Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode was just silly. The writers were starting to pickup steam with the last few episodes but then this piece of garbage comes along.

    What a terrible season finale. NOTHING is reveal and they go out without a cliff hanger. I gave the episode a 0 (yes, I know. For some reason I can't submit the review with a 0), due to its over the top crappiness. Here's hoping a few more million viewers stop watching come next season, maybe that will prove my point. I know I will be one of them.

    ... And one just has to ask, all these 10s ... fan boys or plants. I'm guessing a little of both.

    *** Spoiler ***

    All they revealed is that they got off the island and Jack wants to go back ... who cares? That has NO relevance to the present plot. OH OH, and don't forget, if you have a beard it means you're watching the future.
  • They writers kill off a beloved Character for no reason.

    I was absolutly furious with the writers for killing Charlie what kind of a person kills off someone as loved as Charlie and someone who has been like a Dad to the baby on the show. I personally will not be watching LOST anymore, nor will I be buying anymore of the seasons. I hope that the writers end up regretting what they did.
  • Pain, redefined.

    Simply the worst episode of Lost in its history, Through the Looking Glass has guarenteed I wont be back. No more of this crap. I am stunned and appalled that people actually liked this - I believe that people who love Lost actually deserve what they get, and what they get is nothing. With every episode two parts of a four part show, the complete dissatisfaction is absolutely deserved by anyone who acclaims this rubbish.

    The flashforwards was painfully obvious, and if you did not predict it, you are a moron. Clear and simple. But even then, the flashforwards were no great shakes - they were dull and uninspired and made the same simpering lack of sense that everything in this show does. The suggestion that Jack's leaving the island - the place where he spent most of his time fighting for life, trying to lead a bunch of hopeless halfwits out of danger and to rescue, in which he was kidnapped and beaten and saw many friends die, not to mention a serious of nightmares involving a huge smoke shadow (I maintain that the thing is actually bees), and polar bears, and a series of better trained, homocidal halfwits, and you name it - is a bad thing for him is absolutely ludicrous. Oh, yes, back on the mainland where he can do whatever he wants must be horrible for him. Hey, Jack, how about you try a date instead?

    So, we didn't see them get rescued, or get to find out who the people on the boat really are, or anything like that - instead, the flash forwards confirm that they were rescued, but the island (it's Neverland, stupid) has once again disappeared. But, of course, Jack wants to get back. He must really miss that Smoke Monster.

    Charlie is, as usual, a gigantic misfire. I'm sure you had to drown yourself, brother, because that had depth and pathos, except not. Most of us (those with common sense, I'm saying) were just stunned that you killed yourself needlessly instead of *leaving the room*. Questions like "Why can grenades explode underwater" are utterly fruitless when you're dealing with a wreck like Lost, so it's best not even asking. I really am not sure what I did to deserve Lost. I seem to have brought it upon myself by watching the damn thing, but even then, no. I hate you, Lost, and now I'll never ever have to watch you ever ever again.
  • I think the writers of this series have LOST it! Garbage, depressing, unacceptable.

    I think the writers of this series have lost it (pun intended). The last episode was just nonsense and depressing and a good reason for me to stop watching this series forever. There was absolutely no reason to get so gross, macabre, ghoulish and violent in the last few episodes and then killing off everyone of interest. We are left with a depressing image of Jack who ends up as a psycho case after being the hero most of the time. I really think the writers and producers don't know what they are doing or where the story is going and are playing it by the seat of their pants. Total garbage. A depressing end to a once glorious series. Next time, quit when you are ahead, like maybe at the end of last season.
    Holliday 070527-1
  • The downward spiral began when Mr. Eko died. Instead of taking morally flawed people (like each of us) and finding ways for redemption and growth, the writers developed characters on the exact opposite course.

    I am done with Lost. For three seasons, I stuck with it. But Lost to me has turned into the island of lost souls, and I have no desire to continue to trek through the muck. Let's check out our "good guys": Jack (obssessive, beats defenseless man, & hooked on drugs), Sawyer (killed at least three times), Sayid (torturer & blew folks up last night), Jin (tried to blow folks up last night), Bernard (did blow folks up last night), Hurley (yes, he too killed with a van), Kate (burned up step father), etc.

    Think of the plan. The Others want to kidnap the women. The solution? Kill them! If you came in from the outside and just watched this episode, you'd be hard pressed to identify "good guys." Ben, who claims they are the good guys, kills without remorse. Many of the other beat people, put them in cages, try to brainwash people, etc. Some people say the writers are going to flip this whole thing and make the Others the good guys but I don't buy that either.

