homocidal halfwits, and you name it - is a bad thing for him is absolutely ludicrous. Oh, yes, back on the mainland where he can do whatever he wants must be horrible for him. Hey, Jack, how about you try a date instead?

    So, we didn't see them get rescued, or get to find out who the people on the boat really are, or anything like that - instead, the flash forwards confirm that they were rescued, but the island (it's Neverland, stupid) has once again disappeared. But, of course, Jack wants to get back. He must really miss that Smoke Monster.

    Charlie is, as usual, a gigantic misfire. I'm sure you had to drown yourself, brother, because that had depth and pathos, except not. Most of us (those with common sense, I'm saying) were just stunned that you killed yourself needlessly instead of *leaving the room*. Questions like "Why can grenades explode underwater" are utterly fruitless when you're dealing with a wreck like Lost, so it's best not even asking. I really am not sure what I did to deserve Lost. I seem to have brought it upon myself by watching the damn thing, but even then, no. I hate you, Lost, and now I'll never ever have to watch you ever ever again.
  • The downward spiral began when Mr. Eko died. Instead of taking morally flawed people (like each of us) and finding ways for redemption and growth, the writers developed characters on the exact opposite course.

    I am done with Lost. For three seasons, I stuck with it. But Lost to me has turned into the island of lost souls, and I have no desire to continue to trek through the muck. Let's check out our "good guys": Jack (obssessive, beats defenseless man, & hooked on drugs), Sawyer (killed at least three times), Sayid (torturer & blew folks up last night), Jin (tried to blow folks up last night), Bernard (did blow folks up last night), Hurley (yes, he too killed with a van), Kate (burned up step father), etc.

    Think of the plan. The Others want to kidnap the women. The solution? Kill them! If you came in from the outside and just watched this episode, you'd be hard pressed to identify "good guys." Ben, who claims they are the good guys, kills without remorse. Many of the other beat people, put them in cages, try to brainwash people, etc. Some people say the writers are going to flip this whole thing and make the Others the good guys but I don't buy that either.

    Good stories not only entertain but they inform and even inspire. It's been too long since Lost has done that.
  • I thought this 2part episode was Great!

    I wouldn't necessarily claim that it answered anything huge. But I thought it was very exciting to watch, and to find out that it was not a flash back but a flash forward to life after getting off the island (For jack) was incredible. It's so sad to see Charlie go, and nice to see Rose and her husband back in the show. I had wondered where they went. The part where Hurley drove the van through the camp was pretty funny. Both Charlie and Sawyer had been so mean to him the past 2 episodes, even though they were only trying to protect him.

    This episode definately leaves me dying to see more next season.
  • We need to go back.

    Long awaited reunion of Alex and Danielle and a long awaited showdown between Jack and Ben.
    It turns out that Hurley saved the day and Sayid, Bernard, Jin, Sawyer and Juliet are all safe thanks to him. Charlie broke the code and now they can send of the signals to the world and utlimately sacreficed himself for a greater good and i sure hope that Mikhail is dead for sure.
    A long awaited showdown between John and Jack also. Anyway it turns out that it was not a flashback episode but a flash forward episode and Jack and Kate made it off the island but Jack wnats to go back because it is true...there is nothing for him out there...there is only island.
    Absolute triumph of LOST.
  • Not that many questions answered (like always) but it was an awesome episode!

    Charlie! Why did it have to be him? He had so much to live for. His death scene was the best, and heart-breaking of the series. And to comment on why he didn’t just go outside to close the door, it was because it could only be locked from the inside. So when Desmond saw Penny in there, Charlie knew that Desmond would stop at nothing just to have a chance to talk to Penny and would have killed himself trying. Therefore, Charlie actually saved Desmond from killing himself. Now the flashbacks -or forwards, really - were a nice twist, but did it have to focus on Jack the whole two hours? It would have been better if they showed at least someone else for the next hour, then meet at the end. So it would seem that Jack and Kate get off the island sometime, but who else and how long? Now seeing Jack and how f* up he is in the future, makes me believe that Jack may end up dying on the island, because I don’t believe those flash-forwards can come true. Maybe Desmond will do something about it.