    Good stories not only entertain but they inform and even inspire. It's been too long since Lost has done that.
  • Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    The writers don't know what they are doing anymore. The plot continues to make no sense, and we are still not getting any answers.

    Yes, this is a mystery show, but things have to make sense; it can't all be just tension music and things exploding. What's worse is that, not only we aren't getting any answers, but that most things happening have become predictable. We knew Locke wasn't dead; we knew the Others hadn't killed the three Losties; we knoew the Russian guy was not dead (again), etc...

    When you know for a fact that some things are not going to happen, it devalues the whole thing. "Oh look, they shot Locke. But he ain't dead, so who cares."

    A few things that didn't make any sense from this episode:

    1. Charlie's death: okay, we all knew he was going to die, but that was ridiculous. I won't go as far as saying that a grenade under water would not make the window break, but really, he had time to open the door again, put on a diving suit, cook a meal, watch a movie, and swim safely to the surface. You don't expect TV to make sense all the time, but when you kill an important character, you can't just have this nonsense.

    2. Locke's return from the death: of course we all knew he wasn't dead, but really, how on earth did he manage to get out of that hole with a gunshot wound, and then go for a walk to find the rest of the group as if he knew where they were. I know it adds to the "plot", but it makes no sense.

    3. The radio signal: in a science fiction series, how can the writers be so naive as to try to make us believe that a radio signal (Rousseau's) can block a satellite signal? It can't, and again, no sense here. Picky, you say? When the plot revolves around people having to walk to the tower so that they can turn the signal off and so that Locke can find them and kill the girl, it's not me being picky. It's a huge mistake.
  • I'm tired of the foreplay, let's just get it over with so I can go to sleep.

    I'm not just some bum writing a review here. Like many of you, I've watched every episode and like every other opinion that is voiced, here is mine...I'm tired of being led around. The ending was clever to some, but to a lot of people like me, I want some answers. I won't want to see Jack on the cingular wireless talking to someone out there and then him in the future saying "we made a mistake." And who's death was that in the article that he ripped out? I can honestly see why the ratings for this season has gone down. I'd also like to mention that in all my years of TV viewing, I have never seen a broadcast cap a show by telling people that the show will end in two years. Realistically, they could drag this show on for 13 years if they wanted to, but people are getting tired of seeing an extraordinary plot development at the end of the episode and then seeing the words LOST just fade away quickly. The flashbacks are good for the show, it shows what people went through before they got to the island, but I can only handle looking into the future for so long and Desmond already has that handled. And yes Charlie died, but I can't even feel reflect properly because of the ending just left me with a "what the hell kind of feeling." Despite it all, I'll be back next season because I want to finish what I started.
  • caters to law & order fans. (i do have to say that every island-based-scene was superb)

    what was once a show about damaged people coping with extraordinary circumstances & finding redemption on an island for their shady past has now become a show about filling in the blanks. it's a totally different show now. instead of the usual flashback, in this season's finale we got the flashforward which gave us the end of the entire series. :o what's the point of watching now? the entire nature of the show has changed. unless they tell us that the flashfowards belonged to desmond, we know that many of them do leave the island, but more importantly, that it is wrong for them to leave the island. the hero of the show ends up a depressed suicidal mess & he does not get the girl. thanks to all the complaints from the simple minded viewers who expect everything to be spoon-fed to them with a thunk-thunk sound, the show gave us this horrible attempt at "giving us answers" which instead gave us 1 too many. the ultimate goal of getting off the island has been resolved. from now on, any episode that deals with island mysteries will appear to be filler unless it furthers the sequence of events that get them off the island. we know how many episodes until the show ends so all suspense is gone. it was a terrible idea to placate morons who don't understand a show about people. "through the looking glass" makes me angry to this day! hopefully they will find a way to negate those flashes of jack in his beard. if they don't, the show doesn't even need to be watched anymore, because we know how it ends.
  • Second season = best TV season ever. Third season = biggest disappointment ever.

    Wow. Horrible. Thanks ABC for hyping this up again, and failing to deliver ANYTHING. And you want us all to wait until next year for the next episode? Whatever. I'm done. Actually, I'll end up watching just because I want to know what's going on, but I won't like it.

    I'm seriously PO'd at this whole season. You can't make something that the viewer knows nothing about your main focus of your show. The second season had a perfect balance of having the mysteries surround the survivors, but this season it's like the writers just rub it in the viewer's face that they don't know what's going on.

    A disappointing end to a disappointing season.
  • 2hrs of my life wasted

    If you thought the Heroes finale was bad, just watch this 2hr torture to find out how the Lost writers topped them.
    Nothing was answered and hardly any new questions arose. It felt like a 1hr episode that was stretched for 2.
    I have serious doubt about the mental health of these people that rated this over 9. Perhaps they should rewatch the episode, unfortunately for them.
    Hopefully they can do good with the future. See ya next season.
  • An enjoyable episode, to a point . . . . (with spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode. I never thought that Hurley would ever kill anyone. I don't know what the writers were thinking when they thought that this would be a good final episode of the season. I can kinda understand tho. We've done the "others" as far as they could. So now they're introducing a new bad guy? whatever! Most of this season, i've been loosing more and more interest in jack and with him having a season finale based around him, I just wanted to kill him by the end of the first part of the finale. And as for the last scene of hte episode, with jack at the end of hte runway, my feelings are that they could've just left that scene out altogether!!!!

    This episode started out really good and it just bombed big time.

    I just can't believe that they'er cutting next season down to just 16 episodes. And it's also off until next February. I may loose interest by then.
  • The game changer while clever, not terribly exciting. *possible spoilers*

    The game changer while clever, not terribly exciting,
    The camera angles seemed very unlost at time, the panoramic view of the tower, the camera flicking between ben and jack, the dodgy punching camera, also, over violent, incoherent, very patchy, it didn't feel like lost.

    It feels unresolved, the actual episode itself, not the game changer, the ending feels midpoint rather than final, conclusive, resolved.

    Season 1 ends without a resolution, but it still wow'd with a sense of wonderment, a reverse flashback, was so-so, remember hurley? In the grand scheme of things within the story arc perhaps it will pay off, but as a season finally, very poor, very.
  • I have had enough of Lost and wont waste my time watching a show written by people that clearly dont have a clue where to go with the story themselves.

    Lost has clearly lost it, it answers no questions whatsoever, it just ignores most of them and add some more.
    Having scenes in the future serves no purpose but to confuse the viewers.
    In 3 seasons what has really happened? A plane crashes and people survived by a miracle, they find others and remains of science stations and some bad tempered black smoke, thats about it.
    The flashbacks are nicely entwined in the series but dont really add to the story but to the characters, which then die one by one.

    In the last episode Charlie clearly didnt have to die and had enough time to lock the door from the other side, the man that got shot in the chest with a harpoon blew himself up with a handgrenade just to get back at them?
    The people that crashed blow up 7 of the others and the remaining others capture them and not kill them?
    I just dont believe it any more.
  • This episode tried to be too clever for its own good, with very few surprises.

    After a recent run of great episodes I had high expectations for this installment, but was sadly disappointed. When we saw Jack with a beard, on a plane, I did wonder if it was the future. Particularly as we started with the "flashback" and the talk of problems in his past added to the theory.

    But when he talked about his father being alive, I thought I was wrong. Then, it seems I was right. I think. So in the end I didn't end up being surprised or excited, just confused. And I prefer Lost when it's confusing in a good way, rather than completely contradictory and confusing. Maybe the answer will come next year, but it's not clear what they want us to believe.

    It was obvious that the three hadn't been killed on the beach, particularly as we didn't see them. The reference to shooting bullets into the sand was pure exposition of course and really not necessary. And it was obvious Charlie was going to die when it's been predicted all this time. But why didn't he shut himself on the other side of the door?

    Ben was great as usual, and it was wonderful to see his grip on power just disintegrating rapidly and his actions become more desperate. Also in true Ben style, when he gave words of warning against using the radio you just don't know whether to trust him or not. When he was beaten by Jack I felt both sad for him and happy that he was being hurt, quite the contradiction!

    It was also good to see Penelope again in a nod to the end of last season, even if I was disappointed that Naomi (aka Las Vegas's Nessa) didn't last long.

    But all in all, I just felt underwhelmed. The episode was by the numbers, and gave nothing new.

    Now if we'd ended with Naomi landing and saying the plane crashed killed everyone, that'd have been a great way to end the season!
  • What happened? -A certain drug-addict hobbit rocker drowned saving everybody's lives -Jack's future includes him wanting to commit suicide and having a beard. Also someone both him and Kate knew died. Also he got a golden pass from Oceanic.

    Summary continued:
    -Penny does not know Naomi. Is she evil? I don't trust Ben, so no...
    -A help team is on the way! The Losties will be saved. But when and how?
    Lost's season finale was kinda lame...
    I expected more.
    Well actually this was exactly what I expected.. But I wanted more So what was so off about this finale?
    A lot of fans have been complaining that there are too many questions asked but none are answered.
    Well we got answers this time around but no questions! Nothing really mysterious or shocking happened! YAWN. . . . . . . . . . .
  • Someone fetch my disappointment ointment...