    Anyway, I wasn’t really bothered by it, too much since the island scenes were awesome. Jack and Juliet finally kiss, but he still in love with Kate. Hurley finally does something heroic, and Alex and Rousseau finally meet (but I’m still hoping for her flashback episode). Although I thought that the Locke and Jack showdown would be bigger. The episode was more of a Jack and Ben showdown. Locke just showed up the last ten minutes of the show, and I was surprised that Locke let Jack use the phone after trying so hard to keep everyone on the island. Would it have something to do with what Walt said? Also, on the beach scenes, Sayid just continues to show why he’s my favorite character. Breaking that guy’s neck with his legs was a cool scene. And I can’t believe Bernard told the Others everything. Oh well, he’s just a dentist after all. It was funny, though, that the Others didn’t even know his name, they just referred to him as “the dentist.” I was also shock that Sawyer killed Tom in such cold blood. I wonder if he is still upset about meeting the real Sawyer after all these years.

    Lastly, about the flash-forwards, would you accept “Golden Passes” from the same airline that crashed on a creepy island and survived for more than 3 months? I would spit at them!
  • Review for Part I & II. Never has a TV Episode affected me in such a way as this, the finale was probably the best episode of Lost to date and can never be topped. Emotional to the extreme.

    Part I:
    The initial scene with Jack onboard the plane seemed very "Out of character" for Jack immediately, from here on in with all the "Flashback" sequences, I knew something different was going on.
    The action sequences involving the explosions were unbelievable! the way the bodies flew everywhere was brilliant.
    Locke and Walt... Totally unexpected, Walt seems to have aged about 10 years! It seems as though the writers are going to incorporate his "rapid aging" into the storyline, or it would end up being an odd plot hole on their part.

    Part II:
    The main bit of this episode that stood out for me, was not the shock about the Flashforward but the death of Charlie.
    It was expected, we knew it was coming months ago, but when it came to happen... it was a heart-racing emotional rollercoaster.
    I'm still feeling affected by it now, he made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to get the other survivors rescued. When he was totally underwater and made it his last dying act to give Desmond the message "NOT PENNYS BOAT", put his hand on the glass and smiled... he knew he had to die, it was inevitable. When Desmond and Charlie's hands touched against the glass, that was probably the most emotional bit of Lost so far, absolutely heart-wrenching.
    Lost? Found! Jack gets through, but apparently to the enemey, just as Ben says and from what we learn from Penelope it would seem Ben was telling the truth this time.

    8 Months until we find out what happens, and if the show will continue with the "Flash Forwards", I for one hope they do continue because most characters' back stories have been told now and knowing what happens in the future is probably more exciting.
  • This episode tried to be too clever for its own good, with very few surprises.

    After a recent run of great episodes I had high expectations for this installment, but was sadly disappointed. When we saw Jack with a beard, on a plane, I did wonder if it was the future. Particularly as we started with the "flashback" and the talk of problems in his past added to the theory.

    But when he talked about his father being alive, I thought I was wrong. Then, it seems I was right. I think. So in the end I didn't end up being surprised or excited, just confused. And I prefer Lost when it's confusing in a good way, rather than completely contradictory and confusing. Maybe the answer will come next year, but it's not clear what they want us to believe.

    It was obvious that the three hadn't been killed on the beach, particularly as we didn't see them. The reference to shooting bullets into the sand was pure exposition of course and really not necessary. And it was obvious Charlie was going to die when it's been predicted all this time. But why didn't he shut himself on the other side of the door?

    Ben was great as usual, and it was wonderful to see his grip on power just disintegrating rapidly and his actions become more desperate. Also in true Ben style, when he gave words of warning against using the radio you just don't know whether to trust him or not. When he was beaten by Jack I felt both sad for him and happy that he was being hurt, quite the contradiction!

    It was also good to see Penelope again in a nod to the end of last season, even if I was disappointed that Naomi (aka Las Vegas's Nessa) didn't last long.

    But all in all, I just felt underwhelmed. The episode was by the numbers, and gave nothing new.

    Now if we'd ended with Naomi landing and saying the plane crashed killed everyone, that'd have been a great way to end the season!
  • WOW!!! I'm still in shock! Although I was contaminated by some spoilers, it was surprising and amazing! Lost is and will always be the best TV show EVER! (may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen this episode)

    Ok... I'll start by what I like the least... and that has to be the flash-forward... Ok, it was mind-blowing, but it leaves a bitter aftertaste... is that really what's going to happen after all that effort and suffering? Unless Desmond gets one of his flashes to tell Jack (if Jack leaves his leadership aside and wants to hear him just once), I don't see how to prevent that lame future... Anyway... I took that off my chest! Now, it was one of the best episodes ever, and this is why:

    * Hurley with the van!: You have to love him! * Charlie's death: saddest thing ever (I didn’t cry with Greatest Hits… but I did here)

    * Mikhail with a grenade outside the hatch after being killed –for the second time-: unbelievable hollywoodish (Although really exiting)

    * Penny's communication and determination to find Desmond: surprising and the most romantic thing ever!