    I was expecting to give this episode a 10/10. But two particular circumstances within the episode will leave me with a bad taste in my mouth until the next season starts.
    1. Charlie did not have to die, ,he could have just held his breath until the room filled up and then swum out the window, but no, he just stood there like an idiot. And while Charlie should not be six feet under with so many other losties, Jin, Bernard and Sayid should be. What a weak storyline twist with Tom and the other others not putting a bullet t hrough their heads. They were effectively ending their lives then!
  • Wow! A lot of PERFECT scores here for this episode. PERFECT? That is DEFINITELY going a little overboard...

    First of all, I believe to give an episode a PERFECT rating is to say that EVERYTHING was as good as you believe it could have been. It's hard for me to believe that so many people could have such a low standard for a PERFECT episode. Well as far as I am concerned, this episode was no doubt a very good episode as mostly ALL are on lost. However, considering this is a season FINALE, the episode seemed like an episode leading to a season finale. But anyway, my problem with this episode was not with the way it was shot or the acting or anything else other than the storyline. First, I agree with a previous reviewer about CHARLIE-why did he not go out and close the hatch from Desmond's side? As far as I could see, the only thing he actually did AFTER he closed the hatch was write a damn note on his wet hand(as if he would be able to write something THAT legible on his hands while they are THAT wet...hmmmm....a little unnecessary unbelievability if you ask me), plus they ARE just normal people right. I mean, if someone told you you had to drown to save everyone else, wouldn't you at least TRY to prove them wrong? lol I mean it would be human nature for him to run the hell out of that room as soon as possible. Remember, he's not supposed to be able to hear the big FANFARE music playing and think "Yeah, I'll just die so it's a GREAT scene!" lol
    ..Pointless. Plus he had just asked Desmond if he had any new visions leading us to believe that he at least was starting to believe that they had somehow altered the vision of him drowning. Also, just a side note while I'm thinking about it-I'm so surprised that as long as they have been on that island bored to hell, that that Van still has gas in it. lol But that doesn't matter as much as all of this talk about time continuum. If this is INDEED the case, then I am very disappointed for the simple fact that I hate when shows fix it so they can do ANYTHING they want to fill time and come back at any point and erase it all and hide behind the Space-Time Continuum wall. I sincerely hope this is NOT the case. Also, if what we saw at the end with Jack and Kate is INDEED the future, then it also could be set after the end of SEASON 4!! So that means ANYONE could have been in the casket considering how much can happen in a season. Who KNOWS what will happen in the course of a whole season. They probably will be back on the island at the start of season 4 and who KNOWS when they will actually get off. ANYTHING could happen to spoil this rescue attempt and leave them one more season on the island. who knows, and that's my point. So maybe they got rescued and they weren't SUPPOSED to? The only one that seems down-in-the-dumps after the rescue seems to be JACK. And to be honest, he looked like he was headed THAT way even BEFORE the plane crash. So what? That CAN'T be what the writers want to tell us, I hope not. Oh man, I have to stop, I would take over 2000 words to fully explain my position. So anyway, for a FINALE, this episode was not up to par and although good, left waaay too many questions. Also, why when things are important, people don't fully speak their minds? "Jack this is a mistake!"..."Jack, you're not supposed to do this"....this is getting ridiculous, if something is THAT important, why wouldn't you at least say why you say what you say? Suspense? Yeah I know, but sometimes it IS too much to believe. I can see why so many PERFECT scores, though because in reading reviews, I see everyone is having a great time trying to GUESS the final outcome and meaning of the show. While this may be fun to do, we should rate the show and not the show + our imaginations. As for what we actually SAW and experienced in this episode, this Finale was a little too Up-in-the-Air in my opinion. This is to me a bit of a Cheap-shot to get viewers to think that the end sequence with Jack and Kate was connected to the rescue attempt that we were watching when I believe they are in NO way connected and even if they are, that is just a bit unfair not to conclude it and it's also the main reason we have so many people THINKING they know what's going on and some people wondering instead of EVERYONE saying "Wow, I didn't expect that, that was a Great Finale!" I don't believe they have to throw SO many questions in the air to achieve suspense leading up to the next season. Think of the Finales of season 1(Walt Getting taken and the guys left in the middle of the ocean on a self-made raft) and 2(Jack, Kate, Sawyer kidnapped by the others and setup by Michael) Great Finales, tons of suspense, and no questions popping out of the blue at the last 3 minutes to get you guessing and doing their job for them and getting OURSELVES more excited. A good episode in any event, but Lost Finale? Just so-so. This has NOT been a good year for Finales.
  • An annoying season finale.....


    I guessed almost right away that the flashback was a "future flash". I'm trying hard not to be upset but all this season 3 cliffhanger did was piss me off to no avail. Jack continues to evolve into the most annoying character on the show. So they get off the island? How? What boat if the boat is not Penny's boat. Will everyone be killed as Ben predicted, if so how did Jack and Kate survive? I will say this though, the death scene of charlie was beautifully done and really gave his character a great send off.
  • Is this the end?

    I gotta be honest, I didn't like it. First of all Charlie died which was one of my favorite charaters and secondly, why didn't we see the survivors get rescued. It must have been a writer's strike or something because it seemed like they just threw that one in there because they ran out of ideas. It seem like we missed something because it went stright to the sccene where Jack meets up with Kate at the end. Hello!!! what happend to everybody else. I thought the writers could have put together a better story line for the ending of the third season.
  • WHAT??

    this was one weird episode.. charlie dying was waaaaaaaay too sad, sayid breaking the other's neck was amazing, i was really glad neither sayid nor jin died... it was great having hurley as a hero... juliet and jack kissing was cute... i hated when he told kate he loved her, but what can i do? for some reason i belived ben when he said naomi was a fake, i just hate that jack wants to play hero. now he's gonna get everyone killed... i looooooooved it when john killed naomi, it made me soooo happy to see him ALIVE!!! that was sooooooo good, and prior that, seeing walt there "saving him": weird, but great... i just wished john had shot jack when he could.. it would have been amazing!! and what's up with mikhail? is he inmortal or something? it's annoyin'! the flashbacks or flashforwards were sooooo (i can't finf the word) strange... i just can't see "the perfect" jack turning into that piece of crap... it doesn't bother me though... considering i don't like him that much.. anyway, it was a good finale... and i'm gonna wait anxiously for next season in order to see jack's acts' marvelous consecuences...
  • Season finale was better than I expected

    Most of this season I have been disappointed with Lost. It is a shame that one of its best episodes was at the end of the season. The only thing that was a shock was the scenes with a bearded Jack turned out not to be flashbacks but what happens after they are rescued. Charley dying was not a big shocker because that had been foretold this whole season. Mikhail is starting to remind of Friday the 13th's Jason just when you think he is dead he pops up again. Hopefully this time he will actually be dead. This episode was a very emotional episode. I think one of the most emotional parts was when Charley died. I was glad that Sayid, Bernard and Jinn did not get killed. What is up with Locke? How was he able to hike to the radio tower all the while having a bullet wound? Hopefully it will be interesting to see what leads up to Jack eventually becoming just like his father.
  • A problem I need sorting out!

    Ok - This was a good episode the charlie dieing scene was great and hard to watch at the same time. Theres just one thing bugging me and I need some clarification. When Jack said "get my father down here and if i'm more drunk than he is you can fire me" as this is a flash forward; well isnt his father already dead? I'm sure i have got some of my lost wires connected wrong, Please Post.

  • How come we find Jack's father in a flash forward????? Can anybody help me understand that point????????

    As Kalplox said some time ago. Jack's father is "bound" to be dead today... so what the heck is he doing in the future!!??

    I found this episode quite nice. Great to see Dude imposing himself and actually making the big difference (by the way, he has always been one of my favorite characters).

    Charlie, not my favorite character at all, really surprised me nicely. He has shown he is the only one real hero of LOST (Jack, Sayid, Jin and even Sawyer are basically braver and follow their instincts in a dettached way). Charlie, on the contrary, had to fight against all his most deepest fears and selfishness by sacrificing himself for the cause of somebody else's lives. Although, I really think his death was unnecessary. He could have survived with Desmond by simply getting out of the looking glass and by swimming upwards (which is a lot easier and quicker than swimming downwards as they've bravely done before). Anyway.. it is quite sad that Desmond haven't been able to see his beloved one.

    It's a pity Locke haven't been able to stop Jack from calling the "boat". As Ben said, Jack would regret it in the end (in fact, that's what we saw in the flash forwards). By the way, Locke must really be part of the island. How come could someone survive those bullets? How 'bout Walt??? and where is Michael??? ARe they dead? Do they or mostly Walt (because he was special too)make part of the "soul" of the island now, after death?? (By the way, Walt has grown up. I really thought the producers/directors or whatever, would have had the intelligence to replace the actor for a new kid, but???? YOu know... the island's mysterious powers can explain everything even this sudden grown up kid ( 3 years aging in only 3 months' time. AMAZING ISLAND!!!)