    * Ben and John agreeing: make you want to become an ‘other’!

    * Naomi a traitor: kind of expecting it.

    * Jack's instinct makes you wonder how he was a surgeon...

    * Sawyer killing Tom: Mh... I actually liked Tom, but Sawyer –or James now that he stopped using nicknames -gave him what he deserved.

    * Walt 2 years older: lovely

    * Alex meeting her mom: Come on! they've been 16 years! give us at least a hug!

    * Have to wait 8 to 10 months until next season: Actually with the flash-forward and the ending of this season, I think I can survive that time to see Lost again… I’m more than satisfied!
  • Lost tops itself every season finale.

    This is the best season finale of any show I've yet seen. Despite some really boring flashbacks, there were so many moments that gave me a rush! Some of my favorite:
    -Hurley rides to the rescue in the VW van. Awesome! Though I wonder if killing someone has affected him...
    -Sayid snaps a guy's neck with his feet! Awesome!
    -Desmond spears Patch! Awesome!
    -Sayid and Bernard blow up some Others! I can't believe Jin missed...
    -Patch surivives again! Though I doubt he'll survive being blown up...
    Charlie's sacrifice was very well done. I also didn't see the twist with Naomi coming. Walt's appearance was a total shocker, plus the fact that he has clearly grown. The final "flashback" that ended the episode was a total mindf*ck, the most brain-boggling thing I've ever seen!
  • Lost is back!

    What a mind bending finale! I think that the show has finally found its way after being adrift for a few episodes there. Charlie's death scene was a great way for his character to end (but I'm sure we'll see him during other characters' flashbackas and what not). Locke's behavior kinda threw me because why would he saw that he's not a killer (from a previous episode) but then proceed to chuck a knife into Naomi's back? And then he didn't shoot Jack! I also think that Naomi is from DHARMA and that the show next season is gonna be Others/Losties vs. DHARMA.
  • A very interesting episode which made me feel very sadly at the end. Honestly, I didn't like the end - it made me feel miserably. However, what do you think about my thoughts for the upcoming seasons...


    I have not read all of the previous posts, it's just too much. From my point of view it was definitely a flashforward.

    What do you think about this:

    What we all have seen was a scene from one of the last episodes of season 6. The guy who died lonely was Ben. And at the end of season six all survivors who departed from the Island will come back together to Ben's funeral (what we have already seen was not his funeral, he was just layed out). So at the end they will all be together again. And somehow there will be an opportunity for them to get back to the Island. Probably Locke will appear and show them a way. At the end everybody has to make a decision...some will go, others not.

    So the question is what will we see before...

    - probably Claire and some other unimportant actors get rescued at first - then the helicopter gets back and crashes or gets destroyed by the unknown and real (?) "bad guys" (probably people from the Dharma Initiative) who now know how to get back to the Island

    - what we then have is the following situation: the six people from the beach, also Ben, Locke, Desmond, Kate and Jack and maybe two or three other persons have to stay on the Island and fight against the people from the Dharma Initiative (remember: Ben's people were the "natives" - they were first on the Island, the Dharma Initiative were the conquerers)

    - so Ben will be in the beginning a forced and distrusted member of the group (he is now alone), maybe he will change sides again later on and do another betrayal. At one future point of the show we will know that Ben was not that bad...so Ben becomes a person with some characteristics the others like and don't like ... a person some people will love and a person some people will hate...

    - we will see, how they all live, survive and fight together
    - all secrets and mysteries will be revealed (Jacob, the "box", Dharma Initiative)
    - and finally, we will see how they get away from the Island

    - during all these episodes we have to watch flash-forwards and get to know what happened to all the people after they have left the island...

    - and finally, we are back at Bens funeral...

    Just some thoughts...what do you think?

    Beste Regards!

    Helge / http://www.ostfriesenblog.de
  • Now that's what I call a Season Finale!