    Finally, the man in the coffin, I can perfectly expect someone like Locke inside it. Let's wait.

    Quite good episode but below my expectations.
  • Very dissapointing, took a whole lota mistery out of it.

    Right to begin with, i cant beleive that chalie died! what about claire and the baby who is going to be the father now! and the ring he left in last weeks one, they better find it! Also why cudnt he just see the grenade and leg it into the water with desmond, swim up to the surface nd its happy days. The other thing is, i hated the flash forward i think i take away from the fact that they are "lost". I mean even though they are sending a helicopter it cud crash and all the rest of that lost often throws at us. Also who is the guy in the coffin, me and my pal think it is either Sawyer or Ben, we dont know. But still that does add extra mystery but it also takes it away. It has to be sombody that both kate and jack know. So it must be people on the island. One of the worst bits in the show this year was sawyer "turning to the dark side". In a fit of rage he kills lockes dad, then in cold blood it seems, he kills tom. That aint gunna do anything for him as far as kate is concered, especially as jack has just coughed us "i love you"! That was bit of a shocker!!

    Either way, iv come to far and dedicated far too much time to stop watching now, so ill see you all again in october on whenevr the new series starts. So its good bye from me, and its good night from lost.
  • "What, Jack knew Kate before they arrived on the island!? That just makes absolutely no- OH MY GOD!!" Those were my exact words whilst watching that final scene.

    Although this episode is split into two on TV.com, I'm just writing one (long) review as the episode was aired as a whole. Also if I wrote reviews for both parts, the first one would probably be very short and the second would need to address things from the first part anyway.

    Fisrtly I was hoping for some answers in this episode that we didn't get. I thought we might get a completely unexpected answer (like how the plane crashed last year), the reason for this is simply what the execs said before the season started (at comicon I think). There were a few mysteries they said would be answered this season that weren't. These included The Whispers, The Monster, How the island heals people and How Locke, Eko and Desmond survived the hatch implosion. The latter was the one I was most interested in and honestly I think that the best we'll get for that is a half-assed explanation from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the show's execs) on their podcast.

    Anyway, onto the episode itself. I knew that this was going to be a Jack centric episode and so was ready for dissapointment from the outset. And it appeared to start that I was not wrong. Althought the opening few flash(apparently)back scenes weren't "Stranger in a Strange Land" bad, they were nothing compared to last season's Desmond flashbacks. It appeared (to me at least) that after Jack's wife had left him and probably after he'd gotten a kickin in Phuket he'd got very depressed, grown a beard and started drinking and overmedicating. Basically he was House, without witty remarks and the cane.

    On the island we had three different things going on for our main characters: Sayid, Jin and Bernard waiting for the others; Charlie getting tortured by a couple of hotties and the rest going for the communications tower. These different events were interspersed well, no one was focused on for too long or felt dragged out and none felt like they didn't get enough screentime. Not a second of the episode, on the island at least, seemed wasted, which is something Lost can be guilty of sometimes.

    Considering a few weeks ago I didn't think Charlie'd be in the finale at all (because he'd be dead) it was great that he was the focus of a very important storyline, not to mention having some brilliant lines. Of course he wasn't alone, before long Desmond joined him. This seemed a bit iffy, as Desmond would have thought that the station was flooded from his vision, but the alternative was getting shot by Mikhail so I'll let it slide.

    Once Desmond did get down to the Looking Glass, he did his best Solid Snake impersonation by hiding in a locker. Now that he was there it seemed that there could be hope for poor Charlie. But our seemingly invincible Russian friend saw to that. Don't get me wrong, I think Mikhail's a great character and I hope we see him again next year in flashbacks, but the b*stard better be dead! Being killed three times is a bit excessive, even for Lost. He's becoming the show's Kenny. Him being shot with a harpoon was a cringe/cheer moment and so I felt slightly cheated that it didn't kill him. You could argue that the harpoon missed his heart and he had just enough energy to swim under the station and blow a hole in the side.

    As for Charlie's death. It was done very well, sort of. It was very emotional and a good end to the character's story arc. There are some issues with why he didn't try to save himself, but I can kind of see why he did. If nothing else, if he knew he'd eventually die anyway, he might as well go out as a hero.

    So in the end, of the five apparent deaths we were promised, only one was a main character. Personally I was happy with that, there's no main character I don't like and so it would be a huge shame to lose any of them. Had Jin, Bernard and Sayid been killed, as I'd guessed they would at the end of the previous episode, I would'nt have been happy. An execution is a pretty crappy way to go. It's more 24 than Lost, add to that the fact we didn't get to see their (apparent) final moments, I was genuinely angry at the show.

    Fortunately this was cancelled out with the reveal that all three were fine. Although it doesn't make the most sense why Ben didn't have them actually killed, I'm not going to complain. The fact they were alive was good for multiple reasons. The main one being that obviously they were alive, that's a plus. Also if Ben had killed three of the main characters he couldn't return next year, even as a bad guy if he had done that he would be reviled by the fans and no one would even like to hate him, they'd just hate him. I know I would've felt that way. And of course it also led to the greatest scene of all time!

    Hurley the Hero! Hiro Nakamura eat your heart out, you're no longer the most lovable hero, Hurley beats you in all categories! When Sawyer told him that he couldn't come with him and Juliet you could see the pain on his face. What made it worse was that Sawyer seemed to be right. What could Hurley do? He's not a fighter, we've never seen him fire a gun and he's not exactly small and so could be easily seen. This was part of the beauty of the scene, I never saw it coming. It was also great to see a use for the van that Hurley fixed, thus making "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" not just a filler episode. It was a great action sequence all round and only spoiled by Sawyer murdering Tom. Character development? We want more action! Seriously though, I am happy that Cooper's death hasn't just washed over Sawyer like it never happened. We should get more good stories out of Sawyer next season now.

    I've prattled on for too long now so I'll skim over Walt's reappearence (and obvious aging), Locke's recovery and Roussau and Alex being reunited (they were all class) and just move on to the ending. What an ending. Never saw it coming. And didn't Kate look particularly hot there, possibly a sign of how her life's gone after they got off the island. It not only saved the off island story, it made it! I was annoyed that we couldn't just find out who was in the coffin, it couldn't be anyone important. But with the revelation that this was in the future, it could be almost anyone. On second viewing each flashback scene made perfect sense and was really cleverly done. When I originally heard that the season finale was going to be a Jack episode I sighed. In hindsight I should have seen the twist coming. The only reason to give arguably the most important episode of the season to the character with the most covered and therefore most boring backstory would be to do something fantastic like this. I didn't have enough confidence in the writing staff on Lost to pull of something like this and so I apologize to them. Jack was the right choice for this episode. He's the main character, as much as we may not like it, and so he was the one that this first flashforward needed to go to. They didn't go over the top with the flashforwards, they gave us just enough so we could handle another Jack side-story, without having too many scenes so that it didn't take from the island action.

    Overall this was a great episode, however after last years info-orientated finale this one could've done with a couple of mysteries answered. Therefore I don't think this was quite as good a finale as last season's. Of course we did get arguably the biggest mystery on the show answered: Will they ever get off of the island? With this reveal it will make for a very interesting season 4, and hopefully keep it interesting through to the finish.
  • Season Shocker


    We start off with Jack leading the Surviors along with Juilet, Karl, Daneil and Naomi Dorret to the radio statio to turn off Daneil's radio transmisson that has been broadcasting for 16 years, once they do that they can broadcast a signal of their own to Naomi's Ship which is near the island. But before they can do that the under water station codename: The Looking Glass, is jamming any signal from leaving the island, so Desmound and Charlie have to shut it down which seemed easy at first, but they were informed that the station was flooded and no one was in their, which turrned out to be false. And finally back on the beach Tom Friendly and four others have Sayid, Jin and Bernard tied up and at gun point, they areintching to shoot them cause their still uppissed at them for tricking them and blowing up most of their team mates.
    Back to Jack's group; their almost to the station but no one seem's to be in high spirits because their worrid about the three men they left at the beach and the jamming signal has yet to bt turned of. Jack doesn't want to split into group's for fear of falling into an Other trap, but he does let Juilet and Sawyer head back with Hurrly tagging along. Once they get over a big hill they see the evil leader of the Others, Ben their;He wants to talk.

    He and Jack take their talk in private. Ben tells Jack that the people on the boat arne't who they say they, they are as he puts it the 'bad guys' and ben tells Jack to givehe theRadio phone so Naomi can never contact her ship. Ben's resoning for this is that he must protect the island and that he is, as he put's it a 'good guy'
    Now here is what I would have said if I was Jack
    "Well Ben if your such a good guy then whyhave you kidnapping people, ordering your ownpeople to kill each otherbehind their backs, and why have you been holding my new girlfriend (Juliet) hostage for three years without contact to her family, while you sexually harased her and made her try to save pregnete women who were already byond saving. But Ben if you were a Good guy, I mean a real good guy, they why is it you never invited me or myflight 815 crash buddies to your island sububrs complete with homely features and in door plumbing, if you were a good guy home come you never did that!"
    Now things don't go well for Jack and Ben so Ben orders Tom to shoot Jin, Sayid andBenard over the walkie, three gun shoots are heared and Jack beats the S**** out of Ben and ties him up. The only reason Jack is keeping him alive is so he can see them get off the island and then he's going to kill Benknowing he failed.