    When I started watching the 3rd season of Lost I wasn't that impressed, I was getting bored of not learning anything and getting more questions to try and figure out. I nearly gave up on it. But I thought I've invested so much time in it I may as well see it out. The last 5 episodes of Lost have been fantastic, but the last 2 hours of Lost I just watched were absolutely AMAZING. Thank God they have finally earned their big paypackets!!!! To see Walt back was brilliant (hasn't he grown?!!), just need Michael to turn up and start shooting everyone again! And Locke alive, fantastic, I kinda knew they couldn't have killed him but you never quite know do you?
    I loved the fact that Hurley saved them all, that was so funny! Go Hurley! What's with Sawyer calling everyone by their real names? That must mean something, maybe he thought he would get himself killed so that he wouldn't have to deal with the fact that he killed Locke's dad.
    I never saw the 'flash-forward' coming! When Kate got out of the car I didn't quite believe it was her I thought it was a look-a-like for a moment, but when I realised that it was actually her I was so shocked.
    What the hell is going on? They must be stuck in some sort of Space-Time contiuium ro something.
    Poor Charlie, I really thought that he would get out of there alive, he plenty of time. Silly Sod.
    What's with Niaomi? Who was she? Who's on the boat if Penny didn't send it? And who the hell is going to kill Ben and put us all out of our misery?!
    I can't wait to talk it over with my friends!
  • Great Season Finale.

    Except for a couple of things that made no sense to me I thought the season finale was great. This show has again left us with a new cliffhanger to ponder on till we meet again which is going to be awhile. I was so relieved when we found out our trio of heroes who stayed behind to take out the others was not dead. Ben really knows how to mess and manipulate with people's minds. I am still wondering if Ben is still manipulating or is he telling the truth. It seems like the truth from all the accumulated evidence but Ben seems to play people right into his hands, even when it looks the opposite of what it is. Hurley was such the hero, you gotta love him. I loved it when he drove up and saved the day. I am not even sure what to think of Locke. He obviously knows something we don't. I knew we hadn't seen the last of Locke; the island so far has been too good to him. I still do not trust Juliette, even if she did help the rescue of the guys. I hope nobody puts his or her guard down with her. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Charlie had to die. He had plenty of time to get out and escape with Desmond. But now we have to wait to find out about this ship that already does not sound good for anyone on the island; so they say.
  • Far and away one of the best episodes of the series.

    Where do I begin? Well let's start broad and work our way down, shall we?

    These two episodes really reminded me why I watch this show. The writers have been under attack all season for not giving the viewers any answers and not having a plan for where the series was going. That's obviously not true, as we can see. The amount of plot twists in this one two-hour finale probably equals the amount of plot twists previous to it this season. Every time we thought we knew what to believe, we were wrong. The twists just kept coming too and every one was bigger and better than the last.

    Charlie and Desmond in the submarine station was a great storyline. The station not being flooded, the two women stationed there, the chain of events that led to Charlie's ultimate demise, they all had a real sense of urgency to them and really moved the plot along. The entire reveal about it not being Penny's boat, heck, talking to Penny herself was a great revelation. The whole thing had me from start to finish.

    Sayid, Bernard, and Jin getting saved by Hugo, Sawyer and Juliette was a great storyline too. Hugo being the one to save the day was just priceless, he needed a good boost. The fact that the others didn't kill the three hostages was interesting as well. Well written, guys, and well acted as well. I was biting my nails the entire time just waiting to see where they would take us next.

    But by far the biggest and best twist was the flash forward. I doubt anyone saw that coming. The way that they could stretch it out over the entire two hours and not reveal anything was amazing. And who's funeral was it? Will we ever know? What's with Jack and Kate not really getting along? There are more questions asked than answered but that's the way a good season should end. It keeps people talking all summer long. I loved Jack's beard too, haha.

    So yeah, what an episode. Probably my favorite of the entire series so far. It moved the story along, made me wonder if I knew anything about the show, and showed me that there are lots of smart people creating the stories on the screen. I mean, wow, what a cliffhanger and what a conversation starter at the water cooler. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Is anyone else seriously depressed? I want the survivors to be happy in the future!!!

    Is anyone else seriously depressed?
    Ok, so i just watched it and it was amazing in every way!!!
    But I am depressed about what happens to the survivors in the future! I have invested so much time into watching and understanding the characters that I want them to be happy when they or if they eventually get off the island.

    Jacks future looks pretty depressing and the fact that Kate doesn't want to see him is also sad!!!!Will this future be inevitable? Or will it change depending on what the survivors do on the island??? Can they change their future? I will be so angry and upset if when Lost finishies for ever we are left with this bleak image of Jack (Or more characters) not happy and distressed. Also who is Kate with that will be wondering where she is? Is It Sawyer? Who is dead????

    I really hope when they do get rescued they are happy! No doubt the writers will have us fooled in some way!!!

    I am also upset to see Tom die...he was defo my favourite 'other'.

    Cannot wait until season 4 I am sure you will agree!
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