    While Ben is not a good guy in my eyes,i have to ammit he isn't all bad since he ordered Tom not to actually shoot the three prisoners but insted to shoot three bullets in the sand. a little while later Hurrly comes to the resue with the DARMAH bus that he,Jin and Sawyer helped fix in episode 'Tricia Tanaka is dead' (which now makes that episode more meaningful), so Hurrly runs over one of the Others, which causes a divergen that allows Juliet and Sawyer to seal theirguns and shoot them, thus saving the day.The funniest and most melow moment in this episode is whenHurrly contacts Jack's group by useingBen's walkie telling them the good news.

    I won't go into detail about what happens at the Looking Glass station, other then the jammer was turned off and Charlie died a hero.

    Just as Naomi is about to contact her ship Locke throws a knife at herwhich renders her either dead or unconsius. Locke says that they should not contact that ship, that its a mistake and that their here for a reason. Jack and Locke have a faceoff, Best one they've ever had thus far, it end with Jacks victory and the ship is contacted and it is on their way every thing works out in the end.

    Or does it? a 'Flashforward' into the futre reveals a druken bearded Jack wanting to go back to the island.
    This is what as known as an epic season end (and an Ironic end as well)

  • To me, Charlie shouldn't have died.

    I have two complaints with this episode, of course not including that now I have more unanswered questions about various people, (too many to get into), but my first is Charlie. He has been one of my favourite characters and the way he died was unneeded. He could of closed the door (since he had time too, and he really didn't need to do that), the room would of filled up, but Desmond and Charlie could of put on masks and gone up fast. Plus he could of gone out the window when the room filled up, since we know he is a good swimmer. I'm really upset about him. My other problem is about Jack's forward flash, who's funeral was he at? wasn't his Dad already dead, and he told the doctor to get him to see who was drunk more..blah..blah that whole storyline wasn't needed either. I will still say I love this show, I was just a little dissappointed in the finale. And wasn't Walt alot older now, that's just an observation.
  • Absolutly Amazing!

    For the first part of the episode you do not realize that we are actually watching the future and not the past! The question is how far in the future are they? Did they really get off the Island on that boat or are they showing us clues to the final end of this epic series in 2010. Also several questions are raised. Where is Locke? Whoes funeral did Jack attend and how come no one else showed up? When Kate says that "HE" is waiting who is HE? Sayer? We can only wait till Feb until the next volley of LOST begins! Keep Watching!
  • How comes everybody is talking about a flash-foreward when Jack's father still seems to be alive? In a flash-back you see jack drunk and he says: "Ok let's get my father down here and if he is drunker than me, you can fire me!" How could thi

    A new theory: I think the flash-foreward we saw, wasn't actually a flash-foreward but a flashback. i pick up the storyline the writers have dropped in "Flashes before your eyes" when they basically said, yes, there is destiny, and yes every man/woman has a certain path to follow.
    So the question my theory bases on is: What happens if you alter you destiny, if you don't go the path that has been selected for you?
    So when the 815 survivors managed to get rescue, they managed to change destiny and by this they proved that the principle of impeccability of God/Universe or however you want to call it, is acutally false.
    But with them doing this they also disturbed the time and space continuum. they proved that god can be wrong, this can have catastrophal consequences.
    So i think the reason why desmond can see the future is because it isn't actually the future. all the 815 survivors are somehow trapped in a time loop where they are condemned to live the same things over and over again, untill they took the path that was meant for them to be.
    That's why Kate says at the end: "Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh?". And why Jack says: "We made a mistake". So when they left the island, the landed somehow back in the past before the flight crashed. That's the reason Jack is such a mess and whants to kill himself. That's the reason John Locke says to Jack that he is not meant to do this...

    So, what do you think? Sound logical? At least in the logic of the Lost Universe?
  • Is there a flashFORWARD option?

    Because there should be.

    Lost brought the concept of flashbacks back into prominence on TV prompting shows like the failed Reunion and Heroes to mock their format. Just when you thought they couldn't be anymore innovative they unveil the flashforward concept.

    They're finally off the island and we had the 7 months to ponder just what is going on. While people liked the revived creativity in Season 4 I felt like it was a letdown set by this strong episode, but this two part finale sure did have its strong points. A great Desmond/Charlie storyline and Ben being beaten senseless.

    Just a truly great two hours.
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